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The website was black box, has recovered from the entire station is K to

look at the whole site and start small series found no problems, until one day in the search keywords, suddenly came out of a new station, then get a look, hey, this is not our website reprint? Yes, the whole family was copied from the website template, another web site map. Our website in figure two, is not nearly as? Although very angry, but no way, the current leadership greatly decided that this is not possible, our website should be revision! Just do it, after the Dragon Boat Festival, we began to design a new website template, a week or so, the overall design initially completed, then is to adjust the content of the website and the details of the new template, figure three, can be said to be a big shake. Of course, the change is certainly effective, but a web site keywords graph ranking has dropped the missing.

1, head of the problem: the content of the website are copied or crudely made, collected from no practicality and readability, the user experience worse; website space or the server is not stable, leading to the site is not stable, affecting the normal access to reptiles and visitors.

site is K, I believe that not only small one encountered such a situation, as a novice Shanghai dragon Er, encountered such a situation is still very vague, the article not included, ranking suddenly and began wondering what they do wrong, or who are also linked to the black. Or is love Shanghai NaoPiQi…… fortunately small leaders greatly in Shanghai Longfeng experience, meet the station was K’s situation is very calm, while with small side analysis of the investigation, to adjust, to the last week, the website included began to increase, the ranking will resume, really learned a lot. And to love Shanghai at the end of the adjustment period at the beginning of the month, just want to summarize and everyone to share a little bit.


first, consider the love Shanghai adjustment problem, because other webmaster and no feedback website similar problems, so we should not adjust to the decline in ranking.

, Shanghai: 3 love love Shanghai search engine algorithm adjustment, or database update, the website unfortunate lying gun; new station was closed the "black box" and accept the inspection.

based on the above points, they can combine their own website to comparative analysis to find out the reasons and adjust the.

2, outsiders question: website who are black, a situation which is currently more common, probably because of the security of the website, a target for other people.

on the site was K, probably several reasons:

then, from their own reasons, small management is the education and training industry website, the station for the update every one is small with a popular search term written, is not a copy or acquisition and the readability, the originality and quality problems; standing outside the chain platform it is through screening, collected well, love Shanghai favorability high platform, there is no problem. What I do or keep the site updated and stand outside promotion.


Shanghai dragon Feifei induction sanitary ware category website optimization case

title title tags and description tag description keywords appear 2 to 3 times, description natural description tag keywords, and can attract visitors click on the role, for example: we do this keywords induction sanitary ware, so I write this website, you can reference

(1) and the main commercial website head let the spider crawling our website you can immediately grab our keywords, has great effect to improve the site weight,

3, Q & a platform: falling in love with the sea know >

ware, kitchen supplies, decoration and other supplies forum can send the corresponding column

(3) by B, H1, ALT keywords

recently received kitchen ware, found the industry optimization case is relatively small, Feifei Shanghai dragon took out the

(3) in the article with keywords anchor text, font bold and red

(1) the title H1 tag with keywords and


4, the content of the page optimization:

1, Meta Tag Optimization

(2), stressed the main product increase keyword density

optimization experience to share with you this website tag on

(2) increase the breadcrumb navigation efforts to increase the spider crawling

(4) at the end of the article and the author, the display URL plaintext, increase related domain

2, classified information: 58 fair 114 Yideng pages

two, the chain deployment of

Fuzhou nanshuo Electronic Co., FISOO, SIKA, NVOMET rich Jessica nuomeite induction sanitary ware three brand-name induction faucet, urine sensor induction sanitary ware, sanitary ware company is the best in Fuzhou. (description appears two times and induction sanitary ware using simple language to introduce the products to attract customers, click to buy)

, a station optimization:

(4) at the bottom of the site and the last navigation tour spider

can release the supply ware products in the above classification information are above the corresponding section and the classification system is local, can directly bring customers

Title: the company’s main induction sanitary ware, faucet, Urinal sensor series induction sanitary ware – nanshuo Electronic Co. Ltd. (the title appears two times keywords induction sanitary ware and finally add the name of the company, can bring the brand to the company)

