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The new station to enhance the flow of how fast

for the novice webmaster, web browsing and no one may be the most painful thing. The new site is not the search engine’s weight, is not high, and no keywords ranking, not for the majority of Internet users are familiar with, how to quickly promote the new traffic? In fact, through some simple ideas and structure adjustment, and the publicity and promotion of forum, can let site quickly attract visitors.

(1) with reasonable structure browsing needs website set up after the completion of the infrastructure and the layout of the page must be reasonable, if the page is too bloated, is not conducive to the optimization and promotion of the late. The main page love Shanghai and noble baby are quite simple, the reason is that if the home page is too large, waiting for the user more time, if the home page display is significantly slower than other similar sites, it will pass a large number of users. The site’s reasonable structure is reflected in the website code and write simple web pages with DIV+CSS, no more complex code, search engine spiders climbed up will be more efficiency. The content will need to generate static HTML files, easy to search engine included. The design of the same can not be ignored and the site within the chain, improve the design only within the chain, can let the spider crawling more in-depth, more pages in the article page, many owners will accumulate a large number of site keywords, in fact, does not play a good effect. The key is the theme of the site must be clear, keyword layout reasonable. A page, the site of the primary key repeat rate of the best control in 2% ~ 8%, too low is not conducive to the keywords in the search engine rankings, too much will be considered to have the accumulation of keywords suspected of cheating, it is easy to fall right or by other means of punishment.

(2) weight optimization based classification to a major theme just established a web site in the search engine is still very low, to obtain stable flow to fast, the fastest and most effective way is to optimize the website of Shanghai dragon. The most basic web site optimization is to determine the single site keywords, thus requires the website should have specific themes, such as website provides only one field of content. After so easy to search engine optimization and promotion. The main keywords ranking rise after many long tail keywords is also bring traffic force. For new sites, theme positioning must be clear, is not a hodgepodge of content, if the content of the website are too complex, will let visitors become confused. As a new station to do that, sometimes, there is entertainment, film and television, a forum, then the investment of manpower and material resources is undoubtedly a person to bear. Personal webmaster if you want to make the whole site, should step by step development, the domain name of the weight of ascension, and development of different section of the two level domain, while the gain of the station will have power to do.

(3) soft Wen promotion publicity article essential publicity articles in various sites, but also the new sites for flow and gathered popularity good method, but must try to write articles, such as casual >


A new station on the line 5 minutes love Shanghai release snapshot detailed optimization steps


also returned to the site, ha ha, after saying everything can do well, everything is money, such as spiders coming, so I opened the A5 and the Chinaz forum, open the settings page, add new keywords anchor text to the forum signature, then each forum has released a post, (Note: not the Star Dance month keywords anchor text or URL into the post, because the forum there are provisions prohibited inside the post with the anchor text, we should obey the rules!) after sending a post after a minute, the star dance month query this post included, has been found to love Shanghai included, I was in love in Shanghai prompted by a sudden impulse, which directly search new web site, found that the site sits there, while the snapshot time and BBS posts, is two minutes!!! >

A5, Chinaz webmaster webmaster forum forum, outdated forum is a very high weight forum, post basically is the second, and this is where we can make good use of

in addition to our search engine submission outside active site, we have no other way to let the search engine spiders can quickly come, the answer is yes, that is our site in the search engine spiders frequent intensive place. And this place for network optimization practitioners, is not strange, that is the webmaster nets, Adsense BBS

in the first binding domain two domain names to be removed, and then set up 301 jump in space, don’t take the WWW jump to WWW the domain name, so put in the domain optimization should do well in the optimization was collected before the maximum concentration the weight of a web page.

! When the

company is engaged in advertising gifts, custom, summer is coming, so the plan launched a new corporate website advertising fan, yesterday afternoon began to analyze keywords, upload setup directory settings. Because the new station is not good domain name, then the first with a two level domain name as the domain name of the website was set up, then the morning the template is modified and optimized, the afternoon to buy a domain name to Taobao, registered in GoDaddy, and then push to my account number, spend 22.5 Yuan saying, really a lot cheaper than domestic, just English interface looks a bit uncomfortable, fortunately there is a detailed tutorial, set up the analytical step by step.

two domain set have been concerned about the site included, fortunately, has been tied to the solution, also not included. After the new domain name, you want the site to be made as soon as possible, and that in addition to love Shanghai included, we can also submit url to the search engine, but according to the star dance on past experience, after the submission will not soon included, or let the home, let some people are very depressed the line on the website, even half month long to release home (Star Dance month is usually 1 to 5 days, hey, Touzhaoyue a).


