Shanghai Longfeng order and advanced keywords how to optimize the index above 1000

third levels: the column page and the content page optimization index above 1000 key words

1, including the distribution of keywords, keywords in each column of the distribution in the content on the page. Sometimes the word is used as column page or a content page to do, do, etc..

second levels: the column page and the content page optimization index below 1000

: the first level target keywords on the home page to optimize

Distribution of

to the level of difficulty is greater, if you do the site keywords involved with dozens or even hundreds of key index in more than 1000, you can’t use these keywords to optimize all the home page, home page can optimize the 3-5 keyword is good. It is impossible to optimize these keywords with all the Columns page, sometimes need to use the content page keywords to optimize the index above 1000. The keyword index >

5, there is some of each column page shared pages, such as "website announcement, member login, the latest articles", when appear in all columns, is actually a kind of interference of Shanghai dragon, but sometimes can not be removed.

for the practice of Shanghai dragon who do this is relatively easy, knowledge is very clear, need to consider the issue of less. It is to optimize the title, Keywords tag, description tag, and title, each section of the first page of the picture alt, keyword density and so on, also is the inside and outside the chain chain, these are done, just waiting for the harvest time is OK.

these issues when doing column page and the inside pages optimization need to be considered, in addition to some clear Shanghai Longfeng principle, website optimization techniques sometimes need to be combined with the actual situation of their own keywords and do their own websites themselves.

, there are 2 problems named file name, once named after cannot be easily modified. Otherwise no weight. The optimization of the home page is not involved in this problem.

4, now most station in CMS is used and the structure of website, column page and the content page is generally not so easy to modify, if modified all the Columns page are also affected, and for which a keyword page structure is not necessarily suitable for another keyword. For example, some programs need to use the images or video section section and some columns do not need, it needs to design a template separately for each column.

directory depth of 3 and url. For example, do or in the two directories do in a directory and so on?.

this relatively difficult point, because there is only one page, column page and there are many, many words involved, "the need to consider the issue too much. The issues to be considered here, mainly in the following aspects:

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