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Shanghai senior effort the integrated use of commonly used search instructions

linkdomain integrated query:

inurl with the intitle method is more delicate than the above, the meaning is found in the title contains search keywords, website search string contains the URL in URL, if you use the above method can find their own needs, then use the intitle: Links Exchange page found this is in line with the conditions of the basic types of Web sites, sometimes page contains keywords is not necessarily the result we want, with the title of key words is we want to find.

external links has been a focus of our pursuit of the high quality links is what we want, so use wildcards can find some high weight site, such as the commonly used*register, this directive is included in the URL and regedit ", also is the school forum registration page. We find these forums, also can leave a lot of signature opportunities, and the weights are also good.

This is the

inurl with intitle type

in front of the Shanghai dragon must say: small instruction help, respectively, and share the skills of using thirteen advanced search instructions, believe that these skills can help you find more accurate results in the usual, because each instruction has its unique usage. When do Shanghai Longfeng, need to find itself and some of the competitors, so only use some kind of order may not reach accurate results, we need to use these advanced comprehensive instruction. The comprehensive use of skills to share with you today is the subject of advanced instruction, hope that through this paper can improve the efficiency of the people of Shanghai dragon.

inurl:gov Shanghai dragon type


inurl registered wildcard type

instruction containing Shanghai Longfeng results page, while URL contains gov, a lot of people feel that the government and the Shanghai Dragon School website had a relatively high weight, find such sites, is relatively good links to resources. Similarly, we can exchange Links type in the search box, so you can find the school website to exchange Links, can greatly improve the work efficiency, and find resources weight are also good.

linkdomain can accurately query to the competitors have done and you haven’t done external links, so you can quickly see the site in the chain of different, can have the purpose of reinforcement, such as the common format for linkdomain:adc贵族宝贝 -linkdomain:cde贵族宝贝, so you can find what are the external link to the ABC website and >


If you have to give up the construction of the chain

with love Shanghai search engine for several times against the chain, many Shanghai dragon ER are not in to the chain, especially small and medium-sized websites, do not know how to build external links, relatively confused.

chain is a vote of confidence between the site, is to attract users and spiders crawl the site, improve the retrieval quantity of the website and browse volume and brand.


Xi’an Shanghai dragon think, when one thing, others do not give up, they met with difficulties, can not find the direction, this is a chance for us, but say vulgar point, there is a certain risk, so how are we going to build a website external links in Shanghai various policy in brief, this is a problem worth thinking, but also many problems faced by the Shanghai dragon.

love Shanghai search engine, will enhance the user experience to the first place, all that we do every day all Shanghai dragon is around the user to start, for example: the content meet the needs of users; the structure is convenient for the user to browse keywords; user retrieval and so on, is doing all this on our website to user groups construction. Then the external links to build this direction we can also according to the user to start, the answer is yes.

today, we use the previous method, death is certainly no doubt, because of the development of the search engine will be more and more intelligent, with the development of society, people’s thinking mode is different, different times, the same age, the idea is different, just like today’s small friends, which iPhone junior high school ah, iPad ah, his father may not be the nouveau riche modern social development, is like this, all around affected the social crowd, think of 80, 90, junior high school when a few mobile phone? Not to mention the tablet computer. The reason for such a case, as times change, people’s ideas are changing, there are measures under the policy, people are now more and more treacherous, Shanghai launched a love algorithm, there are always some people who want to drill these loopholes, so love Shanghai search engine algorithms are continuously adjusted, more. Before the old method

The development of

love Shanghai cancel Webmaster Tools "to the chain", all Shanghai dragon again puzzled, love in the end is to engage in Shanghai? In the webmaster forum inside the active topic, "love Shanghai to perfect recognition of spam links" and "chain scores have been cancelled or reduced." no links need "so if you have to give up the construction of the chain of


10 years ago, we construct the chain is the major content of the group, directly copy and paste, inside any interspersed text description and text links, ranking rose steadily, which is in the affirmative, because Xi’an Shanghai dragon is from the beginning of the 09 year contact Shanghai dragon, I was also tried, ranking really good to get.

is only Xi’an Shanghai dragon personal opinion, for reference only.

