B2B platform to promote good flow chart to do likewise

is the most important pictures, because the picture most arrests eyeball, accounts for the largest area. This one has improved, flow can greatly enhance your. I often say a word, a company if there is no art is like a woman without cosmetics be cast into the shade. I often see some enterprise station tens of thousands of dollars or even hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment, a waste product, a picture, a few simple words. The auction also saw a competitor, a keyword tens of dollars bid, landing pages, people can not bear to look into the garbage fearful mess. I often go to the Taobao Tmall to buy things, some tens of dollars a page why doing so well, do not even figure head to buy click go to see ah.

I do Shanghai dragon origin, and done the bidding, so do B2B platform promotion or a piece of cake basically, many ranking factors to understand at a glance, the keyword research is erudite. In that business before or more popular search marketing flow is how the composition of the country, flat teacher used to give a formula that is very clear: * * = flow included click ranking. If you stand in the search on the B2B platform does not exist problems included, so this problem is included into another problem, that is the number of keywords. Of course, this is not to say the focus of today.

click on the issue today, the general factors affecting click B2B platform also so a few, preferred membership is higher than non members click, this is generally not nonsense, members are very difficult to row up. The second is the price, if you price higher than competitors too much, generally have the effect on click. For example, B2B Alibaba as the leader, perfect in this respect, such as online to be no bigger than online click rate. Of course, what field certification, the number of years, brand, and so on a series of Title click factors, but these are not the most important factor. I believe that everyone has depressed, is to show a large amount, but the flow is very small. Why? Because there is no click. Click upgrade is a 3 major means to enhance the flow of.

I often think of those said the boss, so junk page worthy of your products on the tall figure? Said back thing, we do B2>

marketing of small and medium-sized enterprises is nothing more than a search engine and B2B platform, not to talk about the mobile Internet and social media marketing piece, because this number itself is not suitable for the B2B type of small and medium-sized enterprises, but also very few people can do this. The search engine is relatively concentrated in the China is nothing more than to love Shanghai, search, Sogou new. The high content of search engine technology, whether it is Shanghai or dragon bidding or Wangmeng, these operations require or difficult than other promotion, is not an ordinary person can do the operation on the B2B platform is relatively simple, today we focus on B2B platform promotion process is an important discovery in my.

The key is to tell


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