Google and love the sea’s owners decide on what path to follow

love Shanghai, pay attention to the quality of website content, as everyone knows, Google website focus on the high quality chain, is known to every family thing, although not the same as the direction of attention, but there is a goal, let users to search the contents of course need, optimization techniques can not say, but also more than not related, does not affect the to the respective ranking.

engine Although Google

love Shanghai, Google, the two are completely different search engines, and for the Google PR update, which led to the love of Shanghai included reducing, this makes people depressed, are rising because the Google PR think it is not love, whether Shanghai to occupy the market, and write penalty algorithm for Google PR upgrade this website to be confirmed.


is jealous love Shanghai Google, the rise of PR, included with the decline in October 2010, Google employees that Google PR not update, for millions of Chinese webmaster will inevitably feel very lost, today Google PR rose, that the staff is not worth talking about, or is that Google abnormal

share in our Chinese is not very high, but there are still a lot of work, or some people will use Google, of course, most are Shanghai dragon will do Google ranking, who called it is the world’s largest search engine, of course, love Shanghai but we have China boss search engine. Today Google webmaster to a lot of surprises, let not the webmaster worry, because love Shanghai to a webmaster.

two, from the optimization point of view to analyze

three, from a business perspective to understand


Google update Shanghai care what, why love to embarrass Shanghai stationmaster? Of course love Shanghai ventilation is normal, who all know, but the love of Shanghai, really let these owners worry, look at Google PR rise, this is a can happy things, although now the value of Google PR is not so high, but the exchange Links or a good card, PR didn’t look down on others, now with PR, can be exchanged, get chain opportunities also increased, PR increased, but included dropped down from hundreds to tens now included, is what why

, from the point of view to consider the


China originally want to enter the market, want to carve up the market China, but eventually fail, of course, Google will not give up in the Chinese market, but only to exit China mainland market, transfer service to Hongkong, then we can see that Google did not give up China piece of fat, but only a small step to make concessions, and love Shanghai, first Chinese search engine first, occupy most of the market, although now the birth of China market continues its new search engine, but if you want to completely kill the love of Shanghai, the difficulty is relatively large, the love of Shanghai has been popular, become a part of China users, recent love Shanghai adjusted grey auction > a large number of


Capital winter or warm winter The next explosion of entrepreneurship is in the……Entrepreneurs wi

Moderator: last year, the market has been a voice said the capital in the winter to come, you are what kind of evaluation for the past six months? From the second half of this year to 2017, this winter will last long, is a kind of expected value of


Abstract: capital winter or warm winter, where is the next explosion of entrepreneurship? In such a market environment, entrepreneurs should take what attitude? What kind of entrepreneurs do investors favor?

foreign entrepreneurs are indeed more pragmatic.

, a graduate student at Tsinghua University law school, talks to Tencent technology about his business venture – a platform to integrate all campus spending. As he spoke, he took out a blank sheet of paper, then drew out different branches of his future platform in different colors, and finally enclosed all the branches with a brace. "This is my business, the students have a lot of spending power, and I have to do is to integrate, to do a platform to include all students’ consumption scene."."


Ivaylo Kalburdzhiev is from Bulgaria. He is KOLOS’s founder and CEO. KOLOS is an intermediate hollowed steering wheel with a iPad center. "We want users to be more realistic when they play car racing games." When Tencent asked if it would produce its own game source, instead of the center’s iPad, Ivaylo gave a negative answer. "IPad is a good platform, and it’s hard to get beyond it. All we have to do is make good use of the existing platform and do what we want to do."."

