Guess Shanghai public warning three love to unfair Shanghai Dragon

two, to get a good ranking optimization must be in accordance with the instructions of

for the love of Shanghai launched a warning, I believe a lot of Shanghai dragon ER will pay special attention to, after all, this is likely to affect their jobs, of course, love Shanghai prompt >

I started from station 05 years, have also experienced the love of Shanghai Shanghai dragon control and combat, one of the most famous Taobao API passenger stations blocked and blocked, and then to now is open to combat unfair Shanghai dragon, from these events, it is self-evident. A challenge the search engine’s bottom line is to be fully blocked. For example, the elder brother of crazy station group operation, the left right word by alkali stations completely occupied the first three pages, it is like as long as the user search the word base laevorotatory right whether you look at the first page, page second or third pages, are in my station. Of course, this incident because of a momentary burst of red is love Shanghai punishment, the elder brother of overnight station group comprehensive ban. Through this event, we can see that for the search engine, which plays a role is the boss, and the webmaster is the younger brother, younger brother to challenge the natural leader, will certainly be unbearable to contemplate the consequences. Like a gangster in the younger brother to kill, which need to face the boss, after all, you want to rob other people’s position, do not cut you cut who, but between the search engine and the webmaster, webmaster want to challenge the position of the search engine that is not possible, because the search engine has an absolute right to speak, you again what challenges, once touched its bottom line, immediately blocked your site, leaving you with. So, in this event, love Shanghai clearly tell all Shanghai dragon ER do not challenge the bottom line of the search engine, otherwise the consequence is himself or stand site was fully blocked.

in February 15, 2012, the domestic search engine. – love Shanghai officially crackdown unfair Shanghai dragon optimization, this day is also a day to remember Shanghai dragon ER, was believed to have left the station crazy let love Shanghai feel threatened, or what may look to the elder brother K was actually finished? First, know the love of Shanghai for improper measures taken Shanghai dragon strike, holding the wrong K not miss determination. But still there are still many unreasonable use of Shanghai dragon to get good rankings site, but in the love of Shanghai is shown warning, how far can optimize this edge, it can also be long? This is a question with no answer. Watching TV all know, since ancient times there is justice where there are usually evil, so as to highlight what is what is evil, and in the website optimization, also has a white hat and black hat, as long as there is a white hat Shanghai dragon, then the black hat Shanghai dragon will also exist, unless one day no longer website Shanghai longfeng. Keywords Shanghai love this so crazy artificial intervention Shanghai dragon, it wants to tell us what

, a search engine can not challenge the bottom line is


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