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Zhang Jianmin to Xining special inspection steady growth, ecological environmental protection work

recently, the Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor Zhang Jianmin led the provincial departments responsible comrades went to Xining City, steady growth, ecological environmental inspection and rectification and transformation of government functions and the implementation of policies and measures to carry out special supervision and inspection work.

inspection group has on-site inspection of the operation and management of the old city of Huangzhong County, Huangyuan County, DOPA Metro transformation, the beautiful countryside, Yang Zhai area shantytowns transformation, Asia silicon industry polysilicon, the central square of the North expansion, the first municipal people’s Hospital and other construction projects, business incubators, municipal government administrative service center, a comprehensive inspection governance, the Beichuan River Normal University new campus construction site dust control, the Yellow River Jianiang Beer Co., air pollution control, the airport expressway along the green landscape construction work, and held a forum in Xining city and subordinate counties, the relevant departments responsible comrades, informed the inspection situation, put forward suggestions.

Zhang Jianmin pointed out, Xining city to implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council policy measures and the provincial government decision to deploy a resolute attitude, careful deployment, clear thinking, down-to-earth style, to promote a strong, economic and social indicators remain in a reasonable range, made an important support to promote the development of the province. He stressed that Xining should continue to implement various policy measures, resolutely to complete the annual task; keep investment growth, grasp the key projects and major projects reserve; grasp industry development, urged industrial steady growth, improve accounting services; continue to promote urbanization and city construction, attaches great importance to the construction of the new county to speed up; continue to focus on economic development; ecological environment protection inspection and related work; to do the "13th Five-Year" planning work.



The wind of corruption — a summary of the construction of Xining’s clean government culture

walk in the streets of Xining, "clear water park, everywhere is that people are" Qing Lian "Qin people, low-cost Germany to support, light to Ming, static to self-cultivation and honest aphorisms billboards; government office building corridor, hung a picture of anti-corruption picture; into the community, honest aphorisms eye-catching publicity slogans…… Whether it is the local people or tourists, everywhere can feel the strong atmosphere of culture, such as wisps of breeze and.

this is just a microcosm of the construction of clean government culture in Xining. In recent years, the clean government culture has not only become an important way to educate Party members and cadres in Xining, but also spread to the community, schools, families, rural areas, enterprises, spread to every corner of the city.

building a clean and honest culture everywhere

anti-corruption to the whole society". In the cultural construction work, the Xining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection in actively relying on the promotion of clean government culture into organs, into the community, into the family, into the countryside, into the enterprise, into the school based "into six", and put forward innovative clean government culture into the hospital, into the project, into the area, into the mall construction activities, the formation of the "six plus four" Xining mode, the rich and colorful culture, blossom everywhere.

in the process of promoting clean government culture into the project, Xining city key parts closely around the construction field of power operation and key links, the signing of the construction contract and the responsibility of the "double contract", the anti-corruption education and supervision throughout the whole process of project construction. In the hospital culture, the establishment of cultural publicity column posted some of the hospital, the hospital a billboard; some clean from medical discussion, open up clean government culture column on the website and hospital newspaper; some hospital held a clean government culture thematic learning activities. In Xining, a number of well-known old mall, the customer can always see the mall on the electronic screen, radio, shelves near the counter to see the public service ads and honest culture tips.

relevant departments also make use of the landscape to highlight the characteristics of the establishment of clean government culture in Xining. In the book, Xingzhi Park Sports sculpture, visitors to the transfer of health to life taste; wild zoo carefully created "Chrysanthemum" Yu Lian Yun Ju "; Cultural Park, Nanshan park is designed into the cultural publicity Gallery, people’s Park Sun Zhongshan monument" in the whole world as one community "of the noble sentiments and honest morality to spread and infect visitors; Hehuang proverbs Park Theme Park, increase independent cultural discourse"…… According to preliminary statistics, this year, Xining is expected to invest more than 1500 yuan in the field of clean government culture.

