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love ShanghaiAn controllable factors

love Shanghai to give the weights of the website directly affects the amount included in this website. The same is true for your release platform. If the platform weight your hair down, will cause the amount included decreased, which was deleted article may also be sent by your article, this will affect the chain you. So when publishing platform choice, try to choose the weight of high, stable platform, try to avoid the garbage station.

buy the chain is divided into two kinds, one is Links, one is on behalf of the chain. Now, on behalf of the chain, is to use software group, either with yourself or on behalf of the group, the success rate of the general resources are very low, often a large range of cleaning. And the purchase of the chain, due to not renew the same. So the chain fluctuation caused by this situation, is very common, it is recommended that you try to use less this way. Cheating in the way we are absolutely not advocate.

1, low weight

publishing platform


released the chain of content quality is also affected to a certain extent included. Although the weight high website no matter what you send are easy to be included, but the weights for the general website, if you publish content online is highly repetitive content, may be included, but it is easy to be cleaned up love Shanghai. So, when the hair of the chain, also want to pay attention to edit text, re adjust the time to do the very content.

2, the chain was deleted

we do outside the chain, not only to the pursuit of quality and coverage of the chain, the chain’s stability is also the focus of the pursuit of the goal, of course, the quality of the chain and the chain stability itself is closely related. A5 webmaster Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) that, in general, the chain can be divided into controllable and uncontrollable reasons, controllable factors we refers to the chain of the weight of the quality of the content delivery platform, so they can go to the control, and uncontrollable factors is the search algorithm and rule engine, we all know that Baidu temper is more difficult to grasp, you know.



uncontrollable factors

love Shanghai phenomenon is common, usually the time is one or two days. Is not the main station.

forum is the webmaster released an important channel of the chain. No doubt more good forum, more strict management. Especially popular Post Bar, released a few seconds to delete. If you often are in hot Post Bar guerrilla warfare should be careful, sometimes you made a lot of, is found, the account was deleted, before the links are gone. Guerrilla warfare, suggestions for a period of time for account, avoid a shot.

Software Group

4, the contents of a large number of repeat

1, an

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