Amen Wardy’s start-up project is a wallet that can hold a cell phone, a credit card, a mirror, and lipstick. He told Tencent technology that the purse was meant to solve the problem of too few female objects to be sorted out. He never wanted the wallet made of a platform, platform "this kind of thing, what shlf1314 and Facebook have enough, I don’t want to speak it out, I just want to do my purse, make them more practical, more stylish."

at the CES show this year, Lin Xiaojie from Shenzhen has the same "platform" feelings". He carried the feeling on the rearview mirror of the car. "We put all of our thoughts in the rearview mirror, the rearview mirror is not only a mirror, but also a display screen, interactive screen, this is a new platform."."

Wang Qiule: Zhou said it was a warm winter, and I basically agreed. Over the past few years, especially in the past two years, the first half of this year to the whole investment rhythm to slow a lot, but I personally think that there must be some factors of conditional reflex, because of the impact of capital sector crash, overreacting, drop a few fierce, slowly have a go slowly the rising process. Even if I go back to some extent, I can not go back to the 2014 state of madness, so personally I feel that I am now in some kind of normal and not so bad.

Han Kun: we have one thing in common with each round of investment. We are among the best in the big trend of the industry. For example, when it comes to capital winter, capital is willing to flow in big, fast developing areas. We do short video, and in 2015 launched a small coffee show, user spending habits used to shift from traditional PC to the mobile Internet, and then get hands

June 21st, 2016 fifteenth China Internet Conference held in Beijing. The U.S. partner Ghauri law firm Liu Zhen, Sichuan capital founder / former Saif partner Wang Qiule, a technology CEO/ small coffee show founder Han Kun, KPCB China partner in charge of Zhou Wei for "capital for winter? The topic of new venture" explosion point is discussed.

has a similar platform thinking of entrepreneurs is not a minority, whether in Zhongguancun or in all kinds of entrepreneurial salon, small and medium-sized enterprises exhibition, "application oriented company value one billion platform company value of 10 billion" sound can be heard without end. However, now that the world is uncertain, and age of heroes

below, according to speech shorthand collation:

big platform to small product trends from >

seconds, the second half of last year announced B round of financing success, at the time of this round of financing is 200 million dollars, to participate in the investment investors are Sina, micro-blog, Sequoia Capital and so on, from the time point is precisely in the capital of the winter, the second shot has a decisive factor in what ways in which, makes success for such a large margin in such an adversity, among the Unicorn

Tencent technology Liu Yalan reported January 17th

thousands of years ago, China was the center of world invention and creation. Now, the upsurge of venture investment sweeps China again. Whether it’s a pioneer of World War I, or an entrepreneurial model that is used to learning foreign mature products, Chinese entrepreneurship has attracted worldwide attention. Compared with other big powers, China also has its own characteristics.

? industry? Moderator:


Zhou Wei: it’s normal to have a winter every two years. The difference between today’s winter and that of winter is that it is a warm winter. Now, although the investment is cold down, but the money on the market is really very much, China is now registered VC/PE institutions 2.5. In addition, the market is to look at the company quality, although in the past half a year in the United States, the people of Xinyi should loan in December last year, the city, around the Spring Festival market value fell to about $200 million, now up, within half a year, 5 times more than the market value of the difference. Including before, 51Talk is also listed. The market looks a bit warmer.

platform thinking popular


Music Alliance for the new registered members to provide 20 yuan of red envelopesHow to quickly impr


five, stick to

Music Alliance http://lm.letv:9090/zlimon P=337 will be good credit, looking forward to working with all members of the League to grow, develop and grow


two, focus on your field and provide core content.

what do they want, what they want,

building a space is easy, and it’s easy to publish articles. But first of all, ask yourself, why do people pay attention to you,

stay focused and find interest points. Not good at things, tired of writing, people watching tired, hard to adhere to themselves, this is not suffering?. If you are interested, you will study hard and show something useful, new and valuable.

first, in the way to attract those interested in this topic, people are not afraid of small, afraid of inaccurate, and then small individuals also have their own customer groups, but also to build their own brands. Positioning is too broad, too many, they will be powerless. Always with your thoughts, your ideas of the same frequency.

When you don’t visit to

positioning is aiming. Who are your fans?.

two, focus on your field and provide core content.


marketing cattle said a word: "you want things, first go to others."."

