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    The importance of external connections on your web site

    this age is a time of high information and fierce competition. A good website needs to be promoted and promoted to be recognized and defeated by competitors. As a good product to the market have to do the advertising, the site is the site of the external connection of advertising, how much investment directly determines the success or failure of the website, "wine is not afraid of deep alley" era has gone for ever. You have to start the job on the first day of your website. There are many ways to do web sites, and the following will be introduced one by one:

    1, reciprocity connection: that is, to contact your site and other sites related to the webmaster, ask them to make friendship connection with your station. This is a money saving, labor-saving and time-saving method, but you need your language to be friendly and sincere, otherwise it will be difficult to succeed.

    2, the high quality of the article is soft: write high quality articles is the ability of each stationmaster must have, the contents of the article to be able to attract the attention of readers, and then be published to advise and strong correlation between heavy high website or forum to. Write text to your website domain name is added, of course, not deliberately stiff, is inadvertently added, this can bring certain flow, but also can bring the extract before and after external connection. If the quality of the soft text is high, the propaganda effect is very obvious.

    if you are lacking in affinity and do not have the ability to start writing, then this one will suit you very well.

    3, buy outside company: now many websites are sold outside, you can choose according to their actual situation, such as economic ability to buy an outside company. There are many criteria for how to choose a good company:

    first: the PR value of the high and low: the site was GOOGLE identified the PR value is a comprehensive analysis of a site of an important sign, the PR value in more than 4, you can think of its network effect is more ideal.

    second: how many pages included: external was collected through the GOOGLE network website pages and web site connections, also can carry out the assessment of the site, the number of The more, the better.

    third: ranking of the level: through the search site in its keyword ranking, but also the evaluation criteria for the site. The higher the rankings, the better the site,


    The role of consulting in hospital network operation

    What is the

    hospital network operation purpose? The first is certainly the consultation, through the communication with customers, consultants has two purposes, one is to guide the hospital, another is to get the customer’s real phone for later tracking, the general user access to the hospital website if you want advice through the following three ways:

    1: network consulting, this is the most common, so the general hospital is the initiative to invite the business through the website, here I suggest the initiative to invite the time you should wait for a period of time, allowing users to find out about the page information and then play out, this time is just perfect;

    2: telephone counseling, some users are not good at typing, or too troublesome to call directly consulting;

    3: Message consultation, some people just want to know about it, and then chose a message consulting

    from the above three approaches to consult member in the entire network operation should be regarded as a finishing work, a job but also influence the results, the network promotion needs SEO, web editor, program, art, with the hospital network marketing network planner and network marketing specialist, with admissions consulting this requires network consulting and telephone counseling.

    if the network consulting work is not in place, that all these people’s efforts on all in vain, which is why some hospital daily business consulting quantity many, to the hospital and the final performance of the network is not much, this is because the consultants’ work is not good, not only can grasp the customer, on the network the customer guide to school is the successful operation of the network.

    here for the entire network performance improvement, which requires consultants (telephone consulting, network consulting) has the following four requirements:

    1: the work attitude is positive and correct, the work is serious and responsible, cherish each visiting customer, and can reply the customer consultation information promptly;

    2: has a strong medical professional knowledge;

    3: with marketing concept, can adapt to communicate with customers;

    4: executive force is strong, can cooperate with the network department and on-site consultation (outpatient doctor) work, such as the replacement of patient consultation, on-site consultation (out-patient doctor), so as to avoid information omissions, resulting in customer loss;

    As long as the above four points are met, the efforts of the personnel of the network department can be transformed into the final value of


    now from the entire health care industry view ability consulting is hard to find, because the regular medical school does not have the marketing knowledge, the school is not open this course, only have private medical marketing, and in the work of the exercise takes a long time, so as the management of hospital should carry out regular training for the consultation, their problems and typical case analysis customer discussed, so as to progress, talents can be cultivated.