What is the chain of


Matters needing attention in making money onlineLinktech Dangdang data

League address:

on the blog program selection is very important, there are a lot of free international program, if computer programming knowledge, can enjoy free, the program will not Never mind, many communities have a support to the above post for support, recommend the use of blog program: WordPress, Z-blog, drupal etc.. If you have problems with making money on your personal blog, visit Wang Guangwei’s Chinese blog for answers, or send email wgwlaw@hotmail for free support. Welcome to email,

/ > linktech

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  union members please note:

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China has millions of jobs every year. Can’t it be solved by government or by others? These are obvious phenomena in the past when the network is underdeveloped. With the growing popularity of the network, China now has nearly 300 million Internet users, and mobile phone users reached 155 million, this is very great, a great relationship and China’s population is a population of more than 300 million countries in the world, and in China the number of Internet users has reached 300 million, which is unmatched by many countries and in such a case, through the network of employment is a good method, can not only enjoy the employment and entrepreneurship bitterness, enrich your life.


taobao nearly two years for the society to solve the hundreds of thousands of millions of unemployed people, can be said to the society contributed, there are a lot of people set up a personal blog, the two is the current mainstream ways of making money online. According to the personal blog network to make money, some advice: first, if the economic difficulties, no way, but also want to earn some money, can choose Sina, Sohu, Beauchamp, and these larger blog operators, also must pay attention to the support of HTML editing, because this is the code must put ads. Second, this is also the case of economic difficulties, buy a domain name of their own, and then do the domain name forwarding. Because it is good to remember, at the same time conducive to promotion. Third, a little better can buy virtual space, have their own domain name and exclusive space, is undoubtedly the complete control of the site, can be adjusted at any time, and there is a certain relationship between the quality of the website and domain name search engine only level domain name, the flow produced in this domain will be included in a domain name head the. Fourth, if the condition is good, can buy their own servers, because the virtual host traffic is limited, when you visit it, virtual space resource is not enough, there will be unable to access the website.



No money, no technology, how should the webmaster operate the website (three)

what is a good soft Wen? Answer: can understand, and not see the article will be able to flow! If you agree with me, please read my "no money, no technology, webmaster should how to operate the site? (three)", namely: the end of a long and minute statement, say a lot. The ending, after the article, I will write some specific, such as: how to let Baidu included more? The popular keywords bring traffic to the site into the text of the


in the last article, we talked about the three points, namely: update skills; website skills; advertising techniques; because of the time, the last two said, now talk about advertising techniques, as we all know, a lot of advertising and advertising is clicked to encourage and stationmaster manually click on ads (GG advertising, Baidu this alliance is not allowed, there is often a friend site is K, we do not The loss outweighs the gain., "defy the law"), for individual webmaster, traffic every day is very limited, especially the new day, even if the good can reach 500IP 500IP, but also to bring the number of Money? How to use the limited IP earn an unlimited amount of money, has become a major problem, as a writer I also did not reach too high a level, we come together To learn and analyze, I feel the following:

1. select advertisers now advertising are innumerable, according to what I know, and put on the advertising alliance also has more than 30 large and small, in fact the reason is still the same, choose advertising alliance to do subtraction, as far as possible not to vote, some specific, personal recommendation GG and Baidu, GG first, of course is not the other alliance is not good, after all, GG and Baidu are giant level, certainly not with grassroots hard-earned.

2. good advertising their HTML, they say is, as for the advertisement where good, a friend will say: must be placed in the most conspicuous place, and friends will say: put put, sure point, add some pop etc.. Advertising and life, such as a clean man and a dirty man, they put in the advertisement is certainly not the same, and the form of advertising is not the same, the author suggests that the page should be 1-2AD, put on the position to be decided according to your own web page layout, the JavaScript should be put in the code this form, easy to manage, but also to avoid the search engine grab


3. launch tips with GG advertising, because of GG, Baidu ads are very smart, for example: GG ads based on Web content advertising, Baidu theme promotion will launch advertising, according to the IP, it is easy to analyze the webmaster, add some "visible" around GG advertising this word, I do not have to teach? Oh, such as what company, etc.. You can use it if you’re scared of it,


4. comprehensive analysis chapter, as far as possible, >


The importance of external connections on your web site

this age is a time of high information and fierce competition. A good website needs to be promoted and promoted to be recognized and defeated by competitors. As a good product to the market have to do the advertising, the site is the site of the external connection of advertising, how much investment directly determines the success or failure of the website, "wine is not afraid of deep alley" era has gone for ever. You have to start the job on the first day of your website. There are many ways to do web sites, and the following will be introduced one by one:

1, reciprocity connection: that is, to contact your site and other sites related to the webmaster, ask them to make friendship connection with your station. This is a money saving, labor-saving and time-saving method, but you need your language to be friendly and sincere, otherwise it will be difficult to succeed.

