28 interview Xiao Han said the importance of user experience in the Shanghai Dragon

We will push

guest Xiaohan: and when there will be a moment of experience he opened the site, also is the visual impact, the website is not necessarily more.

guest – Xiaohan: user experience is simply browsing on the website when feeling, is a kind of sleep, and influence his emotions and feelings, including website appearance, character, function and other information, and the influences of some external factors.

28 – love Helena: push over today we are the subject of the user experience in the importance of Shanghai dragon, the first talk about what is the user experience? Xiaohan more popular words can say to everyone?

guest – Xiaohan: we in the construction site before, to start from the user’s point of view to consider the whole process he is browsing the site, starting from the whole, and then to perfect the every detail, the user first enter the website, first influence on his website open speed.

guest – Xiaohan: if a site open speed slow, are likely to be shut down, and we have to consider this time may be some users in the open web site when your emotions, if just then feel more tired of noise, then the site speed can affect whether he entered the site, so the site must choose a speed fast and very stable server, we must optimize the speed of the station.

28 – love Helena hosted: first thanks tenth group interview guests can join us for Xiao Han 28 push group interview, also once again to thank you for your support for 28 group interview.

guest – Xiaohan: Well, is

guest – Xiaohan: Well, not only to meet the needs of the known, sometimes will guide his potential demand.


28 – love Helena: push chair is for users we try to meet is


28 group interview group interview held once a week, now is the tenth group interviews, of course forum will also broadcast live, a problem can be discussed in the post synchronization. That’s what we’ll have invited us to push group interviews with tenth guests 28 xiaohan.

28 – sister: we love the sea at 28 tenth push interview interview subject is: user experience on the importance of Long Fengzhong in Shanghai. Xiao Han is the people for having heard it many times but we still care, new Internet friends, to give you a brief introduction to Shanghai Xiaohan: Dragon and combat battalion Shanghai dragon team founder, who took stationmaster net Shanghai Longfeng contest third, is now Xiaohan

guest – Xiaohan: Hello

28 – love Helena: Ok presided over our next question. Let’s ask and from the shallower to the deeper, topics related to the problem, this problem is more fan basis for comparison, but is very important, ask probably, to the subsequent development from the construction on the site, how to grasp the user experience of

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