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Video chat class website alliance rampant, not because of huge profits and loss of personalityAdsens

video chat, video chat, so many companies began to join the League to win over the use of the owners, owners began to rely on to get a huge income, many owners also have a good income, but the video chat company in order to ensure their profits, there will be a lot of practices, you know?

always do not want to say what, but this time to do their own industry is too long, so there are too many feelings, the operation of a domain name too overbearing domain name from the beginning to the end, was closed, start again, do the site rliao, has experienced many hardships, was also today I misunderstood, go through this station to talk about their own, some video chat website alliance view.

found that such behavior or other violation of the shlf1314 AdSense terms and plan policy, we will be

https://www.shlf1314/adsense/localized-terms? Hl=zh_CN

also do more subtle, your affiliate account, recharge the 1000 seen? No? That’s right, because a lot of large amount of user alliance will give you the screen, that is to say, you bring the user, a 10 yuan, may give you a commission of 100 yuan, but a charge of 500 yuan, 1000 yuan, would not give you the calculation of the royalty, as for what the union, do not want to say, after all, is a circle, not to say.

website is doing the play, see friends site of interest, so I will follow as one, the unexpected, my website development step by step more than my friends, from day to day more than 300 IP, in just two weeks to 5000ip, this time I added shlf1314 ad code, did not expect all English display ads, and advertising of the second day of my income to more than 300, I was surprised too, the value of CPM to more than 50, let me excited several days without sleep, the next day, remained at around 300 a day, the mood is really beautiful! I thought it was going to stand up, this is not a year down to buy Benz ah, ha, not every day is Sunday when one and a half months, suddenly my advertising fell, daily advertising costs fell to 50 U.S. dollars, feel very depressed, do not know what the reason, this time the number of dollars I have reached more than 4000 points, or feel good, investment more than 10 thousand, earned a lot ah! Unexpectedly, in April 22nd, early in the morning to get up, the first thing is to open the book to see my shlf1314 more money, landing once, huh? Exit and log in once again see, ah, how it happened, not this account, this time feel afraid, ever heard of shlf1314 sealing events, did not expect so soon to happen to me, please open the mail to see, ah, have been finished, a shlf1314 post, a look to know that is invalid click! This is dizzy! Content for:

have more ideas to share, I hope you seriously do stand, a lot of income.

"we noticed that shlf1314 ads on your site produced invalid clicks or displays. Therefore, we have disabled your
AdWords advertisers.

General Union is to give you a 40% or higher percentage, but the data is only to save the day, that is to say, second days after your account has stopped, you may not be rich, this kind of website is too much, if you think is wrong, then you test.

doing things at least in principle, say what is what, not because the video chat industry is profiteering industry and the loss of their own personality.

for the first

Is a huge industry

copyright, the Fox network inwho wave of original, welcome to reprint, please keep this information, such as deletion, declined to reprint.

publishers advertising on the site must not show any invalid clicks or impressions, including but not limited to the production of
click or display:

– publishers have />- click
– automatically click the program or any other fraudulent software
– released any part of the business for any reason to modify the ad code, change the advertising layout, advertising, advertising or advertising
If the


Content is king, the chain for emperor do not have the order reversed


I do not know when, "content is king, the chain for emperor" this sentence has become the most Shanghai dragon the motto, even epitaph. This is a "King", or "King" high on this topic. Due to historical reasons, in Chinese and East Asia people’s view, nature is greater than the king of the emperor. Therefore, whether it is in the webmaster forums, or Shanghai Longfeng paper, I see more is to emphasize the importance of the chain. I do not deny the importance of the chain. But the two bowls of water will not end, in each of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners inside, can not do the same on the content and the chain, and therefore have a who first, who is this, who is at the end of the problem.

chain is the content for the end of



this approach naturally is to ensure high quality content and good user experience, and then consider the deployment of the chain to bring traffic. This is like a snowball, high-quality content to stick to the old user again outside the chain drive to import the new ranking, traffic, bring new users. This is a gradual process, although not expected explosive growth, but the flow will remain steady rise.

content in the chain for the outer, inner and outer, complement each other. The content and chain are equally important, but the KMT government". The author thinks that the content is, the chain is at the end, only understand this, we will not have the order reversed, Shanghai dragon can walk more bright and smooth. The original, reproduced please indicate the source 788>

for the end of the chain

and the high quality content, especially the original content, means that the high quality of the chain. With the weights of the website promotion, the chain of original content will naturally increase. The chain in the form of natural belong to the search engine in favor of the high quality chain. The increasing weight and flow, the ranking of nature is a matter of course.

