According to statistics Shanghai love long visit to upgrade

long visit I won’t explain it, even if that did not come into contact with the students look at the website also probably understand what the meaning of love, and Shanghai statistics this upgrade is aimed at long visit to optimize, according to Shanghai’s official statement is love — love Shanghai statistics through hard research, to achieve a breakthrough achievement to complete the recording, visitors from the first page to access all of the last page in length, and constantly adjust the calculation strategy of excellence, long visit, the visit of the special circumstances of web page length optimization, make more accord with the real situation of user access.


limited to time, yet to obtain some statistical data and statistics in Shanghai love after the upgrade, so I can not talk to everyone to do detailed share, we can wait two or three days and then through the analysis of statistical data of Shanghai before and after the love statistics for the optimization and upgrading of the long visit to do a more in-depth analysis, here today.

With the launch of the

as everyone knows, access the data more accurate when longer could help us to judge the product promotion, website content, visitor experience, user viscosity. Take the video website for the love of Shanghai is for example, video sites, users watch video length data is very important, but the users to watch the video of the page, the last page is usually the visit and therefore, other tools can not statistics, statistics and statistics after the upgrade users love Shanghai that can be accurate to find the whole process by watching the video from the search time, the webmaster friends combined with flow analysis, which can know the users are interested in and from marketing channels.


outside the chain of tools love Shanghai, love Shanghai statistics also follow the pace of last night about 7:30 was upgraded from the desktop button to love Shanghai last night love Shanghai statistics platform upgrade, the Baidu to our surprise, the K station is also constantly, as only the words from the teacher Webmaster Platform to love Shanghai statistics, new features emerge in an endless stream more and more close to the people. Today we’ll take a look at the new function of love Shanghai statistics. Last night, Shanghai love statistics after the upgrade, into the statistics, will see a clear hint: the system upgrade, to optimize the long algorithm user access, adjustment may bring fluctuations in the data but more users tend to visit the real.


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