create a strong atmosphere of Lian Rong corruption

"asked him what so clear, as has the springhead". In order to make the construction of a clean government culture has continued to appeal, penetration and influence, we must constantly enrich the connotation of the times, innovation into "living water", the construction of a clean government culture is more and more obvious Xining characteristics".

for several years, Xining city in seven;


What qualities should a store owner need

it is understood that the opening of the store, as long as the operation properly, and sometimes earn more than the company. But if you do not know how to open a shop, may also fail, lose lose everything. So, how to open a store? Xiao Bian believes that the store owner is an important role, but also the key point of the impact of store profitability. Here may wish to look at the store owner needs to have what characteristics!

first point: diligence

generally, way out of the decision, many people will take the first element as boss thought the survival and development of the store, to check with colleagues also said: the boss has a lot of ideas, all able to store up. But here I want to say, in the County Township inside the store, the boss thought can be obtained from the factory business where he has no idea is not important, important is that he can go to a conscientious and diligent execution in accordance with these ideas.

know, after building stores, not when the shopkeeper, sit and wait for business to store, also must learn to do, learn to do promotional activities, learn to stir the market, enlarge their own voice, this set of marketing ideas to manufacturers will plan to form a common template store so, the store owner must be able to work hard, so hard as I put the first trait store owner must have.


hard to communicate with factory business, so the store owner got manufacturers favor, get more ideas; because of hard work to do promotional activities, so the store owner understand the local consumer preferences; because diligently issued leaflets, advertising, so during the holidays, the store will attract a large number of guests…… Do not market ideas to the business staff, no promotions can be copied, no experience can be accumulated, only hard work is the inherent characteristics of the store owner, to some extent, he is a natural habit, acquired great changes to become hard to.

in a county in Nanping two stores two bosses, one for many years, every day guarding the shop, the shop as a cash cow. Another boss, do three months, people are very hard, the business bigger and bigger, the next year sales will certainly exceed the first.

second: execution

some store owner, basically the salesman simply mention the success of other areas of practice, the store owner will immediately do, here is the executive power.

Sometimes the idea that

manufacturers, the subsidies to the promotion of resources, give, give standard material, some store owner tend not to perform, nor arrange people to perform, when the shop is getting no vitality, sound >


Xining 8 A-level scenic spot on the list of the first national tourism price trustworthy scenic list

Since this year, Xining city to create the National Tourism Standardization Demonstration City as the goal, combined with the tourism industry in Qinghai province "leadership" action, Xining city environmental order hundred days remediation, and actively carry out the standardization of tourism market rectification work, Xining city to regulate the tourism market order, improve the quality of tourism services, and establish a good image of Xining tourism.


Xining airport two indicators increase in the National Capital Airport

this year, Xining Airport Flights and passenger throughput of two indicators to more than 30% growth rate, ranking first in the provincial capital airport. Sustained rapid growth for the Xining airport into a regional center of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, laid a solid foundation.

reporter yesterday from the Airport Inc to Qinghai, this year, the Qinghai Airport Inc to take a number of measures to deepen strategic cooperation with the airlines, continuous new encryption flights, passenger source organization effectively, and improve the quality of the aviation market. Xining airport added Fuzhou, Xiamen, Ji’nan, Qingdao, Yinchuan, Ordos, Nanchang, Haikou, Guiyang 9 navigation points, the 11 routes, Xining airport route increased to 37, navigation points increased to 32. At present, in the green camp airline reached 10. Further improvement of the route network, so that the Qinghai civil aviation market is more active, people travel by air is more convenient. (author: Ni Xiaoying)


Production safety situation is stable

in the first quarter, the provincial production safety committee office of provincial government to seriously implement a series of work on safe production deployment, and take measures to implement the plan, "13th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year the province’s production safety to achieve a good start.

