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Fan Sitong six tips for using Youtube video optimization

related video up, this site is updated regularly and not what kind of two English.

not only contains words, but also attractive! (the best keywords on the front).


video optimization is the same, also need the support of the chain, the chain can be others collection, add their own chain etc..

fourth: good link

timingThe timing of the release of new

YouTube video optimization The

browsing more comments, your video is very popular on the Oh, there are a lot of good rankings.

video in foreign trade network marketing marketing in the paper, we mentioned that today and we share with YouTube video Shanghai dragon optimization six tips, and we will share with you the following benefits:

fifth: update

second: good label

: the first good title

third: good description

sixth: comment is also very important Oh!

to write a classic, attractive Description: including the best keywords, contact (video’s original intention is to facilitate others to contact you) I have seen a video traffic super, but unfortunately did not leave contact (don’t know how many customers lost), links (to facilitate customers to better understand your).

your most important keywords in the first place, YouTube can be set up to 12 labels.


The Shanghai dragon how search engines of principle


Shanghai dragon, when a problem appeared in front of us, many of us are depressed, what happened to my website, my website and how was K. Today I want to write is through the search engine to see how the principle of Shanghai dragon, search engine principle, refers to the website on the Internet through the collection of information, then for each keyword index, establish database, collate and accept query ranking. Although only a few words and its essence, but we in the optimization and did not understand him completely, not really understand him, we just know, that search engine optimization only send articles and send the chain. Here is a look at the search engine rankings from index to how, how are we going to do to make their sites get better rankings.

search engine to collect information basically is automatic, he is called a spider crawls through the machine (love Shanghai named Baiduspider). Automatic search engine search program to connect links to every page, links to the robot program according to the "chain, said as the daily" a mass ten, ten hundred……" Just a few pages from the beginning, even to the database of all links to other pages. In theory, if there is a hyperlink right on the page, the robot can traverse most web pages. This will form a huge Internet, let each a separate site each other together.

search engine to organize information in a process called "indexing". It is necessary to establish the index after the search engine grab useful information, search engines not only to gather together to save the information, but also to their arrangement according to certain rules. This search engine can not re check all its stored information and quickly find the information. Imagine, if the information is not according to any rule piled up at random in the search engine database, then it each time to find information all the database completely checked again, so the fast computer system is of no use.

analysis: search engines in the index is complete, only the pages indexed by search engines to be able to handle and rank after the completion of the. So we need to attract the spider at the same time, provides the high quality of the article or news to be included. This is why we want to update your site, grab >

analysis: the index of our website, this is the first step to complete the website ranking, so we own website on the Internet is not isolated, we need to let the spider to grab. We need external links to our website, there are a lot of people in the hair of the chain, to attract the spider to your site.

collate information (indexing)

How to

collect information (crawl and crawl)




Three months of website ranking on the home page, buddies stunned

first, site location, site with keywords is the core link, such as: the bracelet is our core keywords, we can make the foundation Bracelet industry segments, we can love Shanghai drop-down box and relevant search index, love Shanghai, love Shanghai for the background analysis of Bracelet related keywords, such as: jade bracelet, agate bracelet the bracelet, bracelet bracelet size, identification, group purchase and so on keywords, and then screened, site location must have correlation, don’t cry up wine and sell vinegar situation, this situation is very friendly to the search engine.

third, we update content updates, we are not unfamiliar, because most of the Shanghai dragon Er almost every day in the repetitive updates, as far as I know most of them are collected, pseudo original and so on the way to update our website, we can change a way of thinking, using the combination method, additional the value added to our article, let users read articles read not so tired, some things through the text to express is very difficult to explain, such as bracelets to identify the authenticity of combinations, actually we can use picture + text + as the update of the bracelet to identify the authenticity of the article, to meet the needs of different people, young people may through the text and pictures can be understood, if it is old, because the old man is not always online, and wearing glasses to see is not very Clearly, because the elderly are presbyopia, the text is too small to see, then we add a video website, can meet their resolve Wristlet >

said the website ranking a lot of headaches, especially the love of Shanghai launched Scindapsus aureus algorithm 2, many webmaster friends said that now the chain difficult included ah, included in the fall, when I heard these grievances, I would like to ask you your website with search engine optimization criteria? A lot of people the thinking is still stuck in the previous method of operation, every day the hair of the chain, updated every day, do not pay attention to the user experience, the Internet every day to produce waste accumulation as the title keywords, the readability is poor, the advertising, all kinds of elastic windows, big falsh chaos ginto, looks very domineering, not from the user’s point of view to the layout of our website, you falsh out ginto are not used in the air, because the search engine can not read, and falsh impact site open speed, said in front of so many The website operation errors, the following small for everyone to share how to make our website ranking quickly into the home.

second path problem, we must unite in setting up a website path, a dynamic and pseudo static do not appear in the two site path, this is not friendly to search engines, so easy to spread the weight, how serious cases may lead to drop right, according to my long-term operating sites, personal that path is conducive to the pseudo static web site, because it is the shortest path, the spider can easily crawl to get, how is good for dynamic is not included, because the dynamic path is very long, there are many parameters, is not safe, easy to be attacked.


