Zhu Zerong female website stationmaster has a lot of not easy

Zhu Zerong: "women in business" has been the Zhuo school classroom is an important research topic, especially in the Chinese, thousands of years of traditional culture on women’s imprisonment and oppression is extremely serious, the loss of female and male equal development opportunities, coupled with the impact of physiological and psychological factors, it is difficult to keep the same male and female the spirit, strength, dedication and ability development.

Zhu Zerong says: "female website stationmaster has a lot of not easy. read more

Network marketing rob sentencing conviction ten basis

The so-called

network marketing, in fact, is a shortcut network for small and medium enterprises money ", less investment, high return effect. A lot of smart entrepreneurs tend not to fight and win the first ", our enterprise network marketing development trend after they know, they like to network marketing" sentenced ", I found this thing can earn money for me, because they found their own enterprises" conviction "basis. Understand the network marketing friends all know that network marketing focuses on marketing rather than the network, the site is a shortcut marketing platform, so the network marketing positioning is very important for enterprises to carry out network marketing, so entrepreneurs how to find their own network of "money" sentencing conviction basis? Below and introduce the commonly used location methods. read more

Some free space for novice Adsense harm

is a novice Adsense site, many webmaster will find the free space online, I like, I do this site (tlans.cn), I bought the space recently come out, in the repair, it has not, I do not want to spend money to buy one, I will use a free space, have now done 10 days, what was not to free space feeling, just think of some of the restrictions on the site according to the function, not what.

the day before yesterday I free space program upload to my space charge inside, although it can not be used, I just want to put him up, just yesterday I went to Baidu search group of this site has not been included, I just put the domain name space also charge me check the next (ecos80.cn), the results of a surprise under (ecos80.cn) was collected, I wonder? I like the program, the domain name (ecos80.cn) did not do any promotion, the program is put up, it was only 2 days to be collected, the I (tlans.cn) I TT propaganda also, do a lot of external connections, hey! Baidu is not included, I feel very puzzled, I thought my domain name is by Baidu K. read more

The ability of people to acquire websites needs to be improved

Baidu 13 update, suddenly put my station keywords to third position, traffic suddenly soared. I bought the network space is II space Admin5 agency, estimates hold, intends to sell off. Just sell 100, also count the domain name (ORG) registered money.

went to the forum site for the version of the area, one by one to add those people buy the website qq. Almost all of the people are not willing to buy, because my website Baidu included is not good, they need to be included in the tens of thousands of stations. Heaven and earth conscience, I stand, but my hand every day two or three stick to manual updates, the total amount of the article is hundred, how can be included so much read more

Tips for improving site recall

what is the rate of return of the site, that is, the number of sites in the 24 hours, with the number of visits to users, more evidence of the stickiness of the site and the higher user loyalty, indicating that the more valuable the site. The rate of return on websites is the percentage of repeat customers:

, for example:

access times, percentage of visits,


first visits 7498293. 3%

second visits 26903. 3%

third visits 8591. 1%

fourth visits 4380. 5% read more

Horse Grassland six major reasons for the rapid growth of portal Forums

, whether novice or novice, webmasters have attached great importance to the collection of search engines. Then, what factors are included in the collection of a forum? This article attempts to take the portal forum as an example, and gives a brief introduction to this issue that we all pay more attention to. If we can get some enlightenment from it, the purpose of the writing will be achieved.

one, domain name advantage


comes to the domain name, let’s first talk about the match between the domain name and the website name. In any case, the search engine still has a certain artificial intelligence, in a web site or forum to identify and included, the "person as its name", of course, will get a better first impression. Take the gateway for example, its domain name is the full name of the website phonetic alphabet, the forum of course enabled the BBS two domain name. In addition, the current gateway to the main station of the PR value of 6, and the corresponding gateway through the forum, the PR value has risen to 5. At this point, the gateway through the forum, to some extent, has touched the light of the portal master station. Therefore, if a top-level domain name site weight is higher, used to develop the corresponding two level domain name, will have a congenital advantage. These provide a foundation of trust for search engines. read more

