Taobao’s chance of big adjustment for sh419 in JuneCreation partners capital Liang Yu investment cir

"this is a brand new start."." Liang Yu talked over and over again, though his mouth was still in an exaggerated curve, but he was very serious.

"this situation is first related to the macro environment of the country.". We are now more and more hope to build cultural self-confidence, with local culture to install the local story, to make the culture more vitality, really for me. We have to consider is: the spread of the theme is not really able to establish cultural self-confidence? On the communicator is not really able to generate revenue? And not just on the side of blame, blame is easy, but to build a culture of confidence is difficult; business is business, but not for commercial and business.

among them, there has been and Zhou Wei worked more than 4 years of Liang yu. Since 2011, Liang Yu led investment life radius, and the moon star wardrobe and other technology companies also participated in the investment management, science and technology, Himalaya, rock and other projects.

in contributions!

April 2017, KPCB China partner in charge of Zhou Wei announced that lead to work together for many years and TMT partner team, the establishment of creation China Creation Ventures capital partners, "with about a world" concept, focusing on the field of TMT and China early growth period of investment.

, the founder of Han Kun, a technology entrepreneur who was involved in investment management, once joked that he was responsible for the product. It is this low-key, calm character, so that he has become the company’s investment in the mouth of "big white."".

before entering the venture capital industry, Liang Yu in Tencent, Sogou, Microsoft and other companies have 11 years of technology and product experience, so that he still has a strong product, technology, people’s temperament.

2, determine the promotion of single products: categories selected after the selection of a single product, according to the total expenditure commission from high to low order, so that a good deal, commission high single product appeared in front of you. The higher the amount of promotion, but also represents the popularity of the goods, the effect, as well as the owner of the customer, for our Taobao customers higher integrity.

now Taobao customer personal webmaster is more and more, the highest income Taobao customer list also decreased from twenty-six thousand to less than twenty thousand yuan a week or so, but this income is for our personal webmaster is full of temptation. Six months ago began to do Taobao customers, the monthly income is too thousand, from the selection of goods I talk about Taobao customers do three points experience, hope for novice can be a little help;

A no B station and television station, video frame, is now the C station CCTV of the world! "Nowadays, with the regulation in place, the content of entrepreneurship quite kind of feeling but Liang Yu Ten thousand horses stand mute., have different views.


venture capital, a brand new start,

1, to determine the promotion of commodity categories: women are born Shopaholic, choice of female products, Taobao can increase the passenger volume, for the novice, see every day with the transaction, full of confidence, such as "Ladies / ladies boutique", "beauty skin care / body / oil" and "selling leather bags / bag male / bag", "shoes", "cosmetics / perfume / hair / tool", "popular jewelry / Jewelry / Fashion Jewelry", "milk / diapers / articles and other articles.

Liang Yu carrying the Khaki bag, across all the way to reveal a bright smile. "It’s been a long wait."

3, to determine the promotion of the shop: find a good single product can also promote the treasurer of the stores and shops in other commodities, usually I choose a single product and high overall Commission commission shop shop, this can make full use of Web site traffic, also did not miss one.

met Liang Yu for the first time at a roadside tea restaurant. On that day, he was invited to a forum in Haidian as a partner of creative partners, while we were drinking and talking outside at noon.

since June, sh419 has made a big adjustment, from small start, included reducing, snapshot, website ranking drop or removed to yesterday taobao this station was once again sh419 clean up, and some of the two level domain is also included, perhaps sh419 began a major adjustment at the beginning of June is nearing completion.


in sh419 search hot words and taobao taobao taobao has no relevant master, this will bring a lot of traffic to Taobao customers, although the final impact on taobao may not, because Taobao customer sites will flow back to the taobao. That’s one reason why Taobao dares to throw away sh419.

for personal Adsense, add content, suggest manual add, a single product can increase the content of the site, and edited sh419 included.

in recent years, investment in the pan entertainment industry has mushroomed, and the content companies in the entertainment industry have been financing. But recently, the State Administration of radio, film and television has also chilled content entrepreneurs. A large number of entertainment numbers have been banned or banned, and websites such as A and B have been banned from broadcasting overseas content and restricting the playing time of variety shows…… The introduction of various policies put forward higher requirements for content entrepreneurs."

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