ForumFor example, page layout



home page optimization

use Dede to produce, use div+css layout and generate static pages



Some of the details of the construction site outside the chain of summary

no matter what time, the chain is always necessary for website optimization part, so I want to learn Shanghai dragon must master some skills of the construction of the chain. In fact, the search engine to determine the weight of a web site, a large part of the transfer depends on the other factors are the weights of the website, or call the vote. Of course it is about effective weight transfer, and the corresponding is some garbage outside the chain, the chain construction is the most taboo aimless look at the garbage chain. Below the author according to the optimization of their years of experience, to all the detail of how to send the chain and the chain in the process of the construction of some of the details of the deal.

Shanghai Longfeng people love to raise a large number of blogs, I also don’t use blog for example, the chain do much better effect than the forum. Most people do blog links are directly added in articles written in the chain, but in recent months the author found that the addition of the chain blog included rate will be very low, which proves that the search engine for this deliberately added the way of the chain is not love. So what should we do? The author is a blog the chain is not with the chain website in Riga Links blog on the quality of the chain to do so will be very high, and is a one-way link. As for the number of the chain is also very good to solve the problem, as long as the registered blog points on the line, a week or more update articles on the line.

forum linkThe chain by

blog link

according to the author’s experience, for friends of the chain need to pay attention to the following points: (1) the amount collected is not much; (2) a snapshot of the site is not new; (3) the website weight is not about; (4) the correlation of web content is not high; (5) keyword ranking is not the home page ranking; (6) the website keyword is not contain sensitive words. The 4 point is well understood, fifth points the author explain, because we change the chain basically is the home page, so not only to check the weight of the other site, but also the weight of the corresponding keyword ranking is not the home page ranking, if all the inside pages, that first page weight is very low, you need to be careful for the time. The sixth point is actually not difficult to understand, and now many search engines in the fight against some sensitive information, to avoid sensitive words so when friends in the chain of.

both large portal, or a very small personal blog, Links are essential. Each one Links, equivalent to more than a website to vote, vote more than the weight of the website naturally high. Of course, now the search engine optimization for cheating this piece too tightly, so I suggest you change some quality, compared with the high correlation between the site chain, but also pay attention to increase the speed of the chain should be reasonable, the day is best not more than 3 friends of the chain.


1, Links


forum has always been the most common, but now many forums have taken a variety of measures.


Wuhan Shanghai Dragon how better to write the title of the site to share skills

before we write the title we want to be good, what is a good title? A good title can give you a website what? Then the title to visitors and search engines what effect? A good title can let visitors not hesitate to read your article, so will appear so many reasons why the title of the party. Life is also a variety of advertising ah what meet the eye everywhere, and if enough to attract you, unconsciously you to see. If your website is ranked second in the world, if you’re heading enough to attract people, the word is likely to bring you traffic will be more than the first. And the reasonable use of the word technology, the site allows you to match a lot of keywords, avoid unnecessary list. For example, Wuhan mixed kid blog title: Wuhan Shanghai dragon website optimization promotion – mix boy blog Shanghai Longfeng independent blog and website operation. He wrote this title not only simple, but also to search engine, can match a lot of words: Shanghai dragon, website optimization, website operation, website promotion, blog, independent blog, Shanghai dragon and so on, and even can be subdivided into regions with keywords, so that a headline is so important to

In fact,

how to write the title

title is good enough is not for me to say, it is easy to understand the standard expression of the theme, segmentation can reasonable matching, enough to attract attention, this title is the title of the qualified. Before starting to write a good title, we must start from the user’s point of view, to analyze what words to attract the user’s attention, what words can bring you the conversion rate etc.. Through careful observation we find that some words have been enough to attract the eye, we can use it reasonably, such as "free" and "magic", "4", "discount" etc.. For example, buy cosmetics, we can write the title "ten whitening products", "the discount you dare to buy cosmetics, I would dare to send" etc.. In fact, the title to attract the ball but also some of the long tail word conversion rate is relatively high, we put the word optimization, website traffic will fly.

then we can appropriate the love of Shanghai’s segmentation technology using in the title, love Shanghai segmentation technology is the use of the user search keywords is a need to match the user, we all know that the search for a word and sentences in Shanghai love inside, the title can only display 32 Chinese characters, and the excess with the ellipsis instead, it seems to attract the ball the effect is very poor, so our title to enough refining short, concentrated refined.

