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Wei Wu entrepreneurs must pay attention to user costsBarge assassin money online Canon 1 edition of


I think that this project is inspired by the concept of shlf1314+, because the latter is a so-called "circle", the user can specify a circle to share it with their own content and not to other friends to see. This is the scene of real life, too: there are words we just want to tell a few friends. However, this kind of thing that conforms to the reality scene, in this kind of network service, is not necessarily pleasing.

broadly speculate on the user behavior in micro-blog: Send a micro-blog or forward, and simply press "submit", and that’s over. In the venture, users send a message, have to choose which "face" — seem to cherish their own this project founder "versatility" idea, so the user must select exactly which side "". Say again, and if "which face" is an optional choice, this product has no space for survival before the big social network.

, author of "the top of the wave", mentions similar user costs in his book: the cost of migration. Wu Jun. For example, I can now set up a search service, which is more accurate than sh419 micro-blog in search results – 10% – it’s a valuable thing, but not one

, a friend, introduced me to a social networking startup project. The founder of the social network believes that people are multi-faceted. The friend, for example, has both the IT professional side and the entrepreneurial side, and one side that has nothing to do with the first two: a sports enthusiast. In the eyes of the project’s founder, there needs to be a web service that will make people appear multi-faceted and make different friends on different faces. The idea is reasonable, after all, sports enthusiasts and IT practitioners are not the same dimension in a person’s social network.

user gets a service that tells the person not to tell that person. The user to pay is, each time you submit a message, have to bother wondering where to submit. That’s what the title of this article says: 10 points of effort and 5 points. Does it make sense to get these 5 points?. But with a 10 point effort, the 5 point is almost negligible – no one wants to make a loss, even on a free Internet service. The user’s thinking and demanding, but also a "cost".

the assassin’s article network canon, one big webmaster provoke discussion. All webmaster forums reprint this article everywhere

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the assassin has almost not called ringtones Raiders Raiders can only be called summarized. Because these methods, basically obsolete. Failure.

because the situation is too dangerous now. In the past few days I talk with the Raiders assassin promotion feasibility hand to make money.

When the

I to these promotion techniques

assassin said: l to popular forums / community to send ringtones ad.

        send fast letter quickly. No advertising. Now the Forum on advertising stickers too strict management. Such as in the site are not outdated. Directly.. there are many forums such as the banner.

2 sh419 stick:

key about it. This is not Post Bar. Do not say first crazy advertising sh419 in sh419 will seal a station. Because I was a station set up sh419 found trash not included. So I have nothing to fear.

Then go to the


most entrepreneurial projects are actually based on a larger, higher level or service that many people know about. The project founder is aware of the shortcomings of the existing service and the concept of his project seems to be able to make up for this shortcoming. This is the initial logic of many entrepreneurial projects. But how much does it cost the user to make up for this shortcoming? Because the network service is usually free service, this problem has been neglected by many people.


The eight most profitable skills of shlf1314 AdsenseMore than half of revenue related GREE silver lo

, GREE electronics and Zhuhai silver long benefits of "deep binding", but also brought the two sides nearly 20 billion yuan related party transactions cooperation, and Dong Mingzhu itself is expected to benefit greatly in the Zhuhai silver IPO process. For the last time on the shareholders’ meeting and Zhuhai Yinlong nearly 20 billion yuan transactions, Dong Mingzhu in the 2016 annual shareholders’ meeting said: "it is not that we send what benefits to the long silver, but more should be said that the long silver transfer benefits to GREE."

Zhuhai silver long situation, the counterparty is one of the leading air-conditioning industry GREE appliances, information disclosure should be transparent enough do real, whether in accordance with the "market price" principle, investors naturally will keep an eye on

Dong Mingzhu, both chairman of GREE 000651.SZ, and Zhuhai silver long new energy Limited by Share Ltd hereinafter referred to as "Zhuhai silver long" the second largest shareholder, the two companies still exist a large number of related transactions. Today, the Zhuhai Silver Dragon ready to go public, whether its independence meets the IPO requirements, has attracted much attention.

