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The key is how to catch the tail

let the time to witness the long tail word, time can not only witness the love, but also can witness the long term efficacy of period may be one year there may be two years, but if a large number of long tail word words, so a long time, the witness will bring you much traffic. In fact,? Do the long tail word is about a lot of time also need to continue.

just entered the Shanghai dragon this line of people are from the beginning of the chain, I also. The chain is very boring day, but to do this line of Shanghai dragon is one of the main chain, this I have the experience deeply. I was just in this line, is also a rookie for a dozen days, but my business better soon taught me to write soft, just face the soft, I am at a loss what to do search on the Internet, then the whole process, feel much better. Soft text is the most important core keywords, the core keyword is actually popular search words only, get to know the core keywords, my boss told us the long tail words, there are a lot of the long tail word I have introduced online, new points out to share with you.


is now a lot of construction site optimization companies do not want to give clients to do the long tail word, very simple truth that is not the time to spend, but a long tail word can be said can bring you a can to the mouth of the meat, you will think too little meat? Should use the long tail word is certain skills.

long tail keywords >

ant meat in less meat, in terms of sales to the website is the product of the volume, the main keywords bring you the amount of goods although many, but the competition is very big, the many sites are deep, but a large amount of long tail keywords, the competition is small, although your goods amount is not large, but each search the Internet has a clear purpose, which is the potential customers, then you say a group to buy and one will buy, how would you choose? Said that the client has a source, but also sell small amount of goods.

is not the long tail keywords than the core keywords, why? For example, a bookstore there are twenty percent books are hot, but there are eighty percent of the book is very common, such as a hot book is ten yuan, a total of twenty copies, all sold there are 200 yuan, eighty per cent of this is not sales of each of the books is five yuan, but a lot of volume, divided into thirty days sold a 400 yuan, a batch of goods for nearly half of the price difference. The same is true of the long tail word and core keywords.

first consider the soft aspects, a soft core keywords may appear two to three or so, but the long tail word is not limited, the application of the core keywords is very appropriate, but the core keywords may you inadvertently write in this way might be easier for soft. Of course, a soft, but also the application of long tail keywords appropriate points. This article if so you have some long tail keywords? There are several core keywords


7 use pop ups and do not hurt the search engine optimization techniques

classic interstitials and splash advertising, interrupting the user before the user between pages and / or before arriving at your home.


independence must be closed before the user access to your content.

of course, pop-up ads are still in operation. The average conversion rate of 9.28% of the performance of the pop-up window. Well, more than a year ago, I wrote an article on the pop-up ads and how to let more people you click on the contents of the article. Understandably, many companies do not want to lose such an important part in the channel. So, if you can’t completely lose pop ads, but do not want to fall into the breach of Google’s punishment, what should you do?

noble baby interstitial punishment for invasive interstitial ads. Please note that the "non page advertising" is widely used in most of the pop-up window, wide coverage and modal terms, but not all interstitials are considered as intrusive.


welcome mat, a new window pop-up windows and other intrusive advertising

you should also avoid the love of noble baby well-known advertising, including:

The following is

1. what interstitials are "compliance"

here are seven tips to help you use intelligent pop-up window, and will not hurt your Shanghai dragon.

A pop-up window covering

coverage model is difficult to close and / or easily redirect visitors accidentally click on them.

once the user clicks on your page, the pop-up window will open new window.

deceptive page layout looks like interstitial ads.

as a general rule of thumb, if the page type of ads you spam, difficult to remove or weaken the user experience, mobile web pages you may be right down. Moreover, because the index is now a noble baby moving ahead, it will hurt your ranking in SERP more than your imagination.

CMO translator: Li Zhennan: Yuan Shuai

The folding part This article from the "Internet Marketing Officer


would you like to use the window? That is the question. Specifically, since January, the baby began to pop up ads noble right down punishment and may reduce the invasion of other invasive interstitial ads mobile user experience, this is a lot of concern of the experts in Shanghai dragon.

interstitials make your content more accessible sample:

since January, the baby began to pop up ads aristocracy down the right punishment of intrusion, and may reduce other invasive interstitial ads mobile user experience, this is a lot of concern of the experts in Shanghai dragon.

, users are forced to shut down to continue reading.



