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The successful application of Shanghai site website LOGO to share the experience of love

, I to our company website were submitted for review, but did not pass, that is the wrong size picture of one of the 75*75px, I >


1, you make the site logo size must be consistent with the 121*75px and 75*75px, or submitted will soon call back, this is a threshold.

What is the logo

if you have permission to submit, congratulations to you, then in accordance with the relevant requirements to submit to

how to do?


is the best way to apply for a logo site in Shanghai love webmaster tools background.

2, logo site should be clear and complete, highlight the theme, let others take a glance that this logo is your website, do not upload, others site logo.


here I want two points:




when you add your site, in accordance with the instructions, and then go to see your website you have permission to add the site logo. (for the old station adding love Shanghai Webmaster Tools verification, I do not know whether Shanghai will love automatic verification website is currently Shanghai Longfeng give permission to open


as long as it is in the search results appear in the results page results will show this one site logo site logo is how to set? How to apply to


is not registered in Shanghai love webmaster tools first friends to register, and then add your site to verify. For the new station, the general love of Shanghai is not considered to submit your site permissions of the logo.

, there will be audit tips, you can be modified during the audit, preview, when your site in logo upload, of course can also refer to green box that made


After you submit the audit in the


very helpful!Before

time last week saw the webmaster dynamic love Shanghai webmaster tools in a successful application of the official website of the Shanghai sign of love to share the experience of "article, see the author write a good experience on the site is also very good. But after reading the whole article is not difficult to find, to sign the official website of the Shanghai sex will need to pay for the real name authentication or authentication field, for small and medium-sized enterprises or grassroots webmaster, do not want to spend this cost



One month from the site to Baidu included to the site is K whole process

as a novice, can do the first website do not mention how happy. I believe all the webmaster have this feeling. I’ll tell you about my virgin station from construction to Baidu included and then to the website by.

K process

5.1 holiday. Just the germination of the establishment of the desire, so start looking for information on the Admin5 website. So that the DEDECMS.. And find a space advertisement in the Admin5 above (I do not provide the name of the company, to avoid being mistaken for advertising to brick). Then buy space. Domain name has less than 1 hours because the domain name in the site before going to bed the night before have a good check. The content of the website is a good idea. So the space ahead of the hands. Domain name after the hand. Immediately to the DEDECMS upload up. The next step is to find a template. To modify the template. Cost in the production site above 3 days. On the night of the daily template to modify production. Finally completed.

web site production process from Admin5 to SEO.. And above when the site after completion of production, a series of SEO cheats with up.. then begin to dream. And the site is included. Other website ranking TOP10..TOP5..TOP1… What a wonderful idea. Ah ha ha. Now recall it is really a little naive.SEO if it can be so easy to.

when I began to site SEO finished, waiting for included a few days included. So I try to seduce the Baidu spider. Overnight in Baidu know, Baidu Post Bar post. In fact, my work is effective. The first thing every day I open my computer is… It lasted 10 days. Finally in the morning. I continue to site: the results makes me very happy. So I skipped a day course. In order to celebrate the site is included. Ha ha. I told all know computer friends. So to show off his ability. At first only in the third rankings page. But I’m not satisfied. So anxious. Continue to study how to get the ranking of the first page. I began to appreciate the crazy crazy SEO. link. In order to make the row to the first page of the.


, a terrible thing happened tonight, come back from school. The first thing is to open the computer But see webmaster Statistics.. I find today’s traffic a lot worse than yesterday. Originally the site traffic is rising. So I use tools to check the next rankings. My heart suddenly dropped down from third. Pages fell into 183 pages. I want to cry but no tears. I thought, why are you so ruthless Baidu. Every day I work so hard, you do this to me..

hey, adjust the mood. Come again.


Tips for improving site recall

what is the rate of return of the site, that is, the number of sites in the 24 hours, with the number of visits to users, more evidence of the stickiness of the site and the higher user loyalty, indicating that the more valuable the site. The rate of return on websites is the percentage of repeat customers:

, for example:

access times, percentage of visits,


first visits 7498293. 3%

second visits 26903. 3%

third visits 8591. 1%

fourth visits 4380. 5%

fifth visits 2570. 3%

sixth visits 1760. 2%

seventh visits 1470. 2%

eighth visits 1340. 2%

ninth visits 1140. 1%

eleventh visits 830. 1%

tenth visits 780. 1%

twelfth visits 650. 1%

thirteenth visits 590. 1%

sixteenth visits 480. 1%

fourteenth visits 470. 1%

eighteenth visits 430. 1%

fifteenth visits 400. 0%

nineteenth visits 390. 0%

seventeenth visits 350. 0%

access more than twentieth times 260. 0%

access more than fiftieth times 70. 0%

access more than 100th times 30. 0%


from the second access to data, began to calculate the rate of return of the site, the higher the percentage back, it shows that the higher the rate of return of the site.