At the end of the 90s

earlier, GREE announced that, such as the above related transactions completed, can bring 16 billion 240 million yuan for the company’s revenue growth. Thus, less than 20 billion yuan of transactions, most of which are Zhuhai silver long to buy products GREE. Zhuhai Yinlong has started in Chengdu, Tianjin, Nanjing, Lanzhou and other passenger car and battery base construction projects, is expected in 2017 production and sales of new energy vehicles will continue to achieve substantial growth in 2016 based on the target of sales of about 30000 new energy vehicles, to achieve operating income 30 billion yuan.

as Dong Mingzhu said, "silver long transport benefits to GREE", in 2017, Zhuhai silver long to GREE electronics 16 billion 240 million yuan purchase quota, has accounted for Zhuhai silver long is expected to 30 billion yuan, operating income of more than half. For this data articulation >

however, contextual advertising must never be viewed as a first application, embedding code on a web site, and then waiting for a simple check. To maximize revenue from contextual advertising, efforts must be made, and rules and rules can be followed. Whether you are using AdSense or Adsonar, or any other contextual advertising program, you can refer to the following recommendation:

From Positioning capability more powerful

context advertising in its propaganda, easier to guide the user to click, is considered to be better than any other form of online advertising such as banner ads an effective online advertising. As a result, the publisher has a good opportunity to make use of the site’s assets to make a profit.

about contextual ads

according to GREE electric bulletin, Zhuhai silver long in 2017 is expected to achieve 30 billion yuan of sales revenue; on the other hand, GREE appliance is expected to obtain 16 billion 240 million yuan from Zhuhai silver long operating income. In other words, more than half of Zhuhai’s silver boom in 2017 was spent on purchases of GREE electronics.

but, in the first financial reporter interviewed the industry view, Zhuhai Silver Dragon mainly in the cost side to a large number of GREE procurement, and GREE itself is listed company, make related transactions more transparent. As long as the disclosure of adequate and appropriate, even if the associated transaction is more, it will not become Zhuhai silver long listed obstacles. What is worth studying is whether the income side of Zhuhai silver long can receive enough orders, thus maintaining high growth.

Guangdong securities regulatory bureau website shows that Zhuhai silver long in May 17th in Guangdong securities regulatory bureau for the guidance of registration, and acceptance of publicity.

1. determination and >

context advertising is a matching ad based on Web content output by automatic program output. Contextual ads are delivered on the principles of content specific to a particular page, so they are more relevant and targeted. For example, a bank loan or personal loan ad will be placed on a web page that describes how to obtain bank loans. Contextual advertising generally uses the form of text, but there are also some programs such as shlf1314 AdSense have also started providing image ads; in addition, most contextual advertising programs using pay per click CPC, but also the most publishers especially those who can output huge impression of several sites to CPM as the preferred method of payment.

online advertisers crazy respected banner ads, they put large sums of money to put in these big colorful ads, many website owners also achieved on the beach leisurely sucking tequila dream.

but the dream is not long. The bursting of the dotcom bubble woke the world. As a barometer of banner advertising, every thousand advertising exposure costs cost, per, thousand, impressions, CPM all of a sudden fell from the sky to the ground. Site owners who had been elated by $150/CPM’s pricing soon tasted the loss of $0.50/CPM. In such a gap calculation, can produce 500000 monthly impressions for banner ads website from the monthly income of about $75000 going down to $250/. Such a difference, anyone will cry heartache. Up to now, although banners are still showing a slow growth trend, so far, they probably will never return to prosperity at the end of the 90s.

has now come up with a new form of advertising that is especially suited for small enterprise websites, which is contextual advertising. Companies offering such advertising programs include shlf1314, AdSense, Quigo’s Adsonar, Overture’s ContentMatch, IndustryBrain, and so on.

silver long half of revenue sent to GREE


Good faith soft Wen creative points

soft to avoid a "hard advertisement" weakness, "puff" for "he sold him", with "soft, not" soft "" to describe it seems a little too much. As everyone knows, now consumers of "hard advertisement" has a kind of emotional conflict, therefore, to raise awareness and make a significant contribution for the product or brand in "hard advertisement", but it is very difficult for the brand or product accumulated good reputation. This time, you need to run a soft. For example, we know melatonin is by virtue of "hard advertisement" + soft text "in marketing has great success.

at the same time, the creation of soft text requires profound writing skills and skills, from the soft Wen title to the text of the soft text, each link is no exception, and have higher requirements. For example, the title should be concise and innovative on the basis of accurately expressing the theme, attracting the readers’ attention and willing to spend some time finishing it and so on.