    another note: I wrote very much on blogs and on A5


    The effective way of website promotion SNS

    many people think website promotion is the purpose of advertising, the use of SNS in fact, popularity and interactive SNS site is very strong, if blindly send advertising on the site is not what effect, now SNS are managed strictly, your advertisement more quickly, the account will be deleted, and your friends will leave you. Suggest using SNS website to build network resources, and consolidate a group of loyal users.

    is the key to maintain frequent appearance, increase the exposure rate, let SNS website everywhere you figure, not only the love, the station will be in love with you, but without an account, real name is enough, people remember you, with your product information, in the left part of the mood this information also remember your products.

    to expose themselves, you can through the following ways:

    1. use the comment function, see the friend’s post, log, or a mood message, don’t cherish ink, give him a comment, leave a footprint, I believe the other party will be grateful to you.

    2. often move a friend, this move a friend, that is to say hello function, you move him, his short message will prompt, so let each other remember you are very useful. If you understand the development process can write a plug-in out, you can automatically list with friends list friends say hello, then the effect is cool to the extreme.

    3. by the group, plus some people group, and then publish some content and group related topics every day, many specialists group member posts, remain active in the group, natural and more people pay attention to you.

    4., add or share features, turn more popular or online interested posts, or share some interesting information.

    original text comes from http://www.iyinglou.com/bbs/dispbbs.asp; boardid=46& id=86660& star=1& page=1 reprint, please indicate.


    The most successful need is not money, Internet, ten kinds of creative ideas

    some people say that the Internet business team gathered most of China’s elite. There is nothing wrong with it. The Internet boom can be described as a wave of tumbling. I believe that if these entrepreneurs’ stories are gathered together to make a book, it will certainly be a box office success. Anyway, pay tribute to these brave and brave entrepreneurs.


    Internet entrepreneurs need the most? If you ask these entrepreneurs, most people believe that the answer is a word: "money!" indeed, no money is absolutely not the Internet business, and even can be said that the Internet business success depends largely on a lot of money.

    , however, VCs here give such a data: Internet investment success rate of only about 10%, that is to say, they invest ten, nine is a failure. The investment of 9 with money, but still failed, it can be seen that the Internet business need most is not money.

    , first of all, must be the ability to see money, that is, creativity. Then there’s the ability to spend money, and then to make money.

    we’re talking about creativity today. Here I listed ten types of creative Internet start-ups, we hope to have some enlightenment.

    1, NetEase: I have everything,

    NetEase today has firmly taken up an important position in China’s major integrated portals. In any way, Ding Lei and his NetEase have achieved great success. The integrated portal sounds like a huge concept today, but it’s a scary concept for Internet entrepreneurs, because it’s out of reach.


    integrated portal" means "I have everything." now, it’s really not a creative idea. But in the days when Mr. Ding Lei started his business, the Internet was entirely at the grassroots level. No matter what the Internet users are concerned, are new, a large, many, fast, all of the information web site is undoubtedly the majority of Internet users love. So the NetEase can catch a large number of users in a short time, which is the basis of it, after the success of the.

    someone when analyzing the website viscosity, the viscosity of the technology when it comes to NetEase is a typical technology that viscosity, viscosity characteristics of this type are relying on technology, whose contents, timely, fast, will be able to pull a large number of users. If a more powerful web site makes information faster and more accurate, it immediately goes down. This makes sense, and the Chinese military incident is a typical example. But on NetEase, I don’t think so.

    we can not ignore the feelings of Internet users, China’s Internet users almost grew up together with NetEase, and experienced ups and downs together. It is an emotion and attachment that cannot be expressed. Some time ago, I heard two friends debate, Xiao Li is a loyal user of NetEase, Xiao Wang is another fan of the website. Xiao Wang always said NetEase is not good, and advised Xiao Li to visit his favorite website. Xiao Li is very unhappy, but his eloquence is not good. Finally, provoke, Li said: "love is the Lao Tzu NetEase!" Wang stunned. >


