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Is to adhere to the confusion of the Shanghai dragon er

is self-evident!

in fact, in my opinion, this is a new industry must face the problem, I do not know the original Taobao attached to the birth of e-commerce and logistics industry and logistics company is also facing the same problem! But I know now with the rapid development of e-commerce, the logistics companies are very popular.

with the development of the search engine, the birth of a number of new technology, that is the search engine optimization, referred to as the Shanghai dragon. People who work in Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai dragon Er

: we are not difficult to see, the search engine will not disappear in the future, and may become better and better. The search engine cannot do without Shanghai dragon, like electronic commerce cannot do without the logistics company! So Shanghai dragon has great development space in the future, you want to ah! The search engine is designed in order to better customer experience, let customers love search engine to things, and for the purpose of the Shanghai dragon the search engine to give customers more love their products, so the search engine needs to join the Shanghai dragon, are a bunch of out of order website, then the search engine will not be able to create their own purposes! For as long as the search engine for future demand, so the future Shanghai dragon will certainly share a cup of soup and a lot! Compared with the logistics industry will be more popular, because the Shanghai dragon is a technology, a deep technology! Rather than the logistics company, as long as you have money you can Get up, so we should be convinced of the confidence and determination.

: as everyone knows Shanghai dragon is a need for patience and is likely to see the effect of the work, so I want to ask for a hard work: no effect for a month, you will adhere to? No effect three months or half a year or so?? it’s the Shanghai dragon Er he began to doubt his own practice, even in the industry doubt Shanghai dragon

also because Shanghai Longfeng no rules and technology fixed! There is no authoritative textbooks and tutorial! All own exploration and practice experience and there is no Shanghai dragon! University courses, technical evaluation of national Shanghai Longfeng, coupled with the mentioned rely on the exploration and practice of their right to a for a long time still adhere to the website does not work, then there will be some Shanghai dragon Er began to doubt, and even a lot of people have opted to switch to

for the University of Shanghai dragon tutorial, countries do not have the Shanghai Dragon technology assessment, but there is no uniform standard of Shanghai Dragon technology! Our search engine attached to the development of Shanghai dragon Er have no future? What we choose is right or wrong? Plus and several months throw not to see the effect of the Shanghai dragon Er, we have confidence to continue? I have to say this: we lost…… Because we can’t find the answers to these questions.

!So there is no




SOSO ask the chain construction but also misunderstanding

I want to tell you a little, that article is wrong. Of course, maybe it is not the author want to deliberately deceive us, but I think he didn’t know. It is to tell some of Shanghai Longfeng novices here in Search ask the promotion is possible, but want to use Search ask the chain site weight that is in vain. The content of training by snack blog 贵族宝贝 original published, I hope we can be harvested, don’t be misled by the false views, let the Shanghai dragon road more and more difficult to walk, thank you.

so when the author also wrote articles written by the Search ask outside chain construction site, but it is leveraging the chain, is by people outside of the chain of the collection site, and not rely on their own Search ask the chain. But until a year ago look, love Shanghai for this kind of question and answer type website slaughter. From this kind of website from Shanghai love disappeared, then Search ask the chain on this road is broken.

yesterday saw an article written "specific" SOSO ask the construction of the chain, in fact, here to tell you that this is a misunderstanding. From the chain to Soso Ask not for our website weight transfer and keywords ranking to improve, what is the reason, please look at the pictures

Here is the

you see, this link is through Search ask after the jump to the site again.


if you click will easily in the address bar will be able to see it, it is after a jump to come to you on the site, so the chain can only be that the role of promotion of the website, and can not transfer the weight. I remember two years ago, Search ask and love Shanghai know that it is the favorite place to do outside the chain, because it was the breeding of a large number of quiz site type. But this type of website is not ask people to produce content for it, so as long as the website content with questions are depended on the acquisition. The first is to Search ask, and then know love Shanghai. Because love is love know Shanghai Shanghai included, and the contents of the above Search ask much, also do not have to be included in Shanghai love. So at that time just in Shanghai love to know and Search ask for a link can be dozens of sites, and included also soon. Have a very good effect.


