Discussion on how to improve the site keywords ranking webmaster


website online, naturally think through the search engine to get traffic, but because it is a new station, start thinking about the flow of words is undoubtedly the daydream of things. So, the basic content of the site set up, the next is to optimize the site keywords, through continuous optimization and promotion, the website keywords ranking more forward, of course, this need is to adhere to the execution time and the accumulation of the webmaster. For enhancing the keyword method, today I share a few steps:

is in the form of the chain of keywords. Within the chain many owners may think that in order to facilitate the spider crawling more content index page and let users more in-depth access to the page, in fact, in the role of the chain is very large, in addition to the above two, the correlation can also enhance the website keywords and content effectively, also can improve website ranking by within the chain in the anchor text keywords set. Because the site keywords appear in the chain, nature can tell the search engine of these articles are very consistent with the content of the website, especially strong correlation. The strong correlation between the content of the general search engine will give good face. So for whether there is a chain from the station optimization keywords, and in what form, has an indelible role to improve website ranking.

keyword. Every webmaster all know more keywords in front, is to let the search engine know this word is the most important site, in general, many owners are the most important keywords is the most concerned about in the webmaster keywords ahead of the title of the website, meaning that the search led Zhi told this keyword is the most important for the optimization object web site. The search engine through the website keywords layout position, natural will be assigned to each different keyword ranking. So, for the website keywords to improve the ranking, webmaster first to improve the ranking of keywords to the front, because only by the former, the search engine will think this keyword is more important, naturally treat other eye. So in order to improve the keywords ranking, then as far as possible to move it to the front.


is followed by the keyword density. Why there are still many webmaster want to improve website rankings by keyword stuffing? The reason is for the search engine keyword density also ranked in the range given the correlation factor. And approved by the head of the general keyword density is between 2%-8%, it is very easy to search engine that is more than the stack keywords, search engine to drill holes, the natural search engine does not give you the good face of the website. And through the reasonable keyword density increases have effect to improve website ranking is, little attention is not to deliberately increase the keyword density. After all, everything is natural is the best, I think that as long as the keyword density control in 3%-5% is very good, this is not so easy to be mistaken for stack keywords, also can give some help to improve the keywords ranking.

The last is The position of the first

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