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Taobao’s chance of big adjustment for sh419 in JuneCreation partners capital Liang Yu investment cir

"this is a brand new start."." Liang Yu talked over and over again, though his mouth was still in an exaggerated curve, but he was very serious.

"this situation is first related to the macro environment of the country.". We are now more and more hope to build cultural self-confidence, with local culture to install the local story, to make the culture more vitality, really for me. We have to consider is: the spread of the theme is not really able to establish cultural self-confidence? On the communicator is not really able to generate revenue? And not just on the side of blame, blame is easy, but to build a culture of confidence is difficult; business is business, but not for commercial and business.

among them, there has been and Zhou Wei worked more than 4 years of Liang yu. Since 2011, Liang Yu led investment life radius, and the moon star wardrobe and other technology companies also participated in the investment management, science and technology, Himalaya, rock and other projects.

in contributions!

April 2017, KPCB China partner in charge of Zhou Wei announced that lead to work together for many years and TMT partner team, the establishment of creation China Creation Ventures capital partners, "with about a world" concept, focusing on the field of TMT and China early growth period of investment.

, the founder of Han Kun, a technology entrepreneur who was involved in investment management, once joked that he was responsible for the product. It is this low-key, calm character, so that he has become the company’s investment in the mouth of "big white."".

before entering the venture capital industry, Liang Yu in Tencent, Sogou, Microsoft and other companies have 11 years of technology and product experience, so that he still has a strong product, technology, people’s temperament.

2, determine the promotion of single products: categories selected after the selection of a single product, according to the total expenditure commission from high to low order, so that a good deal, commission high single product appeared in front of you. The higher the amount of promotion, but also represents the popularity of the goods, the effect, as well as the owner of the customer, for our Taobao customers higher integrity.

now Taobao customer personal webmaster is more and more, the highest income Taobao customer list also decreased from twenty-six thousand to less than twenty thousand yuan a week or so, but this income is for our personal webmaster is full of temptation. Six months ago began to do Taobao customers, the monthly income is too thousand, from the selection of goods I talk about Taobao customers do three points experience, hope for novice can be a little help;

A no B station and television station, video frame, is now the C station CCTV of the world! "Nowadays, with the regulation in place, the content of entrepreneurship quite kind of feeling but Liang Yu Ten thousand horses stand mute., have different views.


venture capital, a brand new start,

1, to determine the promotion of commodity categories: women are born Shopaholic, choice of female products, Taobao can increase the passenger volume, for the novice, see every day with the transaction, full of confidence, such as "Ladies / ladies boutique", "beauty skin care / body / oil" and "selling leather bags / bag male / bag", "shoes", "cosmetics / perfume / hair / tool", "popular jewelry / Jewelry / Fashion Jewelry", "milk / diapers / articles and other articles.

Liang Yu carrying the Khaki bag, across all the way to reveal a bright smile. "It’s been a long wait."

3, to determine the promotion of the shop: find a good single product can also promote the treasurer of the stores and shops in other commodities, usually I choose a single product and high overall Commission commission shop shop, this can make full use of Web site traffic, also did not miss one.

met Liang Yu for the first time at a roadside tea restaurant. On that day, he was invited to a forum in Haidian as a partner of creative partners, while we were drinking and talking outside at noon.

since June, sh419 has made a big adjustment, from small start, included reducing, snapshot, website ranking drop or removed to yesterday taobao this station was once again sh419 clean up, and some of the two level domain is also included, perhaps sh419 began a major adjustment at the beginning of June is nearing completion.


in sh419 search hot words and taobao taobao taobao has no relevant master, this will bring a lot of traffic to Taobao customers, although the final impact on taobao may not, because Taobao customer sites will flow back to the taobao. That’s one reason why Taobao dares to throw away sh419.

for personal Adsense, add content, suggest manual add, a single product can increase the content of the site, and edited sh419 included.

in recent years, investment in the pan entertainment industry has mushroomed, and the content companies in the entertainment industry have been financing. But recently, the State Administration of radio, film and television has also chilled content entrepreneurs. A large number of entertainment numbers have been banned or banned, and websites such as A and B have been banned from broadcasting overseas content and restricting the playing time of variety shows…… The introduction of various policies put forward higher requirements for content entrepreneurs."


