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The annual fish fish Shanghai dragon theory

will soon be on the thirty, we pay attention to the dinner on New Year’s Eve table will be a dish of fish, and this dish is not to eat the dinner on New Year’s Eve left, a symbol of May there be surpluses every year. next year there is a good life. This is not my sister sent a multiple of 3 pounds of catfish, mother also went to the market to buy 2 big carp, about 6 pounds.

I went to the market to see the fish stall to sell fish is very hot, I wish you all (FISH),

May there be surpluses every year.

1. fish stall position is better, put fish will be eye-catching! In fact this is about our keywords in the layout, the layout of the page title description has been reasonable to striking, proper keyword density increase.

2. the price of fish to be affordable, quality is fish! This is about our articles issued to high quality, best original article, the search engine of love.

3. to call people to ask! With the construction of our chain have different approaches but equally satisfactory results, to promote, to keep the chain everywhere. This spider will often climb to the site to



actually I think selling fish with our website is the same, that I say I summed up the fish of Shanghai dragon Theory:


A5 first: please indicate the source of Shanghai dragon


The sum of the six major factors when Links exchange

yesterday released the < < > three basic factors to choose keywords; > and < < summarize some common factors of > website ranking drop; > later received some webmaster friends praise, encouraged. Today is the exchange of friendship connection several matters needing attention and to explore together share: how to improve the weight of the website believes that many webmaster friends all know, we can mention the nature talks to a rapid increase in the weights of the website one of the Links exchange! So today we have a talk for different search engines Links exchange? First, and we share together a my little story happened when the exchange of Links yesterday (then deeply.) we Zhengzhou Fangyuan network company’s official website as:

I have the correlation properties of the site on the first factor as Links exchange (really important) relatively high correlation Links, called experts (the file link with industry recognition, so sure that you are in the field also has its own value of existence.) this method is composed of Krishna baharat invention called >

?The correlation between

1. website

you can clearly see the domain name registration time is 09 years registered in September 4th officially launched. Probably delayed 1.2 weeks. It is the number of sites is 18. PR3 links derived here will say the baby is pr PageRank noble update (PageRank is the founder of the baby Larry Paige invented.Page in English is Paige, and the meaning of the page, a lot of people think is the page level. The fact is Paige level). Last year a lot of people are talking about the noble baby PR value is not in the update. Later updated after this argument does not attack since the break. Then I found a PR3 of the same industry website for the other QQ said he wanted to change the link and, after a while this guy asked you website ranking? I told him we were Internet company’s website is PR3 old website. Then the man replies: I don’t do noble baby Only love you, Shanghai search engine website ranking? I was shocked…… After PR has been rating principle my idea is that noble baby is a multi page N page is referenced (has its own URL page link.) then through the analysis of the basic questions that this page is relatively important. Although the PR rating system is noble baby, but since it is a search engine so naturally love may be one of Shanghai’s rating. (this point is certainly correct. Love Shanghai although there is no direct evidence, but the principle applicable in all search engines, but this is one of the factors. N site keywords ranking factors including) then this kind of thinking is certainly not my right to be improved. So those sites have reference factors when exchanging Links of


High quality website promotion chain planning approach

exchangeThe establishment of

two, buy the chain home page

communication chain

six, induced by anti

source address: Shanghai dragon > 贵族宝贝hnxmbt贵族宝贝/wzyh/wz

now frequent exchange of information, many webmasters may also not most private, will visit each other to communicate, and when visiting other web site, you can name their anchor text in these sites, so that not only can raise the effect of the value chain, and is free of charge, the number is also very impressive.

chain is very strong, the more high weight website chain value is high, so we want to enhance the value of the website chain may wish to expand their network, expand their own resources.

in addition to the exchange Links, we want to increase the value of the website chain can also buy some of the chain weight high, such links can also like Links as beneficial to the web site the chain value chain, but this is a capital investment.

there are some websites in order to push their own website weight master ranking, tend to build up many sub sites, such as the medical aspects of the site, which he raised stations usually have a large number of anti chain, anti chain driven website value.