According to statistics Shanghai love long visit to upgrade

long visit I won’t explain it, even if that did not come into contact with the students look at the website also probably understand what the meaning of love, and Shanghai statistics this upgrade is aimed at long visit to optimize, according to Shanghai’s official statement is love — love Shanghai statistics through hard research, to achieve a breakthrough achievement to complete the recording, visitors from the first page to access all of the last page in length, and constantly adjust the calculation strategy of excellence, long visit, the visit of the special circumstances of web page length optimization, make more accord with the real situation of user access.


limited to time, yet to obtain some statistical data and statistics in Shanghai love after the upgrade, so I can not talk to everyone to do detailed share, we can wait two or three days and then through the analysis of statistical data of Shanghai before and after the love statistics for the optimization and upgrading of the long visit to do a more in-depth analysis, here today.

With the launch of the

as everyone knows, access the data more accurate when longer could help us to judge the product promotion, website content, visitor experience, user viscosity. Take the video website for the love of Shanghai is for example, video sites, users watch video length data is very important, but the users to watch the video of the page, the last page is usually the visit and therefore, other tools can not statistics, statistics and statistics after the upgrade users love Shanghai that can be accurate to find the whole process by watching the video from the search time, the webmaster friends combined with flow analysis, which can know the users are interested in and from marketing channels.


outside the chain of tools love Shanghai, love Shanghai statistics also follow the pace of last night about 7:30 was upgraded from the desktop button to love Shanghai last night love Shanghai statistics platform upgrade, the Baidu to our surprise, the K station is also constantly, as only the words from the teacher Webmaster Platform to love Shanghai statistics, new features emerge in an endless stream more and more close to the people. Today we’ll take a look at the new function of love Shanghai statistics. Last night, Shanghai love statistics after the upgrade, into the statistics, will see a clear hint: the system upgrade, to optimize the long algorithm user access, adjustment may bring fluctuations in the data but more users tend to visit the real.


by high temperature liquid 贵族宝贝gyswyj贵族宝贝/ promotion dream fish for the original, please respect others work achievement, please indicate the source.


This website is the originator of all the chips since its inception, the output value of 5 billion 3

Phoenix Technology News Beijing on July 29th news, according to technology website Mashable reports, if you are familiar with the industry to raise the public, it must have heard the name Kickstarter, which was founded in April 2009, the company is to raise the public industry originator. And now the world famous Oculus company, in front of Zuckerberg’s income capsule, but also from the Kickstarter platform started.

After landing Kickstarter

, Oculus founder Palmer · Rudge received a $2 million 400 thousand investment, the investment is also let Rudge developed early Rift, and finally by Zuckerberg’s favor (the purchase price of $2 billion). At present, Oculus has become a big company with more than 400 employees, the first high-end VR headset Oculus Rift has been on sale for a long time.

The success of

Oculus is just one of the classic examples of Kickstarter, though not all companies are attracted to the super giants, but good ideas always shine.

this month at the beginning of the month, assistant professor Molik Walton business school published the history of the first comprehensive research report for Kickstarter. For every $1 raised, entrepreneurs could produce $2.46, according to the report. Since its inception, Kickstarter has created an output value of $5 billion 300 million.

in addition, the data show that since its inception, Kickstarter has created 283 thousand part-time jobs and 29 thousand and 600 full-time jobs, the company started on its platform reached 8800.

said: "Kickstarter has made remarkable achievements in recent years, and it is an important platform for people to pursue their dreams."."

in order to complete the report, Molik to 65326 Kickstarter entrepreneurs to send the online questionnaire (raising more than $1000), in addition, he also investigated those entrepreneurs who raise money under $1000 and many of the regular participation of the congregation raised gold master.

through the survey, Molik found that 37% of entrepreneurs believe that Kickstarter helps their career development, while 19% of respondents believe that Kickstarter help them find a new job.

in addition, the survey shows that of every one thousand successful Kickstarter companies, 190 founders have more than 82 full-time employees.

, of course, not everyone has become famous on Kickstarter, and many successful projects are now experiencing growth bottlenecks. Pebble, the smart watch maker, took off from Kickstarter, but now they are >


If you want a website to do well, you must follow the six rules

twenty-first Century is the era of science and technology, with the rapid development of Internet, the network basically has become an indispensable part of people’s life, it is because people rely on the network, causing the site construction companies such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like a rise. So, how to make your site first, in many websites it is depends on the talent shows itself? Website operation to a large extent, in the website operation we should follow some rules, the specific rules from the small to what.