The The contents of

and do is actually on the side in new visitors, while losing old visitors. At the same time, the deployment of a large number of outside chain also means that the quality of the chain is low, which naturally also planted the seeds. Once the chain is missing or stop optimization, pre accumulated ranking, traffic may be all gone in a short period of time.

this idea showed the expectations through the deployment of a large number of the chain to improve keyword ranking, so as to bring traffic, then fill in the content. The optimization of the website often have beautiful data, especially for the chain and included, flow naturally increase. Do look at this deep but no ground for blame, outside the chain for the first order optimization, due to the construction of ignoring the user experience and content, so the website user viscosity is not high. Which is reflected by the keyword into the flow, often transfer rate is very low, the user access depth is not high, user retention rates, and a higher proportion of the two visit.



Analysis Design of Shanghai dragon website details determine success or failure

3, nofollow

6, the title and description of

basically every site there are dead, the death will generally appear after deleting a piece of content or product, cause search engines cannot access the original link, this link is called death. A website links if too much will make a spider to produce resentment that they no longer grab web content, web site links to solve the problem is very important to set 404 pages, through 404 pages of the guide can let the spider climb take other content, but also will not lead to the loss of customers. If not set 404 page can also choose to use 301 redirect, then only just update the content, to win the number.

chain for the king, the contents of the emperor" in the Shanghai dragon industry seems to have become a constant theorem, let many industry professionals ignore the construction of website structure. The chain, content is important, but not favour one more than another web site design is, we can not ignore the part.

a lot of Shanghai dragon Er did not design the site map of consciousness, although the site map is not great influence on the rankings, but the design of good site map to the spider crawling and grab is a big help.

is Shanghai dragon website, so the importance of the title and description can be.


5, 404 error page

now many sites in the design have been exaggerated, the habit of using a lot of pictures, FLASH, to design the fancy interface, but not one of the drawbacks. First of all we want to know the search engine is unable to identify the picture, FLASH and other content, then add pictures, FLASH will bring great pressure to the server, the website open speed effect. So a suitable Shanghai Longfeng website needs to be concise, practical.

a good website to have a certain level of hierarchy, can better let the spider crawling. But there are too many layers in the spider web, did not arrive at the deep level page, general spider default 4 layer below the page is not very important, so will the important pages on the home page or other easy to grab the page is very necessary.

4, the website level


usually have a little experience of Shanghai dragon er know that nofollow tags are used to prevent the weight transfer, different page weight and the function of each site is different, basically every site there will be some need not the weight of the page, such as message boards, online consultation and so on page, this page is similar to us can add nofollow tag, so that the entire weight of the site will not be delivered to this useless page. At the same time the spider won’t go crawling such pages, so as to let the other pages have more opportunities to be crawling.

2, the practicability of


site map



Mobile web search engine optimization details ten

5, automatic text size

3, the delayed loading of

1, URL adaptation relationship between



4, page structure

if your website is the automatic response type, it can ignore this point, if you have a PC and a mobile station URL can correspond to the corresponding rules, please write Webmaster Platform to love Shanghai, there are two corresponding methods, one is the writing rules, yihuhuhuapiao, second is directly to the mobile and PC URL compiled into a TXT file, upload to love Shanghai to go, let him go to the recognition.

have a mobile website, then come up with a mobile website style, which also need to zoom or horizontal scrolling site is not suitable for mobile site optimization, as shown below:

page design is very reasonable, but because the mobile web site will be limited, advertising covers the site’s theme of nature is not conducive to search engine optimization, as shown below:

on the PC website and no clear explanation for the website text size, but because the text is too small and the text is divided into the link, there may be a search engine that this is done deliberately hidden links, mobile search engine, be sure to pay attention to the problem size of text. Shanghai official love >

‘s mobile search engine optimization is not only to the mobile station ranking, more important is the relationship with the PC website ranking is very close, when a web site PC and mobile terminal adapter is reasonable, at least to the PC website ranking 10 points, so it is not ready to move the search engine optimization a friend, very worth a look this article. The following is the Jiuwen network mobile site ranking data, as a reference for everyone.