When we analyze the

now many owners have their own blog for some Shanghai Longfeng construction site training, if you have the weight of the older and heavier blog home page anchor text on your site you can bring your blog page, it can also enhance the value chain website. But this way is very difficult now.

website link is very important, and friendship in these links is the priority among priorities, it is our website links to the high quality of the chain, the general exchange is their home, has a very high weight, so this type of links are to provide the website chain value, so we can try to increase the Links slow website in the website optimization.

test chainWe can

four and their dependents

Effect of

, a Links

in other website flow the download site to upload a good website template, the Department of their copyright at the end of the template, page anchor text and bring your own website. But this induction test is only applicable to the copyright of trans trans.

Station group


three, your blog resources

‘s website and the competitor in the gap with the webmaster tools often refer to the two sites is the chain number gap. Here said the chain refers to the webmaster tools shows the anchor text of the chain, and if the number of the chain less than competitors, we may optimize their site will be considered, and how to raise the number of anti chain website in website optimization? Here we provide six kinds of galloping horse can increase the number of chain site. Form.


Zhongshan Triangle town set up new year entrepreneurial market youth entrepreneurs can sign up to pa

2016 years after the Spring Festival, the country will usher in a business peak. Zhongshan city in the new year will be established on the eve of the new year entrepreneurial market, a lot of free booth invites young entrepreneurs to show talent.


applicants can submit a "triangle town in Zhongshan city youth entrepreneurship Fair booth application form", the applicant and the partner Id photocopy, a inch of photo   (three copies each) apply to the triangle town government office of the Communist Youth League building six.

the registration deadline: January 29, 2016

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Young entrepreneurs should avoid what mistakes occur

for a lot of young entrepreneurs, due to the young Wang Wang, sometimes things are not so thoughtful, tend to ignore some small details. But for entrepreneurs, these can be fatal drawbacks. Can not because of their young connivance of their own mistakes, only to prevent errors in advance, and in a timely manner to solve problems, in order to better entrepreneurship.

solution: write down the typical features of your customers, to describe their frustration, fear and desire is. As far as possible, try to personalize. You need to know how they feel and what they want.

error two: the lack of user participation in

in the market when you allow yourself to have a "scientist" type: general mind to do experiments to test their ideas, and your test object (>


Wood products market demand boughs can also become rich raw materials

speaking of branches, even if it’s never lived in the rural areas of the city children can know what is a what kind of things, but never think of people, even branches can also be used as a wealth of material, can help countless people realize their dreams of wealth!

in Shandong Tancheng fan Shanian village, before cutting from a tree branches except what Cha Cha, for other uses, but in recent years, these branches not only bought, and the price is rising year by year, the farmers here have much income a year, look at these branches they can sell how much.

2006 in Shandong Tancheng County, the twelfth lunar month, every family is busy fan Nian Cun buy poplar, but they don’t buy all the trunk, branches and twigs. The villagers Huang Fulan home with these branches, "this is just south of the finished leather, yesterday, the day before yesterday sent, and brought the last night." According to her, as early as three or four years ago, these things no one wants. When the firewood burned, but now these branches are not afraid to buy more, afraid to buy.

secretly, but want a piece of fat Fan Jimei villagers. Fan Jimei kept himself at home for a week. With 3O years of experience in making toys, stunned the Japanese doll done with an air of importance. Orders not only successfully completed, and the old fan also more than one mind. He thought that if these things have a market abroad, that is not


Start building materials stores have a of what method

people work hard is to hope to be able to create a better living environment, have their own house, but also to the real estate business is very hot, to the building materials industry also provides a huge market to do business, building materials industry, the market is still very large. Venture building materials stores, there are many problems that need attention, business is also a way. So, what are the methods of building materials stores?

friends want to shop, but did not investigate blind shop is not desirable, so investors first understand the needs of the local market, the consumption ability of the details, just know to that direction toward the development of a comprehensive investigation, the goal is to understand the needs of consumers under the guidance of the investigation of all information. Related to this, investors must collect information a lot of investigation is required before a detailed plan and outline, to ensure the accuracy and comprehensiveness of information.

