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    The menstrual period to eat what female health network

    The first third days of menstruation to

    three, eat some food

    menstruation women often feel pain, poor appetite, this time women can eat some meat, chicken, red dates, bean curd, apple, coix seed, beef, milk, egg, sugar, motherwort, angelica, rehmannia, peach etc..

    five, menstrual skin care beauty diet

    four, eat more foods that increase appetite and relieve fatigue

    female menstruation often appear some emotional changes, for example, often become irritable, nervous, irritable, in fact, these negative emotions can be adjusted through the diet improved during menstruation, alleviate bad mood can eat some grapefruit, lean pork, cabbage, celery, rice, duck’s egg, fried Atractylodes, Chinese yam, Coix, lily, white gourd, kelp, sea cucumber, gold sponge gourd, carrot, white radish, walnuts, black fungus, mushrooms, etc..

    liver QiWhen

    if the menstrual period eating on the negative impact not only, but also conducive to the beauty of the female body, there are many benefits, for example, has a very good beauty to eat some ginger and jujube brown sugar water, ginger Yiyiren porridge, black glutinous rice red dates porridge menstrual function.

    women after puberty since every month to menstruation, menstrual period of female body in general is relatively weak, if this period in life do not pay attention, eat cold things, or touch the cold can lead to a series of physical discomfort, especially may cause even dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, and some food is especially suitable for the menstrual period to eat these foods on the female body is very good in the menstrual period to eat, said the following about what the female menstrual period to eat.

    a, menstruation breast feeding

    is the best opportunity to breast, this time ovarian secrete large amounts of estrogen, the hormone directly affects female chest fullness, can stimulate the breast fat accumulation, the menstrual period to actively cooperate with the corresponding diet can play a very good effect of breast. During this period, you can eat more carrots, potatoes, soybeans and nuts.

    menstrual blood loss will be part of the main components in the blood, plasma protein and potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium and other inorganic salt, so the menstrual period needs positive blood, with blood effect of foods are milk, egg, eggs, quail egg, beef, sheep meat, pig, Gorgon, spinach litchi, longan pulp, cherry, meat, carrots, apples, etc.

    female menstrual period to eat what? The above describes the female menstrual period is more appropriate to eat some of the food, women can eat more during menstruation, there are many benefits for women’s body oh. >

    two, menstrual blood food


    The female nipple should how to correct the health network

    experts remind that girls’ period is an important period of breast development, but also an important period to correct nipple sag. Always pull the nipple, can make breasts prominent, the skin around the support force increases, play a "fixed" effect. Home treatment effect is not obvious, should go to the hospital in time to consult, can be corrected by negative pressure suction method or surgery.

    nipple retraction congenital and posterior. Congenital, is caused by dysplasia. The day after tomorrow, is due to illness or unreasonable or wear caused by tight bra corset. For the nipple part of the sag and wear inappropriate bra cause nipple depression, conservative treatment can be. If the depression or conservative treatment is invalid, surgical correction should be considered.

    nipple depression home therapy

    before puberty, the female breast has not yet developed, the nipple is small and flat. After puberty, with hormone levels change, menstrual cramps, breast development, nipple has gradually increased. But there are many parts of or all below the nipple areola plane, or even reverse concave, trapped under the leather, showing a volcano like, this is the inverted nipple, nipple is breast deformity.

    nipple extension. Will the thumb placed in parallel on both sides of the nipple, slowly pulled to the side, pull the areola and nipple protrusion of subcutaneous tissue. Will the thumb were placed on the nipple on both sides, the longitudinal pull the nipple. Can be repeated many times, each exercise 5 to 10 minutes, so that the nipple bulge, and then use the index finger and thumb pinch the nipple gently rotate several times to pull.

    syringe aspiration. Take the volume of 20 ml of disposable syringes, remove one of the pistons, with a long 10 cm of the infusion tube will be connected to the two syringes, two. The pumping device without the piston end cover in the nipple on the other end of the piston, suction injection, air cylinder produced negative pressure and suction of the nipple. Suction pressure depending on the patient’s feeling and bulging situation may be, generally do not feel pain is appropriate. To maintain the negative pressure for more than 5 minutes (the longer the holding time, the nipple is not easy to shrink).

    pump suction. Nipple retraction during breast distension. Congenital nipple depression can also be.

    is usually around 15 years old, when the breast is close to the adult, the patient will find his "breast" is different. But in general, the adolescent girls rarely come to see a doctor, unless there is a serious situation, such as nipple secretion increased, the formation of chronic inflammation, emitting a smell will come to see a doctor.


