Causes of eight factors analysis website search engine.

5: safety and stability of the site space. This is all the more clear, this long story short. Regularly check the website internal procedures whether there is a black chain, Trojan etc.. Buy space as far as possible to choose the credibility of good DIC, which is also an important link to optimize the work and sense of the user experience.


4: website content means the website content. The content of the website on whether a user has the readability and practicability is directly related to the site’s ranking. The search engine is more focused on the user experience, so, website content is helpful to the user? Can meet or solve the user’s mind needs or questions, will be directly related to the trust of the search engine on the web, which is also called weight. Often reproduced or collect some large website information, the content repetition rate is too high, the readability and practicability of web content to users is not much, this is also one of the reasons leading to reduce the weight of the website. (in my side to find many websites due to low quality because the website search engine to lose confidence and be punished website)

in the world of the Internet every day, Shanghai dragon industry will have a website punished by search engines. Blow after the loss is more we need to find the reason, because the Shanghai dragon is the cruel competition. This website is on how to solve the love of Shanghai after punishment.

2: the chain is an important resource of the website ranking. Check the website Links, if it is found that the Links site has been search engine signs down right, such as snapshot, site is not in the home page, included suddenly much less, often leads to your site is down right. Once there are similar to those of the friends of the chain, be sure to promptly delete link. These are the key is to insist on a commonplace talk of an old scholar, regularly check the Links.

1: whether excessive optimization. Website optimization avoid: "More haste, less speed." as search engines do pay attention to the natural, so in the process of optimization work as much as possible to reflect the "natural law", optimization plan and operation is in their own way, as far as possible attention in the optimization process, which is often an important factor causing the site for.

3: the website is used Alt. Especially in the logo above using the keyword Alt tags, many websites are love keywords in logo, this is often a major reason causing the website search engine punishment, if used, it is recommended immediately removed.

6: the website is not easy long-term or frequent revision. Do >

website optimization process by search engines love Shanghai is can hardly be avoided. Every day, the research and practice in the search engine of the website ranking algorithm, the effort work site optimization, once the site for this also means to punish the fruits of their labours, bearing and hit the mood, believe that as a webmaster can understand understand.

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