Good faith soft Wen creative points

soft to avoid a "hard advertisement" weakness, "puff" for "he sold him", with "soft, not" soft "" to describe it seems a little too much. As everyone knows, now consumers of "hard advertisement" has a kind of emotional conflict, therefore, to raise awareness and make a significant contribution for the product or brand in "hard advertisement", but it is very difficult for the brand or product accumulated good reputation. This time, you need to run a soft. For example, we know melatonin is by virtue of "hard advertisement" + soft text "in marketing has great success. read more

How to make your WeChat friends circle too fast



has a friend with me, I think she is a beauty (beautiful picture), I asked her: "who are you? Why me?" I thought what she attempted to me? The people said: "the group of Riga you, the boss made a month to add friends to one thousand people, I has been completed four hundred more……"

as a self 90, and a WeChat senior game player, I was to sniff at this play, I said one sentence: "superficial human!" Why say, what is the profound truth, in front of the "in this world, only one can have a detailed description I praise", copy the title input to view, there are cold Tucao, do not make a detailed description. read more

Do not stand to make money for the purpose of the article will be second

on an article published in the Admin5 not to make money for the purpose of doing station will chengdaqi, many people reply let me more encouraged, this time I put more detail experience sorted out for everyone to share. Copy value! The last one, like most people’s articles, just mentioned the main points. Today I’ve taken the time to give you some details about the client’s first ad charge.

first of all, let’s look at the current situation of www.tiaohuo.com, and I’ll go with the attached figure read more

How to make ordinary enterprises stand instantly lit up

currently two or three line city enterprise website is very traditional, the user went in to see nothing to stay, left, such as:

is very old-fashioned, but feel too complex and compact layout, like this site directly to do Baidu for promotion, the flow is there, but the user experience? The customers have the desire to buy the site? How a simple modification can instantly increase the user experience of


first: 1, change the layout of the plate, the product display to make a row of rolling can be, that is, save space and show all, you can also directly link to the product management page. read more

As for example, talk about the establishment of user model

fine operation will be more and more valued in the future, especially for large and medium-sized products (day 100 thousand +). With it comes the concept of the user model.

1. The necessity of user model

when the product becomes more and more complex, the number of users increase, the product behavior of new users and old users to different user behavior, different purposes and so on a series of reasons, resulting in a lot of time in a part of your function is set up in order to attract more new users, and some of the advanced functions are to mature users set up and there is a small part of the core function is to you to set the user group. read more

Website optimization of all efforts and advance and retreat freely

too much, SEO in order to pursue rankings or goals, like to go all out. But when we really reach the target, we find that many places are too utilitarian, confused, and do not know the next goal after achieving the goal, or what strategies can be adopted to keep the goal?.

for example, the friend’s www.920575.cn, after several months of hard work, many keywords are ranked first in Baidu, and the number one is certainly good. But when he reached his goal, he didn’t know what to do next. And once all the effort will make him no more ways to ensure the core competitiveness, and the pressure and expectations of coming along, the embarrassing profit model is miserable. read more

To hardware decoration website Baidu slow update analysis

hardware jewelry website from April 10th on-line, to Baidu from April 23rd to the site was included, in line with Baidu for new sites audit ” half moon rule “. In this half month time, I feel the time is really slow. The first thing to open the computer every day is SITE. After 10 times of feeling of loss, I finally realized my sense of achievement in April 23rd. Although included only 4, but it is better than not included.

but as you know, success is a greater loss. From April 23rd to today has more than half a month, Baidu did not update my site, my website is not done well? I still write code to search engine friendly? Or server problem? The reason is discussed. The feeling is not the problem mentioned above, it is Baidu’s “half of” oh! read more

Website originality content, source, method simple talk

is the best you can write every day, every day to update the original article. However, the limitation of time and energy makes it difficult for our webmaster friends to write original content every day. What should I do? Here are some possible ways to refer to:

first: pseudo original – modify the title and content of the article

when you add content, search the title with Baidu, YAHOO or Google first, see if there is a search result that matches your title exactly, and change the title. You can make a few changes at the beginning and end of the article. For example: “collected by the www.21xiaonei.cn campus network code finishing, and released in XXX, welcome everyone to use, please get more code on the XXX website, the wonderful waiting for you!” and so on, the original article is basically out. Why should change the content from beginning to end, because the search engine included after the description is often the end part. For example Adsense publisher resources stand above all articles after the original treatment, not search the same title in Baidu. read more

Small social 90 to do football social platform complete O2O closed loop, there is revenue

[small] social commitment in the beginning, the first appearance of the project should be originated from Peking University Tsinghua University dating application tataUFO, but will be held in Wuhan the "TMT horse contest" project "lucky" football people eyes, saw the small social go through O2O closed loop mobile communities play so I decided to let him into a team.