but it is not enough to write a soft text with enough skills and skills. The writing skills are deep and skillful. At most, it can only be regarded as an advantage in tactics. I think, from the social development and the trend of brand communication, soft Wen creation must be "strategic" advantages, namely: the creation of the soft, should say "Virtue" bear certain social responsibilities, not for a moment of excitement and interest, "have indiscriminate blow, not to the point of blowing, otherwise, not only difficult to play to the actual effect, and will cause great harm to the brand itself.

as the saying goes, "a man can’t cheat all people at all times. We can say for sure," a soft brand cannot cheat all people at all times". Some might say, "we were going to shoot a gun for a place," and never thought it would last long. This is a problem, this "earn a ticket away mentality is a lack of moral attitude, not only will cause harm to the society, will eventually end up with a" self defeating ", many brands of China’s home appliance market, health care products market have fallen, pen to this situation. With a certain relationship — the home appliance market and the market of health care products are popular play some concept of a It is sheer fiction., never have the function that vivid, miraculous, with consumers when the monkey, of course, its purpose is to the consumer in the pocket money.

today, consumers are becoming more rational, and the situation of asymmetric information is improving gradually. In such a situation, do not pay attention to the integrity of the soft text, it is difficult to achieve the desired results. For example, we know the weight loss market, its soft language "exaggeration" has been prevalent, but can obviously feel the effect is much worse than before. The reason is simple, that is, after consumers fooled, coupled with the media for some "deception tricks" frequent exposure, rarely go to be fooled second times.

therefore, with the actual creative experience, I briefly talk about the "good faith soft Wen" creative points.

one, without any characteristics of the product or brand, and resolutely not soft writing, No.


The effective way of website promotion SNS

many people think website promotion is the purpose of advertising, the use of SNS in fact, popularity and interactive SNS site is very strong, if blindly send advertising on the site is not what effect, now SNS are managed strictly, your advertisement more quickly, the account will be deleted, and your friends will leave you. Suggest using SNS website to build network resources, and consolidate a group of loyal users.

is the key to maintain frequent appearance, increase the exposure rate, let SNS website everywhere you figure, not only the love, the station will be in love with you, but without an account, real name is enough, people remember you, with your product information, in the left part of the mood this information also remember your products.

to expose themselves, you can through the following ways:

1. use the comment function, see the friend’s post, log, or a mood message, don’t cherish ink, give him a comment, leave a footprint, I believe the other party will be grateful to you.

2. often move a friend, this move a friend, that is to say hello function, you move him, his short message will prompt, so let each other remember you are very useful. If you understand the development process can write a plug-in out, you can automatically list with friends list friends say hello, then the effect is cool to the extreme.

3. by the group, plus some people group, and then publish some content and group related topics every day, many specialists group member posts, remain active in the group, natural and more people pay attention to you.

4., add or share features, turn more popular or online interested posts, or share some interesting information.

original text comes from; boardid=46& id=86660& star=1& page=1 reprint, please indicate.


The man caught MLM forced thousands of miles to rescue his wife

there are many cities MLM trap, these pyramid schemes mostly use violent means, so many people can not be separated from the deep. Recently, a man caught in MLM or even forced to make porn, and finally rescued by his family.

A few days ago,

"said in 69800, can earn 10 million 400 thousand." Wang said. This low input high return thing is really attractive, Wang was wanted to pay, but he had no money in hand, he wanted to cheat his wife to give him money. Wang said that if you do not pay, MLM organization will not let him go, but also threatened him.

is not only the threat of force, the marketing staff also forced Wang took some pornographic pictures sent to Wang, Lee’s wife, she threatened to send money to wang.

"from him, we can also get more clues, we recommend


Belgian chocolate love to support what

China’s consumer market has two major festivals, that is, Valentine’s day and single dog Festival (Shopping Festival Double eleven), no matter what holiday, chocolate is one of the essential consumer goods. Because this is the representative of love, whether it is already falling in love, or are looking for love, chocolate is a favorite consumer goods. Open a chocolate store market outlook is undoubtedly broad. Sony Ericsson Belgian chocolate so that everyone can enjoy the authentic taste of Europe, delicious and make money. What are the support of Sony Ericsson Belgium chocolate?

