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Dangdang afternoon price war and war day

in the Jingdong, Yi Xun and other home appliances providers "6· 18" in full swing, clothing sale websites running between the more stalemate, said it will the end of yesterday’s tail collection of big promotion extended to today, the number of over a quarter of 200% brand new. Not affected by competitors blocked, only two months on the line, trying to take advantage of the tail collection of Dangdang electricity supplier price war flash purchase industry pattern change.

it is understood that the tail collection of Dangdang in early May on the line, and now has more than 300 brands to achieve cooperation, of which 60 for the exclusive license. In order to seek a rapid upper end of the exchange of high profile into the electricity supplier 6· 18 decisive battle to the top of the cap, the maximum of $300 to send 150 yuan to fight against.

and in the electricity supplier price war is intense, many garment suppliers exposed domestic clothing sale site requires suppliers "one of two" agreement, Dangdang tail collection was included in the list of banned. But according to the merchant said, "in the tail collection of Dangdang Weihuo sales, make our brand seasonal apparel sales growth".

it is worth noting that, in the blocked, but the sale of increased efforts, responsible person, the tail collection will be based on "6.16-18" to promote the increase of the day, "6· 19" promotion, promotion, brand and the number of the top three in the same day, purpose in order to meet the clothing category of price promotions. "The more one day big promotion, will be able to pull more seasonal clothing sales, or to the next year these seasonal clothing became poop", the businessman says.

"it is clear that the tail collection of Dangdang platform both to help businesses to digest the poop clothing inventory, and stimulating the seasonal clothing sales, reduce the backlog of clothing pressure." Analysts pointed out that "this will strengthen many brands in flash purchase sale confidence in a certain extent."

has action to prove, Dangdang tail goods exchange 70 percent off cap is just a start. Followed by, Dangdang tail collection of flash sales situation agitated continuous fermentation.

just enter June, Dangdang end collection launched a massive propaganda campaign, four TV ads Qi line, competition for users to attract more eyeballs, the next big line in the tail collection of flash sale shopping channel.

at the same time, Dangdang end collection price war offensive again overweight, 70 percent off Cap promotion and vouchers overlay, such promotional efforts also let the other flash purchase sale temporarily unable to follow up.

this year, Dangdang clothing to achieve 4 billion 500 million, to block the vertical category electricity supplier clothing industry before three, the tail collection will certainly play a crucial role." Analysts said that in June the end of the product exchange and promotional price war offensive, it is an important step in the development of Dangdang clothing strategy category in 2013.

a scouring network of the latest data show that in June the rapid turnover of Dangdang clothing goods, the number of new brands over a quarter of 200>


Choose the classic myth

believe that everyone has a unique choice of domain names, I also talk about the novice to choose the domain name of some errors

?? select the domain name should be no more than a few letters? This is not absolute standard, the provisions of the present is a combination of a domain name can contain up to 67 letters and numbers (3 letters including suffix), international domain name registration organization domain name is very long, so the number of domain names. Only relatively. If you can do 5 characters, of course, the best, but do not have too much limitations, only as a reference.

? 1 convenient memory

? In order to let others understand and remember, in addition to the number of characters, easy to remember is also a very important factor. Generally speaking, the common vocabulary is easy to remember, however, other special effects or pronunciation of the domain name is easy to remember,


? 2 should not be confused with other domain names

?? the cause of domain name confusion may have several, one is said above to form a domain name of the two part of a hyphen; the second is the domain name suffix.Com or.Net belong to different owners

? 3 is not easy to spell

?? this point is also very important, misspelled domain name, just like the wrong number, sometimes even competitors will be caused by an immeasurable loss, have found an interesting domain first saw that this domain name is very good, careful analysis, found that W too much. It is easy to input errors, some websites rely on others to increase the number of clicks on the spelling mistakes. In addition, the number of characters of the domain name abbreviation combination of characters or irregular and domain names are likely to cause spelling mistakes.

? 4 related to company name, trademark or core business

We see

?? "", will think this is IBM’s domain name, see "" or "" domain name will think are online travel or auction sites, this is undoubtedly a huge wealth, no wonder some special domain name can be sold for millions of dollars. Because of this, some business name or trademark was registered as a domain name, to spend a lot of money to solve.

? 5 avoid cultural conflict

? A regular company with " Hitler " ( as a domain name is obviously inappropriate.


