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Noble baby will change the intelligent mobile phone ranking search results

3, the most friendly and most optimization method based on intelligent mobile phone is not reflected in the error page.

In order to adapt to the intelligent mobile phone

1, in the mobile terminal, don’t try to do 301 redirection, 404 error page orientation to the PC side of the web page.

2, with video playback page, especially with flash player, it will not play in iPhone, or in Android 4.1 and later.

Lu Songsong is simple to understand, that noble baby mobile version of spider has a wide range of work, the other is flash player may disappear in intelligent mobile phone.

from the noble baby blog, intelligent mobile phone users are Internet users the most significant increase in the market, in order to improve the mobile network, we plan to launch several algorithms in the near future on the mobile phone search rankings change.

better, given some nobility baby reconfiguration suggestions for intelligent mobile phone:


The page title title label should be some emphasis on setting time

fourth: the title of the page should be smooth and refined, express web directory.

well, a few more stress in the setting of the page title when the key is here. In short, we must remember that for the title of the site must be rigorous set, according to the actual situation of their own website to set, but also need to reference other website. In addition there is little need to pay attention: when set up the title of the page, don’t make changes, especially the page title, don’t frequent change, otherwise this.

is the title of the page read must be consistent, do not appear to understand the obstacles. According to the web page title level, will appear in the title in the directory hierarchy. For example, a two page we can use "website construction technology" website construction company to do a professional title, and for a three page catalogue, we can put the title set for "construction technology of -DIV+CSS a professional website construction company – website tips, so you can clearly set the title that the main content and the level of".

long title to the web page of Shanghai dragon is not too friendly, generally can be limited to 30 words. In the title page content only needs to be expressed compactly, no need too much description and rendering. The more minor content can be omitted, only need to grasp the main content in the headlines.

In other words,

: the first page title and content correlation matching.

for the title of the page, must clearly express the main content of the website, or if the page title and the content of the page. This is a bit like "cow of horse mouth" feeling, then the search can also be analyzed, this page will be search engine that to deceive users, not only can not get the favor of search engine, and will be punished, will not be included.

third: the title of the page should have one or more keywords.


title page title tag is the most important part for a web page, its importance not only in the title summarizes the content and theme of the page, but also in it on the website optimization effect. Therefore, we must carefully consider how to set the page title settings. If the title is not good, your site relative to other sites may peers more than the poor, of course, will also affect the site’s ranking. So, what about the title of the page in the set time

second: the title of the page should not be too long.

we can see that in the search results, the title of the page is displayed directly. So, if the keyword of the website can be found in the title, will play an important role in the optimization of the web page up. In fact, the page contains keyword in the title of the general was better in the title is not included in the key words "in the rankings.


A brief talk on the development of Yi ology website

has been enthusiastic about the Internet for many years and is now going on. Internet is big, what station all has, but I fixed the website in four column eight characters study, what is "four characters eight characters"? Baidu once, you know. Because childhood hobby to learn, so they often surf the Internet to learn some information. Baidu search, easy to learn web sites countless, carefully, but more than some online testing procedures, horoscopes and the like, or is a single prediction consulting presentation web site, and then the forum…… There is hardly any professional website for the vast numbers of Internet users to learn.

later, with the idea of his site is more and more intense, to promote its own continuous learning site knowledge, leading to a professional website to learn to learn ~ ~ because forming category is too broad, the site can not be large, to the fine direction of development, is now in the "four eight net" – specifically for the "four character study" building an academic website. The domain name, is "four eight" spelling The initial construction of the site did not use CMS, nor download the ready-made program, from XHTML+Div+CSS to Logo design, page layout, color design, content arrangement, and SEO…… Every detail paid a lot of energy, do not remember how many sleepless nights spent, now want to move!

so here’s a platitude, grassroots webmaster site positioning early, it is best to their own hobbies, specialty aspects of the professional, because we grassroots webmaster site initial funding, technology, experience…… Are not in place, and the development of the website also needs a process, if you love love every day to maintain and update the content, for a long time, relatively better be a little, more important is the process of site also strengthen their professional, even if the site aborted, harvest a lot. Of course, the website of individual hobby still has very strong vitality, draw an analogy here.