must understand the details, decorative building materials product features, design style, what are the advantages of the local headquarters, whether their factory, have their own design teams? So you must go to see the headquarters investigation personally, after all, seeing is believing!.

again is to look at the price, a decorative building materials products price is also of concern to consumers, if the brand style and price in the industry is the lowest, that we have reason to believe that the brand is the most advantage of


joined the policy is the priority among priorities for investors to provide preferential policies to alleviate a lot of pressure on investment for you, you can do after consulting one choice, for example, whether the exchange of goods can promote support can store design can in the marketing to support etc.. Depends on the speed of the company’s logistics, unified propaganda efforts, product updates, etc. these indicators are perfect.


don’t know how to operate such business, after seeing the small description we should be aware of the details, read for building materials stores open what method, I believe we all understand, building materials industry, market demand is very big, if you want to open the building materials stores. These problems are all need to pay attention to. Shop there are risks, we should pay attention to many problems.

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Green development of public satisfaction 38 cities in China and the United States and the United Sta

The day before, released a public satisfaction survey of green development in Xining City, 38 key city ranked third, people hold a positive attitude towards the overall situation of green city development in our city.

days ago, the National Bureau of statistics China economic monitoring center, Beijing Normal University, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics jointly issued the "2012 China green development index report", in order to make statistical analysis and people’s subjective feelings together, the report for the first time this year launched a survey of the development of city green public satisfaction. The public satisfaction survey focuses on the comprehensive evaluation of residents’ living environment, infrastructure and government green action. The top 10 cities in the survey of public satisfaction are: Karamay, Yinchuan, Xining, Xiamen, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu, Zhuhai, Qingdao and.

it is understood that the green development index by the degree of green economic growth, resources and environmental carrying capacity and government policy support of three parts. In recent years, urban greening the city rapid development, increasing investment, has been basically formed by the "two mountains and four ecological landscape forest green barrier," Sanhe six shore riverfront landscape for the skeleton, "point line surface" the combination of all kinds of green space landscape pattern layout is reasonable, functional facilities the obvious characteristics, style. At present, the community can be seen everywhere green, 10 minutes walk to the park. Xining built-up area green coverage, green coverage, per capita public green area of 2785 hectares, respectively, 37.13%, 9.5 square meters. If there is a chance in the air overlooking Xining, the built-up area of 75 square kilometers of land, more than 1/3 green rendering, large and small parks, parks, like a piece of green decorative picture in the middle of the city. Walk in the park, there is a flowing with strong green, which used reinforced concrete with the public in Xining are making strides to dance for joy, more prosperous, more beautiful, more livable landscape garden city into the Tibetan plateau. (author: Xiao Yan)



Xining 8 A-level scenic spot on the list of the first national tourism price trustworthy scenic list

Since this year, Xining city to create the National Tourism Standardization Demonstration City as the goal, combined with the tourism industry in Qinghai province "leadership" action, Xining city environmental order hundred days remediation, and actively carry out the standardization of tourism market rectification work, Xining city to regulate the tourism market order, improve the quality of tourism services, and establish a good image of Xining tourism.


Urban road maintenance work in full swing

recently, the organization municipal project management office related personnel in accordance with the construction plan and work arrangement, on the Yangtze River Road, Kunlun Road, the Yellow River Road, Xichuan road and other sections of the repair of damaged pavement, which also marks the urban road maintenance work in full swing.
for disease pits, urban primary and secondary roads on the sidewalk and subsidence damage, municipal project management office, early planning, early hands-on, seize the time to repair the road, to create a good travel environment for the masses. To do this work, the entire attendant operating responsibility, in dispatching the construction site, the optimization and adjustment of construction strength. Each section of the person in charge, construction workers and security personnel in accordance with the task division, perform their duties, in close cooperation. In the construction, in strict accordance with the technical specifications for construction work, made a plan of dust remediation of municipal engineering, sprinkler sprinkler timing, a number of measures of garbage and waste produced during construction to keep clean, to prevent dust.