Yiling pharmaceutical business online wait for the Internet sale of drugs deal landing

is expected to become more intense in the context of the Internet drug policy is expected to increase the enthusiasm of enterprises involved in pharmaceutical electricity supplier is growing.

August 28th, Yiling pharmaceutical announced in Beijing to enter the field of electronic business, the company’s business platform Yiling Yiling healthy city officially launched, endorsement of its products until the field star Zhang Tielin. The former Jingdong medical city executive director Shao Qing as general manager of Yiling healthy city electricity supplier division, and meet the public for the first time.

said Yiling Yiling pharmaceutical, health city and physical pharmacy, Hebei Yiling Yiling hospital made a "health product supply chain", provide the science of health education, disease to consumers on the Internet, how to guide consumer health. In twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter Yiling healthy city official website, found that there have been "seeking doctors", "seeking health" doctor-patient interaction function.

interesting is that Shao Qing’s old club, Kyushu pass (600998.SH)’s good pharmacist site was originally scheduled to be held in August 28th on the line five anniversary celebration. But because the Yiling pharmaceutical electricity supplier on the line after the activity, also held a large-scale pharmaceutical business alliance forum, many industry insiders in Kyushu, "forced" to August 29th to celebrate.

despite the menacing Yiling healthy city, but the industry is also questioned. Earlier insiders pointed out: "as a Yiling pharmaceutical production enterprises, no product and channel advantages, heavily to build electricity supplier uncertain."

Yiling pharmaceutical water and electricity provider

Yiling pharmaceutical business plan, the first exposure to the 2013 annual report of the company.

2013, Yiling Yiling pharmaceutical established health city e-commerce company, the registered capital of 5 million yuan. Since then, the company has been trying to apply for Internet drug sales license, so that does not have any business, Yiling healthy city in 2013 is only a loss of 409.72 yuan.

Yiling healthy city first known in March this year, a company equity incentive announcement suddenly announced that the general manager of the company health care business Tang Lianmao has to leave at the end of 2013. Health care is one of the focus on 2013 Yiling pharmaceutical investment field, investment of 48 million yuan, the main products are the dream, Wang Jinli two health beverage. Tang Lianmao was the general manager of Pepsi Cola company in Zhengzhou, the arrival of Yiling but one year.

dream, Wang Jinli these two unknown drinks at that time almost nowhere to be found, they are only available in their business platform Yiling Yiling healthy city. Yiling healthy city site quickly led the market’s attention, but the rough page obviously and then pushing the Yiling pharmaceutical business misfits.

in fact, then have to Yiling Yiling pharmaceutical health city capital of 45 million yuan, the registered capital reached 50 million yuan. But at the end of December 2013, Yiling pharmaceutical Jingdong hired city executive director Shao Qing, hoping his experience will be.


Tmall and YOKA fashion network strategic cooperation to create fashion ecosystem


technology news August 20th afternoon news, Tmall fashion platform YOKA fashion network, issued a "fashion brand" media business strategy, YOKA as a strategic partner of Tmall, and Tmall together to create a new fashion ecosystem, and in the Tmall fashion during the launch depth cooperation attempt.

this year, Tmall proposed brand fashion strategy, which is an important step in the media station Tmall fashion ecosystem. By attracting a large number of media content in the presence of fashion content, the establishment of a large number of Tmall commodity shopping guide to help brands better brand.

in 2014, the new season in autumn and winter in, the media station service providers will help Tmall platform for the brand to provide one-stop fashion solutions. The "Tmall style" line includes custom fashion blockbusters, create fashion show, to achieve synchronization with the T brand new starting the whole network, and the watch and buy innovative technology; the establishment of the special online shopping guide, to provide consumers with the fashion trend of international fashion with step and purchase recommendation plus, on-line version of the watch and buy – every online shopping consumers can watch all the videos online and immediately Click to buy.

YOKA+ Tmall

currently, YOKA fashion network as the first Internet media stationed in Tmall, has opened the official media station. YOKA was the four matrix fashion network, men’s network, mobile media, and hundreds of electricity supplier shopping guide Associated Media together to create YOKA Tmall media station, YOKA trend reports, big trend interpretation, release the essence of the content in YOKA website and YOKA Tmall media station released.

The annual Tmall

four theme activities of "autumn new fashion", YOKA will serve as the exclusive online partner, builds up the numerous stars and celebrities, fashion media editor and senior fashion editor, ICON and other fashion fashion trend Master opinion leaders, in the Tmall platform jointly released this season trend trend, design direction, hot single product and collocation guided by new media authority are new content consumption patterns and shopping guide fashion electricity supplier, Tmall users to bring a different fashion shopping experience.

