Xu Jin teach you a few tricks to make maximum use of the resources of Shanghai Dragon

soft outside the chain effect is no doubt. A lot of Shanghai dragon Er soft wandering in the chain, the effect of large portal sites on product sales, brand promotion soft wen it is not only for the chain, many directly achieve marketing results. Of course, many owners of such soft, sometimes have to push their own website or forum novel, this effect is better to do the chain effect than simple. Taking into account the chain at the same time, good publicity forum, personal branding (personal name articles and etc.). So soft, indispensable in marketing and Shanghai Longfeng process, both to take into account, is king, oh.

often and some in Shanghai Longfeng friends, found a lot of friends may simply engaged in Shanghai Longfeng goals are blind, do everything seem to be in the Shanghai dragon service, rather than the Shanghai dragon to you. This sentence may be very awkward, in other words, the ultimate goal of Shanghai dragon is ranking, did not bring more benefits in the Shanghai dragon.

in addition to Shanghai dragon Er exchange Links, communicate with each other, some will learn more about the procedure, Shanghai dragon aspect is weak, another just complementary. Link exchange is not simply a dead link, a love link is to maximize the performance of Shanghai Longfeng resources. But don’t expect to be paid, also called friendship. There are many methods to maximize the use of the Shanghai dragon waiting for you to.

again through the forum outside the chain. To improve the keywords ranking by auxiliary chain website, ultimately to achieve the purpose of marketing. The Shanghai dragon to achieve marketing, this result is actually through the forum to direct conversion. Taking into account the chain at the same time, the diversity of the signature is not boring, but the anchor text, anchor text diversity, can even form a playful statement, so as to maximize the use of. You can go to the forum to explore, A5, forum behind and so on the above ID to achieve sales by the host, domain sales and so on signature there? I have to buy this way.

may have some friends because of different direction would not agree with this sentence. But friends change thinking to look at this issue, you simply do Shanghai dragon to gain profit, you will never be maximized. You earn will never hire you who earn more. Why do Wangzhuan is to maximize the profits of products? Not the interests of the labor process? The same results are totally different.

will say that the network marketing is the need for the integration of resources, then the Shanghai dragon? Usually do Shanghai dragon by groupware blog, post, the soft to do outside the chain, improve the site weight, ranking will come up. But in the process, will do the marketing people use blog the chain at the same time, more is to use the blog as a marketing platform. Between the network marketing and the Shanghai dragon including and included the relationship is not so clear, more time is beneficial, as the biological relationship between parasites and hosts of collaborative progress.

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