is easy to learn now, and it will get hotter and hotter later. It’s a ten thousand year old industry…… Single, now the community "four characters eight classes" short-term training fees are tens of thousands of dollars is not expensive, people are still vigorously touted. With the acceleration of social rhythm, people’s psychological pressure generally increases, the Yi ology consultation also increases, and the financial crisis also indirectly helps the development of the Yi learning website. Whether it is short-term or long-term development, the future of professional learning website is still relatively bright……

has a profound cultural background and social foundation, the vast number of professional websites are also unique. To do the site all know, website operation is easy to learn especially the punchline! Do four website, is to learn the professional level of the webmaster can do this, if not hanging advertising, not much IP, as long as the service is money! This not to say, the premise is to have the absolute high level to learn! Because this is not to cheat, for the website! You can imitate, technology can be copied, but the webmaster to learn level >


Success of Internet business (ten) case analysis of successful websites (1)

The success of the

website has its own reference for new Internet business novice, how fast through the station to earn a pot of gold, to understand and learn from the successful website profit model is very necessary.

one, you can also be a successful webmaster

two, play shares of the city network

More than

content details can be to the article "Internet business success" (ten): you can also be a successful webmaster, read

three, Automotive China to do the most practical vehicle site

website: Automotive China Network (

type: automotive integrated website

COO: Tan Luanbiao,

, according to the person in charge of the automobile China network, the current website has millions of PV, for a set up a year of the industry site, has been regarded as a good result. From the name and domain name of the website, the goal of China automotive network is to become a national automotive vertical portal, providing professional automotive information and integrated marketing services for the automotive industry and end users.

currently has a number of more mature domestic automotive industry website, this all – out 80 after the start-up small team, how will lead the car China Network breakout


1. site positioning

car Chinese network located in the integrated car portal, and has been groping forward in this way, the direction and the goal is clear: focus on the domestic car city, the international automobile market, automobile market, walk in the forefront of the automotive consumer market, the integration platform to provide information and services.


diagram 8

2. website features

, in order to distinguish itself from a large number of automotive specialized websites, the automobile China network has done a lot of work in terms of practicality, automotive aftermarket and information integration. The utility of car, car, in contrast, decision of one-stop shopping service; for the huge potential of the automotive market, car rental, second-hand car, driving, car insurance, maintenance, beauty and other information query and online booking service for more vehicles to a high degree of integration of resources; is reflected in the update frequency soon, which is currently the domestic automobile website information update vehicle information integration platform is the fastest, most concentrated, fit the needs of.

another thing worth mentioning is the selection of vehicles offered by the website. Provides the vehicle brand, vehicle, style and price and other parameters query service, for users who need to buy vehicles, it is a good function.

3. user experience

(1) page and channel

car China network overall tone is relatively fresh, simple, is the design style of the entire page. There are very few Flash effects on the page, and very few use color contrast images


The role of consulting in hospital network operation

What is the

hospital network operation purpose? The first is certainly the consultation, through the communication with customers, consultants has two purposes, one is to guide the hospital, another is to get the customer’s real phone for later tracking, the general user access to the hospital website if you want advice through the following three ways:

1: network consulting, this is the most common, so the general hospital is the initiative to invite the business through the website, here I suggest the initiative to invite the time you should wait for a period of time, allowing users to find out about the page information and then play out, this time is just perfect;

2: telephone counseling, some users are not good at typing, or too troublesome to call directly consulting;

3: Message consultation, some people just want to know about it, and then chose a message consulting

from the above three approaches to consult member in the entire network operation should be regarded as a finishing work, a job but also influence the results, the network promotion needs SEO, web editor, program, art, with the hospital network marketing network planner and network marketing specialist, with admissions consulting this requires network consulting and telephone counseling.

if the network consulting work is not in place, that all these people’s efforts on all in vain, which is why some hospital daily business consulting quantity many, to the hospital and the final performance of the network is not much, this is because the consultants’ work is not good, not only can grasp the customer, on the network the customer guide to school is the successful operation of the network.

here for the entire network performance improvement, which requires consultants (telephone consulting, network consulting) has the following four requirements:

1: the work attitude is positive and correct, the work is serious and responsible, cherish each visiting customer, and can reply the customer consultation information promptly;

2: has a strong medical professional knowledge;

3: with marketing concept, can adapt to communicate with customers;

4: executive force is strong, can cooperate with the network department and on-site consultation (outpatient doctor) work, such as the replacement of patient consultation, on-site consultation (out-patient doctor), so as to avoid information omissions, resulting in customer loss;