YOKA fashion network president Zhou Jun talked about the cooperation, the biggest beneficiaries are consumers and users, advocate "YOKA and Tmall cooperation to create fashion, will direct docking grade and quality, the user can directly in Tmall’s top fashion trends and single product package to buy home. When the most fashionable new media leading the most experienced electricity supplier platform, resulting in huge energy is full of expectations." He said.


media station is responsible for that, YOKA and many other fashion media cooperation, will further enhance the Tmall fashion sense, fashion DNA for Tmall, to enhance the user quality taste and brand value of Tmall. Tmall users will enjoy staying at home, no time difference of the received signal zero distance fashion from Milan, Paris, New York and London, "shopaholics" will directly receive "wear PR>


Exclusive O2O will trigger a chain effect Wowo listed

speed transit network in April 9, rating (Ding Daoshi Dean speed transit Institute) Beijing time on April 8, 2015 at 10 in the evening, when most people start to sleep, suddenly announced Wowo without any successful listing in the United States, after the opening price rose up and down, grabbed all the fragile heart.

public information Wowo listed on the Nasdaq, our opening price of $11, code named "WOWO". The day after Wowo scheduled for April 2nd listing, Wowo mall statement, due to technical failure caused the overall listing time delay. Followed by the United States and a small Easter holiday in China, the Ching Ming Festival holiday, in order to fully guarantee the interests of investors, the decision to postpone the listing time next Tuesday (April 7th).

Wo Wo Group

(foreign name is now Wowo mall) listed on the United States, although the stock opened was embarrassed to break, but virtually become the first O2O China field of U.S. listed companies. In Wowo before the sprint of shake handshandle net IPO, but midway crashed, and the U.S. group and the public comment two companies have enough strength to the market, resulting in litters won, although this one out is very painful, after will also experience cannot avoid pains.

traditional Buy mode is dead O2O immortal

Wowo and

Wo Wo Group mall although the name of only 2 words, but the reaction Chinese industry to the concept of group purchase O2O upgrade. In January 10th this year for the first time, Wowo submitted to the SEC IPO prospectus, plans listed on nasdaq. Our positioning in the "local life service business platform, e-commerce platform to provide customized services for local entertainment and life service businesses, the main business is to help local life service businesses to open online stores in Wowo platform, direct sales to consumers of the product or service.

coincidentally, the U.S. group, comment, glutinous rice have transformation, the main idea is to the transformation of the original group purchase group purchase, business upgrade to integrated O2O service provider.

Our future

decide on what path to follow

in the eyes of many people, this has as China Wowo ranked first in the group purchase website, has already lost its original position, market position is far behind the U.S. group, reviews and other enterprises. Objectively speaking, this view is right, because in the market today, the top three (, comment, especially ahead of glutinous rice), the U.S. mission network in the field, Wo Wo Group is not a small gap.

but in my opinion, falling behind doesn’t mean there is no chance. The O2O plate is very large, in the United States after the O2O field out of the taxi drops such cutting-edge valuation of more than $5 billion out of 58 home enterprise, also the future valuation of over $5 billion or more enterprises. Our Xu Maodong is my close contact with the number of entrepreneurs, the character of Xu Maodong and Eric’s old shortcomings are very similar: greedy aggressive, not the expansion.


Doubt the new network, put in the new domain name security

I stand is the game site, more than 150 thousand daily visits, previously used domain name, and later enabled the domain name.

without exception, when placed in the new network domain name, the domain name hijacking for horse like menstrual like.


my station is based on the theme of the journey started, it is well known that the journey is a high consumption of the game, the value of the game gold coins and equipment than many other games a lot of times. So, I stand has been the focus of attention of many people.

a lot of people find us out of the high price to buy permission, we refused. A lot of people invaded us, we also resolved, and in the fight against hackers learned a lot of things.