On site upgrade several small details process you must pay attention to the

for a web site, search engine hope is to be as stable as possible. When we upgrade the site, we may feel that only a small area of change, but in the search engine may seem huge changes. For example, breadcrumb navigation changes. Whether breadcrumb navigation plays an important influence in the search engine optimization and user friendly experience on. General breadcrumb navigation is mainly used in the visitor location. For example: Web page » search; & Shanghai Longfeng > »


reasonable during the upgrade you can backup a copy on file to the local, and then modify the end in the local, local test no problem in online server deployment.

details: three small details may lead to problems

cautious and prospective of the treatment site Methods: with

each site in order to improve the security and user friendly experience, will inevitably have to upgrade the site. And upgrade the impact site for the Shanghai dragon and the The imprint is engraved on my heart. If your website has a good ranking of search results. Upgrade to the site caused by the impact is inevitable. They all know that this effect will have a negative impact on the site’s ranking, the worst case is likely because treatment is not good by the search engines is not the necessary punishment. So how are we going to reduce the impact on the site during the upgrade? We need to pay attention to many problems, especially in some small details. Otherwise qianlizhidi will be destroyed nest.

for a site that the basic information of the most sensitive information is the site, Title, H1, H2, Description, and so on are marked on our days after the optimization of influence. When we were in the site upgrade, not on the site and the site of large-scale modification, these sensitive information changes too big or too frequent, it is easy to cause the search engine is not the necessary punishment.

, a site upgrade is not easy, during may have a lot of mistakes. So now that we cannot avoid mistakes, is unlikely to say you can upgrade a success, especially in some functional modules of the site with more. If you directly in your online file modification upgrade, the error caused by the impact will be very serious, not only the user can not access, user friendly experience will decline, but if the search engine at the stop of your site, have certain effect on the weight of your site will.

method is reasonable: for this type of sensitive information changes, we should try to avoid large changes, such as changes in full consideration, forward-looking changes.

details: two key information

details: avoid direct online modification of


Keywords ranking down, how to do

I have 3 years of experience in operating the site, the following to tell you about keyword ranking down, how to do, do not like, do not spray oh.

1, the site itself,

we need to first observe the overall site, find the cause, not just to change anything to do with Baidu algorithm often halt the troops and wait, change, ranking is sometimes relatively large fluctuations, and will not because of the internal data of Baidu, which is caused by the change of the site keywords ranking is relatively large, so when the key words of our website the loss, we should be calm, careful analysis of our operations, if can be sure of your site without any illegal operation, and all the other is very normal, so we should choose to wait, still as in the past the normal daily updates, the chain also should adhere to, perhaps waiting for a short time can be recovered the fact proves, website keywords many friends off, about a week to recover To the original position, so we should calm down, do not just modify your website.

2, server reasons,

we want to ensure the normal operation of the web server, if the server often can not open, but also a great impact on the website ranking, the slow speed will be affected, the search engines crawl will also have certain problems, site long time not open, it will certainly lead to impact on the site keywords ranking the solution is, as soon as possible to solve the server problem, long-term do stand words suggest that you choose a good server, monthly payment of around 400.

3, adhere to the chain building,

if we ignore this foreign chain can also lead to the degeneration of the web site keywords ranking, construction, many webmaster only do website content, often ignore the construction of external links, when a web site keywords ranking up, relax the content, so that the ranking back, still make up R to implement from the two aspects of the the main content and the chain YI is a key index of search engine website keywords ranking, website links to hold to the HENG to implement.

4, links check,


content also requires careful management, I found a lot of sites to exchange a lot of links, but because of long time ignored, resulting in a lot of links from their own, do not know, which lead to site is down right, because Links involved, there are also many many sites lead to right down the case, so I feel every the website links to do regular checks, do every morning to open the computer, first to check Links, so as to effectively protect their own website.

above ideas are some of their own experience, to share with you, I hope we will take less detours.