1. Olympic Games, film and television mobile channel suspension, Unicom channel registration normal

one, accurate positioning.

? !

they want to find value and find something useful. Can you supply it,

four, publicity,


Music Alliance in line with honesty, the pursuit of win-win concept, for the majority of members to provide accurate, strong, effective, high-yield product marketing platform.

wants to make his space grow quickly, and you can do it in the following areas:

thank you for registering as the music union, as long as you are a new registered member of the music network alliance, we will recharge your account 20 yuan.

three, interaction, feedback.

three, interaction, feedback.

one, accurate positioning.

if you want popularity, don’t stint. If you want knowledge, share your knowledge first.


is fun, fun, and can bring something different. It’s simple to make complicated questions, and find shortcuts in complicated matters. If all is long winded, the family can not accept, also useless. More research, new ways, new channels, new ways of playing, only promising.

they don’t pay attention to you without reason. They may visit them once. If you want to be noticed for a long time, you have to provide something valuable. Before you reach that level, first precipitate yourself and practice your inner strength. It’s no good not turning yourself over. Everyone’s eyes are sharp, want to flicker, no way.

what they want, women want to be beautiful, can provide information about the beautiful, beautiful to them, others do want access to space, praise, sharing, forwarding, you point to them, to visit friends, see good content for their decisive comments forwarded to their professional. What to ask, they are in need of psychological.

dear League member:

3. LETV recently received 50 million investment, as the music alliance development to provide financial guarantee

LETV alliance with the authority of a number of advertisers and mobile Unicom exclusive cooperation, through the efficient operation and service company alliance marketing team to achieve rapid spanning alliance effect, LETV alliance is the ideal choice for you!

2. recently launched antivirus products to support the whole network mobile / Unicom registration, the effect is good, high commission


recent developments:

positioning accurate, to find a suitable label. This will separate your fans from the crowd.


PR PR new products — Tuotu Technology AllianceWhy do you earn only half of $35 station

more information as in the League: top.admin5/u
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback ,

In figure

advertising fee settlement: by effective installation and billing, each valid installation costs 0.15 yuan.

even if your station brings a chance to flow, advertising is very high, but the customer will leave your station. He knows your station is advertising. You will not have standing viscosity. So you too tired, always in SEO, forever in the flow, earn advertising fees, rather than honest the net station operations. Your site is not repeat. You’ve had to fight traffic in SEO and foreigners, you.

below the author to make English station, to introduce Chinese the beautiful rivers and mountains of a country to foreigners, good idea. But open the first page of the website of the other side, fortunately, the whole text version, look at page second, well, first one, the author make a good idea.

new products — Tuotu technology alliance PR


PS: also sees a word """ from Chinese webmaster; "if the website wants to make money, don’t think about making money "" – — is this Ma Yun’s exact words?

  the last wrote a 2007 station summary, summarizes the past 07 years the station process, in the first half of 07 years, I devoted to the site in time is amazing, but half the time a total of $35 report, I pay the cost of space is not enough, also lose the cost of electricity and network. "

this product is small and can be bundled, is a integration of Http, BT, eMule and other ways to download software.

moment, I understand why the money obsessed webmaster earn $35—–

League address:


I know a Taobao

is an article < webmaster network; English website in three steps: my English notes >, Webmaster Station; half a year to earn $35. Look, a naomenzi sweat — may have their own future is so.


because the product provide a limited membership delivery, so please contact our customer service to obtain advertising code on the willingness of owners, our customer service is :

shop on MM, knew her shop drilled, she told me — you do it slowly drilled. Her customers very well. I asked her how much money, she told me not to make money, the play is to try it on. I suddenly remembered that Ma if you don’t want to make money doing what, first think of money earn less money in the words of Ma Yunying China, what I forgot

, the top is the shlf1314 advertising, than his body "and prominent front. Like I don’t understand these English people would think that this shlf1314 advertisement is the page text, underneath there. Oh.

distinguished League members, hello everyone!