‘s website is based on providing web sites to access what users need, increasing the user experience, increasing the rate of return of the site rather than cheating on search engines and cheating on websites. Seoer Xiyuan and we analysis, how to improve the site back rate.

web content

regularly update, maintain, target, group, interests, concerns >


Insight into the SEO industry to achieve self positioning

is currently engaged in the SEO industry in China, tens of thousands, countless. We can clearly see that someone is doing well, such as seowhy, moonseo and so on, it was successful; but there are a lot of people, all day to do ranking and ranking, do brains, pay a lot, but should not be returned. So, what’s the main purpose of your SEO? Obviously, everybody is making money. We this group of SEO webmaster how to position yourself, and in this industry to achieve their own profits,


first of all, we must understand what the SEO profit model in the end, in general, do SEO can be generally divided into the following two kinds, one is to serve themselves, and the other is to serve customers.

He said that the

service, is a kind of project to do their own money, such as SEO training platform, like seowhy, moonseo and so on, these are based on a powerful technical team based on the threshold requirement for us, is very high; of course there are a lot of platforms like SEO, these we rely on their own inspiration to play. In a word, do these platforms, your technical team should be hard enough, or else do not touch, even if you have a good idea, technology can not keep up, really hurt.

is also a service to customers, and this is what I want to focus on a model. First, we should put the customer classification, what customers need SEO to do service? I do some statistics, mainly divided into the following categories: first, small and medium enterprise customers; second, Taobao third, grey shops; industry; with so many years of development, small and medium enterprise customers is a piece of fat meat SEO network company, they took great pains to run my own company, to win the trust of these enterprises, a variety of charging mode, while the annual income, monthly income for a while, for a while is received by the day and so on; because of the instability of SEO, caused by SEO type network company in the enterprise customer’s image is more and more worse, a variety of moves to win their trust, it is increasingly difficult to walk the road. I can give a example of this, if each customer web is like a person, and every website appeared right down, adult analogy sick, so every time Baidu update, you will have many patients, your business with these patients, how do you go to open up new markets, we imagine, should be very clear this road there will be difficult to walk. Behind the two modes can be said to be relatively close to that in a few years ago is also led to the development of a lot of SEOER, they can be said to be a part of the SEO industry leader, specializing in some popular keywords, bring a lot of traffic to the site, and then sell or rent to the business, from the win profit. This model is free and easy, there is not much additional pressure, ranking on the flow of money, no traffic, there is no money, compared with small and medium enterprises compared to customers, it is much better. >


Talk about little experience in English speaking station

the first big weakness for Chinese people in English is definitely language.

if you haven’t lived abroad for more than one year, the English you write, no matter how comfortable you feel, must be uncomfortable in the eyes of foreigners. Unless you only record life trivia. But the amount of information almost zero life trivial, European and American entertainment is not so poor, who cares about you eat a few bowls of rice a few days, so, if you want to rely on original articles to retain English readers, it is very difficult. The content of the article is very unique, in order to have good performance in the search engine. But I am keenly aware of some sing the same old song. What I did was the technical station.

in an article, I mentioned a solution to a problem. This method is only suitable for very small part, used in two words or three is solved, but I in this article recalling the past, look to the future, the whole of a big article hullabaloohullabaloo. The result is in the main page of the keyword.

in another article, I spent a few hours, the original manual translation of technical articles a domestic Daniel, is the result of this article is GOOGLE included, but no single target keyword search in


came to the conclusion: the first part is the small amount of information, but the contents (i.e. [b] words [/b]) enough is unique, so the performance is good, there are 20 IP through the target keywords reaches this article every day. The second article, the amount of information is large, but the article’s [b] word combination [/b] is too close to others, there are a lot of technical terms and steps. Others use these terms in writing such an article. So the combination of words is very similar. So, sometimes it’s hard to please.

can come out here: you can imitate the others, to extract useful information, then you can add a lot of irrelevant words, rely on the rubbish, make your article the word combination is very unique, so as to improve the ranking objective.


