A summary of Shanghai Longfeng tips 14

website, 5

from the relevant industry site Links is absolutely the fastest way to enhance the site PR (especially PR and high quality links to related sites, and also you) to get some traffic from a chain. PR is a new web site was 0 PR6 station link, PR is likely to rise directly to 3-5. Although the PR value are less valued, but also one of the important factors in the evaluation of a website. However, if you have a lot of quality resources on hand, not all of a sudden in to the optimization of the site, if a station within a day by a lot of links, the search engine is likely to be convicted of cheating in the sandbox.

3, Links

Basic knowledge of

in Shanghai dragon title writing is probably the most important. The search engine included in your website is mainly to determine the main content of the page from title, users to search the information he needs is through the title to choose whether or not to click into the page. Title at the time of writing the main do not stack keywords, not too long. General search engines can display title for 30 Chinese characters, title is the high cost of land, for the preparation of title should be brief, such as the optimization of multiple keywords, as far as possible can be simplified into two or three long tail word for the best.

each page can have anchor text link back to the home page, so that not only convenient spider crawling the entire station, can also lead to some of the weight of home page; keywords anchor text links to the home page of each page, especially small web site with the highest home page weight to do optimization is a wise choice; in addition to the content page, can refer to love Shanghai encyclopedia, ask the search structure, keyword links to related pages.

6, to sitemap, and in the home.

The internal structure of the

is almost the most valued all Shanghai dragon books, if you have the ability to do original content, then do the original, this is far better than you do outside the chain, every day to get things online modify do false original come much better.

apply to several different accounts in the mainstream blog site, a relatively strong correlation and links to articles, keywords to optimize the site, not only can increase the probability of spider crawling, can also bring considerable traffic to the site. When the chain sprocket, if combined with technology, as long as it is not done too much, often included effect is very good.

content is king

4, the chain

2, Title

Shanghai dragon is very simple, but the actual operation will encounter many difficulties. I was engaged in the Shanghai dragon for only a few months from now the rookie, I usually work to talk about my experience of Shanghai dragon.



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