    My website changes the server before and after thinking

    some time ago, I felt the site was very slow, and sometimes even 20 hours can not perform dynamic procedures, resulting in I can not update the content of the site, the heart that urgent to say it out. Ask the space provider, and the answer to that is that there is a website in the server that takes up a lot of CPU resources,


    so I decided to change the space. After looking for a more reliable space provider, I passed the program up. But the domain name has not been resolved to the new IP, because I checked in advance a lot of online users of the article, have said that after the server changed, may cause Baidu not included. I wait for the program to upload good, debugging success, and then do domain name resolution. When the domain name becomes effective, then cancel the domain name on the original server. Site is not easy to debug, and the second day I check Baidu included, everything is normal,


    because I add at least 50 articles every day, Baidu is basically 2 hours later included. This is fortunate!!! But on the second day, I check the collection again, obviously reduced by half, a few days I thought it would recover, but Baidu every day in the hair, finally the day before yesterday (probably for 15 days or so, the server) separated by only a genius as a quick update page I think, my website certainly disaster ah. I can’t wait to pack the program right away and try to get back to the original space. It took me all night to add a day to yesterday, and finally passed the program to the previous space last night. This morning, I check the Baidu collection again, obediently! Baidu included me 13, and I updated the article the day before yesterday. By the time I send this article, Baidu has included 55 articles in one day, including articles added to the original in May 10th.

    after this experience, I don’t think I’ll change the website anymore. Baidu search engine server records of the previous server IP, after the change, the spider has not so fast to the new server IP, so slowly in the engine server to delete previously collected pages.


    What you need to do is not just technology, but stamina

    is a novice, you do not laugh at. I’ve been with A5 for a while and the contents are very interesting and interesting to me. I am a network management, of course not enterprise network management, just a small Internet cafe network management. The impulse to write a small piece is because of a person. He used to be my colleague. We are in the same Internet cafe. He is an accountant. At that time he didn’t know the website, so he started a forum.

    had a network manager with him, but only later did he stick it out. Two days ago to chat with him, only know that he has a monthly income of more than 20000. I am a little surprised, read his station, Baidu included more than 20 thousand pages, but from my point of view, his station is very unattractive, ha ha. Hang a lot of AD, there are a lot of links at the bottom. He said that at this station, the monthly income of more than 10000 yuan. Speaking of this, I have to re-examine myself. How many owners give up halfway, how many small individual owners insist on down? I’m not qualitative, always feel oneself are very smart, always think that others play their own things don’t want to play, actually a little consideration of their own shortcomings will be exposed. Compared with him, I lacked a very important point: perseverance.

    did nothing for a long time.

    at first, I made a stop, too. There was no need to say a name. Home is a business station, the content is to undertake Internet cafes maintenance. Then there is a blog, which is to maintain the experience of Internet cafes and related software. I also applied for GGADSENSE in my blog. More than six months down, not how to update, and then Baidu included more than 300 pages. I didn’t know what PR was at that time. At this failed dumpster, until the domain expired, GGAD’s revenue was only $more than 50. Too failed.

    I’m going back over my head to study his stop. He said, mainly by selling links to make money, and now also to A5 intermediary to sell links. Very profitable, and then recommend me to do it together. But it’s just a talk. Money, everyone wants to make money. But you can’t rely on others to pave your way. Even so, money does not necessarily go to its own pocket.

    funny, he and I are fellow townsman, our hometown is a small city, his station is portal form. Inside what property, recruitment, classification information is very complete. The content of the site doesn’t make sense, but Baidu likes it because there is nothing yet available for the small city.

    A5 there are several big brother to write a small piece that do not do the station targeted. Therefore, I have done a little planning again, planning to open another station, this station is aimed at the Internet bar industry. After investigation, almost all the Internet cafe industry is dominated by forums, and the forum is mainly based on technical exchanges. Such as Internet cafes, Internet cafes, Internet cafes decoration supply and demand planning, Internet sale transfer are to open a small area, so there is a demand of the Internet cafe owners and suppliers more trouble. For example: Internet cafes, for example


    Talk about little experience in English speaking station

    the first big weakness for Chinese people in English is definitely language.