Of course, if the

2, the mobile site open speed


open speed is far more important than the PC site in the mobile site, compared to the speed of the computer or mobile phone faster than at present, minimum standards to keep the site opened in 3 seconds, so the mobile website to keep the text can not engage in energizer, Xilihuala, is this PC site, the corresponding point automatically site optimization up a little bit difficult, can try to optimize PC and mobile station.

see a lot from the media APP on most used picture lazy loading technology, of course also includes Taobao, Jingdong and other large electricity supplier website to use, if there is no special requirement on the mobile site, try not to use pictures, of course, in order to make the text live, add pictures should also, just use picture delay loading technology, which does not affect the site open speed, and does not allow users to feel without the truth.


To improve your website’s revenue, please set up your ad site reasonably

below we tell you, through advertising the size, quantity and form of optimization, improve website income method. Now we will tell you how to increase your website’s revenue by optimizing the size, quantity and format of the ads.

the same amount of Web site, the income can be different, do not think that the more ads put in, the higher income. In fact, the advertising revenue can only be maximized by setting up the advertising sites reasonably. The size of the optimization is the best size for optimization is often the best love many webmaster’s biggest advertising pictures, in the selection of the advertisement, often choose the largest advertising, so that there will be a higher click rate, but the reality is not so. The sizes of ads for different websites are different. They need to be determined according to the type of the site itself.

generally speaking, the size of each page’s advertising should be less than 1/20 of the entire page, but for a large number of pages, you can modify it according to the actual situation. In a word, choosing the size of website advertising to the site can not affect the browsing, not too prominent advertising overwhelming principle.


most advertising organizations provide advertising codes of all sizes, and can easily select and modify the size styles. With the admin back of this alliance, you can easily customize your ad.

content format conforms to location is the key

determines the size of the ad, the next step is to choose the form of advertising content, there are many types of advertisements in various types of advertising, such as text, click the guide registered mobile phone short message paid, in the choice of advertising is the first health and positive principle, and it is best not to put SP advertising such as mobile phone SMS registration type. If the choice of a certain content of fraud for the sake of temporary benefits, the development of the site is very unfavorable.

for different types of sites, the choice of advertising is not the same, for novel, paper type site, according to PV (Views) on the charging of advertising is better; for small articles, news and other types of stations, click on the category of advertising is a good choice. After defining the content, format and advertising size, you can start looking for advertising. At present, there are many types of ad associations in the network, and they usually offer advertisements in various forms and sizes. Just register a corresponding League account and enter the admin background to extract the ad code as needed.

The number of

ads is not as good as

used a lot of personal website now, is to put all kinds of form numerous ads on the page, text, pictures, pop and so on, some type of download site, even setting must click on ads to download. For this type of Web site, for users >


85 after the opening of a fitness club to achieve Entrepreneurship

female fitness mostly in order to lose weight, male fitness is to have impressive good shape, the fitness club opened one after another, but business is booming, the market is unlimited, the 85 boys saw the opportunity to get rich.

1985 was born in Shao Zhile, young and handsome, he said, the ideal of entrepreneurship as early as the second year to determine the.

2004, Shao Zhile admitted to Nanjing Sport Institute sports training. When the students are busy in love, he began to work everywhere. "My first job was at Mai Don Laurie, in the daytime, in the evening. From the late eight until the next morning one or two, although very hard, but also gain a lot, "Shao Zhile said with a smile:" don’t look at me now so I can speak mouth, before very introverted, and the work of the fast food shop is very enthusiastic service and close cooperation with team spirit."

when Nanjing gym as coming out like bamboo shoots after a spring rain to consider, professional counterparts, he went to a fitness coach. "I have at least 5 gym part-time, the guests pay the tuition is very high, the personal trainer’s responsibility is to try to serve the customer well, after all, people are asking you to spend money. So, I learned how to cope with, I soon rose to the coach from the director, the monthly income of at least seven thousand or eight thousand."


Shaanxi introduced policies to boost employment and Entrepreneurship

is now the country for college students’ employment support and not just shouting slogans and don’t do any action, in order to allow the local college students employment work and better development, the promulgation of relevant policies around the time. The Shaanxi Province recently issued the relevant opinions, and strive to give greater support to the development of local college students employment and entrepreneurship.

