High quality website promotion chain planning approach

exchangeThe establishment of

two, buy the chain home page

communication chain

six, induced by anti

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now frequent exchange of information, many webmasters may also not most private, will visit each other to communicate, and when visiting other web site, you can name their anchor text in these sites, so that not only can raise the effect of the value chain, and is free of charge, the number is also very impressive.

chain is very strong, the more high weight website chain value is high, so we want to enhance the value of the website chain may wish to expand their network, expand their own resources.

in addition to the exchange Links, we want to increase the value of the website chain can also buy some of the chain weight high, such links can also like Links as beneficial to the web site the chain value chain, but this is a capital investment.

there are some websites in order to push their own website weight master ranking, tend to build up many sub sites, such as the medical aspects of the site, which he raised stations usually have a large number of anti chain, anti chain driven website value.

When we analyze the

now many owners have their own blog for some Shanghai Longfeng construction site training, if you have the weight of the older and heavier blog home page anchor text on your site you can bring your blog page, it can also enhance the value chain website. But this way is very difficult now.

website link is very important, and friendship in these links is the priority among priorities, it is our website links to the high quality of the chain, the general exchange is their home, has a very high weight, so this type of links are to provide the website chain value, so we can try to increase the Links slow website in the website optimization.

test chainWe can

four and their dependents

Effect of

, a Links

in other website flow the download site to upload a good website template, the Department of their copyright at the end of the template, page anchor text and bring your own website. But this induction test is only applicable to the copyright of trans trans.

Station group


three, your blog resources

‘s website and the competitor in the gap with the webmaster tools often refer to the two sites is the chain number gap. Here said the chain refers to the webmaster tools shows the anchor text of the chain, and if the number of the chain less than competitors, we may optimize their site will be considered, and how to raise the number of anti chain website in website optimization? Here we provide six kinds of galloping horse can increase the number of chain site. Form.

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