Website optimization of all efforts and advance and retreat freely

Website optimization of all efforts and advance and retreat freely

too much, SEO in order to pursue rankings or goals, like to go all out. But when we really reach the target, we find that many places are too utilitarian, confused, and do not know the next goal after achieving the goal, or what strategies can be adopted to keep the goal?.

for example, the friend’s, after several months of hard work, many keywords are ranked first in Baidu, and the number one is certainly good. But when he reached his goal, he didn’t know what to do next. And once all the effort will make him no more ways to ensure the core competitiveness, and the pressure and expectations of coming along, the embarrassing profit model is miserable.

I often like to study sites that aren’t particularly prominent but contain a lot of power. They are not radiant, but they are free and easy. Because they have strong strength as the basis, and they know more about the value concept.

website optimization bucket theory, personal feeling very reasonable, a cask capacity depends on the shortest piece of wood. It is nothing more than to show people the longest piece of wood, but he did not find the shortest piece is also under the watchful eyes of the people. And they are also the laughter of others is recognized by mistake.

don’t pride for our current SEO results, you have studied behind your competitors? Do you have on those “still water runs deep” SEO expert? If you don’t find it, did you find it? Go and Jintuiziru needs is a solid foundation of SEO and the unique ideas.

After all,

‘s strategy is actually more important. And I often appreciate the Alibaba “all out” after the prosperity, and I also appreciate the ease and ease of those free and easy.

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