2, the high quality of the article is soft: write high quality articles is the ability of each stationmaster must have, the contents of the article to be able to attract the attention of readers, and then be published to advise and strong correlation between heavy high website or forum to. Write text to your website domain name is added, of course, not deliberately stiff, is inadvertently added, this can bring certain flow, but also can bring the extract before and after external connection. If the quality of the soft text is high, the propaganda effect is very obvious.

if you are lacking in affinity and do not have the ability to start writing, then this one will suit you very well.

3, buy outside company: now many websites are sold outside, you can choose according to their actual situation, such as economic ability to buy an outside company. There are many criteria for how to choose a good company:

first: the PR value of the high and low: the site was GOOGLE identified the PR value is a comprehensive analysis of a site of an important sign, the PR value in more than 4, you can think of its network effect is more ideal.

second: how many pages included: external was collected through the GOOGLE network website pages and web site connections, also can carry out the assessment of the site, the number of The more, the better.

third: ranking of the level: through the search site in its keyword ranking, but also the evaluation criteria for the site. The higher the rankings, the better the site,


Local website profit discussion Internet mode should catch commercial contact point

recently thought the local website profit model: why many models cannot become the mainstream model? How to meet the needs of the model may not become profitable mode? Why can the profit model can not form a platform level channel? Point where? – the conclusion is that the model is not able to catch the contact point of the



has been misunderstood most is demand. For example, yellow pages, many people will search the Internet for certain company introduction as "huge demand". However, tens of thousands of address messages bring in thousands of PV every day, and at the same time they can not form transaction transformation. The user is the most effective estimation of Yellow Pages collection agency, to find the address is just out of the core purpose of evolution conditions only.

‘s need to move away from corporate marketing behavior is truly a zombie,

has to distinguish between types of requirements: primary demand, secondary demand, and marginal demand. We first rule out the marginal demand for the Internet: for example, happy parking spaces. We can also understand what secondary requirements are: for example, the manifestation of the waterfall flow, the waterfall flow is only required to access the habit, not the core of the decision. So, what exactly is the main demand? The clue is: the main marketing behavior of the merchant.


marketing behavior must form channels, the most core needs must fall into the channel. With the channel independent demand just attempt an ineffective solution. So, what kind of channel is the Internet channel?

from the basic purpose of marketing:

1, the Internet can form the first channel is brand channels, the purpose is to make people know, to make people believe.

2, the second channel that the Internet can form is the product channel, the purpose is to conclude the transaction.

3, the Internet is often ignored third channels is the demand channel, sellers can also obtain consumer information.

, we can see that the ability of businessmen to use channels is also divided into three levels:

‘s businesses only know to list, midstream businesses know to understand the brand, high interactive business.

from the Internet seller behavior, we can see where the core value of the channel – interaction. In general, the primary seller’s behavior is: do the ads or small advertising, the result is: invalid. When the behavior of sellers began to attach importance to the electricity supplier, suddenly found himself will encounter the cost of huge problems: the conversion rate (ROI), and then look back and find that the original brand advertising, enhance the conversion approach is to enhance the brand, advertising is not Nothing is right.

visible marketing behavior of the law is: interaction is king.


What is the essence of

interaction? It is the commercial contact point between buyer and seller. The contact point is mainly the contact point of brand transfer and the contact point of buying and selling.

analysis of business behavior >


What do you need to set up a snack food store

Although the

shop business has become the choice of many people, however, because the choice of many people, leading to fierce competition of the industry, if you do not do the preparatory work, it will be difficult to succeed. So, what do you need to do a snack food store? Let Xiaobian to introduce you.

first, open snack food stores need to join the chain brand. This small series and its partners are convinced that the brand is very important for the importance of leisure food stores, can be said to choose to join the brand, leisure food investment on the success of half. Since joining the brand, investors have a direct impact on the effectiveness of brand influence, brand awareness, etc.. Therefore, the small series suggest that you choose to join the chain brand business.

second, need to find the face of consumers shop open leisure food store. The mainstream consumer leisure food or young people and teenagers, so leisure food store shop must choose to confront these people Dianzhi, editorial recommendation in the school surrounding, commercial street, entertainment centers and other places of shop management, these places are the mainstream leisure food gathering places, easy business sales, profits are also as can be imagined very impressive.

different industries, different business models, we need to choose the preparatory work will be different. So, what do you need to do a snack food store? In fact, the investment of leisure food store does not need to do too much preparation, Xiao Bian think as long as you have a hard struggle, hard heart, follow the brand’s footsteps, ready to spend investment, leisure food stores will be able to lead you to a better life.


