On site upgrade several small details process you must pay attention to the

for a web site, search engine hope is to be as stable as possible. When we upgrade the site, we may feel that only a small area of change, but in the search engine may seem huge changes. For example, breadcrumb navigation changes. Whether breadcrumb navigation plays an important influence in the search engine optimization and user friendly experience on. General breadcrumb navigation is mainly used in the visitor location. For example: Web page » search; & Shanghai Longfeng > »


reasonable during the upgrade you can backup a copy on file to the local, and then modify the end in the local, local test no problem in online server deployment.

details: three small details may lead to problems

cautious and prospective of the treatment site Methods: with

each site in order to improve the security and user friendly experience, will inevitably have to upgrade the site. And upgrade the impact site for the Shanghai dragon and the The imprint is engraved on my heart. If your website has a good ranking of search results. Upgrade to the site caused by the impact is inevitable. They all know that this effect will have a negative impact on the site’s ranking, the worst case is likely because treatment is not good by the search engines is not the necessary punishment. So how are we going to reduce the impact on the site during the upgrade? We need to pay attention to many problems, especially in some small details. Otherwise qianlizhidi will be destroyed nest.

for a site that the basic information of the most sensitive information is the site, Title, H1, H2, Description, and so on are marked on our days after the optimization of influence. When we were in the site upgrade, not on the site and the site of large-scale modification, these sensitive information changes too big or too frequent, it is easy to cause the search engine is not the necessary punishment.

, a site upgrade is not easy, during may have a lot of mistakes. So now that we cannot avoid mistakes, is unlikely to say you can upgrade a success, especially in some functional modules of the site with more. If you directly in your online file modification upgrade, the error caused by the impact will be very serious, not only the user can not access, user friendly experience will decline, but if the search engine at the stop of your site, have certain effect on the weight of your site will.

method is reasonable: for this type of sensitive information changes, we should try to avoid large changes, such as changes in full consideration, forward-looking changes.

details: two key information

details: avoid direct online modification of

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