Dangdang afternoon price war and war day

in the Jingdong, Yi Xun and other home appliances providers "6· 18" in full swing, clothing sale websites running between the more stalemate, dangdang.com said it will the end of yesterday’s tail collection of big promotion extended to today, the number of over a quarter of 200% brand new. Not affected by competitors blocked, only two months on the line, trying to take advantage of the tail collection of Dangdang electricity supplier price war flash purchase industry pattern change. read more

Choose the classic myth

believe that everyone has a unique choice of domain names, I also talk about the novice to choose the domain name of some errors

?? select the domain name should be no more than a few letters? This is not absolute standard, the provisions of the present is a combination of a domain name can contain up to 67 letters and numbers (3 letters including suffix), international domain name registration organization networksolutions.com domain name is very long, so the number of domain names. Only relatively. If you can do 5 characters, of course, the best, but do not have too much limitations, only as a reference. read more

Yiling pharmaceutical business online wait for the nternet sale of drugs deal landing

is expected to become more intense in the context of the Internet drug policy is expected to increase the enthusiasm of enterprises involved in pharmaceutical electricity supplier is growing.

August 28th, Yiling pharmaceutical announced in Beijing to enter the field of electronic business, the company’s business platform Yiling Yiling healthy city officially launched, endorsement of its products until the field star Zhang Tielin. The former Jingdong medical city executive director Shao Qing as general manager of Yiling healthy city electricity supplier division, and meet the public for the first time. read more

Tmall and YOKA fashion network strategic cooperation to create fashion ecosystem


technology news August 20th afternoon news, Tmall fashion platform YOKA fashion network, issued a "fashion brand" media business strategy, YOKA as a strategic partner of Tmall, and Tmall together to create a new fashion ecosystem, and in the Tmall fashion during the launch depth cooperation attempt.

this year, Tmall proposed brand fashion strategy, which is an important step in the media station Tmall fashion ecosystem. By attracting a large number of media content in the presence of fashion content, the establishment of a large number of Tmall commodity shopping guide to help brands better brand. read more

Exclusive O2O will trigger a chain effect Wowo listed

speed transit network in April 9, rating (Ding Daoshi Dean speed transit Institute) Beijing time on April 8, 2015 at 10 in the evening, when most people start to sleep, suddenly announced Wowo without any successful listing in the United States, after the opening price rose up and down, grabbed all the fragile heart.

public information Wowo listed on the Nasdaq, our opening price of $11, code named "WOWO". The day after Wowo scheduled for April 2nd listing, Wowo mall statement, due to technical failure caused the overall listing time delay. Followed by the United States and a small Easter holiday in China, the Ching Ming Festival holiday, in order to fully guarantee the interests of investors, the decision to postpone the listing time next Tuesday (April 7th). read more

Doubt the new network put in the new domain name security

I stand is the game site, more than 150 thousand daily visits, previously used ztztzt.com domain name, and later enabled the youxig.com domain name.

without exception, when placed in the new network domain name, the domain name hijacking for horse like menstrual like.

my station is based on the theme of the journey started, it is well known that the journey is a high consumption of the game, the value of the game gold coins and equipment than many other games a lot of times. So, I stand has been the focus of attention of many people. read more

Jingdong WAL MART you see the news saw the TV

once this raise a Babel of criticism of basic background information is everywhere, therefore, Ni t then do not repeat, talk about a few view directly:

1 first, the qualitative event: This is an asset replacement + strategic investment

all about Jingdong acquisition 1 shop argument is wrong, the exact statement is that WAL-MART to strategic investment Jingdong, rather than Jingdong to buy the number 1 shop, which is completely different from the two things.

occupy the active position in the favorable thing is the international giant WAL-MART, shop No. 1 WAL-MART just want to abandon the negative assets, packaged and sold to Jingdong, and the Tencent shares of Jingdong, will pat fast and easy off to Jingdong in essence is one thing. read more

blue the latest announcement of the revised accounting methods

since September 1, 2007, blue network four, five star users through the alliance link to enter the site is no longer included in the amount of the purchase price accounting alliance orders.  
        hereby announcement!
        thank you for your support!

Union address: http://s.chanet.com.cn

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On the road of foreign trade export enterprise B2C

a, foreign trade enterprises encountered in winter, how to get out of the woods?

How to walk out of predicament

export enterprises in winter? Do the experience of foreign trade from 2002 to the author and experience from the beginning of 2005 by B2C at the same time both at home and abroad into the mode of network B2C sales market, in foreign trade enterprises out of the current predicament is in need of real new marketing means and ways of making money. The author is engaged in the foreign trade B2C, domestic products directly through online sales channels to sell consumer experience, I think to do two things, one is to use new means of marketing, the two is to develop a new way to earn high profits. For some foreign trade enterprises, if the product is suitable for online sales, you can effectively combine the two means is to use the B2C model to carry out overseas direct sales or enter the domestic market. read more

Ma internal mail full text ideal for the survival of the user is the only

          September 6th news, the chairman of the board of directors of the Alibaba group and CEO Ma last night issued a message to all employees of Alibaba entitled "ideal for survival," the internal mail. He said that the promotion of new commercial civilization, adhere to the ideals and mission to pay a huge cost, but the Alibaba never because the interests and change their appeal to all people go Ali adhere to the principles, adhere to the ideals and uphold the mission of development road. read more