Content determines value, value determines revenue, and my website values

in the twinkling of an eye, the last published soft text have been more than a month, and today’s weekend, spare time, talk about my understanding of the value of the site. In fact, we all understand that the real profit lies in the web site has its own value, but few people adhere to in order to enhance the value of the pursuit of the goal, but the thought, through good SEO means or with some rogue software can get rich income, and never one day, in order to find some speculative means for the export of Tianjin, appeared in various forums or group, has to master itself, but in fact as long will self destruct the poison, it is a great pity to. One more statement, I hope to give my colleagues some help.


1. site value commentary

2. how to tap the potential value of the site

3. how to effectively improve the value of the site


1. The value of the website

personally think that the value of the site is that it actually represents whether the products for the development of the society brings the positive effect, of course this is a broad statement, too one-sided but in fact we do no ground for blame, a station considered this point, this website profit point in where, how to give it bring their own income to help, but I guarantee that few people can go to spend the same amount of energy to think about the value of my site really: where is


is actually a deeper level, the value of the site is the webmaster of values, it is hard to imagine a person without clear values can create more benefits in the website operation, even if he could obtain high income by first-class technology, but if the site of the survival and development ability can continue to ensure the value of the site, what about


so we can very seriously, the real value of the site is as the product of network marketing carrier website is the true embodiment of the webmaster higher values and outlook on life and the aesthetic values, we have very clear their products, very clear their own values, we have to say, I am a webmaster, I have the confidence to succeed, otherwise we ultimately won’t change on the technology and management of flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum rest on its laurels.

two. How to tap the potential value of the site

has just given a brief account of the value of the site. Now let’s talk about what we are focusing on. How do we explore the potential value of the site?

a simple example, I have a simple music website (today music) now I put here, Q: its potential value? We generally think of GG or the Ali Mama, Baidu union advertising alliance, in fact it does not have any value, if we just as a publicity website some of the advertising board, it is a matter of how sad, but after careful consideration.


How to manage fashion accessories chain

There are a lot of

now choose business fashion jewelry stores, many people value the potential market, if you want to be very outstanding products, pay attention to the quality of products, but also attaches great importance to product design, in fact, different consumers have different views.

Good and ready to advance to a single page advertisement information before the


China’s top ten brands of infant formula


Chinese baby milk constantly burst quality issues, although the import infant formula brand is now filled with baby non market, however, for the domestic infant formula, there are still many consumers believe that the market sales are also very good. Next, let Xiaobian for everyone to analyze the ten major brands of domestic infant formula, which can be a reference for consumers.

domestic infant formula ten brand NO.1, Beingmate:

"Beingmate" brand infant formula under the Hangzhou Beingmate Group Co. Ltd., is a professional group dedicated to the baby industry, 2010 1-10 month "Beingmate" infant formula milk powder market share reached 10.8%, ranking rose to third, ranked first in the domestic brands. Honor: "ten milk powder brand", "Zhejiang famous brand", "the top ten brands of infant milk powder".

domestic infant milk powder ten brands list NO.2, Erie:

"Yili" infant formula brands under the Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Limited by Share Ltd, Yili Group is currently the largest and most China product line and improve the dairy industry leader, is also the only one at the same time with the Olympic Games and the World Expo has standard, for the Olympic Games and World Expo for dairy enterprises Chinese. Honor: "ten infant milk powder brand", "China famous trademark", "Chinese famous brand", "dairy industry leading enterprises", "the industry’s top ten influential brands".

domestic infant formula ten brand list:

NO.3, American

"American" infant formula brands under the Heilongjiang Feihe Dairy Co. Ltd., is a company founded in 1962, has been nearly 50 years of professional dairy manufacturing company, the first wholly-owned enterprises of China. Specializing in the research and development of dairy products and production and sales. Honor: "ten milk powder brand", "Chinese famous brand", "China well known trademark", "national agricultural industrialization leading enterprise", "the top ten infant milk powder brand", "industry famous brand".

domestic infant formula ten brands list NO.4, Ashley:

Ashley baby milk powder brand under the Guangdong Yashili group Limited by Share Ltd, group company production of "Ashley" brand infant milk powder series products, has won the domestic and international 30 Awards: "Guangdong famous trademark", "Guangdong province food industry famous brand", the first batch of "national exemption food", "Guangdong famous brand products", "A Well-Known Trademark in China", "Chinese dairy ten brand", "Chinese brand products" and "China 500 most valuable brands" title.



