Is to adhere to the confusion of the Shanghai dragon er

is self-evident!

in fact, in my opinion, this is a new industry must face the problem, I do not know the original Taobao attached to the birth of e-commerce and logistics industry and logistics company is also facing the same problem! But I know now with the rapid development of e-commerce, the logistics companies are very popular.

with the development of the search engine, the birth of a number of new technology, that is the search engine optimization, referred to as the Shanghai dragon. People who work in Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai dragon Er

: we are not difficult to see, the search engine will not disappear in the future, and may become better and better. The search engine cannot do without Shanghai dragon, like electronic commerce cannot do without the logistics company! So Shanghai dragon has great development space in the future, you want to ah! The search engine is designed in order to better customer experience, let customers love search engine to things, and for the purpose of the Shanghai dragon the search engine to give customers more love their products, so the search engine needs to join the Shanghai dragon, are a bunch of out of order website, then the search engine will not be able to create their own purposes! For as long as the search engine for future demand, so the future Shanghai dragon will certainly share a cup of soup and a lot! Compared with the logistics industry will be more popular, because the Shanghai dragon is a technology, a deep technology! Rather than the logistics company, as long as you have money you can Get up, so we should be convinced of the confidence and determination.

: as everyone knows Shanghai dragon is a need for patience and is likely to see the effect of the work, so I want to ask for a hard work: no effect for a month, you will adhere to? No effect three months or half a year or so?? it’s the Shanghai dragon Er he began to doubt his own practice, even in the industry doubt Shanghai dragon

also because Shanghai Longfeng no rules and technology fixed! There is no authoritative textbooks and tutorial! All own exploration and practice experience and there is no Shanghai dragon! University courses, technical evaluation of national Shanghai Longfeng, coupled with the mentioned rely on the exploration and practice of their right to a for a long time still adhere to the website does not work, then there will be some Shanghai dragon Er began to doubt, and even a lot of people have opted to switch to

for the University of Shanghai dragon tutorial, countries do not have the Shanghai Dragon technology assessment, but there is no uniform standard of Shanghai Dragon technology! Our search engine attached to the development of Shanghai dragon Er have no future? What we choose is right or wrong? Plus and several months throw not to see the effect of the Shanghai dragon Er, we have confidence to continue? I have to say this: we lost…… Because we can’t find the answers to these questions.

!So there is no



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