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on the blog program selection is very important, there are a lot of free international program, if computer programming knowledge, can enjoy free, the program will not Never mind, many communities have a support to the above post for support, recommend the use of blog program: WordPress, Z-blog, drupal etc.. If you have problems with making money on your personal blog, visit Wang Guangwei’s Chinese blog for answers, or send email wgwlaw@hotmail for free support. Welcome to email,

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China has millions of jobs every year. Can’t it be solved by government or by others? These are obvious phenomena in the past when the network is underdeveloped. With the growing popularity of the network, China now has nearly 300 million Internet users, and mobile phone users reached 155 million, this is very great, a great relationship and China’s population is a population of more than 300 million countries in the world, and in China the number of Internet users has reached 300 million, which is unmatched by many countries and in such a case, through the network of employment is a good method, can not only enjoy the employment and entrepreneurship bitterness, enrich your life.


taobao nearly two years for the society to solve the hundreds of thousands of millions of unemployed people, can be said to the society contributed, there are a lot of people set up a personal blog, the two is the current mainstream ways of making money online. According to the personal blog network to make money, some advice: first, if the economic difficulties, no way, but also want to earn some money, can choose Sina, Sohu, Beauchamp, and these larger blog operators, also must pay attention to the support of HTML editing, because this is the code must put ads. Second, this is also the case of economic difficulties, buy a domain name of their own, and then do the domain name forwarding. Because it is good to remember, at the same time conducive to promotion. Third, a little better can buy virtual space, have their own domain name and exclusive space, is undoubtedly the complete control of the site, can be adjusted at any time, and there is a certain relationship between the quality of the website and domain name search engine only level domain name, the flow produced in this domain will be included in a domain name head the. Fourth, if the condition is good, can buy their own servers, because the virtual host traffic is limited, when you visit it, virtual space resource is not enough, there will be unable to access the website.


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