, a focus on the long term, at

a lot of website operators have a common problem, is when the site is stable, there are regular daily traffic and customers began to place advertisements on the Internet, through this way to increase income, maintain the operation of the site itself, which is a lot of Web site operators will also know to do. But as Tianjin website construction experience and the rate of science and technology would like to remind you, don’t follow the routine, we should look too observant of conventional standards., long-term, not only to maintain the original flow and tourist sites, should strive to improve the service quality of the website itself and the content of the website, increase traffic and more tourists in the original on the basis of.

two, team oriented,

a good website cannot do without website operation, and want to do website operation is not a short duration of time. Also, a person can not do, because a person’s strength is limited, the strength of the team is great. Website operations need to be a team spirit, we have to go to one place, to ensure that everything done is based on a better development of the site. However, there is a certain relationship between cooperation, effect and website operation management and coordination ability, as web site operators to become the team’s lubricant, when problems occur with programmers timely coordination and communication, good management of the editorial team.

three, do a good job planning

The success of

in favor of those who are prepared, no matter what things should have a good plan for web site operators, the same is true in the construction site before should develop the website operation direction and profit model. If the site after the completion of the re planning, it will shake many should not sway the strategy, wasting a lot of time, Miss share network market opportunities, play a less effect. At the same time, the site should pay attention to the design of the page, the design is conducive to search engine optimization framework, so that the future of the site operation will be of great benefit.

four, marketing ideas, keep pace with the times,

website operation should pay close attention to the latest developments of the Internet at any time, use the latest way of the Internet for website operation, such as using the O2O marketing mode, the new operation mode is more conducive to the development of the website. Society with the times at the same time, website operations to keep up with the pace of society, and only in this way will not be eliminated by the search engine, in order to arouse people’s attention to your web site. Want to excel in many Internet peers?


Rural entrepreneurship golden ideas

now entrepreneurship has been a hot topic, the countryside has now emerged a lot of entrepreneurial people with lofty ideals, we are thinking about the golden idea

There are many rural backyard ducks /

"golden ideas" come from? Aimed at the development of projects, the major to find items, according to industry lead project is golden idea. If the local is the development of the planting industry in the mountains, in the case of the development of the local agricultural industry is relatively full understanding of the situation, you can consider the advantages of fruit planting industry, the development of space is still great. Such as creating a pear, apricot, nectarine mixed planting technology demonstration park, the promotion of new varieties, the formation of scale, make the brand, using technology to change the traditional agriculture, actively guide farmers to increase entrepreneurship, at the same time with red Shi Lan, in order to increase revenue.

"green table" distribution center. Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the health of the food, the food, vegetables, meat and other green, pollution-free requirements, the establishment of a green table distribution center must be popular. The center can be divided into the Ministry of rural and city, rural department is responsible for planting, breeding, cleaning, packaging and green pollution-free vegetables, poultry and livestock; City Department is responsible for receiving orders, delivery, and to provide for the needs of the family cooking, washing dishes and other services. The project has less investment, less risk and broad market prospect.

high-end products: such as fruit and vegetable planting eggplant quality cultivation, the quality of eggplant were large, high nutritional value than ordinary eggplant. The cultivation of high-end fruit and vegetable products, due to the lack of relevant information, fewer seeds and pesticides sales outlets, the investment of agricultural intermediary projects, should be a good project.


The choice of business Jiuhuang high efficiency cultivation

Jiuhuang is a kind of delicious vegetables, many people love to eat the vegetables, if engaged in this business will have a very high income? The answer is yes, the specific analysis of the small series will be presented for everyone, if interested, you can then read down.

1. [] cultivation technology of Allium root culture

leaf recommended selection


Summer porridge shop attracted good business


"porridge" Dictionary: Rice porridge. A semi liquid food made of grain or grain and other things. Porridge is a traditional Chinese diet. Thousands of years of history. Is one of the main diet of people. Especially the main food buddhists. Famine in the year of the court and the official Fu’s home to take a "porridge" shed relief shows the "porridge" for the survival of the important. With the change of times, people should not only eat well, but also eat well. Modern research shows that: eating porridge more health, beauty and other therapeutic efficacy. The application is always the best ones for autotrophic, simple method.