?A !

online discussion on the title of the article has a superb collection of beautiful things, to write this article before Goshu is thought not to continue writing, considering those online articles are some of their limitations, some from the user’s perspective to write the title, some from the perspective of a search engine to write the title, people always feel is not comprehensive enough, so today we share some of my experiences, deficiencies in the hope that.


Noble baby Adsense will stop advertising service domain

webmaster friends all know noble baby AdSense is a quick and easy way to get income, suitable for various kinds of website publishers. It can be the content of the website page show high correlation and noble baby ads, these ads will not exaggerated eye-catching. Now most websites use the Adsense domain name of product advertising, is through the untapped profit domain.

March 2nd morning, Wikipedia will stop on baby received aristocratic nobility baby Adsense domain name service advertising announcement.

the original source: webmaster > 100

; noble baby

if the webmaster want to continue through the development of domain name is not profitable, domain names can be migrated to the data you have selected a new domain name hosting service providers. With the migration guide can log on to the following address details. 贵族宝贝support.贵族宝贝/adsense/bin/ hl=zh-Hans& topic=23388& noble baby; answer=2457159

? Here is the

· March 21st: new sites can not be managed domain;

noble baby AdSense created a new advertising model. Many advertisers before, mainly against the various pages, high frequency of the bombing of the eye of users, regardless of the users of the advertising content is not interested in. But AdSense is through the analysis of web content, and provides some relevant content (text ads will have individual image ads), because the content of related advertising is more likely to cause the reader’s interest, make the advertisement become a really useful information, but also will not give users too much harassment.

· June 27th: noble baby Adsense will stop supporting the domain hosting account.

it is worth noting that this is a failure of the change will not affect the other Adsense products are currently in use. It will not affect other products on trial qualification. In addition, in the above schedule throughout the implementation process and the Adsense product to stop the use of a period of time, the webmaster can continue to receive relevant managed domain report.

· April 18th: managed domain will no longer be valid, your site will not bring benefits in

related service Adsense announced the noble baby time to maturity, as follows:

Adsense introduced the

recently, after the baby is evaluated in the noble partner network advantage, decided to stop hosting products in Adsense domain. Later, untapped domain will only through the noble baby existing online Adsense domain name advertising.


Guess Shanghai public warning three love to unfair Shanghai Dragon

two, to get a good ranking optimization must be in accordance with the instructions of

for the love of Shanghai launched a warning, I believe a lot of Shanghai dragon ER will pay special attention to, after all, this is likely to affect their jobs, of course, love Shanghai prompt >

I started from station 05 years, have also experienced the love of Shanghai Shanghai dragon control and combat, one of the most famous Taobao API passenger stations blocked and blocked, and then to now is open to combat unfair Shanghai dragon, from these events, it is self-evident. A challenge the search engine’s bottom line is to be fully blocked. For example, the elder brother of crazy station group operation, the left right word by alkali stations completely occupied the first three pages, it is like as long as the user search the word base laevorotatory right whether you look at the first page, page second or third pages, are in my station. Of course, this incident because of a momentary burst of red is love Shanghai punishment, the elder brother of overnight station group comprehensive ban. Through this event, we can see that for the search engine, which plays a role is the boss, and the webmaster is the younger brother, younger brother to challenge the natural leader, will certainly be unbearable to contemplate the consequences. Like a gangster in the younger brother to kill, which need to face the boss, after all, you want to rob other people’s position, do not cut you cut who, but between the search engine and the webmaster, webmaster want to challenge the position of the search engine that is not possible, because the search engine has an absolute right to speak, you again what challenges, once touched its bottom line, immediately blocked your site, leaving you with. So, in this event, love Shanghai clearly tell all Shanghai dragon ER do not challenge the bottom line of the search engine, otherwise the consequence is himself or stand site was fully blocked.