The rural market is the P2P loan gold cornopean said village every year millions of water, 1 billion

Abstract: the lack of rural finance is not due to high risks of loans and low returns. But the countryside is too scattered, traffic inconvenience, small amount of loans and deposits, bank networks stationed high cost, and these problems can be solved by the internet. So the countryside is the gold mine of P2P loan.


recently, CCTV exposure of the big fortune P2P fund-raising fraud case. Since May 2014, the big wealth P2P network credit platform through the release of false "target" to the public, "about standard" 356 million yuan, the actual absorption of about 6000 investors, a total investment of 180 million yuan. To the incident, nearly 5000 investors about 68 million yuan of funds failed to repay principal and interest.

in fact, from 2013, P2P running on foot is a common occurrence. CCTV’s view is that the net loan platform not only has no third party fund management platform, but also can use the investor’s funds at will. Some net loan platform platform bosses from the platform for enterprise management, borrowing tens of millions, to achieve self occupied by risk, no control and no one takes, hidden behind a huge risk capital can only fall on the investor’s head.

, in fact, the P2P loan has changed its taste in China, and its real market demand has not been excavated in the rural market. The fund-raising fraud in the name of P2P has been surging, but the real gold mine has been forgotten.

The origin and dissimilation of

, P2P loans

Now we say

P2P loan, Bangladeshi banker to the poor, Mohamed Yunus (Muhammad Yunus) of the invention, which he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006, he initiated and developed the "new model" of a micro loan of Grameen Bank, for because of poverty and are unable to get traditional bank loans to entrepreneurs, the actual improve the poverty of rural bangladesh.

The origin of

P2P is in the rural areas, and its emergence is to solve the rural areas which are not covered by the traditional credit system and to solve the capital requirements of small-scale farming.

to China, most of the P2P companies do not do the tedious small loan market in rural areas, but instead undertake the city credit business.

We see

, P2P project accident, the basic personal financing platform in the P2P and P2P platform to set up a big project to the use of funds, the risk depends on the success of this project, and some P2P simply false items to attract funds. With a high interest rate, refunding, into illegal fund-raising in fact.

wait until the money chain cannot carry on expansion, many funds run away, doing the dream of getting rich investors.

from the perspective of interest rates, it is difficult for normal industrial and agricultural production to obtain such high annual rate of return, the real high interest rates, low-risk good project, it is not difficult to obtain the bank


How to style KTV stores to improve the strength of the software

style KTV stores need to do their own work, improve the competitive advantage, can attract more attention to the franchisee. Hardware equipment stronger, to be attractive, at the same time, software services to keep up with, otherwise, it is difficult to form a strong comprehensive strength, in the end need to pay attention to what? Come and see.

discount type KTV stores must first have a VOD system, can be considered as the object, but when the choice should pay attention to some of the elements, the first is to have a system to ensure the operation will not crash; especially the song request is very high, the general back singing is the pursuit of fashion one song update schedule, which is to attract customers capital.

1.KTV is a service industry, good management can reduce costs and increase revenue. If the customer visits, service personnel ignore, live warm enough, may dispel the enthusiasm of customers, or customer mood indirectly, so it cannot attract more customers will lose repeat. So as to human nature as the starting point, let the guests have Guests feel at home. feeling.

2. to reduce the number of services, reduce costs.

3. to improve the efficiency of the manager for centralized management, stratified charge, personnel training, retraining, on-the-job training, elimination system is necessary.

4. cohesion staff: employees in the front line, the best understanding of customer needs, the most direct to meet the customer, to allow employees to the company proud, dedicated to customer service. Can be used to reward and punishment system.

Apart from the above

, there is KTV for the entire marketing planning, there is no market marketing.

(3) bypass supplier: long-term close cooperation with wine suppliers, do more promotions, drive sales, but also the use of supplier’s advertising the store also advertised.

discount type KTV stores management need to spend a lot of thought. Now do a good job is also the focus of service providers need to focus. Otherwise, customer complaints, or dissatisfaction with the evaluation of the shop are recommended


How to create a unique atmosphere of consumption

a hotel will have what kind of consumption atmosphere, which is very important for the development of the hotel, for consumers is a great role. Therefore, if a hotel wants to do business, naturally need to create their own unique consumer atmosphere. However, the atmosphere is how to create, now plagued by numerous operators. So, how to create a unique hotel consumer atmosphere?

philosophy of dialectical materialism provides us with a theoretical basis for creating a unique atmosphere of hotel consumption, there are no two identical leaves in the world. Any hotel has its own characteristics, which is to create a unique foundation. How to build their own hotel atmosphere?

