Google and love the sea’s owners decide on what path to follow

love Shanghai, pay attention to the quality of website content, as everyone knows, Google website focus on the high quality chain, is known to every family thing, although not the same as the direction of attention, but there is a goal, let users to search the contents of course need, optimization techniques can not say, but also more than not related, does not affect the to the respective ranking.

engine Although Google

love Shanghai, Google, the two are completely different search engines, and for the Google PR update, which led to the love of Shanghai included reducing, this makes people depressed, are rising because the Google PR think it is not love, whether Shanghai to occupy the market, and write penalty algorithm for Google PR upgrade this website to be confirmed.


is jealous love Shanghai Google, the rise of PR, included with the decline in October 2010, Google employees that Google PR not update, for millions of Chinese webmaster will inevitably feel very lost, today Google PR rose, that the staff is not worth talking about, or is that Google abnormal

share in our Chinese is not very high, but there are still a lot of work, or some people will use Google, of course, most are Shanghai dragon will do Google ranking, who called it is the world’s largest search engine, of course, love Shanghai but we have China boss search engine. Today Google webmaster to a lot of surprises, let not the webmaster worry, because love Shanghai to a webmaster.

two, from the optimization point of view to analyze

three, from a business perspective to understand


Google update Shanghai care what, why love to embarrass Shanghai stationmaster? Of course love Shanghai ventilation is normal, who all know, but the love of Shanghai, really let these owners worry, look at Google PR rise, this is a can happy things, although now the value of Google PR is not so high, but the exchange Links or a good card, PR didn’t look down on others, now with PR, can be exchanged, get chain opportunities also increased, PR increased, but included dropped down from hundreds to tens now included, is what why

, from the point of view to consider the


China originally want to enter the market, want to carve up the market China, but eventually fail, of course, Google will not give up in the Chinese market, but only to exit China mainland market, transfer service to Hongkong, then we can see that Google did not give up China piece of fat, but only a small step to make concessions, and love Shanghai, first Chinese search engine first, occupy most of the market, although now the birth of China market continues its new search engine, but if you want to completely kill the love of Shanghai, the difficulty is relatively large, the love of Shanghai has been popular, become a part of China users, recent love Shanghai adjusted grey auction > a large number of

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