in February 15, 2012, the domestic search engine. – love Shanghai officially crackdown unfair Shanghai dragon optimization, this day is also a day to remember Shanghai dragon ER, was believed to have left the station crazy let love Shanghai feel threatened, or what may look to the elder brother K was actually finished? First, know the love of Shanghai for improper measures taken Shanghai dragon strike, holding the wrong K not miss determination. But still there are still many unreasonable use of Shanghai dragon to get good rankings site, but in the love of Shanghai is shown warning, how far can optimize this edge, it can also be long? This is a question with no answer. Watching TV all know, since ancient times there is justice where there are usually evil, so as to highlight what is what is evil, and in the website optimization, also has a white hat and black hat, as long as there is a white hat Shanghai dragon, then the black hat Shanghai dragon will also exist, unless one day no longer website Shanghai longfeng. Keywords Shanghai love this so crazy artificial intervention Shanghai dragon, it wants to tell us what

, a search engine can not challenge the bottom line is



How will your site build user search end point station

second, solve the problems encountered by users. Now the Internet crowd, a large part of the people to meet online to find the problems in real life, it is because of this demand, Shanghai launched the love that SOSO launched the ask, Tianya also launched a quiz, Sina launched the love. And these platforms are quite popular, it has become a big trend of the internet. For ordinary webmaster, could not make so many problems of the platform, only through their own experience, to solve their problems, write out by the way, for everyone to share, access to your website through a certain way, through your introduction, he solved the problem, then you this article is a success, but also valuable articles. Why do we love to see those famous blog, such as Lu Songsong, Xiao Jun, et al. Moonlight blog, because these blogs have solved many problems by scholars. This is a website become the user search end point station second important conditions.

website, I’m afraid no one do not want their station to get more traffic, get more attention, hope to increase keyword ranking, included, no one is willing to site is K, ranking disappear. This is probably the reason, just contact Shanghai Longfeng novice will understand. But those who put all sorts of things together make a lot of pseudo original, people use the mass outside the chain of friends, although they want the site to get good rankings, but in practice, but with the opposite sense, eventually because of improper practices, caused by K, no ranking. So how to make the website to obtain the stable and lasting survival? The webmaster presents how their site build user search end point station concept. Specific practices are as follows.

third, as far as possible to provide timely information and information. Many people may say that we do is a personal blog, where to find these instant information? Besides, what use would have released this information? The answer can be found, a few articles from the webmaster write in front of you know, now whether it is television or radio broadcast a message, a lot of friends would go online to find relevant content, if you can put these things, through the combination of a certain language, but.

first, provide the user demand content. The user needs what kind of content of the content, for example, for example, I want to rent a house in Zhengzhou, will have to fall in love with the sea to search Zhengzhou rent, and then you will see a lot of results, of course, in front of the row is some classified information website, then I will open in, through the content search and selection also, the news of the time, and is not an intermediary, by contrast, I will find my love in the house, then the phone, if not found suitable for content on this website, I will choose to go to other sites to find out of the station, that is, the so-called bounce rate refers to this website. If the user closes the page, want to find the answer, then you do succeed even if this page. This is the first condition.


Forgotten interests, where is the operational value of small programs

Why does

develop applets? How to evaluate user value?


in the open class of 12.28, Zhang Xiaolong shared key form and many rules of a small program, a few points such as the entrance, for example, the function of the scene to support the case that, let the small program have a more concrete description is made of small program specification guidelines.

explains a lot about the blank areas of demand when it comes to the birth of small programs. Zhang Xiaolong. Public view of the proposed rules, the small program position is WeChat ecology and user needs, WeChat does not want this, the user demand is this, this is not WeChat’s expected user relations, and so on.


and the role that was not mentioned, developers and companies may not agree. To be sure, the demand and scenario called "blank" is a prerequisite, but more realistically, small programs are more about business value, cost, and competition.