The public space is the seed of the entrepreneur

with the gradual expansion of the scale of China’s entrepreneurial community, the effectiveness of public space has gradually played out, causing social attention. Characteristics of innovation and entrepreneurship vector, so that the majority of entrepreneurs to improve the probability of success.

"Y1 a week" guest star world "Aite multi-creation space" is the rapid rise of Fujian in recent years vigorously promote public entrepreneurship, innovation achievements of. At present, a passenger has become hot words of the hometown, the booming public record space to attract many entrepreneurial team to develop here, has become fertile ground for innovation and entrepreneurship.

The development of

if the entrepreneurs to seed, so the public record is the soil space. Public record space business is the core business services, especially in the development of pre record, the key point is the business service personnel, capital projects, and public service resources, realize the integration of organic and efficient in space." Fujian provincial science and technology department responsible person believes that most recommend


What are some of the best investments to make money in 2012

2012 has quietly arrived, in the new year, people are looking for their own entrepreneurial opportunities, so, today let us and all of the network Xiaobian a look at what the project for all investment in 2012 to join in?

best venture:

glasses shop

with the sun glasses store bus training mature, glasses shop into the threshold is gradually reduced, entrepreneurs can learn everything through training on the shop about something, the success rate is greatly increased, so also have reason to recommend this industry again.

best venture:

video store

in maintenance, in recent years, PS3, X360, WII -, the failure rate is gradually rising, from the recently learned of the situation, the sale of the 5 year X360 began to enter a maintenance cycle, the host fault began with the increase of service life and gradually broke out, PSP has high fault. Since the rate, only the game maintenance already have enough money market.

best venture project: maintenance


Is it suitable for you

monotonous work, promotion hopeless, more and more young people struggling to endure and leave the edge of entrepreneurship, then now you are suited to leave the business? Send a taste of success in worth talking: everyone has attracted the attention of the opposite direction, and turn to the opposite direction of attention need is courage, every successful entrepreneurs must have the courage.

In order to know

1. if you encounter unreasonable boss in the office of the requirement of time when you will fight?

2. do you choose to start a business in a time of prosperity or depression?

3. in your mind is how to define the risk of entrepreneurship?

1. in their own interests are not hurt, it is necessary to do their best to fight for their own interests and maximize benefits. Because when the interests of the injured and ignored, slowly you will become numb or even compromise, and finally no interest or negative growth. So in their own interests will not be violated when the resistance is not suitable for entrepreneurship.

2. if you choose to start a business in a good social environment, a great chance of failure. In the opposite case although the business environment is good business seems difficult to do, but do not forget that you are in the start-up stage, the business has only just started, the relatively slow growth in most areas of the business to build customer relationship and develop the market, business volume theory is not immediate, but the problem is that the economic environment is good to the business, regardless of the company office space rental, hire staff salaries, the daily expenditure must be compared with the economic depression high cost much, so is not conducive to entrepreneurship. On the other hand, because the accumulation process is started, has started pre good business difficult to do, but because of poor economic conditions, the choice of social talents and cheap, and be able to rent affordable office space, the daily expenditure is relatively low so much, very suitable for business.

3. some people often "adventure" as a reckless behavior, but in fact all normal people to take risks should be prepared before starting, so when you think of entrepreneurship in the mind appears reckless or fear, then you are not suited to the business. But you’ll risk as planned and no danger of anything going wrong for well deployment to action, and because it is so more adventure holding certain success mentality, congratulations you have success factors.


W entrepreneurship


a multinational company white-collar miss W, on maternity leave back to the company but.