The key is how to catch the tail

let the time to witness the long tail word, time can not only witness the love, but also can witness the long term efficacy of period may be one year there may be two years, but if a large number of long tail word words, so a long time, the witness will bring you much traffic. In fact,? Do the long tail word is about a lot of time also need to continue.

just entered the Shanghai dragon this line of people are from the beginning of the chain, I also. The chain is very boring day, but to do this line of Shanghai dragon is one of the main chain, this I have the experience deeply. I was just in this line, is also a rookie for a dozen days, but my business better soon taught me to write soft, just face the soft, I am at a loss what to do search on the Internet, then the whole process, feel much better. Soft text is the most important core keywords, the core keyword is actually popular search words only, get to know the core keywords, my boss told us the long tail words, there are a lot of the long tail word I have introduced online, new points out to share with you.


is now a lot of construction site optimization companies do not want to give clients to do the long tail word, very simple truth that is not the time to spend, but a long tail word can be said can bring you a can to the mouth of the meat, you will think too little meat? Should use the long tail word is certain skills.

long tail keywords >

ant meat in less meat, in terms of sales to the website is the product of the volume, the main keywords bring you the amount of goods although many, but the competition is very big, the many sites are deep, but a large amount of long tail keywords, the competition is small, although your goods amount is not large, but each search the Internet has a clear purpose, which is the potential customers, then you say a group to buy and one will buy, how would you choose? Said that the client has a source, but also sell small amount of goods.

is not the long tail keywords than the core keywords, why? For example, a bookstore there are twenty percent books are hot, but there are eighty percent of the book is very common, such as a hot book is ten yuan, a total of twenty copies, all sold there are 200 yuan, eighty per cent of this is not sales of each of the books is five yuan, but a lot of volume, divided into thirty days sold a 400 yuan, a batch of goods for nearly half of the price difference. The same is true of the long tail word and core keywords.

first consider the soft aspects, a soft core keywords may appear two to three or so, but the long tail word is not limited, the application of the core keywords is very appropriate, but the core keywords may you inadvertently write in this way might be easier for soft. Of course, a soft, but also the application of long tail keywords appropriate points. This article if so you have some long tail keywords? There are several core keywords

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