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Ouyang Chun only included the home page of Shanghai Longfeng solutions

thief than acquisition station standing problem is more and more serious, acquisition station may be part of a high degree of duplication, and the thief stand is 99%. Once the Internet there are tens of thousands of web search engines as like as two peas, will stand by? No wonder the webmaster call this website called "garbage station".


acquisition station, the thief was plucking



5, sensitive to the theme of the site

or thief acquisition station, once after the quantization activation of the search engine punishment rules will be punished, the general performance is more phenomenon is included sharply even K off the other page one left home. Someone may say: "I am the thief stand alive, something no, you’re wrong." In fact, the reason is very simple, if the thief program only when you use, you do a few sites basically as like as two peas, there is no problem. If the program is not one of you but in hundreds of people on.

, the mass of the chain is down right

Whether it is

is not displayed, 1 new content during the audit

search engine itself fault domain name has been punishedAfter 8

stationThe number of

solution: basically every new sites will go through this process, we need to do is to shorten the process: the first is from the search engine included home page updated, second is to increase the number of external links, to speed up the search engine for the content of the audit time from the 2 aspects. Wait for basic no problem.

inquires the included time found that search engines only included the site’s home page, other pages are not included, what is the reason? According to Ouyang Chun teacher personal summary, mainly has the following 9 reasons:

writing errors

acquisition station, the thief was plucking


site was linked to the Trojan invasion

is not displayed, 1 new content during the audit2,

? 6,

an article was reproduced ten thousand times, the ten thousand of the same content page has several real value to the users, and there are several pages users to browse the

beyond count acquisition station and the thief class website, this website once number will result in too high or have a lot of repetition of the mirror site.

4, Robots

the beginning of the new station is search engine included, are generally the first website home page. Other pages will enter the audit mechanism of search engine, after waiting for audit process will be displayed. This process Google relatively fast, generally 2-3 days will begin within the page included in the site, and the love of Shanghai is relatively slow, but generally not more than 1 months.

3 server, long-term instability in


How to restore the site is down right ranking

5, the introduction of natural flow. The site is down right after the search engine there cannot get traffic, so to promote the increase of the weight of the site, click on the site to enhance the speed of recovery. To note here is that the website traffic must be natural flow, must not use software to brush flow, once the search engine that will lead to more serious drop right.

. Nanjing Rui art culture media limited company website at the beginning of the user experience is not very good, after a series of data analysis, re planning, which makes the lower right recovery faster.

3. continues to adhere to the original. A lot of people see the site is down right and then go, this will lead to slower recovery, we should adhere to the original as in the past, to improve the quality of the spirit, for the sake of others ideas, provide more valuable things for our customers, retain customers with our sincere.

1, intercept malicious traffic. The main reason of the site is down right is the malicious brush flow, so we must first solve the problem that there are many ways, such as to the site, 360 door mounted electronic dog, which can avoid malicious traffic.

2, Shanghai appeals to love. The reason why we put down the right to love Shanghai, love Shanghai as soon as possible on the site of a detection, in order to restore the site weight.

some time ago I optimization site is down right, in addition to Nanjing Ruiyi culture media Co. Ltd the brand is still in the first word, other words are to 100 outside. My heart suddenly panic, a bit at a loss, calm a little later, open the web site statistics background, reasons for the site down the right, see the inside of the data instantly understood the truth of the matter, the original being malicious brush flow leads to right down.

4, improve the user experience of the site

here I will take Nanjing Rui art culture media Co. Ltd this website as an example, teach you how to restore the site ranking in half a month. (website ranking recovery map below)

results: in accordance with the above approach to half a month, my site on the restoration of the rankings, some keywords ranking better than before (see below), we encounter right down the situation can not be too impatient, at a loss, should first find out why down the right, do the processing, and then in accordance with the the above steps, so as to restore ranking.


Summary of those factors may lead to the site is down right and treatment methods

fourth, included the dwindling number of

, the first main keywords and long tail word ranking drop or ranking

server stability is crucial. Even if the spiders are not normal crawling, how can your content indexed database? Don’t covet cheap, buy inferior space. This may have fatal consequences for you.

third, Shanghai love snapshot stalled or snapshot back

3, the quality of website content is too low (acquisition)

established at the beginning of the site should have comprehensive planning, the title and keywords for each column unified description written, the site layout should be conducive to the user experience, do more research, through the statistical analysis of the data the final version.

