To hardware decoration website Baidu slow update analysis

To hardware decoration website Baidu slow update analysis

hardware jewelry website from April 10th on-line, to Baidu from April 23rd to the site was included, in line with Baidu for new sites audit ” half moon rule “. In this half month time, I feel the time is really slow. The first thing to open the computer every day is SITE. After 10 times of feeling of loss, I finally realized my sense of achievement in April 23rd. Although included only 4, but it is better than not included.

but as you know, success is a greater loss. From April 23rd to today has more than half a month, Baidu did not update my site, my website is not done well? I still write code to search engine friendly? Or server problem? The reason is discussed. The feeling is not the problem mentioned above, it is Baidu’s “half of” oh!

but according to my personal guess, may be the following reasons: 1, the website is using ASP dynamic program, not friendly to the engine; 2, the front page of the site to display the main engine of image recognition products, products of the limited; the chain less 3 of the website, the spider is not attractive enough. 4, the site is not very optimistic about the update, can not do, adhere to the update. In this point, it is difficult to change; 5, the flow of the site did not go up, the attraction of the engine is not enough.

only a few days of reverse link analysis, sometimes repeated phenomenon, it should be explained that spider is also in my website above activities. Is it testing my site again?.

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