A height of the title of the party to do

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word too professional. As we all know the NBA in the U.S. National Basketball Association you tell others how to accept. So the word to go with the tide and the user will not derail.


if the user wants to search word is just in front of your title words, so this article you will be placed on the more. Like this of this article is that the most important is the Title Optimization, so I put it on the front.

Don’t use

wrote the article was first set the title, you know. Can choose to view. We should take the user’s point of view to set. That is to say if the user wants to search this article he will enter what key in the search engine, in order to know the user’s search behavior, with the love of Shanghai index check does not write the title in your interview time. This will help you set the title.

top-heavy: one of the most important words in the title the front

encourages friendly black the title of the party, the title of the party don’t try it. So the title and title. To color as bait to lure the wolf. With not related words to deceive users. This is not right.

saw an article on the title of article in the website optimization, write well. So I am here with their own flavor to share under the title of the article is how to search quickly.

my realm: stand in someone else’s perspective.

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is more popular: it is said to have been popular with the title.

wants to be known, do not exposed point. Don’t think, is exposed to your site to share out. Let more people know. There are many methods, such as share to micro-blog, log, circle of friends, but also to the website to engage in investment. To share large social networking sites such as mop贵族宝贝, tianya. If you have enough resources, so in these social platforms photographed without me to give you a share. Then again, in these circles more friends also enemy but love Shanghai, brought about by the noble baby search engines such as "search fans" you say?! so I want to make their sites exposed so don’t make a visit to injured all over the body, the title of the party friendly. What is the title of the party friendly. In the case does not affect the user experience. Do Title Optimization! Now I will introduce some points under the title of the article

finally, much hair outside the chain, the chain is still useful, I have recently started in the hair, the effect is also very good. Good title is half of success, let us follow the title of the party go! Remember that go awry!

little gossip, went straight to the theme. The title of the article as the head, as can be imagined how important it is, so a good title, will let you from the unknown to the public to drink herbal tea is still fire".

work: the title is the essence of the article is.

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