    Women how to maintain ovarian health network


    cucumber not only has the role of beauty at the same time, a substance called "tartronic acid" in cucumber can also inhibit the body carbohydrates into fat, to regulate the generation system of great help.


    letinous edodes can help lower cholesterol, triglycerides, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, prevent constipation and other effects.

    lily is dampness, invigorating spleen stomach, the study found that Ling Fu and Lily can be effective in delaying female aging, regulate hormone levels, reduce the incidence of ovarian cyst.


    generally speaking, estrogen is one of the best methods to adequate ovarian maintenance, of course, in the daily life is from the food intake of specific food, in the above contents have listed, in addition, in addition to the diet, but also pay attention to the mood, not emotional fluctuations, to maintain a good attitude, on ovarian maintenance also play a crucial role.

    study found that women who ate carrots 5 times a week had a 50 percent lower risk of ovarian cancer than women who did not eat it.



    : black beansBlack beans known as

    letinous edodes:

    kudzu root:

    The main function of

    ovary is healthy, have a close relationship with reproduction, such as the phenomenon of premature ovarian, have certain effect to be pregnant, and cause other side effects, such as low immunity, reproductive diseases, therefore, ovarian maintenance is very important, but is to correct maintenance of ovarian, then. How to maintain the ovary? From the start of food, eating a healthy diet can not only can maintain the ovary, also can prevent and treat diseases.



    , in particular, is rich in isoflavones in the wild kudzu root can mimic estrogen, long-term consumption can help promote hormone secretion.

    million King’s name, which contains an abundance of plant estrogen, estrogen can help women, maintenance of the uterus and ovaries of women can be said that there will be a great help.

    purple eggplant contains a substance called vitamin P, which can enhance the elasticity of blood vessels. It is found that eggplant is helpful to inhibit cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

    study found that if you add 90 grams of vitamin C and vitamin E every day, then the probability of ovarian cancer will be greatly reduced. Therefore, it is recommended that qualified female friends can consult the relevant experts, and then make a scientific supplement.


    The breast health care Handbook ‘s health network

    with the accelerating pace of modern life, many women almost daily bustling about, pay attention to their health, more is to ignore the breast health. But experts pointed out that the breast is very important for women, therefore, should be carefully protected.

    1 maintains normal weight: obesity is a high risk factor for breast cancer. To reduce the intake of high fat, high calorie foods, especially fried foods.

    care for female breast

    tip 3: breast self-examination

    2 with hormone drugs: some women taking hormone drugs in order to make the breast fullness, resulting in endocrine disorders, which increases the risk of carcinogenesis of breast diseases.

    develop a good habit of monthly breast self-examination. Specific methods are as follows:

    3 to maintain a good mood: depression, tension and other emotions will increase the level of fat embolism. Keep optimistic relaxed attitude, reduce alcohol intake of coffee stimulant on breast health is very important.

    2 position examination. Lying in bed, with the nipple as the center, with finger clockwise side >

    1 mirror examination. Standing, his arms hanging on both sides, to observe the breast shape, whether the normal arc profile becomes irregular, there is no orange peel like pits, or is there? A small lacuna, extrusion when there is no fluid from the nipple overflow. If the above situation, should go to the hospital as soon as possible.

    tip 1: pay attention to lifestyle

    tip 2: breast cleaning and maintenance

    modern women pay more and more attention to breast health care, maintenance and beautification. Fullness of the breast is a very important part of women’s charm. So, how to maintain good breast?


    found in clinical experience, the incidence of breast disease and many bad habits. The following factors, more worthy of all women pay close attention to, and try to make their own way of life more healthy.

    shower every day should give breast special care, doctors recommend that women should use the bath brush to clean the nipple areola special, which is particularly important for congenital inverted nipples in women. Then with the nipple as the center, do rotary massage to the breast with the brush body, which can not only stimulate blood circulation, can also remove the upper skin slightly. In addition, you can also use hot and cold water alternately wash the breast, in order to enhance the blood circulation of the breast, which is helpful to maintain the elasticity of the breast and tall and straight.

    4 with mother: Survey: ratio function of neutral in patients with breast cancer is low, the elderly unmarried, widowed elderly primipara, were significantly higher than other groups. Because this kind of population in vivo hormone level is very difficult to maintain normal, although fertility but very little lactation or never breast-feeding is also easy to cause breast milk, breast cancer risk increased significantly. It is recommended that women should maintain normal sex and have a baby at the best childbearing age (not more than 35 years) and stick to breastfeeding.