1, web serverThe

seven factors and treatment methods of

Links chain increases but also enhance the website weight, but deadly is the search engine has implicated crime, so every day to check the chain, abnormal timely notify the other party to temporarily remove. We must pay attention to quality.

right downThe performance of

entered the Shanghai dragon industry, experienced many groundless talk, have joy, a sorrow. Hi in the rankings, melancholy in the fall. It will not get disheartened, Shanghai dragon should dare to try to improve themselves in practice. I think the Shanghai dragon confirms the "practice is the sole criterion for testing truth the truth. Of course, often over the site, may face danger down the right, down right scary? NO, but the search engine can give you a yellow card. Calm! Rectifies be calm. A lot of new friends to your site is down right has not been found, and then toss it is likely to face the fate of K. However, those factors may lead to the site is down right? This is a rough summary, hope for the novice friends help.


4, Links is down right implicated


website down right

is eager for many new Adsense most easy to make mistakes. No? OK, to collect! Not included? To link it (lead spider), this could toss a few months down, are not included among the chain, to less. Looking back, is it worth it? The search engine the most attention is the user experience, if a whole is exactly the same as the user, who can we trust? So when update the content of multi user point of view to think, quality is very important.

fifth, the chain number represents a decrease of

site title, site layout (Revision) frequent changes to

second, the domain name domain is not the first, not in the first search site name.


The five basic features of the



The analysis included not ideal reason from the enterprise website itself

second, the station model too much text. This is mainly to explain some of the fixed plate and the column almost all use some fixed template text, such as contact us, company introduction, product exhibition. These words a lot of sample sections and plates which are mutually duplicate content. Secondly, the contents of the list of news headlines and news station, repeatability and high similarity. Because some products are often characterized by the few, we inadvertently in the process based on the characteristic of creation of the will to return to our writing routine increased the degree of repetition, so the author suggests that the content, in the creation of the article as much as possible to reduce and reduce the degree of similarity and degree of repetition, it will improve the quality of our the increase included in the site.

many traditional companies have shifted to the eyes of the Internet, e-commerce, Internet has been more and more favored by consumers and businesses, become one of the best bridge to build relationships with each other and effective channels, enterprises want their target customers find a simple enterprise station is essential, but the site is built on how to use this website better services for consumers, so that more consumers find their website becomes imminent. So, the website included quantity is an important weight in the user related search keywords own website at. Here I want to share with you and the analysis of several reasons for not ideal business website.

first, the unreasonable structure of enterprise website. Many companies tend to the layout of the station structure is not reasonable, mainly in the first is often a into the page, enter the column page below plus a flash, we all know the spider to grab the flash is not very good, not very good, a lot of similar enterprises as can be imagined station included not ideal cause is remarkable. Second, the site user experience is poor. The most prominent is the performance of many enterprises in the website of the left and right respectively into some customer service code, the code can increase interactivity, but reduces the user experience of reading website, increase website bounce rate, reduce your weight, included not ideal can want to know.

third, the low degree of extensive outreach website. We all know that communication is the key to improve the rankings and the weights of the website, is to improve the indirect included one of important factors, many enterprises are generally single station communications construction, mainly in the classified information has been used to do outreach, classification of information weight is relatively high, but single outreach is restricted to improve website weight. The author suggests that the first improve your weight, try a different platform for operation in the outreach I suggest, such as soft Wen submitting, link exchange platform, inquiry platform and collection sites, the platform weight is relatively high, the reasonable use to enhance our website weight is be of great advantage.

fourth, the frequency of updates. Many enterprise web site update frequency is very unstable, the most prominent is the update is not timely, ah, because baiduspid>


An analysis of the enterprise site easy to step on the red line four over optimization

From the above data query

recently a friend let me help the diagnosis of his site, this is a business site, showed the problem is love Shanghai without any of the keywords ranking, but the site will still be included, the snapshot is very normal. This is a typical love Shanghai right down, then what is the cause of such a site is down right? First we analysis of the basic situation of the site.