Paper books electronic commerce transformation e book Dangdang Digital Books Online

has been in the e-book market fighting Hanvon technology, the grand literature will face new challenges, in the traditional paper books dangdang.com recently officially launched ebook channel, the channel name for "digital books". At the same time, as the B2C e-commerce platform of the Jingdong will also be released online mall e-book platform program, e-books gradually seize the book market has become an indisputable fact, of course, you want to spread the e-book market, the price of the reader is always one of the important reasons for the popularity of e-books insurmountable, coupled with the domestic users accustomed to free ebook lunch, the concept of change from free to paid, also need to stay in time. read more

Analysis of the important direction of the network to analyze the word of mouth marketing

now, more and more traditional enterprises to join the ranks of e-commerce, e-commerce industry norms need to be built, and trust credit, image reputation is believed to be more attention to the behavior of electricity supplier companies. Qianlizhidi destroyed the colony, journey, business operators must have a long-term consideration. An irresponsible enterprise, there will always be spread to the consumer faith crisis, when consumers are no longer believe in the enterprise, it is not surprising how the enterprise can sell goods. read more

Wuhan issued the first shop business license

According to the

Chinese Voice reported, Hubei city of Wuhan Province issued the first filling. The self-employed business license recently. Now this is a web site with a business license has been advertised on the shop owner Chen Shuang. Wuhan city industry and Commerce Bureau, said the real name system has been launched in advance of the city, and will gradually push the city wide.

reporters carefully compare, the self-employed business license in the format, requirements and common business license without any distinction, only in the "premises" column, in addition to marked "Wuhan economic and Technological Development Zone of Zhuankou street, also raises the net with the URL in the Taobao online store. read more

Health brand new ideas do business with the electricity supplier channels


technology news July 24th afternoon, the health care industry in Chinese has been very fragile, slightly collective slump will make wind sways grass industry. Remediation from the environment is short-term bad, for the long-term development of the brand is a rare opportunity. Domestic health care giant giant investment in health care brands Dr. Rossello teamed up with suppliers in France began to try in the electricity supplier channels.

use the Internet to do health care products

was founded in 2010, initially wanted to do an electronic business platform, while doing their own brand health care products. Around 2010 is the electricity supplier cold period, a large number of e-commerce sites did not wait until spring, and Dr. team from most of the giant naobaijin team, they finally decided to do things their own good, attention to health, to do its own brand of health products. read more

LETV 414 hardware free day refused to do the fool members enjoy network network ecological package

in the ecological architecture network network in a wide range of services including "ecological finance, O2O membership, wine line, wine channel", known as "wine throughout the life of ecological" Unicom downstream, a ring linkage and essential music as a whole ecological.

yesterday as "413 ecological shared night staged a star studded cross lying successful maxed out the circle of friends, not only the Internet industry heavyweights together to have invited include Li Yuchun, Coco Lee, Huang column, caused by the entertainment business, more than half of the country" big coffee appeared with the music playing cross-border reverse. Such a bold mash that did not react, followed by "414 LETV hardware Free Day" again to refresh the. read more

Virtual host can also achieve pan domain function

              if you have a multi-user system, such as multi-user blog (oblog, xspace), SNS (UCenter Home), multi-user Mall (Taobao C2C, B2B Alibaba), even as long as there is a user registration system (CMS, BBS) etc.. If you provide users with similar user.domain.com two domain name, I believe your users must like.

              but the general virtual host can not be bound pan domain name, can not provide members with two domain name ( ). In this case, we developed a pan domain forwarding function, so that any one of the virtual host, can have pan domain function! read more

Dangdang afternoon price war and war day

in the Jingdong, Yi Xun and other home appliances providers "6· 18" in full swing, clothing sale websites running between the more stalemate, dangdang.com said it will the end of yesterday’s tail collection of big promotion extended to today, the number of over a quarter of 200% brand new. Not affected by competitors blocked, only two months on the line, trying to take advantage of the tail collection of Dangdang electricity supplier price war flash purchase industry pattern change. read more

nnovation and transformation when stocking cross border VR virtual reality technology Bonas

[twenty-second] reading circles Chinese Yiwu International Commodities Fair opened in October 21st, compared with the traditional commodity exhibition, this year’s fair show more innovation highlights. During the exhibition, Bonas launched the VR (virtual reality subversive) shopping mall, consumers homes will be able to have the shopping experience personally on the scene. It is understood that the technology will be applied to various sales channels Bonas, interactive shopping scene simulation, for consumers to bring a different shopping experience. read more

Agricultural products direct supply of electricity supplier is a lucrative business

lead: the rural market covers the total population of 45% people, the stock market size of over 10 trillion, correspondingly, 180 million of Internet users in rural areas, the Internet penetration rate is only 28.8%.

excellent planting environment in the fruits and vegetables in Kaohsiung, Pingtung, a group of farmers, planting their skills from generation to generation, the island seems to smell the fragrance of fruit. But in the end, most of these fruits and vegetables were shipped to Japan and South Korea, Europe and the United States, mainland China these willing to spend money. read more

At eleven a m Ali double the value of the shopping festival turnover of eleven to 76 billion 900

sina science and technology news on November 11th noon news, real-time data from Alibaba, 11:00:002016 Tmall 11 global Carnival transaction amount of $76 billion 900 million, from last year’s total turnover of more than 91 billion 200 million of the day. Currently, Ali double eleven media center on the big screen is still in the rapid rise in the number of figures.


as the main venue for men and women clothing sales charts Top 1, UNIQLO has just released a sold out notice, said the official flagship store eleven activity of merchandise has been sold out, will go on tomorrow morning replenishment and gradually returned to normal business. read more