Causes of eight factors analysis website search engine.

5: safety and stability of the site space. This is all the more clear, this long story short. Regularly check the website internal procedures whether there is a black chain, Trojan etc.. Buy space as far as possible to choose the credibility of good DIC, which is also an important link to optimize the work and sense of the user experience.


4: website content means the website content. The content of the website on whether a user has the readability and practicability is directly related to the site’s ranking. The search engine is more focused on the user experience, so, website content is helpful to the user? Can meet or solve the user’s mind needs or questions, will be directly related to the trust of the search engine on the web, which is also called weight. Often reproduced or collect some large website information, the content repetition rate is too high, the readability and practicability of web content to users is not much, this is also one of the reasons leading to reduce the weight of the website. (in my side to find many websites due to low quality because the website search engine to lose confidence and be punished website)

in the world of the Internet every day, Shanghai dragon industry will have a website punished by search engines. Blow after the loss is more we need to find the reason, because the Shanghai dragon is the cruel competition. This website is on how to solve the love of Shanghai after punishment.

2: the chain is an important resource of the website ranking. Check the website Links, if it is found that the Links site has been search engine signs down right, such as snapshot, site is not in the home page, included suddenly much less, often leads to your site is down right. Once there are similar to those of the friends of the chain, be sure to promptly delete link. These are the key is to insist on a commonplace talk of an old scholar, regularly check the Links.

1: whether excessive optimization. Website optimization avoid: "More haste, less speed." as search engines do pay attention to the natural, so in the process of optimization work as much as possible to reflect the "natural law", optimization plan and operation is in their own way, as far as possible attention in the optimization process, which is often an important factor causing the site for.

3: the website is used Alt. Especially in the logo above using the keyword Alt tags, many websites are love keywords in logo, this is often a major reason causing the website search engine punishment, if used, it is recommended immediately removed.

6: the website is not easy long-term or frequent revision. Do >

website optimization process by search engines love Shanghai is can hardly be avoided. Every day, the research and practice in the search engine of the website ranking algorithm, the effort work site optimization, once the site for this also means to punish the fruits of their labours, bearing and hit the mood, believe that as a webmaster can understand understand.


How to build the enterprise marketing website

: last station late in Shanghai Longfeng optimization planning. The construction site after the completion of the basic, it is necessary to consider the site optimization to Shanghai dragon implantation site title, description, keywords and website content in product implantation, meta label setting, website construction, website chain chain construction, these are after the marketing type website must be considered. Marketing type website compared with the ordinary site, the biggest difference is that the marketing type website need to join the Shanghai dragon optimization, the site is more common display products. The website construction should not only look good, but also with the Shanghai dragon website optimization, products need to be fully demonstrated, but can not use a lot of animation; the structure of the website to clear good, to consider the architecture of the div+css; "

: next station mid site architecture planning. After the preliminary planning and can be started, in the construction of website marketing oriented, more is to consider the user experience, website user needs to display products, but the product display do not use the flash form, method, use the picture at the same time, you need to add the alt attribute to the picture. The construction site should have a clear navigation, can use the bread crumbs way: Home – column page content page. For the marketing type website needs to classify the site clear, clear classification allows users to choose more products, but also allows users in a shorter period of time, you want to find the goods. Consider the construction site into a mesh structure to the construction site, let the spider more easily grasp, also let users know more of the page.

: first, at the beginning of the site planning and marketing website. The enterprise wants to choose network marketing, you need to make a overall positioning of the site, the specific planning process could be: positioning site -> target customers; to find the target customer -> website; analysis of its website will provide users with what users need what -> -> network station sales target, in accordance with this process to marketing website, in the station need to take these factors into the site, the key is to put "marketing". At the same time, the analysis of competitors website also require enterprises to the beginning of the site, analysis of the competitiveness of the industry, analysis of the web site of the advantages and disadvantages, thus more perfect to build their own marketing website, to achieve no danger of anything going wrong.

enterprise marketing type website, should have a certain understanding of network marketing, there is a big difference between marketing and corporate websites show website. The enterprise marketing website to do some preparation at the beginning of the construction, but now many enterprises of marketing type website can not understand, they do not know the marketing type website needs to have the construction factors like, enterprise website marketing is the final choice to convert flow, improve the final product sales, A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai, zhenduan/) for everyone to talk about how to build the enterprise marketing website here, need to prepare what factors.