8 month 6 days, province issued "opinions on Industrial and Commercial Bureau play a functional role to further improve the work of college graduates employment and entrepreneurship" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), and actively boost the province the majority of college graduates employment and entrepreneurship.

from the "opinions" to attract college graduates employment capacity, optimize employment entrepreneurial environment, providing comprehensive services for the employment of university graduates, six in the province at all levels of business and market supervision departments to further improve the work of university employment guidance and norms.

according to the "opinions", the Council will comprehensively promote the industrial and commercial registration facilitation, support and encourage the public record space, creating workshops, the Secretary of commerce company and "Internet plus" and other new industries, new format development; to attract college graduates in many enterprises, Chi, famous trademarks, "Shou contract re credit" enterprise publicity and other aspects to be the focus of tilt; carry out business activities on campus, to help students develop business plan".

of college graduates invested enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households, due to funding constraints, due to rising production costs as a result of 12 consecutive months did not carry out business activities, according to the application, not the business licence shall be revoked; the establishment of college graduates’ employment support system, the professional training + industry + real (see) Xi + employment (government support) "the whole chain of" helping.


is now a large number of students, either employment or business are facing great pressure, but I believe that under the local government support, the country’s college students will find a really suitable for their career, so as to have a better future, more to make a contribution to the local economic development.

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Online entrepreneurs can not be ignored eight points

want to run their own shop, we must pay attention to many factors. Shop entrepreneurs can not be ignored eight points, Xiaobian drying out and share with everyone, I hope everyone can see, can be inspired.

1, market positioning to clear

2, product pricing grasp

3, novice agents to be careful

4, shop decoration is necessary

5, before delivery to see more

6, reputation depends on their own

has such a batch of the new sellers to increase the credibility of the psychology of people trading on the Internet, they will tell you that they have a professional brush reputation, how much time you pack up drill recommended


What do you need for a deli

what do you need for a deli? Food stores are now on the market in China has great development prospects, we all know that the shop must first prepare the relevant equipment, today to tell you the deli opened investment, you shop what are the basic equipment needed to prepare the


1 (fresh), refrigeration equipment need to be refrigerated cabinet 2, food display cabinet 1-2, the case of Taiwan 1 (size according to the actual situation);

2, microwave oven 1 (used to meet the needs of individual customers in winter heating), with 1 sets of induction cooker pot (used to do some small goods, such as fried peanuts, kelp, 1000, as well as boiling water);

3, 2 sets of electronic scales (1 sets of sales with electronic scales, 1 sets of processing materials weighing electronic scale is small, the chopping block (2) cooked one each), cut 2 knives (cooked to separate), machetes 1, soup ladle 1, fish meat hook 1 white steel plates, 30 (this is according to the number of sales of goods varieties to set the food clip 2,), 5-6 (seasoning jars used for storing cold powder, soy sauce, soup seasoning soup, chili oil, sesame oil, garlic juice, coriander);

4, white steel barrel 5 (including 50cm 3, respectively, for stewed pig, poultry, beef and other goods brine; different flavors of 45 or 50cm 2, respectively, for water, chicken, stewed pork and bean products), a gas tank 2; 1 fire gun, spray grill 1, 5.

5, plastic bag, plastic bowl, disposable chopsticks.

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Introduce the steps of snacks

people’s demand for food is not limited to the basic food and clothing problems, the most important thing is to eat to ease the depressed mood. Snacks have become an indispensable partner in people’s lives, join the snack bar will naturally have a good market prospects. Understanding of the advantages of the snack bar to join, then join the step is to understand the

1. first choice for snacks to join the quality of the brand

To join the

, choose a high-quality brand will let join venture snacks also join the icing on the cake, so, but for snacks to choose brand is still the most valued technology, because technology is the essence of snacks to join the brand, so investors can understand the information collected through various snacks join a variety of brands, the comparative analysis of the different brands of technology, carefully selected, and preferred to choose for themselves with the technical content of franchise brand snacks.

2. collect information to select brand

on the network or other channels to collect more famous snacks to join the brand, according to the specific information given by the brand one screening, leaving you absolutely the best brand. Screening process is not blind, there are certain standards can refer to Oh!

3. contract

visited you think is true all brand, it is not a waste of time, and the brand can begin to sign the contract, we must carefully read each term of the contract, in order to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests of


4. select the appropriate snack stores address

signed the contract, the brand is basically no problem here. At this time the franchisee can start busy snack shop thing. First thing to do is to find a suitable open snack stores store address, the location has a very important effect on the day after the operation, we must seriously.

5. storefront renovation

After the

shop selected, it is natural to store renovation! In order to submit the general brand brand recognition, has exclusive decoration scheme and colors, and will be provided to the franchisee, the franchisee only needs renovation program in accordance with the brands of the decoration can be.

6. recruitment of snack shop employees

in order to ensure the normal operation of the snack bar, need to hire a certain number of employees, these employees had better have some experience in the field of energy, or they will be a series of training. On the training of employees, some brand associations provide training courses