Yu Yongfu mobile era entrepreneurs dedicated and professional to winshlf1314 executives are lying An

today introduced the core, I am on behalf of Gao Delai to share. As you all know, in the past few months, I have started to turn from the High German users into leading the business. Before joining this business, over the years, as an entrepreneur, I particularly believe in one thing: concentration and professionalism.

November 1st, Alibaba group UC mobile Internet business group president Yu Yongfu attended the MDCC mobile developers conference the main venue of the speech, and accepted the media interview after the speech, Yu Yongfu introduced the High German Smart LBS open platform strategy in speeches and interviews, and repeatedly stressed: mobile era, entrepreneurs focus and professional qualities win.

introduction: Alibaba group UC mobile Internet business group president Yu Yongfu introduced the High German Smart LBS open platform strategy in speeches and interviews, and repeatedly stressed: mobile era, entrepreneurs and professional attention to win.

in fact, if large companies can win by volume, I’m sure there will be no more of them in this room. As entrepreneurs, because we believe in concentration and professionalism, we are all working in those areas. Regardless of Tencent and sh419, in fact, everyone thinks that everyone has achieved great success in his own special field. Tencent has two major majors, the first is communication, and the second is the game. These two professional entrepreneurs want to be subversive of the difficulty is very high, because this is the lifeblood of the company. You have to shake his life, he will talk to you. At the same time, he has a large number of talents. Therefore, these two businesses, Tencent is very solid. Unless you encounter the basic changes in the industry.

we can recall until today more than ten years, in such a software industry, in addition to communication, input method, the browser, security, player, dozens of software, is not in their respective fields are those of professional companies and professional brand achieved industry-leading

sh419 is especially professional in search, especially in the field of PC search. So, in the past many years, we can not wait to see that BAT is outside of its main professional, basically vertical field of entrepreneurs and vertical field brand, and achieved the first in their respective fields of industry.

Valleywag also said, Susan is not the first counterfeiters, before there are no less than 10 shlf1314 employees, lied AdSense creative is their own.

of course, as a big company to enter any field, he can use the advantages of their own volume, can obtain a certain market, can achieve third, second is his very hard result. These are great opportunities for entrepreneurs in the past few years. Because all the applications and services are free.

Beijing on July 6th news, according to a report by Usatoday shlf1314, vice president of product management Susan – Wojcicki Susan Wojcicki said in an interview, shlf1314 AdSense creative was raised by her, the statement by the famous technology blog Valleywag retorted, said Susan is lying.


Susan – and the garage behind her,

Susan received her MBA degree in 1998, and after that she paid $600 thousand for Susan 232 Margarita street. Soon after, two of Standford’s students with a $1700 monthly rent this garage to start their new company, Larry – founder of the two students is Paige shlf1314 Larry Page and Sergei brin Sergey Brin.

focused and professional

called himself the inventor of shlf1314 AdSense. But the technology blog Valleywag believed that Susan was lying, AdSense was first invented by a California company called Applied Semantics in October 2002, and the shlf1314 AdSense copy version is launched in March 2003, a month later, shlf1314 bought Applied Semantics and began to use the name AdSense.

has given us all a huge opportunity to develop and apply. Because in free >

In an interview with Usatoday,

below is Yu Yongfu speech and interview finishing:


in addition to Susan, her husband Denis Dennis Troper an operations manager is shlf1314; the financial department of her brother-in-law Gregor once worked for shlf1314; and her mother Aisite – Wojcicki Esther Wojcicki, as a teacher at the same time shlf1314 in education consultant. In addition, in May this year, Susan’s sister Anne Anne Wojcicki and brin Wojcicki held a wedding ceremony in Bahamian archipelago. Since then, shlf1314 has also invested $3 million 900 thousand in a company founded by Anne.

at the same time, Susan’s fate has changed completely as a result of this garage. Susan is shlf1314’s earliest employee, now she has become a senior shlf1314, as shlf1314 vice president of product management, she is responsible for shlf1314’s online advertising business.


Lujiang to carry out the youth Poverty Action the hardship of Pro rich people


also need the people rich, China’s urban residents reached a well-off life goal has been achieved, but the rural areas still need mass poverty. To carry out entrepreneurship, to bring rich means to rural areas, a comprehensive helping entrepreneurship to help the poor.

for rural youth entrepreneurship policy, is a very good opportunity, not far away from home can get rich may. With the gradual deepening of the policy, there are more opportunities in the future to promote economic development in rural areas, to achieve poverty.