How to open tea shop location

tea shop is generally how to carry out site selection work? Many businesses to invest in the next look carefully at the tea shop on the market location, found some skills. Today Xiaobian finishing a few points, I hope to help you, to learn it quickly.

so as to investors how to open a tea shop? Open tea shop and what precautions? First of all, is to a reasonable location. Business the most attention is the " " " " gas; popularity; and this is not superstition, " " gas; mainly at the place where there is no commercial atmosphere, the commercial atmosphere of our merchandise are not appropriate, the popularity of " " mainly refers to the place where there is no customer of our business flow whether there is psychological motivation of these customers to buy our goods. Tea as a kind of special commodity, in addition to drinking health care function. It also reflects its cultural and artistic value, it can make the person heart, yaking and natural tea shops should be selected according to the characteristics of tea, summed up the general has the following sections:

1, the bustling commercial center of the area: commercial atmosphere thick, traffic, shopping complex, high purchase frequency, most consumers have strong quality, good and beauty, but the price or the cost of rent is relatively high, competition is particularly fierce, so enter the before after careful consideration, analysis of their own human, financial and material resources have, if there are conditions, enter the " business center; " of course, what is right, to seize the high ground of " "! But do not have the strength, do not act rashly, these places require high grade tea, should pay attention to the brand, to enrich the varieties of tea, and tea to complete the tea, tea books, such as purple, porcelain, tea glass etc..


2, hotel group: hotel business is the place of residence, most of them do not take tea, purchase at any time, and, in order to zouqingfangyou, take a little tea, is elegant and impressive, the hotel will have tea, " tea; Ke " is Chinese traditional etiquette. The hotel group opened near the shops, is more worth it, the rent should not be too high, but also can rent a hotel business hall, can improve the style and art combine 3, road traffic: the local population flows, mainly to attract customers to pay attention to these local shops outside attractive varieties to be innovative, price concessions, for some number of older, larger customers into intangible assets, just getting started merchants should not blindly open shops.

4, residential area: tea is a necessity for the consumer, the general risk of smaller residential areas, but at the same time according to different levels of residents are not the same style of tea shops. A, old liberated areas: these residential areas with simple Chinese characteristics, there are hard-working, simple virtue, tea can not be too high, in favor of low, the pursuit of low profits, sales staff to recommend


South China food easy to get rich you

Southern food? The best choice for healthy and delicious. Join the Southland food project, the first step to successful entrepreneurship. If you join the Southern food project, is also a very exciting. So why hesitate? Come and leave a message!

South China food is hot, Southern food will be the characteristics of Hainan high quality coffee, coconut, durian, pepper and other natural green raw materials, through special processing, preserving its flavor, more green and healthy food made. Southern food merchants, we look forward to your arrival.

Hainan Southern Food Industry Co., Ltd. is a production and operation of Hainan characteristics of food oriented direction of the local enterprises in Hainan. The company was founded in 1992, relying on the Hainan geographical and resource advantages richly endowed by nature, conform to the current trend of life advocating natural, green, healthy, R & D and production of leisure food of four series of more than and 60 varieties of more than and 200 specifications of products. Southern food merchants, concessions, such as waiting for you to come.

Southern food merchants to natural health quality, good taste, exquisite packaging and first-class service to win the praise of consumers and the community alike. And won the "brand-name products in Hainan province", "Hainan famous trademark", "Boao international tourism forum only designated tourism food" and "A Well-Known Trademark in China" and other honors, Hainan province is the only "Shanghai World Expo licensed manufacturers, franchise retailers".

to join healthy food, is a very choice of business opportunities. High quality entrepreneurial projects, the best choice for successful entrepreneurship. If you join the Southern food project, is also very interested in fact, open a home belonging to their own Southern food stores, is also a very good choice is not it?


Hook your fortune with a vacuum hook

vacuum hook is a kind of commodity is people in the process of life Home Furnishing very frequent use, it does not hurt to wall, characteristic used to win the favor of the consumer market, so that a small vacuum hook of how to bring the wealth for consumers?

Easy to use

and vacuum hook tend to be more remembered is characteristic of its repeated use, in the protection of the wall at the same time, but also saves resources. In the era of people’s attention to the home life, the convenience of vacuum hook, repeatability and no trace will inevitably lead to the pursuit of people. People in their daily lives, in order to hang some objects, usually choose to nail, with a hook or hook.

The utility of