Personal webmaster not original but must be edited

as an editor, perhaps the most content is copied from others to minor changes to facilitate better reading, these people belong to the copy, they do not necessarily be strictly creators, they should be regarded as a kind of acquisition, but this group of occupation did booming, so that this group.

a few years ago, when the Dede version is still very low, then the locomotive, madman, panda and crazy to collect. A few years ago, as long as we do a website to collect large amounts of data, and then to count the Links, a forum to send some spam links, website may soon get traffic, you can hang on the noble baby, CPM, love Shanghai alliance to earn advertising fees, but with the search engine evolution, Sandbox algorithm Shanghai love search, we love one or two years in Shanghai is very difficult to see the content of reading. Of course, we can still fall in love with the sea to see the irrelevant content. Today I found the word "Zhaohuaxishi good word" out of the results below:

there is a saying called "a policy in Chinese, under the measures", is now will find that although the acquisition station died a lot, but we found that the hard won good grades or webmaster. When the love of Shanghai green love Shanghai, on the acquisition of the punishment, is not the owners not to live. No, most owners still live quite well. I would like to cite a few on the flow of personal site advertising revenue, they are inspirational life, new recipes, good word, animation 456, this site advertising revenue is not considerable.

is actually a few such cases, the long soak in the Internet, but also a large number of search engines, search engines to be honest way to go very long, in the example above we can see that the search engine is just a process of it, he is not smart. It is only through words, through the trust, through the recommendation of a web page should be measured in the index position, but it does not necessarily determine whether the content is irrelevant, it can only be concerned with the keyword, and based on the analysis of the semantics of doubt.

is the first to answer the Shanghai love to know the answer, in this answer the questioner’s answer is not satisfactory at the inside of the text, although I have no information on the chaohuaxishe, but read the Lu Xun since the pen download search again also could not find the answer in the sentence, then the answer is seriously mislead our readers. And like 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/h/haocihaoju/1381.html in the correct answer to edit out may have simply can not find.

I use a lot of space in front of the irrelevant questions, leads to the focus of this article is to "owners may not be original, but must be a master of editing, as long as the content is readable value, so I search engines are not the exclusive."


Virtual son rain website Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic report content quality analysis

correlation analysis

web content we all know that this is a good user experience and retain customers the most critical, because the application of good content and good will have to give the user a good example, we make a beautiful picture station, the station needs to profit requires a large amount of traffic, and to attract users is certainly more original beautiful pictures, large scale a little better. The following is for everyone to talk about the Shanghai dragon diagnosis for several aspects of the analysis of website content quality.

2, content analysisThe

Hello, I am virtual son rain. The front to introduce the four aspects of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, "virtual son rain: Shanghai dragon diagnostic report website positioning analysis" "virtual son rain: Shanghai dragon diagnostic report website keyword analysis" "virtual son rain: Shanghai dragon diagnosis report website code, URL link structure analysis" and "virtual sub rain:" analysis of the website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic report layout, the four aspects of the relatively shallow, some perspective is based, or I think you have the wrong statements of a school, can some directions. People who want to progress, must find out the mistakes, sometimes we can not find it. We need people to, just like we do in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, find a professional person to help us diagnose may do better, for example A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis group. This is what I write this series of articles the original diagnosis of others, others will diagnose your. Today I want to introduce the diagnosis about website content quality.

The original

1, the content of

for the website, we must select a theme at the beginning of this theme will either in or in the title, keywords and description, the government will show on the web site content inside. This time our website content will be as far as possible to carry out around this theme, that is the relationship between the content of the website. When we do have to look at the Shanghai dragon diagnostic page content website, a variety of labels inside the text, as well as the release of information and so on many aspects, for each place and is closely related to the theme. Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis is the first home page, column page, and the most important content of the page, because the content of the page is updated frequently, we should ensure that the correlation of each article is very high is not easy, so we need to edit the work very solid, the diagnosis is mainly the content page, good correlation check.

content of the original of this fact in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis is not very good, but we can on the website of the editors do a preliminary investigation, this time the website editing work is very important, in fact, we all know that the original is very rare, the original level sometimes determines our website content quality height weight. The original thing is sometimes very easy to solve, one is we need lots of information on the industry consolidation, then read, they integrate the information, do not say to write their own much, but at least let some of the East.


How to use video chain

chain is divided into two kinds, one is the home page of the chain, the chain that we are hard to get, especially for new sites, unless you and others in the chain. One is the use of the inside pages of the web site the chain link and the others the other pages.

