Noble baby will change the intelligent mobile phone ranking search results

3, the most friendly and most optimization method based on intelligent mobile phone is not reflected in the error page.

In order to adapt to the intelligent mobile phone

1, in the mobile terminal, don’t try to do 301 redirection, 404 error page orientation to the PC side of the web page.

2, with video playback page, especially with flash player, it will not play in iPhone, or in Android 4.1 and later.

Lu Songsong is simple to understand, that noble baby mobile version of spider has a wide range of work, the other is flash player may disappear in intelligent mobile phone.

from the noble baby blog, intelligent mobile phone users are Internet users the most significant increase in the market, in order to improve the mobile network, we plan to launch several algorithms in the near future on the mobile phone search rankings change.

better, given some nobility baby reconfiguration suggestions for intelligent mobile phone:

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