first of all, to fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of their hotel, a full range of analysis, which is a very important step to do this work.

secondly, according to the characteristics of their own hotel, soft and hardware packaging, the formation of a special consumer atmosphere. If your hotel is based on tea, then you need to carry out a comprehensive package, a deep excavation of the theme of the content, so that guests have a feeling to see things. As long as the guests have been to your hotel, the next time when he is drinking tea, tea, tea, will inadvertently or inadvertently think of your hotel. If your hotel to the Southern Song Dynasty culture as the theme, then you must dig the essence of the Southern Song Dynasty culture.

finally, the full range of publicity to create a hotel atmosphere. If your atmosphere is well formed, but the guests do not understand or misunderstand, this may be a failure of the design. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to publicity, can be presented to the guest room brochures, can be interpreted through television, radio, newspapers and other media. Through a variety of ways to allow the hotel’s cultural atmosphere into the guests, thereby affecting the choice of guests, through the word of mouth effect, attract more guests to stay.

in the end is what kind of an atmosphere of consumption, each hotel will have its own characteristics, which is a lot of hotels to attract consumers an important way. Of course, how to build, for any hotel is very important thing. So, if you run a hotel, know how to create a unique atmosphere of consumption it?


Principles of summer fruit store management

in the summer of 2012 came with the arrival of summer, of course, also ushered in a variety of fruits of the harvest, summer is a fruitful season, of course, the wise man can see the business opportunities, a fruit shop, but the fruit is placed also need skills.

principle, neat and orderly.

neat, which requires the guide according to the characteristics, the classification of goods, fine class and grade, price, color and other aspects of the display of goods, be arranged to display, so that at a glance.

is clean, tidy shop based on merchandise, for goods with goods sorting, keep clean. Such as exhibits, decorations, promotional materials, such as cleaning at any time, regular replacement; dirty, rotten samples to be replaced in a timely manner to update and re classification, so that the display of goods in a clean, in good condition.

The principle of


Shen Xiaofu authentic Sichuan noodle taste by the chowhound welcome

How to choose to join

noodle snacks, Xiaobian authentic Sichuan rice vermicelli must pick Shen Xiaofu noodle, authentic Sichuan noodle, want to is the kind of spice. Here is a brief introduction to Shen Xiaofu.

Shen Xiaofu noodle authentic taste comes from ancient brewing, now do eat these two guarantees. Shen Xiaofu is in the field of nanowires with a long history of traditional brands, in addition to innovation and development, has always insisted on the ancient brewing noodle, still keep the traditional production of hundreds of years ago, always uphold the principle is to eat fresh, so diners can enjoy the most original Sichuan noodle mellow. Now, Shen Xiaofu in the fashionable bourgeois new concept to seize the noodle rice noodle market, with the combination of Chinese and Western fashion brand image, forming a huge difference with the ordinary noodle market stores at the same time, but also bring diners amazing feeling.

Shen Xiaofu

owns 19 series hot delicacy, in addition to the main 10 most popular noodle products, supplemented by the old time, tea drinks, snacks, taste beef noodle, tomato noodle sirloin are the most common noodle eaters. Shen Xiaofu creative launched the Thai hot and sour rice noodles, beef noodle noodle fish and other characteristics, but let diners can experience more different flavors of fashion noodle. The Thai hot and Sour Rice as an example, this collection of noodle different styles of Chinese and Thai, in sour and spicy taste let diners eat fully and delightfully. A lot of people have tasted Shen Xiaofu rice vermicelli, said Shen Xiaofu’s noodle beyond people’s expectations, no one can eat delicious enemy, it is worthy of trust.

of course, Shen Xiaofu in addition to being welcomed by diners, but also many investors favored. Shen Xiaofu has been able to get diners and investors love, or its own advantages inseparable. Shen Xiaofu in the production of food, always put the needs of diners in the first place, which makes the majority of diners in terms of nutrition and health have been met. In the brand to join, Shen Xiaofu uses the entire shop output mode, a one-stop shop support model, O2O model and other measures to protect the interests of investors, allowing investors to venture capital from scratch, really win in the starting line, great wealth business from Shen Xiaofu noodle stores began.

Shen Xiaofu

Shen Xiaofu delicious no one can be enemies, and its noodle shop to create a wealth of business opportunities, it is no wonder that diners and investors are welcome. Such a popular brand, as investors look at you, can not be tempted to put it into action, the success of Shen Xiaofu from the beginning!