Why does

develop applets?

for now, no one will dare say all betting on the small program, what other products form does not consider, or not do planning, a small program on behalf of the future.

then there are two types of development requirements:

first, on the basis of existing products, through small procedures to develop new operational positions;

second, small programs as the first product trial, relatively low cost of development and trial and error.

specifically tell me about the first case. For example, we do a iOS client, why do the Android client? Because many users use the Android phone, you need to develop a Android client to cover this type of user, and at the same time, the use of iOS client user does not have an impact.


in the same way, consider a small program, must first be suitable for small program does not cover the promotion of the scene in your product, do not have a direct conflict with the existing channels, rather than the existing users diversion, this is the problem of have the order reversed. Unless one day, the small program’s realizable value is more than the client.

then, the analysis of uncovered extension scenarios is one of the key factors in decision making and will be highlighted in the next section’s promotional value.

clearly, not all products can be separated from new promotional scenarios, or even if there is a promotional scene, small programs are not necessarily the best expression. For example, in the waiting room of the window advertising may sell a special purchases for the Spring Festival two-dimensional code, micro shop, also convenient.

How does

evaluate user value

that’s a direct question. We know all of them now


Improve website ranking practical 13 trick

webmaster friends are most concerned about is website rankings, indeed, ranking is too important for the site. These years summed up the experience, is a sound does not mean anything, that is, the site ranking, there is no immediate skills, deliberate SEO optimization, the effect is often not very good. Although we can not stand the bar to see, but some must pay attention to the things that must be done, the following to say a few points, the ranking is absolutely valid, during the Spring Festival, the site re planning, proved effective. Summed up the need to pay attention to a few points written out, I hope the webmaster friend less detours.

1. keyword accumulation

All anchor text in the

2. site is the same,

3. CSS station or the background color of hidden content, this is the most heinous evil

4. uses JavaScript jump

5. pages under the same IP directly carry out a large number of exchange links

6. bridge and Cloaking, induced by the search engine crawlers, this is a heinous evil

7. adult content, illicit drugs, gambling related content

8. repeat

9. links to cheating websites

Most of the pages in

10. have the same web page, title

11. is added to the Link Farm or Link

exchange websites

12. uses the domain name

that has been penalizedThe

13. site is based on the penalized IP,


CMS those days have kept me awake all night

first met CMS (content management system) was in 2002, when I was by some HTML, frame, labels and other things got confused and dizzy, and eventually play out their desired effect. Look at other people’s, that is really called standing, and their own out of the things, just a few static pages combination, I began to deny all of their technology.

then the line had a friend recommended a ZhengZhan download to me, that is ASP, with the source code, can not only make my site effect, and the function is more perfect, more convenient to use, not every article with FTP upload.

from now on, I feel there is a real Web site, then login source of official and their customer service to solve various problems, gradually understand, this is a space agency team developed a literary website, suitable for published literature and art, the kernel is the website management PowerEasy system company open source (CMS), they produced several templates, hardly what effort, and the program is bound to make a whole website. They provide the source code for this site to download, thus guiding a large number of users to use their host services.

I really feel that this should be a revolution to the station, for the Chinese graduate level computer only in several Microsoft office software level me, so is knocking on the door of the pie. If you want to achieve these website function, what to learn from scratch, is to learn good, do not know what time, not to mention the open source system has many excellent development team participation, system performance must be very good, you can also upgrade, is a beautiful ah.

was on the network you want to do, in fact, is a literature site, can send the article, it is best to have a forum, a blog, attract people to register, after every day, stick to your website on top, pure and simple idea. With some early knowledge of HTML, I spent more than half a month making templates for home pages, columns, and content pages. Although compared to the template in the source of rough points, but feel finally from other people’s website out of the birth, you can confidently tell friends and colleagues around.

The next

is desperately add article, did not know like SEO, the site became a hodgepodge. At the time of the search engine seems to have with my level matched, I added something almost zhaodanquanshou, there are several hundred articles every day to my flow.

at that time the forum is booming on the Internet, blog just emerging soon, as long as the website, will pass these two programs to go up in order to enhance popularity. In this way, my website has a mobile easy CMS, a forum program, a multi-user blog program, in fact, is the three station. I thought, "why is it so troublesome?"