Website snapshot update not frequently sometimes is also a good thing

website snapshot update quickly is a matter of every webmaster friends willing to see. If a web site if updated every day, outside the station every day the chain, then you will make your website snapshot update very quickly; especially the high quality of every day release chain! When the site to achieve a certain weight, as long as the station every day to update a few articles, it will be updated every day snapshot of your site.

this site is one of their clients business station, is a film and television production site, site for everyone under it, for your reference, I do www.shshihao贵族宝贝.cn since this site keywords maintenance to the first page of the position, is to reduce it is now the chain update, snapshot the general is updated every half a month, as long as I have time to go to the station occasionally update articles, send the chain, even the station can not send their own customers, he will send, although those articles may be left hand right hand copy, paste, but better than nothing. It can sustain his ranking.


website snapshot is a barometer of a website. If the website snapshot update quickly, the website is very good; snapshot update slow, it shows some aspects of not enough! Yes, but in some cases, the website snapshot update often is a good thing, because the web site is a cycle, his ranking is very stable, so there is a snapshot a cycle, such as updates to you at once a week, half a month, it will facilitate their own, every day will not have a lot of time to deal with the site, for example, the station to update the original articles, send the chain, although very many friends said, every day only one or two original station. The chain do a dozen, but 24 hours a day, imperceptibly, wasted, especially for those customers of the enterprise website. If there is a stable period, you are very easy, we need only occasionally to update the next article, occasionally send the chain can maintain the keywords ranking! Here is a snapshot slow, and keywords ranking good site:

Some people say that


this is a blog, he has been concerned for a long time ago, Shanghai dragon why ranked first, this is now ranked second; Shanghai dragon why dropped to second page, this blog is still ranked the second position, although only a free blog, but after careful feeding blogger, has reached a certain weight, now he has been a long time not to update, snapshot or August 16, 2010, but the ranking is still very good.

believe that many novice friends like me, every day to the customer of small business station, looking for the chain resources, write every day a large number of original articles for his website, the chain of hair! But unremittingly! Although the keyword ranking is very good, but also feel tired.

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