How to build the enterprise marketing website

: last station late in Shanghai Longfeng optimization planning. The construction site after the completion of the basic, it is necessary to consider the site optimization to Shanghai dragon implantation site title, description, keywords and website content in product implantation, meta label setting, website construction, website chain chain construction, these are after the marketing type website must be considered. Marketing type website compared with the ordinary site, the biggest difference is that the marketing type website need to join the Shanghai dragon optimization, the site is more common display products. The website construction should not only look good, but also with the Shanghai dragon website optimization, products need to be fully demonstrated, but can not use a lot of animation; the structure of the website to clear good, to consider the architecture of the div+css; "

: next station mid site architecture planning. After the preliminary planning and can be started, in the construction of website marketing oriented, more is to consider the user experience, website user needs to display products, but the product display do not use the flash form, method, use the picture at the same time, you need to add the alt attribute to the picture. The construction site should have a clear navigation, can use the bread crumbs way: Home – column page content page. For the marketing type website needs to classify the site clear, clear classification allows users to choose more products, but also allows users in a shorter period of time, you want to find the goods. Consider the construction site into a mesh structure to the construction site, let the spider more easily grasp, also let users know more of the page.

: first, at the beginning of the site planning and marketing website. The enterprise wants to choose network marketing, you need to make a overall positioning of the site, the specific planning process could be: positioning site -> target customers; to find the target customer -> website; analysis of its website will provide users with what users need what -> -> network station sales target, in accordance with this process to marketing website, in the station need to take these factors into the site, the key is to put "marketing". At the same time, the analysis of competitors website also require enterprises to the beginning of the site, analysis of the competitiveness of the industry, analysis of the web site of the advantages and disadvantages, thus more perfect to build their own marketing website, to achieve no danger of anything going wrong.

enterprise marketing type website, should have a certain understanding of network marketing, there is a big difference between marketing and corporate websites show website. The enterprise marketing website to do some preparation at the beginning of the construction, but now many enterprises of marketing type website can not understand, they do not know the marketing type website needs to have the construction factors like, enterprise website marketing is the final choice to convert flow, improve the final product sales, A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai, zhenduan/) for everyone to talk about how to build the enterprise marketing website here, need to prepare what factors.

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