Fan Sitong six tips for using Youtube video optimization

related video up, this site is updated regularly and not what kind of two English.

not only contains words, but also attractive! (the best keywords on the front).


video optimization is the same, also need the support of the chain, the chain can be others collection, add their own chain etc..

fourth: good link

timingThe timing of the release of new

YouTube video optimization The

browsing more comments, your video is very popular on the Oh, there are a lot of good rankings.

video in foreign trade network marketing marketing in the paper, we mentioned that today and we share with YouTube video Shanghai dragon optimization six tips, and we will share with you the following benefits:

fifth: update

second: good label

: the first good title

third: good description

sixth: comment is also very important Oh!

to write a classic, attractive Description: including the best keywords, contact (video’s original intention is to facilitate others to contact you) I have seen a video traffic super, but unfortunately did not leave contact (don’t know how many customers lost), links (to facilitate customers to better understand your).

your most important keywords in the first place, YouTube can be set up to 12 labels.

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