The address is Shanghai love chain pictures included pictures of

generally, you use the domain query syntax, if you do succeed, it is included in the general address will appear in the first 5 pages, weight high even at the home.

chain is different from Links, it is a one-way link to your station text links or pictures with ALT text links or other links to allow existing search technology to search, if you use JS trans, there may be invalid, because the search is not fully correct recognition.

The definition of

pictures, is the picture outside the chain. (to make pictures of the station of great significance)

The anti Web site chain as love Shanghai music of the music presented by The

assumes that there are two pages of A and B, B page with a link to the A page, then a chain B is A. A web site the chain contains not only the Links, this website also contains other page links, trans > Links.

anti chain

first, the video chain belongs to the text outside the chain, classified in the inside pages outside the chain.

is defined as: love Shanghai recognized and included video portal video pages the text of the chain, the chain is the video.

website rankingThe

, a chain definition of

two, video of the chain (this is purely personal opinion)

anti chain effects on

second, compared to the video outside the chain, and the chain, the chain of music.

, find love Shanghai recognized video portal

in the GG official help inside screamed "to improve the ranking requires high quality links" many similar statements, you can from the GG web site management tools to check. That is to say, the chain can directly enhance the ranking, of course, is not a "as long as you can wait for the chain rankings, only in the chain, reasonable and rich in content, the anti chain of extraordinary play it! If you are not the chain link page keywords in the text. Or the density is not enough, can not play normal anti chain function.


understand the definition video chain, our direction is not very clear pinch. Here to talk:

I will list a few.

music, as the music chain. (music station do need attention)

video of the chain:

chain is essential for the site’s ranking.

The video outside the chain of


5 ways to make your product invincibleChinese Canadian bloggers earning $30 thousand

interview: Canadian Chinese and blogger Zhou Jialiang

to make money or content is king

everyone thinks about it all the time. What’s the next killer product in the subversion industry?

to create an elite group: this group consists of all experts, all people with innovative ideas to develop better than the previous generation of products, and in the old way is not like other old team to develop new products, and must strengthen security, to improve the team’s support.

week: my advice is not to worry about finding advertisers and concentrating on blogging. Advertisers will come to see you. I never went out and took the initiative in finding advertisers. They always came to see me. All I have to do is focus on the best content and become an expert in this area to attract advertisers and readers. As the new blogger, the most important thing is to get things done, and advertising can be given to third parties, such as shlf1314 Corporation, who can help you deal with advertising. Of course, the easiest way is to install an automatic ad – sales software for yourself, such as OIO publisher

as for next year’s Shanghai World Expo, Zhou Jialiang is looking forward to saying that he will definitely come next year and write his own experience as a blog.


reporter: we know that your blog income is mainly divided into 3 parts: advertising, promotion and sponsorship of the link, but for ordinary bloggers to attract advertising is very difficult, what advice do you have this


so never be arrogant to think that your product is the best. Even if your opponent is still lagging behind, it’s only a matter of time before you catch up and kill you. The secret of staying ahead is that the product is defeated, not by the opponent, but by yourself. So, how do you do that? Let me tell you five kinds of strategies.

however, people can not help wondering how to write a blog will have very good returns? Zhou Jialiang said in an interview with this reporter, blog must focus on content, and perseverance, to keep blogging rhythm, so as to continue to attract readers. He also suggests that early bloggers can sell ads via professional web advertising software, without having to be distracted by advertising.

let me ask you a question: are you making a product the longest time? Ten years? Five years? Two years? Does this product how many times have you tried to make it better, than the previous generation

, for the music industry. The rise of the Internet caused a great impact on the industry, the record company in order to avoid and prevent piracy on the Internet transmission is racke. If you don’t want to show up like that, destroy your product. Here are some ways to ruin your product and create a better product:

first, destroy your product,

familiar with the blog, making money most of the net friend know John Chow’s name, his Chinese name Zhou Jialiang, a Canadian chinese. Zhou Jialiang, a professional blogger who earned more than $30 thousand a month through blogs, is one of the most wanted blogs for bloggers who earn money from blogs. His earning experience has all been written into his free ebook, Make Money Online with John Chow dot Com.

reporter: you’ve been putting blogs on blogs every month. Is that the way you want to attract yourself? Has blog hit a significant increase since the revenue disclosure?

