English website promotion must know Shanghai Longfeng optimization of 7 points

foreign trade enterprises English website promotion effect is the best and cheapest but also the number of Shanghai dragon English website optimization, so to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng optimization should pay attention to the following 7 points, do the following 7 points to make your site English Shanghai dragon optimization more awesome here is 7 points, Xi’an business business summary notes Butler, hope to help the new contact English website friends, veteran can across.

1. English website domain name is the key

English station is not necessarily the English program in considering a lot of people do? Wrong, because we can write to the search engine index spider protocol background directory, so I just need a template is English on it. That is to say, never mind what procedures, mainly the template and content to the whole English. Many programs can be used to do English station, such as dedecmsecmskingcmsverycms and so on, even some of the BLOG program can be used as English station, such as sa-blog etc.. Xi’an business www.***贵族宝贝, had used dedecms to help customers did English site, now included and rankings are good, the more familiar WordPress this program you can use this program, after all, is the mainstream English program in BLOG program. Pay attention to the domestic program, using GB2312 encoding procedures do not, because GB2312 is Chinese simplified characters, and English station need English character set. It is recommended to use UTF-8, in general English. A lot of excellent domestic ASP programs, such as kingcmsz-blogpjblog, because the ASP space is more expensive in foreign countries, I would not recommend

What procedures used

2. English website Shanghai dragon with what host

virtual host is a very good choice, a few days ago wrote an article: the virtual host flat-share Survey (with the related American host evaluation price) to the host himself has a higher request, a basic and the most important is: stability, then speed.

or PHP?

3. English website ASP,

Shanghai Dragon

, of course, can use the贵族宝贝 domain name to do English station of Shanghai dragon is certainly not wrong, but if you want to see a website is the foreigner know Chinese station, CN is the best choice, but under normal circumstances it is best to use贵族宝贝. Then the problem is where to buy the domain name, it is important to find a good credit business, the last time a friend bought by Taobao in the Yahoo domain, the international domain name 5 years 99 yuan, almost is to kill, the seller is to pay with a credit card, for two months, Yahoo directly to me the domain name restrictions, can not be used to pay. The domain name was suddenly stopped will affect the site’s ranking, stop for a long time the greater the effect, so the stability is very important for the domain name.

4. English station friendship "

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