One hundred thousand of the value of the promotion of Shanghai Longfeng collection included rankings

The quality of the content

3. content is recognized by the

content is included. The factors which influence

content quality is based on the user, if this article for your users is of great help, so, even if is reproduced in the article, can fast included, but add [reproduced] two words, or search engine will think you are malicious acquisition, at the same time, the content of the collection should also take into account the timeliness and if it is winter, you update the article called summer what to wear? It will not by the user’s click, your search engine will not soon, why search engines will be included? Because the content has the reference value to the user, so it will be included, at the same time, the acquisition and pseudo original owners, if you can only copy and paste, then you are also not included, reproduced also need skills, here is not to give too much dry cargo, anyway, my article has been reproduced, No. It included two days.

two. How to publish content to the "second" step


1. new sites (general optimization within 3 months of the new station are referred to as

rare, if people know what it is not worth the money, a lot of people every day to update a bitter soft, after only half a month is not included, or included, updated articles not included, what is the significance? What is the purpose? Not included no ranking? Today to share "promotion included rankings secret" is rarely revealed to the outside world of the small Shanghai dragon core technology, as long as we understand the core secrets, you can play all over the network to beat its competitors invincible, in the short term. Assessment by experts, is said to be worth 100 thousand, in my opinion is priceless.


a lot of Shanghai Longfeng novice, in the update article, always love a pile of words in the article, and then do the hyperlinks that jump to the home page, so you can make the search engine more attention to home, actually also has been listed as the search engine cheating in the previous two years, perhaps the search engine is not perfect such loopholes, and now the search engine, more intelligent, if still take the old way, the operation will be very tired, whether involved in illegal, here is not to do too much explanation.

4. involves cheating

in the care of the users at the same time, but also to see whether the search engine can be identified, some websites update the article, usually several pictures arranged, then put in the picture, the user is able to look at, but the search engine does not recognize, the proposed update article illustrated, neat layout, and the box is less, does not affect the reading, this is a search engine on the inside of the calculation.


railway station will not be search engine trust, therefore, if the new station published articles, has not included, that is normal, as long as the content of quality assurance, sooner or later will be included, may be included in the search engine, but did not put out;

The content of

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