: don’t let the elite group behind closed doors close attention to similar products in the market, product design and cost, let them know all kinds of customer demand for products.

is transcended, is a product of the inherent link in the process of growth. Even a powerful empire can be destroyed in the blink of an eye. Take a look at the postal service. When the e-mail came out, he was trampled underfoot. There was no fight back.

week: you’re right. Publishing revenue is a good way to attract readers, and as the monthly income increases, the number of hits is increasing. On the Internet, clicks are money. That’s the way it is. The increase in traffic is only one of the keys to blogging, and more importantly, how do you use clicks?. Most bloggers do very well in this area, and if you make some adjustments, many blogs will earn 3 to 4 times the current level. For example, I will spread my blog on twitter, so that I can get the best profit.

< >


in place to think the opposite: gradually improve your products through time, this does not create a revolutionary product, this is like asking those who love your product what they want, they love your products, they can not give what constructive opinions, a metaphor that parents like look at the children, to see how pleasing to the eye, and then a big mistake is just a little mistake. Only ask the user who dislikes your product, why do you hate your product, this is likely to be innovative?.

announces revenue to attract eyeballs,

sets up a temporary lab group: the Malaysia Airlines creative lab group aims at achieving some business goals, such as "increasing profits."". Only a particular time would require the integration of laboratories into a laboratory group, which can increase the company’s productivity and save a lot of maintenance costs without having to build large laboratories.


Network marketing rob sentencing conviction ten basis

The so-called

network marketing, in fact, is a shortcut network for small and medium enterprises money ", less investment, high return effect. A lot of smart entrepreneurs tend not to fight and win the first ", our enterprise network marketing development trend after they know, they like to network marketing" sentenced ", I found this thing can earn money for me, because they found their own enterprises" conviction "basis. Understand the network marketing friends all know that network marketing focuses on marketing rather than the network, the site is a shortcut marketing platform, so the network marketing positioning is very important for enterprises to carry out network marketing, so entrepreneurs how to find their own network of "money" sentencing conviction basis? Below and introduce the commonly used location methods.

1. Function positioning

For example, any

products will have many functions, but how do you put your drunk strong efficacy to tell consumers, so in general more effective, you must take your product best effect to transfer to consumers, where the success of the product positioning. For example: Head and Shoulders = = rejoice dandruff, supple hair, prevent hair loss = King, PANTENE = healthy and glossy.

two. Quality positioning

so-called quality positioning is to emphasize the good quality of products, so that consumers feel safe and secure about this product, and enhance the attractiveness of the product. Such as "good air conditioning GREE made", "a good source of calcium from milk – Mengniu calcium milk", "Lebaishi pure water -27 layer" purification "Frestech advertising do better than Frestech refrigerator"

three. Emotional positioning

brand sentiment refers to the brand naming of the words used by the meaning of a certain emotion, is the brand itself has emotions, it is a component of the core value of the brand. For example, when I was a child, my mother bent over for a basin of water and grew up to send a water heater for his parents – a beautiful water heater. Guhanyangshengjingsolution, I got the university scholarship in the first. Mom can I help you work – nice Diao card washing powder.

four. Orientation of enterprise concept

The orientation of

enterprise concept is to use the fine tradition and spirit of enterprise in the process of continuous operation and long-term development as the brand positioning demands, and reflect the inherent nature of the enterprise. Such as China Mobile "gold medal service, satisfaction 100", NOKIA "people-oriented", TCL "to create value for customers"

five. Self-expression positioning

positioning through some self-expression performance of enterprise brand image and unique brand connotation, let consumers express personal values. Aesthetic taste. Self personality. A carrier and the media are looking forward to the taste of life. Such as – is to attract more than Langsha silk stockings, is a temptation – CHCEDO! You are beautiful

six. Chief position

chief that emphasizes the leading brand positioning in the peer or similar. Professional status. As a year to sell 300 million > xiangpiaopiao


The growth path of an unpopular industry website

in November 2002, the Peking University apartment dormitory, there were no classes this afternoon, some students were reading, some in the play be absorbed in; be in full swing CS and Warcraft; and I was bored in bed roll, fall into a reverie.


does not love to play the game and do not want to read, it should find something to do, because from the tea, the first thought is to sell tea, tea bar, time limit, not too realistic. Suddenly think of, to Beijing under the train went straight to the street – MA Lian Road, the capital of tea street, crowded, not lively, there is a relative opened a tea shop, business booming. Because of busy, relatives to come to help explain every Saturday, the way to help me improve food, have to eat to live and play, Why not??