    if you haven’t lived abroad for more than one year, the English you write, no matter how comfortable you feel, must be uncomfortable in the eyes of foreigners. Unless you only record life trivia. But the amount of information almost zero life trivial, European and American entertainment is not so poor, who cares about you eat a few bowls of rice a few days, so, if you want to rely on original articles to retain English readers, it is very difficult. The content of the article is very unique, in order to have good performance in the search engine. But I am keenly aware of some sing the same old song. What I did was the technical station.

    in an article, I mentioned a solution to a problem. This method is only suitable for very small part, used in two words or three is solved, but I in this article recalling the past, look to the future, the whole of a big article hullabaloohullabaloo. The result is in the main page of the keyword.

    in another article, I spent a few hours, the original manual translation of technical articles a domestic Daniel, is the result of this article is GOOGLE included, but no single target keyword search in


    came to the conclusion: the first part is the small amount of information, but the contents (i.e. [b] words [/b]) enough is unique, so the performance is good, there are 20 IP through the target keywords reaches this article every day. The second article, the amount of information is large, but the article’s [b] word combination [/b] is too close to others, there are a lot of technical terms and steps. Others use these terms in writing such an article. So the combination of words is very similar. So, sometimes it’s hard to please.

    can come out here: you can imitate the others, to extract useful information, then you can add a lot of irrelevant words, rely on the rubbish, make your article the word combination is very unique, so as to improve the ranking objective.


    Novice webmaster do station the first week of speech

                  I am a very ordinary university graduates now work more than a year, the nature of the work more leisurely sitting in the office, can surf the Internet every day, a little bit of time in the past, I feel so alive is simply a waste of time, waste of life, really afraid to the old time, with his birth as a piece of paper! So, my heart had an entrepreneurial idea, early communication with parents and leaders of the unit, to quit work now, I decided to start the road of entrepreneurship, of course, family and unit leaders are very much against me to do so, after a few days of ideological struggle, because the family objected to, my business the road of dreams was shelved. But I do not give up, and then began to find a part-time venture online project, looking for a lot of projects, such as direct marketing, joining, e-commerce, and so on. It took more than half a year, in the first half of this year every day in addition to the Internet business contacts in the unit, back home in the evening also work late, but the opportunity is for those who have prepared for the network because of my lack of experience, is the so-called Wangzhuan cheat lose everything, not that far away, just take 08 years 1982 space is relatively popular online, cheated a lot of people, and I am one of the victims!

                  since then, I have told myself that my dream will not be shattered, I must insist, and I firmly believe in the network of this market, I have a small world. After these things, I still continue to focus on the network to make money in the market, but I really have no sense of direction, may God have mercy on me, once I read the forum when, suddenly saw a website advertising pictures, I never believe that some think of advertising, advertising on the Internet it is a virus, never pay attention to never clicked on, but on that day I clicked on, oh, may God guide me. "It". The original of this advertisement is aggregator advertising, point into the future to know the site is selling the station program, because I do not have what the concept of website, almost do not know what, then I find the aggregation site customer service QQ, talk to her again, the content is almost about novice website idiot problem, chatted for a while customer service will give me a website address to say "you still go to the site inside the article read," what is this website? Oh is graph king effort Admin5 Webmaster Station, then I came to the site, due to the aggregation of some customer service chat, know something about some small knowledge stations, such as visits to IP and web browsing PV site, but also improve their website progress at the same time, taobao.com. Free is the truth, and free to earn popularity, from the moment I particularly admire Ma suddenly this network influential man!



    Share the seven elements of fashion design overseas electricity supplier website

    has always wanted to write a case about the electricity supplier website design, seeking material from the domestic electricity supplier website, has not wanted, not some design elements have been collected by the foreign electricity supplier website, I personally think that the design elements follow fashion, of course, this article is not only "foreign common electricity supplier of gold home design the mode of" an article on foreign electricity supplier website design article.

    The design of

    is not the author is not optimistic about the domestic electricity supplier website, only foreign electricity supplier website from web design, pardon structure, content layout and color collocation, pictures and other aspects of the use of a great prospective, and fusion between regions is very harmonious, I think it is very worthy of reference for domestic electricity supplier design.