Sony Ericsson provides 360° for franchisees; operational support system

investment analysis: to assist you in the development of accurate investment analysis, submitted to your overall investment budget and feasibility analysis report;

promotion plan: develop and submit in your local marketing plans and advertising planning scheme, allowing you to fight;

brand support: follow up business market, we will provide all agents and investors distribution brand publicity discs, product manuals and other guidance text or electronic data do not regularly hold regional marketing guidance, regular exchange of experience held summit between regions, promote information communication between investors, mutual reference sales experience;

advertising support: according to the needs of the regional market, with the well-known media publicity, and in the country’s well-known television, newspapers, Internet and other media for continuous, large-scale advertising;

regional protection: the strict implementation of regional trade protection, investors enjoy the priority of the new market development, contract priority;

distribution support: the company has established a special ordering system, in accordance with the dealer for the implementation of unified logistics network is established, all aspects of management, production and sales of computer terminal to realize the internal resource sharing and network management;

activities support: the company in a timely manner to sum up the agents at all levels and investors in the business process of telecommunications sales experience, to provide you with a detailed case of promotional activities, and to provide guidance;

promotional material support: the company will provide material support for all levels of agents and investors to provide marketing activities.

follow-up product development support

1, for the franchisee to provide long-term competitive advantage, the headquarters of the research and development of new products and technology upgrading technology support, in order to adapt to the change of the market to meet the needs of different consumers, so as to guide the market trend, safeguard the core competitiveness of the brand.


Dimple dessert gives you the real entrepreneurial wealth Road

small project is the first choice of many entrepreneurs to join, open a boutique store, get customers praise, with a fixed sales performance as long as it meets the. There are many options for small projects, such as desserts, drinks, snacks, etc..

dimple dessert products have all the advantages of characteristics! Dimple dessert to join the project can not resist the advantages of a very attractive brand to join the project. To join the investment to join a dimple dessert project, give you real wealth.

All products have

"dimples" Hong Kong style brand mainstream full and Hui Lau Shan core technology of production, and at a speed of more than 20 models of new products every year, the industry leader, is developing a "fruit" launch will change the entire industry of Hong Kong style dessert. Champion brand to join the international first-class service standard store operation management system in order to grow up to be the winner of the industry as soon as possible, in addition to the brand, store design, product technology and management skills, "dimples" will provide the imagination of brand service.

dimple dessert venture nanny services, from your location, decoration, showcase customization, product placement, professional knowledge, sales guidance to purchase with single and promotional activities, local advertising planning and so on these services, we will send professional staff to each investor, join business friends service guide, dimple dessert join project is a feasible investment to join the project, worth grasp. Is hot to join, join a discount, the company look forward to your joining.

joined the dimple even from Hongkong surging dessert! Dimple dessert, with civilian consumption, low investment, innovative business model, with appropriate China conditions and China per capita consumption level.


Entrepreneurship must first live in the long tail of the market only to have the opportunity to face

in fact, more contact with successful people, you will find that everyone’s success is not accidental. Most of the previous small contact had called off the record is interest driven, whether it is the founder of Li Dawei Huang Dong, vice president of Shanda shell xinchejian or Beijing maxspace founder Wang Shenglin, like Baidu Encyclopedia of "off the record" interpretation "is not for profit".

and fun for the first meaning, that there are enough people to become a is the most important guest, play together. Today’s MDCC intelligent hardware summit there is a different voice: Entrepreneurship from the creation of the customer, the customer must be responsible for creating a mission to promote the third industrial revolution." />

and has always been wild stock or floating clouds


Four strokes to help you find a good location to open the shop

many female friends like to buy some small jewelry, jewelry store business is also very prosperous. If you have the intention to open a jewelry store, you must first consider the location of the shop is a problem. To find a suitable location, your business will be more prosperous jewelry store. Jewelry shop how site? Xiaobian this for you to answer.

A jewelry store,

what location? Preferred target for popular shopping malls, clothing city, women’s specialty shopping malls

now manyvillage built community shops, and this place has a stable and expanding customer base, the jewelry store opened here often have a good performance, but also can throw District customers well, get their identity.

three, counterparts gathered streets and regional


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