three or four months are punctual, although holding a fun attitude, but also the initiation of circulation of a fuzzy understanding of modern tea, and before in his hometown witnessed artificial family workshops and the original extensive trading was the original sale so tea can be quite different, and then realize the faint Maliandao provide circulation, leisure, culture and experience will be accepted by the majority of the tea lovers as one of the business model in the future, is a kind of trend, but also a trend, as the carrier of the "Maliandao tea" will be accompanied by popular and famous, or that Maliandao will be integrated into the whole industry go and play the function of the wind vane and barometer.

as a student majoring in computer, now if you can apply, so in the future will have to have a little, from the thread contour, using Maliandao visibility on the Internet selling tea, this is the first time the idea, said, picked up the keyboard, open the frontpage, one called "Ma Lian tea net" pure static pages a week later appeared on the Internet at the same time, one is Beijing natural green Co. Ltd. "bag of enterprises" are also established.

April 2004, the establishment of Maliandao tea to this period of time within 04 years from 02 years, the first is busy with school, second is also not profitable original ideas, in addition to practice is to love, update rarely, technically there is no timely follow-up, basically stagnant stage. But at the same time I am 100 search is not the tea website with an air of importance uniform, half a bucket of water in pure HTML, all kinds of layout and organization, many people want to do, but there is no clear strategy and prospect. A miracle in a chance let me make a tens of thousands of business in the Alibaba, a relatively keen insight I suddenly realized what, quickly grabbed the keyboard, start to copy and copy the original Alibaba, can think of the profit function is advertising and membership. At the same time, Ma Tao tea network also began the second revision and more formal operation.

arrived in 2006, the university graduates quickly, because the tea industry is too small, from the network concerns the number of traditional industries is also less, believe that the Internet can change the sales model or promoting and stimulating.


Some offline promotional experience sharing of classified information websites

recently made a local classification information network, 0798114 Jingdezhen information, procedures and basic data are completed, the main line is to do promotion. The promotion method is mainly to put up small posters, during which some experiences, I think it is worth sharing with you. Site construction is completed, immediately made a batch of A4 small size posters, poster is the main content of the website domain name + name + phone + on some common service station column.

1, a group of people were divided into several groups, and spent 4 days, posted more than 3000 small posters out. Mainly residential, bus stop sign and so on. But the effect is not obvious. Then go to the streets to check the posters posted, the original poster was mostly removed. The reason is that every city has a city appearance Bureau, which is responsible for rooting out these small advertisements, so the things that are posted will soon be eradicated. But also see, generally posted higher, easier to retain; in non trunk streets or cells easier to retain.

2, so in organizing the second poster activities, mainly posted on residential and non trunk streets, posted slightly higher position.

and then send someone to check. It was found that at least 1 and a half had been removed. Finally see light suddenly remind friends, the original, recently for a period of time during the city Chuangwei City, catch very strict. Bad luck is bad here. But work still has to be done. We can only find ways to keep the posters a little longer.

3, after analysis found that generally Saturday morning or Friday evening paste, better. Because the weekend time, the government does not work, the special eradication of small advertising is also a lot of tiger, advertising posters easy to save a long time. In addition to the main street will have a newspaper column, the previous approach is directly attached to the press bar, it is easy to be removed; after the study found that the direct advertising into the newspaper columns will be better; because the newspaper column is glass and locked into, as long as the change in the newspaper to the general people can be placed for a long time. And the morning newspaper columns 9, generally around 10, plug after he change, will generally remain 9 to second days, 10 points, although it is a day but because it is the main street, the effect is very good; and some newspaper column is 2, 3 days a change.

then proceed with the conversion method and post posters. After this adjustment, the effect is still ok.