Profitable space, venture investment touted domestic dating sitesRun away the advertising alliance.

, nearly half a year, the domestic dating site began to be venture investment hereinafter referred to as: VC sought after.

in this regard, a friend of the site pointed out that, in recent years, domestic dating sites have been developing momentum, and now into the Web2.0 community concept, it is inevitable for a while. The personage inside course of study thinks, the such kind of website such as wind money is favored, an important reason is, the website that make friends is already mature in the area such as the United States, have successful case to be able to draw lessons from for wind force. According to CNN reported that in 2004, the online consumer dating sites reached $447 million, an increase of 19% over the previous year.

Ari market consulting company in China online dating research report, said that by the end of 2008, China’s online dating friends active users will be 29 million, an average annual compound growth rate of 35.9%

this article has been combined with If this is out of misunderstanding or special circumstances, you can contact the cheater, notoriety network and webmaster net, and delete the relevant content separately. Otherwise, the liar notoriety network will be identified as the alliance to expose the exposure of fraud alliance.

I contacted them during the two and 61731072 :61731071, is always not online state.

is estimated to have been run away!

and a liar! The earliest

and is rumored to be acquired adparter alliance.

now may be a repeat of the old.

their main site customer service center Tel: 010- 52632224

in China, the huge number of unmarried Internet users also provides a wide space for the development of dating websites.

last November, Lily network to obtain funds and the American Mayfield GSR company for $2 million in December last year, Shenzhen Haotian; touch net and marry5 received Softbank Asia $12 million 500 thousand. At the beginning of this year, eFriendsNet also received $20 million from one of Europe’s largest dating site at Meetic injection.

has been reflecting the proclamation is a liar, but I already put in, also didn’t put much weight, so it is not too concerned about.

I see they can put the remaining sum to release account advertising, so I set myself a few key words for advertising moneyCan I publish

liar statement

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan


Google quit Baidu K station, the Ministry of industry for the record, talk about a series of events

in February 23, 2010, the Ministry announced a significant impact on the construction of the Internet will further implement the "file management: the verification of the authenticity of the information site for the record work program (Trial)". After a lapse of one month, at 3 in the morning on March 23, 2010, Google domain name jumped to Hongkong, officially withdraw from mainland China to Hongkong, china. I wonder if Google is talking to the Ministry. It’s also number 23. When you are in a lively discussion of the withdrawal of Google event, after a lapse of two days in March 25, 2010 is the same 3 o’clock in the morning, listening to people say Baidu group, a large area of K station, included substantial reduction, or simply disappeared from Baidu.

I listen to, quickly check my blog, and found that my blog directly from Baidu disappeared, according to the usual experience, first of all I did not cheat. Secondly, my content is almost all published in the major webmaster original article, the same did not do too much SEO optimization. My first reaction should be to be implicated in the web site on the server. One check found that most of the sites on the server were included, leaving only 3 pages, or just like my blog, disappearing from Baidu. Preliminary estimates are implicated. I am in a hurry, Baidu, I do another Taobao wholesale supply station. Found home page dropped to 1 pages, but the reverse link is crazy increase.

it’s an eventful spring, not an easy one in 2010. I believe that friends who have read my article should remember 09 years in December, I published a "Baidu" "menstrual" major computer room inspection, "do not panic" article on chinaz. This year, Baidu again menstruation, everywhere see blood. Sina with 9 pages, Alibaba,, Alipay only 1~3. N station have included N station to lose, included reduced to 1 or directly from Baidu disappeared. I wonder if this incident is a Baidu server fault, or Baidu deliberately directed the marketing event, in order to celebrate the withdrawal of Google from the mainland.

Google gone, Baidu small hand, a large area of the site was K, or it included greatly reduced. Originally, when Google in the PR value for the exchange of links standards. Later, in order to please Baidu. Baidu included as standard exchange links. Baidu is now such a toss, how many webmasters hard to run up the site, suddenly included 1 less, or directly disappeared from Baidu. Such a blow to the master is like the agony of a loved one’s death. Included in the decrease, directly affect the flow of the site. Do you have to go back to the cold winter last year? It’s becoming more and more difficult for the station master.