, however, the domain name is hijacked, which is more helpless than anything else.

since last October, I stand was hijacked, and was transferred. The other side is the 163 mailbox brute force to get the control of the new network account, and got the identity card number of the registrant, forged the identity of the registrant.

so we use our own mail system, unfortunately, after being cracked several times, was hijacked.

every time, the other party is very early access to authority, but on Friday at 17 o’clock on time. This is because the new network at work, they left the staff on duty or say they don’t have the permissions to help us verify the identity to retrieve the password, to wait until Monday and other technical departments work to solve the problem. What we do, the consequences said, money is the temptation, but he is ignored. We use Baidu to search a person in charge of the phone, but the other side is very angry about how we know his cell phone, and that we do not look for him. How, if it is Sina, Baidu, the State Council website encountered such a problem, you still dare to do this new network, personal website is being bullied? The new network company is related to the security of the domain name of numerous domestic websites, even can say to affect network security, will you just leave a person in charge of the introduction of the product?

well, if it’s the starting point for our email, it’s our responsibility. I will not open you the new network not said. We transfer your domain name to 10 thousand nets, so no problem. But it’s not over.


in March this year, because of the development of a better domain name,, which was registered last year, was registered in the new network. For fear of a previous encounter, we have to transfer your domain name to go to the nets. So we apply for domain names. But waited for many days, have not received the new network domain name transfer confirmation mail. We call in the past and asked to know, we fill in the 8259036* mailbox is called Li Chun × the staff became 8259036×>


Jingdong WAL-MART you see the news, I saw the TV


once this raise a Babel of criticism of basic background information is everywhere, therefore, Ni t then do not repeat, talk about a few view directly:

1 first, the qualitative event: This is an asset replacement + strategic investment

all about Jingdong acquisition 1 shop argument is wrong, the exact statement is that WAL-MART to strategic investment Jingdong, rather than Jingdong to buy the number 1 shop, which is completely different from the two things.

occupy the active position in the favorable thing is the international giant WAL-MART, shop No. 1 WAL-MART just want to abandon the negative assets, packaged and sold to Jingdong, and the Tencent shares of Jingdong, will pat fast and easy off to Jingdong in essence is one thing.

the reason is the market of smart people have to understand that the retail business is based on a very difficult profit pit have to take the burden off to disk access man Jingdong;

The so-called

strategic investment, the real meaning is to sell shares in the AB shares structure, according to past SEC file information disclosure: the Jingdong to WAL-MART shares after the total share capital of 2912845510 shares changed, Liu Qiangdong Holdings (449444989) will be diluted to 15.4%


of Jingdong and Liu Qiangdong, this is a gradual and lose control of the initiative process (later described), previously released "the Jingdong 40 billion acquisition 1 shop" smoke bomb and a series of Jingdong acquisition Shop No. 1 reports are just hope will speak bad into good PR tactics only;

2 Jingdong marriage WAL-MART, some people see the news, some people see the drama, the value of things to put in the time line in order to correctly treat Ni uncle we look back the story line:

line: Jingdong and WAL-MART is not the first time soon, as early as 2011, WAL-MART has proposed acquisition of Jingdong, and that once Liu Qiangdong refused, it created a WAL-MART Shop No. 1.

May 16, 2011, Liu Qiangdong micro-blog said: negotiation process of Jingdong and WAL-MART mall lasted more than half a year, the valuation of all settled, but in the end not only the terms: WAL-MART Holdings Jingdong must sooner or later be able to store, until the overall acquisition, management and shareholders can get a lot of cash withdrawal, the final WAL-MART family as an investment fund one of the party involved in the financing of Jingdong.

the two sides clearly has been to maintain the relationship, the main reason lies in the past but Liu Qiangdong refused to have the annexation of Jingdong: WAL-MART desire, though it after a lapse of 5 years, but the international giants can so easily give up their ambitions?

to do business, especially big business, this is the moment with risk and transfer to a more equity overweeningly ambitious partners, this is a dance with the wolf thing, but also through the media package as "win"


blue the latest announcement of the revised accounting methods

since September 1, 2007, blue network four, five star users through the alliance link to enter the site is no longer included in the amount of the purchase price accounting alliance orders.  
        hereby announcement!
        thank you for your support!

Union address:

another AD, please join the poison QQ:285445, poison every day to help you broadcast the latest news alliance


On the road of foreign trade export enterprise B2C

a, foreign trade enterprises encountered in winter, how to get out of the woods?