4, paste the process, found that the general relatively large production of exquisite posters are less torn, eradicate, and generally A4 posted advertising, eradicate more. So we immediately rushed out 500 pieces of the sea for the city newspaper, the contents of blood bank ischemia, blood donation need social public service ads, online registration site is left to our web site, and the poster below also left a sentence "love a do not tear not to destroy". This big poster basically lasted a long time, but also for the site to win a lot of traffic.

summary, in fact, under the line promotion, focusing on continuous implementation, and constantly sum up, continue to adjust, and then continue to implement. This will pay off in the end. Never mind the knot


The profit skills of opening drinks store

a simple drink actually cost is not high, can bring great benefits of space industry, but also a lot of people choose this industry, now drinks in the market has great development space, for many entrepreneurs, have also chosen to open a drink store. People in the right time, will also choose and some drinks, which also provides a huge market for its development. Start a drink shop, want to profit, but also have a good development. Here to give you the opportunity to venture to open the store’s entrepreneurial skills.

first, affiliate marketing. Although the membership card is now smelly street, but the effect is pretty good for mr.. Specifically, the membership card is free, in fact my membership card is not card, but a piece of paper, there are 10 – 20 unequal squares, each member of a consumer, will cover a small stamp on it, and collect a small seal, Mr. Yu here can exchange for a a small gift.

this method seems to be a little naive, but the temptation for students. And Mr. Yu according to the target customers to provide a variety of small gifts are different, such as adults, may be key, small dolls, coupons…… The students are provided with a series of cartoon doll sets, comic books…… Due to the continuity of the gift, often students will continue to buy, according to Mr. Yu introduced, there was a student in order to collect dolls, the whole class to buy drinks in the store.


cooperation marketing. Mr. Yu beverage stores no brand, very good to live alone is certainly not, so he is also working with some institutions around, such as hair salon, stationery shop, laundry, holding each other bill, more than a certain amount can be here in his 5 – 20 percent off sales a drink the move, the purpose is to attract customers, expanding the visibility and the strategy in the early good, then store traffic, there are also some businesses take the initiative to cooperate with me, said with my membership card where they can enjoy a discount of consumption. It’s a win-win result.

drinks store marketing skills: Third, public welfare marketing. Although the merchant to profit, but in the opinion of the public welfare marketing seems to be less, and sometimes some of the activities of the community organization, mr.. Mr. Yu said, I seem to provide a lot of things, in fact, the cost of a few hundred dollars, but the effect is very obvious.

first, the community, the streets recognized, willing to help me to do publicity, and even take the initiative to help me seek some preferential policies; secondly, enhance the popularity, after all I is to service the community, we not bow to see the rise, I do charity, many customers are willing to know, to my shop consumption; third, students are the main source of my store, I do charity, is a good example for students, I went to school for the promotion of science, recommendation


How to open jewelry store to make money

always feel the life of workers do not love, do not love to take the death of wages feeling, so many people have thought of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship programs a lot, a lot of people to entrepreneurship is to make money for them, all want to start, bring the pinnacle of life. In fact, the venture to open a jewelry store, is also very good, bring the market and profits is very impressive. Here to tell you how to open jewelry store to make money.

first, jewelry shop decoration image

find a good shop, a good brand, the next thing is the most troublesome thing in today’s "decorated" industry increasingly competitive era, product homogenization, homogenization of management, publicity and distribution homogenization, homogenization, how to occupy a space for one person in the decoration sector competition, no doubt. That is the difference between the image of the store only choice in many homogeneous, and the effect of saving renovation expenditures are beautiful, and scientific management, is the service for you.

is a professional jewelry shelf company "jewelry industry scale space shelf" for the jewelry jewelry store operators, to provide professional material output, whether you are a personal brand stores or stores, so you save worry save time and effort. The main products wholesale sales scale space containers: Nakajima, side group cabinet, cashier, aluminum strip, hook, quality display cabinets, display cabinets, glasses, hooks, aluminum, wallets, cosmetic display, ERP cash register system, display, laser scanner, box etc.. But with the size of the Guangzhou shelf combination decoration, everything is not so complicated.

two, jewelry store is the first to improve the turnover rate of

we know, general shopping jewelry stores are usually just came to see, and did not intend to buy your jewelry, some people see their love jewelry will immediately buy, we called "shopping, and most of them even see love will not buy jewelry, because they don’t need, unless the price is really cheap, so now some ten yuan jewelry store business is very good, because the price most people can accept.

but our general ornaments are more than ten yuan, a few yuan, hundreds of dollars or even hundreds of yuan to our current consumption level, consumption concept, most people still difficult to accept (of more than hundred ornaments), especially the older one, so the things we really the sell? Not everyone will use our products, so that the purchase of our jewelry customers have such a sense of superiority.

let the customer imagine how beautiful, fashionable, attractive and tasteful she brought with her! Convince customers who did not want to buy, want to buy customers to buy more, improve the probability of customer turnover, which is a jewelry store to recommend