shield contact us feedback is an important link. This is no problem, but I later found out that there are a lot of "a nofollow tag for an enterprise station site content is not in itself, has a large number of nofollow tags is not very natural. So, for enterprise site, the use of nofollow tags are easy. Otherwise easily lead to excessive optimization.

from the above we can see the navigation station at the bottom of the page to increase keyword density, in the red box, these words are the anchor text point to the home page. In the use of navigation, the author believes that this is not the most.

webmaster tools we can see the station is a new station, to get the search engine more reliable. There is no keywords ranking overnight. From Shanghai, the recent snapshot included love and the chain of love, Shanghai is very concerned about this spider a site. Then the preliminary judgment may be excessive optimization problems. Here we take a look at what aspects caused by the excessive optimization.

navigation using

1, page nofollow tags used over

solution: to remove unnecessary nofollow tags, then how to find unnecessary? We can view the background log file to see which some unnecessary links are the most frequent spider crawling, we can target these links for the nofollow treatment, some small amount of crawling links can be ignored, so you can let us page more natural.

search engine algorithm update every time can make no traffic plummeted overnight, ranking the site, we with search engine heartless, in fact many reasons also need to find their own, I found that many site is down right is often the main reason comes from stepped over optimized red line. Many of you are not the optimal way is wrong, but you more than that, especially love Shanghai to optimize domestic, can easily lead to excessive optimization site being punished, ranking disappear.

we all know that we usually want to stop some of the important link weights can be changed in the carve up page to add nofollow tags on the link. The author found that the station also uses the nofollow attribute masked some important pages. A few links as shown below.

We can see the



Mobile video into commercial first year, advertisers are still waiting for the short termElectricity

everyone seems to think: "small companies, big markets."." In fact, the market competition is increasingly fierce, you can do more fine segmentation, a good field is quite good. A mouthful of food, a desire to stammer, a fat person is too LOW. Small start-up companies and small companies themselves have inherent weakness and late start,

three, chaos

Tencent of science and technology Hu Xiangbao reported in January 15th

science and technology Tencent visited a number of video website executives was informed that, at present, the domestic first-line camp video website began commercial mode, explore the mobile video advertising campaign at the same time, the video site is around the "mobile" quietly heating up, the attendant is the major companies in product, personnel and marketing strategy etc. the adjustment.

"in 2013, the company strategy for the mobile terminal, to embrace the mobile internet." This is the recent Youku CEO Victor Koo micro-blog, Iqiyi CEO Gong Yu micro-blog signal to convey the video industry heavyweights focus. Last week, Youku announced the latest statistics report said on the video playback volume from the mobile terminal VV exceeded 100 million. Affected by this news Youku stock price second days rose.

user base is a prerequisite for mobile terminal sale advertising." Yang Xianghua pointed out that. Public data shows, in the past two years, China Mobile micro-blog video users increased by 77%, 100 million more than last year, mobile video has accounted for 59% of all mobile data traffic. Easy media survey last year, 39% mobile Internet users every day to watch a video on a mobile phone at least.

Internet era, a variety of small entrepreneurial companies but very arrogant all meet the eye everywhere. But do you make them? They have more or less the following three common problems, they have to be prevented.

this article has yhzyvip finishing publication, reprint please indicate the source,

your company where? What is the location of your products? What is your real consumer concern? If you know you have been blurred, beginning the wrong direction, more effort is just wrong to expand. For example, if you are a pure manufacturing enterprise, to spend so much money to win the attention of consumers, not really good products, move on the edge, after all, you are the customer is in the industry, rather than consumers. Although disruptive innovations often stem from marginal worlds such as small firms, they can be quickly abandoned if they don’t, and it’s still necessary to quickly iterate if markets react.

users to migrate to the mobile terminal faster than expected, the mobile terminal can make money after the video game application." Iqiyi vice president Yang Xianghua predicted: "a lot of the story happened in 2013 mobile video will."