As long as the above four points are met, the efforts of the personnel of the network department can be transformed into the final value of


now from the entire health care industry view ability consulting is hard to find, because the regular medical school does not have the marketing knowledge, the school is not open this course, only have private medical marketing, and in the work of the exercise takes a long time, so as the management of hospital should carry out regular training for the consultation, their problems and typical case analysis customer discussed, so as to progress, talents can be cultivated.

another note: I wrote very much on blogs and on A5


The most successful need is not money, Internet, ten kinds of creative ideas

some people say that the Internet business team gathered most of China’s elite. There is nothing wrong with it. The Internet boom can be described as a wave of tumbling. I believe that if these entrepreneurs’ stories are gathered together to make a book, it will certainly be a box office success. Anyway, pay tribute to these brave and brave entrepreneurs.


Internet entrepreneurs need the most? If you ask these entrepreneurs, most people believe that the answer is a word: "money!" indeed, no money is absolutely not the Internet business, and even can be said that the Internet business success depends largely on a lot of money.

, however, VCs here give such a data: Internet investment success rate of only about 10%, that is to say, they invest ten, nine is a failure. The investment of 9 with money, but still failed, it can be seen that the Internet business need most is not money.

, first of all, must be the ability to see money, that is, creativity. Then there’s the ability to spend money, and then to make money.

we’re talking about creativity today. Here I listed ten types of creative Internet start-ups, we hope to have some enlightenment.

1, NetEase: I have everything,

NetEase today has firmly taken up an important position in China’s major integrated portals. In any way, Ding Lei and his NetEase have achieved great success. The integrated portal sounds like a huge concept today, but it’s a scary concept for Internet entrepreneurs, because it’s out of reach.


integrated portal" means "I have everything." now, it’s really not a creative idea. But in the days when Mr. Ding Lei started his business, the Internet was entirely at the grassroots level. No matter what the Internet users are concerned, are new, a large, many, fast, all of the information web site is undoubtedly the majority of Internet users love. So the NetEase can catch a large number of users in a short time, which is the basis of it, after the success of the.

someone when analyzing the website viscosity, the viscosity of the technology when it comes to NetEase is a typical technology that viscosity, viscosity characteristics of this type are relying on technology, whose contents, timely, fast, will be able to pull a large number of users. If a more powerful web site makes information faster and more accurate, it immediately goes down. This makes sense, and the Chinese military incident is a typical example. But on NetEase, I don’t think so.

we can not ignore the feelings of Internet users, China’s Internet users almost grew up together with NetEase, and experienced ups and downs together. It is an emotion and attachment that cannot be expressed. Some time ago, I heard two friends debate, Xiao Li is a loyal user of NetEase, Xiao Wang is another fan of the website. Xiao Wang always said NetEase is not good, and advised Xiao Li to visit his favorite website. Xiao Li is very unhappy, but his eloquence is not good. Finally, provoke, Li said: "love is the Lao Tzu NetEase!" Wang stunned. >


The old man selling newspaper marketing philosophy absolutely shocked you

12 bus ride to work every day, next to the station there is a newspaper selling uncle. Uncle dressed in neat, looks eagle-eyed, healthy and vigorous spirit, every business is good.

"see you all day long bustling about, good harvest!"

, uncle each day to several management personnel sent to the newspaper, the beginning of people not familiar with him, not his newspaper. He said this is the extra selling newspapers in the neighborhood, the station manager is not what important, in the course of contacts is ripe. Uncle then began to grumble, saying that now laid off, in the vicinity of selling newspaper sales is not good, not to sell several a day, and soon her daughter will take the college entrance examination, it is unable to afford the high tuition fees, her grades are so good, if she doesn’t read really sorry she the…… Reach out to the public and get sympathy.