How to walk out of predicament

export enterprises in winter? Do the experience of foreign trade from 2002 to the author and experience from the beginning of 2005 by B2C at the same time both at home and abroad into the mode of network B2C sales market, in foreign trade enterprises out of the current predicament is in need of real new marketing means and ways of making money. The author is engaged in the foreign trade B2C, domestic products directly through online sales channels to sell consumer experience, I think to do two things, one is to use new means of marketing, the two is to develop a new way to earn high profits. For some foreign trade enterprises, if the product is suitable for online sales, you can effectively combine the two means is to use the B2C model to carry out overseas direct sales or enter the domestic market.

two, foreign trade enterprises to use B2C mode to carry out the core role of overseas direct sales

A, earn high profits: before the factory production of products, foreign trade exports through domestic and foreign trade companies, foreign companies, wholesalers, retailers to reach the hands of consumers. The domestic counterparts of vicious competition, the global economic downturn, middlemen, layers of exploitation of raw materials, production costs increased sharply rise…… Foreign trade companies are struggling to survive on the margins, less than 3%. In almost no money or lose money under the condition of using B2C mode to carry out overseas direct marketing is the only way to earn high profits, we do foreign trade all know, there are many products ex factory price of nearly 5 to ten times the price difference with the retail price, 100 yuan of products to the United States will be able to sell 100 dollars. B2C mode can be used to skip all intermediaries, the middle profit all get their own hands.

B, foreign trade enterprises to expand sales channels, sales channels are very limited, often confined to a few large customers overseas, overseas customers will make the means of foreign trade export enterprises in the press, this is no way to export enterprises occupy the dominant position in the housing market situation. However, the use of B2C model, from the most fundamental to break the traditional trade barriers between all foreign trade, directly facing the ultimate consumer. So in the B2C model, the enterprise can get rid of the control of International Trade Corporation, which obviously has two advantages, one is to add a sales channel, two is to increase the capacity of the enterprise risk.

three, foreign trade enterprises to enter the overseas market advantage of B2C model


A, professional advantages: foreign trade enterprises to deal with products all day, and are the production of the world’s latest products, have accumulated a deep professional knowledge and industry information.

B: market advantage: foreign trade enterprises are in accordance with the international production orders, and these orders for the city’s foreign market conditions, the kind of products sell well in mind.

C: language advantage: foreign trade enterprises in order to contact with international buyers, have very good English talents >


Ma internal mail full text ideal for the survival of the user is the only

          September 6th news, the chairman of the board of directors of the Alibaba group and CEO Ma last night issued a message to all employees of Alibaba entitled "ideal for survival," the internal mail. He said that the promotion of new commercial civilization, adhere to the ideals and mission to pay a huge cost, but the Alibaba never because the interests and change their appeal to all people go Ali adhere to the principles, adhere to the ideals and uphold the mission of development road.

      the following is the full text of the Sohu IT was informed of the full text:

you Ali people,

a few days ago, a friend asked me what I believe in my life!".

recently I found a lot of people are very depressed and sad Ali, a large number of network reports accused Taobao to adjust the search results, and even led to some sellers to protest at the door Taobao… To see so many colleagues very grievance, even to tears, also found a lot of young people in Taobao continue to ask: "what did we do wrong, in order to encourage entrepreneurship in Taobao, adhere to seven years not to force a shop membership fee and transaction fee, to support the development of entrepreneurs and small sellers, seven year’s day and night struggle, in return the result is all sorts of criticism, we deserve this? We choose the right way? Whether we should abandon their mission to promote new commercial civilization and return to is just an ordinary profitable company……"

was supposed to have a conversation with you earlier, to talk about my views, but recently a series of questions… Oh, I think the people must have such an experience, Ali people need time to accept all sorts of challenges, "a man’s mind is supported by" I feel wronged, Ali, people need to have the ability in the middle school. The external environment will use the brains to think of their problems and the problem of judging. Today and we exchange it for it is a time to Ali eleven anniversary, we revisit to this time last year the Alibaba to promote open and transparent, sharing, responsibility of the new commercial civilization, provide a platform for the survival and development of the world’s ten million small and medium-sized enterprises, to solve the one hundred million employment opportunities for the world. To provide a platform for the global consumption of one billion people…… When.

from the introduction of such a great mission and goals, I think we will go on a difficult road of development, we will encounter a variety of different types of resistance and difficulties. Today’s trouble is only the beginning, we will encounter more and more setbacks… To do the right thing, to stick to your ideals and your mission is to pay a heavy price, at any time. Especially in today’s China business environment, promote open, transparent, sharing, responsibility of commercial civilization will be destroyed a large number of vested interest groups, we will fight not only these vested interest groups and is the last century business practices..

some time ago, Taobao people based on defending >