Followed by

, Youku potatoes, Sohu, video LETV, PPTV and PPS have taken the pace of commercialization of mobile video. At present, Iqiyi, Youku and PPTV have on tablet devices and iPhone users to sell advertising, is actively preparing for the rest of the various.

users than expected growth in


mobile video rate far faster than expected. In December last year, the total flow of mobile terminal traffic Iqiyi accounted for less than 4%, in July reached 15% last year.



two, partial.

video website in the layout of the mobile terminal long-standing, both Youku potatoes or Iqiyi, Sohu, video LETV, are here for many years, but this year is the first year "video mobile terminal commercialization".

in addition to the above three common problems, entrepreneurial small companies, there are many, such as internal friction, infighting, strange recruitment, omnipotent hand and so on characteristics, such as wonderful works. However, without exception, many of the strong companies are starting from small companies, as long as the correct breakthrough, as long as persistent, as long as the effort, success will also favor you.

July 2012, Iqiyi began to launch video advertising standard sale mode iPad and iPhone terminal, kicked off the mobile end video ads commercialization.


review because of the restriction of the screen and the Pad end is mainly on the territory of mobile end video ads, some main advertising on the Pad advertising budget ratio up to 20%, but very few on the mobile phone, iPhone, Android less end is almost zero.

process management in large companies, many small companies are inclined to the so-called "rule of man", ignoring the middle management, direct dialogue between employers and employees, and some even have the boss’s words are "sacred". But the "flat management" approach of small companies just learnt the epidermis, not learning the essence, and most of them didn’t even arouse their enthusiasm. Basic staff turnover rate is higher, the job assignment is in most company personnel is also strange to each other, no running in the case, the work process can imagine how bumpy. In addition, the manager useless, not effective cooperation and communication between departments, conference talk much, inexhaustible, as less, lack of coordination, lacking spirit of cooperation, not to mention efficiency. Plus out of touch with the market, the future is fuzzy, change frequently, frequently change products, so the company becomes a mess.

one, virtual.


The ability of people to acquire websites needs to be improved

Baidu 13 update, suddenly put my station keywords to third position, traffic suddenly soared. I bought the network space is II space Admin5 agency, estimates hold, intends to sell off. Just sell 100, also count the domain name (ORG) registered money.

went to the forum site for the version of the area, one by one to add those people buy the website qq. Almost all of the people are not willing to buy, because my website Baidu included is not good, they need to be included in the tens of thousands of stations. Heaven and earth conscience, I stand, but my hand every day two or three stick to manual updates, the total amount of the article is hundred, how can be included so much


looked at the sell, I have little doubt about what you do, is not I stand in a junk? I borrow two more GG put an advertisement, now less than 6 points, results: 19802650.33% US$0.07 US$1.43, 4 hours of income $1.43, then a day off there are $1.5—-$2.00.

so far, I’m sure that the people I’ve contacted are too poor to recognize the value of the site. They just want to buy tens of thousands of collection stations, then collect themselves, then collect, hang an advertisement, and wait for the money. I want to ask: do you really know the value of the website,


I’m not going to sell it now. I’ll spend money on a better space and pay someone to apply for a GG. I don’t believe I can’t do my job well.


Website originality content, source, method simple talk

is the best you can write every day, every day to update the original article. However, the limitation of time and energy makes it difficult for our webmaster friends to write original content every day. What should I do? Here are some possible ways to refer to:

first: pseudo original – modify the title and content of the article

when you add content, search the title with Baidu, YAHOO or Google first, see if there is a search result that matches your title exactly, and change the title. You can make a few changes at the beginning and end of the article. For example: “collected by the campus network code finishing, and released in XXX, welcome everyone to use, please get more code on the XXX website, the wonderful waiting for you!” and so on, the original article is basically out. Why should change the content from beginning to end, because the search engine included after the description is often the end part. For example Adsense publisher resources stand above all articles after the original treatment, not search the same title in Baidu.

second: translate foreign language (English) into Chinese

can use online translation tools to translate, and a little change, it has become an absolutely original content.

third: integration of the article (ie: bring a few related articles, their summary, integration)

fourth: get the original article from the “non mainstream” search engine

Do you like

Baidu Google YAHOO ranking flow, can be considered in addition to the above three with some other outside of the engine, to go there to find the article, then slightly modified OK ( basic is to do so).