    Effect of emotional color pink the most relaxing mental health network

    people’s personal experience shows that color has an important impact on people’s psychological activities, especially with the mood is very close relationship.

    scientific research on the relationship between color and human’s psychological and emotional, found that the color of human psychology and physiology will have an impact.

    now life, people are more and more affected by color, home design is very particular about the color and tone. It was suggested that the formation of the child’s character is also affected by the color of the living environment, some colors will stimulate people’s appetite. Does the color have so big influence to the person’s psychological emotion? Why people are affected by color?

    colors affect mood

    in our daily life, entertainment, military activities, and other fields have a variety of colors affect people’s psychological and emotional. All kinds of people: ancient rulers, modern entrepreneurs, artists, advertisers and so on are consciously or unconsciously use color to influence and control people’s psychological and emotional. People’s clothing, food, shelter, and also do not reflect the color of the application: put on the summer lake blue clothes will make people feel cool, people put the meat into a sauce red, will have more appetite. Color has been able to affect people’s mental state and mood, is derived from the natural color of the natural color.

    with the development of society, the impact of people’s perception of the color of the material more and more people, people feel more and more complex color. For example, the feeling of green experience, experienced the "Cultural Revolution" and the experience of people who do not have a different feeling.

    color can affect people’s psychology and physiology

    foreign scientists found that: in the red light, people’s brain waves and electrodermal activity will change. In the red light irradiation, hearing people decreased grip strength increased. The same object looks more red under the red light than in the blue light

    color affects nerves and mood

    , for example, usually red bring these to feel excitement, enthusiasm, positive, passionate and strength, and solemn, solemn, happy and happy. Green is the color of grassland and forest in nature. It has the meaning of life eternal, ideal, young, safe, fresh and peaceful. Blue make people feel distant, quiet and empty.

    psychologists believe that people’s first impression is visual, and the greatest impact on the visual color. The reason why people’s behavior is affected by color, is the behavior of the people are often susceptible to emotional domination. Color can affect people’s mental state and mood, that is, the color comes from the natural color of nature, blue sky, red blood, golden sun…… To see these natural color and natural color, will naturally associate with these natural objects related to the feelings of experience, which is the most primitive impact. This may also be the reason why different regions, different countries and nationalities, different personalities have some common feelings of color experience.


    A small chest patch up by protein health

    small chest feels "feminine", that was to figure out the best wedding dress to highlight the effect. However, through before the wedding to "practice", in a short period of time so that the chest "fattening" success.

    3 hands no longer cross, four fingers close together, with the mean surface from the nipple radiate light with 1 minutes, in order to fully stimulate the thymus, so that the chest is gradually increased.

    1.Borghese youth breast Repair Cream (410 yuan /50g)

    friction force, work can not be

    to promote collagen synthesis, so that the chest continues to absorb nutrients, and become more mature, with the unique charm of women. Not only that, it can also improve the skin and activate the skin, improve the The new supersedes the old. chest stretch, so that the original slightly pale chest, smooth, plump.

    3.Qi tune Jin Jing chest repair beauty liquid (420 yuan /70g)

    (internship editor: Deng Yongqi)

    1 hand massage double cross chest, from the middle to the lower part of the chest to both sides of the painting circle, back to the top of the chest.

    Step 1: identification component

    stimulate cell regeneration, and resistance to environmental stress and free radicals, to regain youthful skin, the advantages of delicate as silk – arbutin used in breast in the most appropriate, so that the chest is smaller gradually plump up the bride, and the chest skin will be more compact.

    According to the

    "friction" method: key ring type massage to make the chest has "grown up", as if deep cleavage, in cosmetics "care", round massage, can make the chest much more symmetrical, deep and charming cleavage.

    : arbutin to accelerate cell regeneration

    Why: no adequate intake of protein, causing chest fullness, cleavage naturally will not exist; the mother is not sexy may also be caused by genetic factors, their chances of attractive cleavage will be reduced.

    100% cleavage packages:

    mango extract: perfect breast line


    2 change direction, from the middle to upper part of the chest to both sides of the painting circle, back to the bottom of the chest, help in the breast at the same time, the formation of extrusion cleavage.

    survey showed that mangiferin extract can enhance the chest line perfect, let bosom plump up in imperceptibly, and velvety smooth texture, instantly make chest feel soothing comfort, in the shortest possible time to regain the attractive lines.

    2.Yves Rocher breast cream (350 /50ml)

    lotus core essence: the top of the chest beauty liquid

    Step 2: knowledge manipulation