A site for three years to see love algorithm Shanghai killed not adjusted

original, rich content mainly includes the article does not contain statements, search engines have included certain pictures and examples, the content is approved by users click on the high rate can be called originality, rich content, and to establish originality, richness of the content is not easy, we must grasp the webmaster three elements. The first starting from the practice, many experienced the event and then combined with their own site theme to write original content. Second from the true picture of how to travel, as some have the value of the picture, and then the picture reasonable insert in the article, let the article have a certain value. From third to attract users to click on start, we will go out after the purpose is to attract users to click on the title of the article, so it must be attractive, attractive title to attract more.

three years three years 09 years, March 25th is the beginning of my first website, March 25th is the 12 year I have 10 sites of the harvest festival, do stand so long, see the love of Shanghai is not stable, have seen a major adjustment of Google, has experienced 360 and QQ war. Do I stand so long a few sites are basically successful, the only experience is "web content without any adjustment and change algorithm".

09 years in March 25th on the site, because do not understand the business knowledge, experience the site, the site was K within a short period of 1 months, and then set up a website, the website that I put a lot of effort, from the website template to link fight has thought of everything, but the site is still being K, from the time when I realized the importance of website content. Third sites were set up, fourth sites were set up, set up to now, the tenth sites, built so many websites, I never went to work outside the chain, also do not have to spend money to engage in a chain, the website ranking has been occupied in Shanghai before the three search engines, because the site content.

love Shanghai search engine is updated every week, witnessed the stationmaster of a lot of friends of the site is down right and be K, it is because of their poor quality web content, while the external factors are not strong enough in the station, this site only to be eliminated, if your website has a rich original content, original the good, then I believe that your site is changed, whether revision keywords, change the title will be search engine drop right, because the search engine to your website, Shanghai love chain algorithm, chain algorithm, algorithm, algorithm code page has been adjusted, but its basic algorithm of web content no, the content of the website has been the site of the core, can be said that the content of a web site occupies the site of algorithm sixty percent, the past three years, now love Shanghai search engine The engine not only adjusted the content of algorithm is the algorithm, to strengthen the content of the original writing, rich content of writing has become the urgent task of stationmaster, many webmaster want to ask "what kind of content is original and rich content?" as you answer the following.

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