Another idea in optimizing content included reducing the pros and cons of transformation



dead link is a by-product of long-term operation in the process of website optimization, for the majority of staff, by setting the 404 page is a good choice, of course, in addition to the need to invest some time to those dead link web content.

because the site in the process of operation, the collector is not the same as the title theme but the same page content is often collected, it is easy to have a website which has a large number of duplicate content, these content sometimes can also be repeated beenincluded love Shanghai, looks good on their web sites, but once in love the Shanghai algorithm is improved, so the website often is love Shanghai identified as spam sites, to quickly lower ranking, or even punished, in this sense, rather than self initiative will eliminate duplicate content, let yourself go, to get a higher weight.

we do website optimization, basically are that your web site can be included more, so that we can have more opportunity to show on the Internet, so many Shanghai Longfeng optimization workers are active in the acquisition and reproduced more content, let the site looks very rich, true to life. In fact the webmaster do really very effective. Once the site is included, will find a lot of content to be included, but after a period of time you find a mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, also collected reprint, also collected reprint, because your website ranking is always so down, but now in the original spark program, this website has become the object of love Shanghai crackdown therefore, the optimization of the site, is not able to change the idea of the

there are some websites especially when the garbage soft Wen, after love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm innovation, this garbage soft zone can no longer be the stately love Shanghai included, otherwise you will not love the Shanghai penalty to discuss, because the love of Shanghai green two generation algorithm has clear requirements, and now for the love of Shanghai news the source, also need to clean up the soft zone, so as to optimize the staff, as well as the content is closed, or using robot script protocol, no search engine spiders included, so it can guarantee that some want to achieve results in the soft zone, must pay attention to the quality of the soft, soft paper itself to attract traffic, rather than as a place to optimize the soft zone. Although the love of Shanghai is not included, but also can enhance the ability of interactive website.

three, shielding dead links and background center

, eliminating duplicate content

website content is not actually richness in numbers, in the new love Shanghai algorithm, the quality of the content is the key factor, which is the key to our website optimization idea of change. We can try to proceed from the refinement of website content, a self treatment, although the site included reducing, but the health of the website can increase rapidly. Specific can proceed from the following aspects.

shield spam

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