    1, bold and simple blank space

    page blank can give visitors and readers to leave enough room for imagination, so that the entire page has enough space to breathe, but if the blank setting is not appropriate, will lead to lack of the content of the page, so each page between the graphic distance is very well controlled in the design of blank.


    , as shown from the user’s point of view, these blank spaces allow users to have visual buffering, not too oppressive, or overly visual observation, and intentionally enough to think and think about. From the optimization point of view, to guide users, to create a smooth visual experience, to enhance the user’s liking for the page, enhance user experience.

    A problem of

    in the domestic electricity supplier in the design, designers hate all products are displayed in a page, so that the entire page is extremely "plump" realm, not knowing that the design will allow users to feel particularly depressed, even unable to clearly know the content of the page. Some websites are aware of the importance of blank space, but they are often not very bold and very cautious, so that the blank space is not natural.

    2, clever and appropriate colors,

    different colors represent different emotions, such as purple represents noble, pink romance and so on, in the electricity supplier site, different products can choose different reference auxiliary color modification and its purpose is to render and guide,


    This is just

    can learn from these color collocation in the product use for auxiliary color, background color, and domestic websites, most of the options is white, that in the electricity supplier website with more is to let the user compare products have the desire to buy, a white background, contrast and readability are strong, and the people a neat feeling, clear text and visual material. Without too many retouching and rendering, without too many rich colors, users can browse the website freely.



    Zhu Shijian’s family business cloud eco agriculture from orange


    Zhu Shijian spent most of his life working with the consumer economy, wine, sugar, tobacco, and now farming. In his view, every positive transformation is the result of the transformation of productivity by science and technology.

    trainee reporter Tao Li, Yunnan, Yuxi reported

    is a "orange" when ripe, but Chu orange from Yunnan to the north of Guangzhou is not easy to col.

    After two days of heavy rain in an unbroken line of

    , from Kunming city to Xinping County highway become muddy, the bus driver had to avoid occupation along the mountain road to many landslides, falling boulders unarmed away. At the moment not intermittently drove more than five hours, finally arrived at the depths of the Ailao Shan Chu orange manor.

    with the previous focus on sales in Yunnan province is not the same, Zhu Shijian and his son this year Alibaba leveraging business platform, not only in the exclusive Tmall opened "Chu Shixin selected fruit flagship store", and is deeply involved in the Alibaba group the stars "production plan.

    October 10th, Zhu Shijian and his wife Ma Jingfen accepted the twenty-first Century economic report reporter interview in Chu orange manor. The silver haired and swarthy face has seen the mark of the "generation of smoke king" in the past, and at this time he is more like a seasoned farmer.

    , despite his lack of energy, walked with a helping hand, but clear thinking and firm thought betrayed him – not the usual condition of an ordinary 88 year old. He said: "the Internet platform allows enterprises and individuals to more convenient and rapid realization of commodity sales.". Reduce intermediate links and change the mode of circulation of goods. Can be said to be economic, commercial wonders, the original traditional industries have played a great role in upgrading."

    indeed, Zhu Shijian spent most of his life working with the consumer economy, wine, sugar, tobacco, and now farming. In his view, every positive transformation is the result of the transformation of productivity by science and technology.

    now, Zhu Shijian’s only son, Zhu Yibin, has returned to the land after nearly 30 years of overseas work. As the successor, the fruit is far from the end point, he began to consider copying the Chu’s standard in a wide range of agricultural products, to create a more diversified family brand.

    Chu orange online business selling

    2002, the 75 year old Zhu Shijian granted medical parole, he and his wife in the Ailao Mountains began planting of sweet orange.

    until 2012, Zhu Shijian and the original network of life, for the first time touch "electricity"". In a series of Internet social marketing, "Chu orange" has become a famous brand of fruit. At the same time, it has also become one of the few domestic high priced oranges.

    needs help when he walks. But Zhu Shijian and Ma Jingfen left Yuxi almost every week, and drove 200 kilometers to see the orchard on the Ailao mountain.