Google, the webmaster is definitely the future in order to fight the fight at outrance Baidu ranking. The scene is really unimaginable, so go on, it is estimated that a lot of webmaster will lose to do stand confidence. Do the webmaster is very hard, not easy to do something, a red Baidu everywhere, it is horrible. Again hope that the vast number of friends who do stand, do not be discouraged. Collection >


Nanjing restriction order since the rental market has ushered in the doldrums

facing the crazy growth behavior of prices this year, the real estate sector around the introduction of the relevant real estate policy since the end of September, Nanjing introduced the "purchase order" since the turnover declined significantly. This is similar to Shanghai, many second-hand housing began to sell sublet. However, the Nanjing market rental market reaction is different from Shanghai, did not appear as expected in the industry price decline, but this may be left in November.

according to 365 rental statistics show that in October, the city of Nanjing individual rental housing rent is 3038 yuan / month, compared with the September’s $2840 / month, up 198 yuan / month, up to 6.96%. In addition, the statistics also show that in October the number of new rental information released in Nanjing increased by 9000.

, however, the real estate industry experts Zhang Jianchu told reporters that the purchase of the policy of new and second-hand housing transactions in the reaction will be relatively large, will immediately show up, but the rental market will have a period of digestion, there will be a certain decline in November.

10 month rental housing surge

implementation of the purchase of Nanjing property market, has undergone many changes, developers seemed no longer appear berserk situation, the volume also appeared "cut".

according to the Nanjing online real estate data show that in October a total of 6595 sets of new houses in Nanjing traded (excluding Gaochun Lishui metropolitan area), the chain turnover in September fell by nearly $50%, but also the lowest since 22 months.

and the new home market affected by different, Nanjing rental market has shown another scene. Liu Xiaolin is the Nanjing Delin property intermediary responsible person, after entering in October, his work than ever to be busy, why not rent the tenant more, but a sudden increase in rental house, "added 30% than in September."

The reason

suddenly appeared rental listing volume increased, in Liu Xiaolin’s view, is the main factor to influence the purchase, she thinks, a lot of second-hand housing because of the purchase order, not timely sales, the landlord to the housing rental market, which is the cause of housing listed increased, "I received in October more than half of customers. It is because the landlord after the purchase of second-hand housing, the house difficult to sell, it will rent out the house."

according to 365 rental statistics show that in October the number of new rental housing information release in Nanjing, compared with an increase of more than 9 thousand in September. However, the increase in rental information release, did not bring an increase in the number of renters, Liu Xiaolin on the daily economic news reporter, said the number of renters did not increase, the overall remained stable." In November 13th, Liu Xiaolin supplement


Unpopular small investment projects which

most of the people looking for projects in the investment are looking for those who are more popular projects to become rich, therefore, often let the market in the event of the existence of a large number of unpopular business opportunities!

waste plastic recycling

: just unfolding processed waste plastic particles, still has good comprehensive material properties, which can meet the blown film, drawing, drawing, injection molding, extrusion and other technical requirements, widely used in the production of plastic products. The establishment of recycled plastic granules factory, the size of the investment can be both from a production line to start, but also at the same time the purchase of multiple sets of equipment scale production. 1) to a production line for example, plant 30 square meters, for water and electricity, yard 30 square meters; 2) a production line only 2-4 workers; 3) construction period is only 5-7 days; 4) a production flow of funds should not be less than 5000 yuan, the scale of appropriate to increase the production flow of funds.


elderly care


And AIDS dating you never thought of business opportunities

now Xi president came to power, a lot of style feel a little change, but there is no doubt that the community for more attention to AIDS, especially the mother of Peng Liyuan, but also personally shooting public service ads. But have you ever thought about it? And AIDS patients to date, can also become a chance to become rich!

1) and AIDS patients dating: with an AIDS source dating, the idea how? If you are not AIDS patients, may not want to think. But if you’re an AIDS patient, it might sound like a different idea. The target market can be really accurate, enough to make.

2) fitness cards: a set of cards, each card printed on a fitness method, and then sold on the Internet, a card 18.95 dollars. Who will buy it? I don’t buy it. But a fitness trainer on the Internet last year to sell 4 million 700 thousand dollars this card.

3) diapers diapers: many mothers have to take a few diapers out on the road to give the child a good time. But the general use of the backpack, such as handbags are not necessarily suitable for diapers to take out is not convenient. Some people built a website to sell diapers backpack, also divided into 22 categories. Opened in 2005, sold $180 thousand.

4 (game) joystick: designed to create a more comfortable to use, can absorb sweat, hands are not tired of the game joystick to sell on the internet. This product is not only very popular, but also into the supermarket.

5) wishing bone: Westerners have a tradition, Thanksgiving time to take a turkey bones two people pull, who dragged to a relatively long period, who wishes can be achieved. How many pieces of Turkey can you get in a year? Some people sell fake plastic on the internet. Who bought it? But people now produce 30 thousand a day.