fifth: explore the original

from real books, newspapers and e-books

sixth: through Internet users contribute, essay, and closed University web sites or forums and other engines can not find the original place.

that’s all. Feel bad to say, welcome to throw bricks! Original article, welcome to reprint! Thank you!


features: China’s 100 Internet CEO panorama survey:


Talking about the development direction and outlet of website station

when the Internet craze comes, it seems that many people have seen the fat on the Internet, and they always dream of getting one or more of them. So webmaster like the bamboo shoots after the rain, overnight everywhere. The Internet bubble that has come, go, garbage station, station, station, every corner of the Internet throughout the overnight. In this way, all the webmaster confused again, do stand really promising, and the real way out there again.

the size of the site, various kinds, really can be said to be a superb collection of beautiful things, really admire those who emerge in an endless stream! Have the webmaster. Or they had lost or hesitated, but they have determined their choice, forge ahead. Say website, can not help saying navigation station. Navigation station, is the summary of the website, wholeheartedly build the user’s wishful Internet home. When hao123 is successful, many webmaster have tried to do navigation station, and many have done, and back, and back again. On the Internet about the navigation station and the prospect of future development is anecdotal, not a rational and appropriate statement. Make a lot of navigation station webmaster are in the bottom of the heart. To tell you the truth, it’s really difficult to do a navigation station. I believe all the webmaster who have been doing the navigation station have a deep understanding of it.

navigation station why can develop, because users are not to remember too dominant locks and difficult to remember the URL, they can easily find the navigation they want. And want to find something, do not need to use a search engine to search all the trouble. At some time in the Internet to see a few articles without search engines, we have what kind of soft, here I want to say, no search engine, we have site navigation, here I can find a lot of things we want to know. Navigation station is in the absence of search engines under the premise of the development, I think in the future, our navigation station can still play this role. China’s Internet users are really too many, and Chinese Internet users can remember all of them on the Internet will be on the web site of the people, I would like to say: almost No. Here, many of the navigation stations have really taken on a leading role.

said this, I just want to say Chinese we need what kind of navigation? Is not really a lot of work, very complete web site navigation, I think not, why behind the developed navigation website are more than a hao123, it is not really strong, many functions. Very complete, I think not! On these, behind the development of navigation website is better, that is why it is the industry leader, it is because Chinese habits, habits become natural. It also takes advantage of this weakness of the chinese. Hao123 many of the sites are to buy money, but there must be some content, but not the best.

navigation station is not the way to play navigation to create how fancy, but identify the people’s psychology, identify their habits, and then from their habit in the.


Eight Tips to speed up your website profitability

one, do not publish duplicate information: do not think that the release of more information, others see the probability will increase. When a customer enters your website and sees a lot of duplicated information, it can only bring the reverse effect, which will cause a distrust of customers and feel that you are sending information at random.

two, the title should be simple and clear: in a word, you can understand your products and business opportunities, do not write too long, because customers will click carefully to see, detailed description. Too trivial or too simple title will result in search in the bad effect.

three, detailed description to be as detailed as possible: detailed description is tantamount to your product propaganda words, it is easy to attract people to see, but the description of writing is very poor, will let customers lose interest. After all, customers who want to trade need the most detailed description of the product.

four, the use of high quality pictures: high quality images is very important for the products and business opportunities, after all customers in the online can not see the kind, if there is no picture or pictures a little fuzzy, the first impression on the poor. If a product is advertising like quality pictures, giving the appeal greatly increased.

five, timely updates: timely updating of your products and business opportunities is also very important, if a customer called you to know that your site’s product has not been produced, what will he feel?.

The importance of

six, keywords: Keywords fill products and business is very important to search your product should contain the name of professional title and broader levels of key words, even the category name, this will increase the chance to search.

seven, the choice of categories: the choice of the most suitable category can obviously increase the chances of trading, for example, customers will not be interested in buying toys in the chemical category.

, eight of products to create series: if the number of your products, products will be classified into different products in the series will make your site more tidy, time for customers to watch more clearly more organized.