Do you know what kind of person is fit to be a business partner

today’s era, fight alone is not enough, need to find a good partner, not afraid of the wolf as opponents, afraid of pigs as teammates, we all know that partners are very important in the course of business, what kind of person do business partners? Here and we simply enumerate it, in the future to choose the right partner, a suitable partner can greatly enhance the success rate of entrepreneurship.

was originally a member of the subordinate relationship

this type of personnel is very suitable for joint venture". Because the former is superior subordinate relationship, are very familiar with each other, trust; not too much infighting and power, the core of the entrepreneurial team is often used "leadership", the other is the subordinate staff "leadership" before, so the entrepreneurial team’s cohesion and centripetal force will be relatively strong, "a heart to make".

high school students

middle school students feelings is the most pure, the most simple feelings, but also the most difficult to let go of our hearts, the most difficult to forget the memory. Primary school age, everyone has not grown notes, no deep feelings of the students; University of the times, from all over the country around the students, after leaving Gebendongxi, even during the campus is "self", "their own" node not how deep feelings; after graduation, the social experience bumpy and everyone will become very "reality", in this process, it is difficult to make good friends". Joint venture, if it is a secondary school students, then the entrepreneurial team’s emotional foundation is very strong, and the probability of success is very large.


this type of entrepreneurial team, special care business veteran team play each specialty and advantage, widely mobilize all aspects of human resources, the probability of success is relatively high; however, relatively speaking, this type of entrepreneurial team, the internal emotional foundation of middle school students as the composition of the entrepreneurial team, and each veteran entrepreneurs are thinking power "when the" number one ", so this type of entrepreneurial team, must start with a good design of the whole business leaders" rotation "and" exit "and" successor "system, to avoid the late internal strife.

the same batch of new employees into the factory

many large and medium-sized enterprises, the recruitment of new employees are a group of a group move in, but also pre job training, focus on training, including accommodation, meals together, this will give new employees with sufficient time to understand and be familiar with other staff, but also lay a good foundation for the later "joint venture".

want to venture to find a partner, you should pay attention to what issues, I believe we have a self recommendation


Wang Zhaoming sold billions worth of total net weeds

although the success of many cases, however, billions of wealth is not a small sum of money, and the hero of this article has achieved such a great wealth, but also through the sale of wild flowers". He was a shepherd, the flower from the night market started, through years of improvement and cultivation, as the hometown of "weeds" sold all over the country, and has won the CCTV "Chinese economic person of the year", "National Drought resistant plant application Contribution Award" honor. Today, called the first person in China, he is the president of listed companies, market capitalization of more than 7 billion yuan! However, when others envy him to earn a lot of money, he said: "I earned a gray hair."

deeply shocked, flower Lang turned green

1971, Wang Zhaoming was born in Inner Mongolia Wulatezhongqi a shepherd and sheep with small family. In 7 of them, the day was very poor. In order to change the fate of the sheep baby, Wang Zhaoming hard to study, after 4 consecutive years to participate in the college entrance examination, and finally admitted to Inner Mongolia Agricultural University in 1993.

University, in order to reduce the burden on the family, Wang Zhaoming insisted tricycle tricycle flowers. The flower is on the tricycle is rented, every weekend in the morning he went out. Spend the day to sell, he was in the square night market stall late into the night……

Wang Zhaoming mind flexible, in 1997 when he graduated from college, has 3 stores in Hohhot, with an annual income of $eighty thousand or ninety thousand. He gave up the opportunity to work in government agencies, ready to develop their own flowers, flowers, fragrant cause".

Wang Zhaoming in their boss identity when one day, y satisfied or contented, Wang Zhaoming at the florist to help customers to move the car to hear female customer pots, seven or eight year old daughter said: "you must Study hard, otherwise, go to the flower like this uncle who grew up." Wang Zhaoming was stunned, I struggled for a few years before the city has its own shop, I did not expect in the eyes of others, I still do not have much of a small vendor!"

Wang Zhaoming’s heart has been a great shock, he was determined to make a people look forward to the cause of. At this time, the rise of urban greening, Wang Zhaoming spotted the opportunity to decisively transfer the florist. In 2001, he set up a landscaping company in Hohhot.

started, small company reputation strength is weak, but Wang Zhaoming was in a competition with others, played a beautiful The weak overcame the strong. war. On one occasion, Wang Zhaoming to participate in the tender green, party a bid for the price of 18 yuan per square meter turf, it was reported a square of $15, it was reported a square. When it comes to Wang Zhaoming, he wrote in the tender: "my price is 8 yuan a square, how much money can be done, you set on the line, how much money to recommend