Website originality content, source, method simple talk

Website originality content, source, method simple talk

is the best you can write every day, every day to update the original article. However, the limitation of time and energy makes it difficult for our webmaster friends to write original content every day. What should I do? Here are some possible ways to refer to:

first: pseudo original – modify the title and content of the article

when you add content, search the title with Baidu, YAHOO or Google first, see if there is a search result that matches your title exactly, and change the title. You can make a few changes at the beginning and end of the article. For example: “collected by the campus network code finishing, and released in XXX, welcome everyone to use, please get more code on the XXX website, the wonderful waiting for you!” and so on, the original article is basically out. Why should change the content from beginning to end, because the search engine included after the description is often the end part. For example Adsense publisher resources stand above all articles after the original treatment, not search the same title in Baidu.

second: translate foreign language (English) into Chinese

can use online translation tools to translate, and a little change, it has become an absolutely original content.

third: integration of the article (ie: bring a few related articles, their summary, integration)

fourth: get the original article from the “non mainstream” search engine

Do you like

Baidu Google YAHOO ranking flow, can be considered in addition to the above three with some other outside of the engine, to go there to find the article, then slightly modified OK ( basic is to do so).

fifth: explore the original

from real books, newspapers and e-books

sixth: through Internet users contribute, essay, and closed University web sites or forums and other engines can not find the original place.

that’s all. Feel bad to say, welcome to throw bricks! Original article, welcome to reprint! Thank you!


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