Le Qi football is a social platform for football, founder Qiu Qiu is 90. Today, "Le Qi football" has gone through the mobile Internet O2O closed loop, community users to organize activities under the line, and rely on the O2O closed-loop, Yue Qi has won 60 thousand of the monthly flow. Monthly activity and earnings are expected to double this year. read more

No money, no technology, how should the webmaster operate the website (three)

what is a good soft Wen? Answer: can understand, and not see the article will be able to flow! If you agree with me, please read my "no money, no technology, webmaster should how to operate the site? (three)", namely: the end of a long and minute statement, say a lot. The ending, after the article, I will write some specific, such as: how to let Baidu included more? The popular keywords bring traffic to the site into the text of the


in the last article, we talked about the three points, namely: update skills; website skills; advertising techniques; because of the time, the last two said, now talk about advertising techniques, as we all know, a lot of advertising and advertising is clicked to encourage and stationmaster manually click on ads (GG advertising, Baidu this alliance is not allowed, there is often a friend site is K, we do not The loss outweighs the gain., "defy the law"), for individual webmaster, traffic every day is very limited, especially the new day, even if the good can reach 500IP 500IP, but also to bring the number of Money? How to use the limited IP earn an unlimited amount of money, has become a major problem, as a writer I also did not reach too high a level, we come together To learn and analyze, I feel the following: read more

Talking about the necessary conditions for personal stationmaster

has had a year since he founded his first site. To bring their own "webmaster" the "title" imperceptibly, more or less happy feeling. In the absence of a site of their own, hope to be able to have their own website in the vast network of the world, it was never considered to be a personal webmaster will face what to have, what time did not like mobile phone is how much you want to have a mobile phone, but never thought Mobile phone mobile phone fee to pay something. Should say, I am not a successful individual stationmaster, also is not a fierce individual stationmaster, so far, my website still little person cares, the advertisement fee with very little pity lets me have wry smile only. Well, today I will discuss with you, as a personal webmaster, what conditions need to have?. read more

The growth path of an unpopular industry website

in November 2002, the Peking University apartment dormitory, there were no classes this afternoon, some students were reading, some in the play be absorbed in; be in full swing CS and Warcraft; and I was bored in bed roll, fall into a reverie.


does not love to play the game and do not want to read, it should find something to do, because from the tea, the first thought is to sell tea, tea bar, time limit, not too realistic. Suddenly think of, to Beijing under the train went straight to the street – MA Lian Road, the capital of tea street, crowded, not lively, there is a relative opened a tea shop, business booming. Because of busy, relatives to come to help explain every Saturday, the way to help me improve food, have to eat to live and play, Why not?? read more

Success of Internet business (ten) case analysis of successful websites (1)

The success of the

website has its own reference for new Internet business novice, how fast through the station to earn a pot of gold, to understand and learn from the successful website profit model is very necessary.

one, you can also be a successful webmaster

two, play shares of the city network

More than

content details can be to the article "Internet business success" (ten): you can also be a successful webmaster, read

three, Automotive China to do the most practical vehicle site read more

Why did the originator Foursquare mess up

original title: who messed up the LBS check-in originator Foursquare?

recently, media reports said, Foursquare open advertising platform to 1 million 500 thousand businesses, seeking transformation, and its CEO Crowley entrepreneurial process has been more than ten years. How he in a juebu Zhenzhong led the team to find a way out? Take a look at the Fastcompany website of Denis · Crowley reports, look at the story behind CEO, compiled by the titanium media:

, Denis, ·, Crowley (Dennis Crowley) recently became the focus of the media, not on the hot debate on the Twitter, is a public view of the news figures. read more