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The end of the 23 years of unjust imprisonment Chen man Internet business started a new life

innocent after 23 years’ imprisonment, Chen Man finally vindicated the unjust case. In order to officially start a new life, Chen went to the bookstore to buy Internet related books, 53 years old, he decided to join the Internet venture.

from December 27, 1992 to February 1, 2016 in custody released home, 53 year old Chen Man has 23 Spring Festival did not spend it with my family. The Spring Festival this year is 23 years later, he spent the first spring festival with his family. The fifth day of the new year day, in the western town of Mianzhu, freed Chen Man morning to accompany their parents, afternoon shopping lane to the bookstore to buy books, for their own future in the field of Internet business to prepare; wandering in the red lanterns hung on the streets, feeling not easily won the freedom.

New Year

menu for the dinner on New Year’s Eve Chen full custom

the dinner on New Year’s Eve home, Chen man has missed 23 years. The Spring Festival this year, a total of 15 of the Chen family the dinner on New Year’s Eve dish, "chicken" and "sausage" and "meat", "fish" and "Double cooked pork slices" and "meat rabbit"…… The dishes are specially tailored according to Chen Man’s taste.

in Chen Man’s view, this meal is also a turning point in his life, in addition to the old year, the night after the new year, my parents were watching TV, he sat on the sofa in the living room, to accompany their parents to chat, waiting for the New Year bell sounded, waiting for the arrival of the new year, happy life will open.



Employment and entrepreneurship support policies in Tianjin

employment entrepreneurs, it is necessary to understand the relevant local government support policies. So in the employment and entrepreneurship in Tianjin small and micro enterprises as well as start-up enterprises in the absorption of college students will enjoy what kind of preferential policies?

small and micro enterprises to attract college graduates enjoy what policy? What materials should be provided?

answer: according to the "notice" provisions of Human Social Security Bureau Finance Bureau on further improving the employment policy, Small and micro businesses to absorb the foreign students and the city college students graduate within 2 years of college graduates and labor contracts signed more than 1 year, 1 years of social insurance subsidies in accordance with the City in the society the minimum insurance fee base and unit fee rate. Social insurance subsidies this year in accordance with the social insurance base to determine the minimum payment, including: 20% pension subsidies, subsidies for medical insurance 8% (catastrophic), unemployment insurance and maternity insurance subsidies subsidies 1% 0.5%, work-related injury insurance subsidies 0.4%.

to apply for subsidies to provide the material: 1, individuals: college graduation certificate and a copy of the original; employment unemployment registration certificate; identity card and a copy of the original. 2, unit: business license and a copy of the original; the relevant financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, personnel and payroll); wages (wages statement and bank payment details); social insurance accounts and payment vouchers; labor contract.

What are the policies of

technology start-ups to attract college graduates? What materials should be provided?

answer: according to the "notice" provisions of Human Social Security Bureau Finance Bureau on further improving the employment policy, start-up SME attract the students in and out of the city college students graduate within 2 years of college graduates and labor contracts signed more than 1 year, 1 years for job subsidies and social insurance subsidies. Social insurance subsidies this year in accordance with the social insurance base to determine the minimum payment, including: 20% pension subsidies, subsidies for medical insurance 8% (catastrophic), unemployment insurance and maternity insurance subsidies subsidies 1% 0.5%, work-related injury insurance subsidies 0.4%. Post subsidy standards for the city’s minimum wage of 40%. The term "technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises" refers to the small and medium sized non-listed company mainly engaged in the research, development, production and service of new technology products, with a period of 5 years

to apply for subsidies to provide the material: 1, individuals: college graduation certificate and a copy of the original; employment unemployment registration certificate. 2, unit: business license and a copy of the original; small and medium-sized enterprise certificate (provide start-up SME); employers absorb "enjoy the policy" declaration form and register; labor contract; the relevant financial statements (income statement, balance sheet); pay agency recommended