Whimsical volume kebab meet the taste buds of chowhound

small series has always thought that people who love food must be happy, so fat point does not matter, but if you can not enjoy the life of food, but also a little fun. Today Xiaobian recommend a very famous snack items – whimsical kebab rolls.

whimsical kebab volume selection of high-quality flour collocation fresh delicious not only delicious and nutritious. Pork and green nutrition seasonal vegetables, carefully produced, born snail kebab this volume surprisingly delicious, elegant style, but the taste is very amazing, whimsical volume kebab regardless of where the popularity of customer Everfount.

in the traditional method of making cakes, but also to join the bold innovation, adding new ideas to make it more in line with the taste of modern people. It is the continuous development of new products and tastes to meet the tastes of consumers.

whimsical volume kebab is characteristic of fashion. Health and nutrition, a variety of delicious delicious new fashion, popularity, roll out new tricks, the trend of collocation quickly formed a consumer boom! Whimsical volume features delicious rolls, roll out, earn wealth does not stop, simple operation, small investment is easy to make


whimsical volume characteristics of Chinese and Western fusion rolls rolls, made of powder ratio, small thin crust, is not easy to leak, iceberg ingredients a fully visible, delicate, white green yellow tempting!!!! three kinds of bright colors! Whimsical volume kebab from natural fruits and vegetables, green the nutrition of spinach, yellow fiber pumpkin, wheat flour, refined and delicate colors, eye-catching


and the Chinese nationality across the region, lo, fresh meat, fried food, western style fruit, salad, ice cream, whimsical roll kebab variety iceberg freely assembling, what want to roll what delicious! Not wit at all! Acid, sweet, salty, spicy sauce by four, tomato sauce, salad dressing, satay a dozen Chinese sauce sauce ratio, after the headquarters of the deployment, optional diners taste, whimsical kebab volume to meet the diverse needs of


fashion trend wraps, delicious, whimsical volume kebab with distinctive characteristics, advanced technology, various tastes, hot market, continues! Open a whimsical volume kebab franchise, rich product line, the size of all, rich and carefree


if you want to have such a burrito shop, to all chowhound heart, then hastened to join! Remember to leave a message on our website.


Venture to join the road hard, careful trap easy to ignore

in the business on the road, it is inevitable to have some bumps, rather than stumbling, rather than a small "lure and trap"? But what kind of trap is easily overlooked?

1, the "measures" of the franchisor franchising qualifications to do a more clearly defined. Is "2 + 1" provisions: two outlets, more than a year of business performance. They have no outlets outlets or holding, only a few model shop, that is a child care, if you want to see other stores, the answer: sorry, no business! In fact, in the management of the store is not a bad franchise. Companies registered less than a year, not to mention the performance and management experience, in other words, they do not have franchise qualifications.

3, hype, not hesitate to use deception means to collect the deposit, and then pay "brand maintenance fee" to purchase a certain number of return, purchase quantity not naturally can not return! Finally, the rental deposit, said the rent is more than 40 thousand yuan to the headquarters of the goods, in fact, the purchase of 60 percent off, in other words.

4, the contract terms are ambiguous, with no trap: qualification who signed the contract after a problem that the person signing the contract will disappear, no action to join the chamber of commerce. This is the most cruel trick!

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Shop more than one eye can eat less deficit

open a retail store, earn this is a little money, if not careful, there are very large losses to the economy. Therefore, the shop also requires a lot of heart, so that we can eat a little loss. After all, what kind of people we shop can be met, a little inattentive not being cheated is stolen, numerous liars and thieves approach, is simply impossible to guard against you.

remember last week, a female customer near my shop, said to be the trustee to do something want to send wine, said at the time she account, if the gift to send a word is to me. Because she often visit my shop before, although I am thinking that she can be glib mouth and hold it she have lobbied for her, and her dress is not money, is the most assured her family lived in front of my shop a little. So I did not give her a long heart, I did not expect a drag is a few months, did not see the figure.

I saw her in the road opposite the cigarette and liquor vendor walked out in a chance, I hurried past, probably she saw me and turned to leave, I’ll go and ask her to go and why, because the boss is very familiar with, she told me that she is to get cigarettes the boss, I let the boss took over the smoke just to look at the 5 Chinese soft all my store mark, I made a fool…… At that time, I still have a trace of her heart, she always gave me here.

over time still did not see her coming, I was very upset, so I went to her house to see, I did not expect her house had been the bank auction, then I see light suddenly, she was premeditated she account not also.

now is because many shopkeepers are acquaintances, not refuse, my heart also think so boldly assured that there are a lot of credit, eventually eat their losses. In fact, acquaintances also cheat, but also cheat you did not discuss. After this incident, I don’t know much about the customer will not give credit to acquaintances on credit, the credit of the people have a mobile phone number, but also let the credit of the people own signature for the maximum not more than 50 yuan. The author here to remind each peer: more than one eye loss!