it is reported that this year, 1-3 months, the province’s total production and operation accidents decreased by 21 year on year, down by 32.81%, the number of deaths decreased by 16.13%.

in order to ensure the province’s production safety situation remained stable for the better, the next step will be to highlight the industrial and mining enterprises to implement the production plan to resume production, training, production and acceptance inspection work, strict implementation of complex production inspection system; serious road traffic, vehicles, to focus on the key sections, focusing on the period of supervision, implement the important measures to pay close attention to. To effectively curb traffic accidents prone momentum; outstanding construction, grasp the statutory construction procedures, hazardous processes, key positions, key operation management, effective prevention of construction accidents; mine outburst dangerous chemicals, coal mine safety supervision, non coal mine "five law enforcement", the hazardous chemicals safety special rectification activities; serious investigation and management of risks, grasp the risk assessment analysis, safety standardization, liability insurance and other work, and resolutely prevent And containment of major production safety accidents.



Xining City Education Bureau held chuangxianzhengyou summary commendation

The day before the municipal education bureau Party committee held chuangxianzhengyou summary commendation congress, a comprehensive review of the achievements and experience summed up two years Office Excel activities made by the grand recognition in striving for the emergence of excellent activities in 6 Advanced grassroots party organizations and 26 outstanding Party members, grassroots party organizations and outstanding communist representatives respectively, the exchange of experience

day before the municipal education bureau Party committee held a good summary in recognition of the general assembly, a comprehensive review of the achievements and experience summed up two years Office Excel activities made by the grand recognition in striving for the emergence of excellent activities in 6 Advanced grassroots party organizations and 26 outstanding Party members, grassroots party organizations and outstanding communist party member the representatives of the exchange of experience. Bureau system 240 party members and cadres attended the meeting.

two years, bureau Party committee and the board of the party organization of the unit focus on education and teaching innovation center, rich activities continue to excel activities and the cultivation of campus culture combined, and create excellent talents, enhance the teaching ability and the combination of teacher education combination, and strengthen the construction of virtue combination, strengthen the construction of Ideological and political work of the Party school, continue to explore the methods of work. To strengthen leadership, create publicity atmosphere, and promote the protection activities; focus on the organization construction, good team management, party organization chuangxianzhengyou ability; innovative carrier, carry out the service commitment, Party members and cadres to play the main role; focus on system construction, strengthening standardized management, long-term mechanism to improve the livelihood of the people attention to social activities; and actively promoting coordination, striving for the enhanced effectiveness of preferential.

meeting the requirements of all units subordinate party organization should focus on the fine management concept, summarizing the successful experience of chuangxianzhengyou activities, combined with the new situation, new problems and new requirements faced by the party construction work, from "seriously sum up experience, improve the long-term mechanism; broaden the activity carrier, to promote the connotation development; change the style of work, improve service the level of." The three aspects of efforts in the development of educational science, health service development, service service to teachers and students harmonious society development content, form, method, means and mechanism of innovation and improvement, let chuangxianzhengyou spirit become the majority of Party members and teachers’ value pursuit and perform their duties and carry forward the spirit of the eternal theme, based on the post, first-class performance and first-class image of the tree, and make positive efforts and contributions to the people’s education.




Province to build public resources trading center for people to do a lot of things into a door

January 23rd, the government work report, further decentralization, standardize administrative examination and approval and power operation, the formation of provincial administrative services and public resources trading center. In this regard, the reporter interviewed the director of the provincial Commission for discipline inspection efficiency supervision room Yang Zhiqiang.

it is understood that the province’s administrative services and public resources trading activities scattered in various departments and regions. Enterprises and the masses want to do a thing to run a lot of places. Therefore, the government set up provincial administrative services and public resources trading center, its purpose is to let people into a door, do a lot of things.

Yang Zhiqiang said that since 2011 the establishment of provincial administrative services and public resources trading center work has begun to enter the preparatory stage. After the completion of the project is expected to be a lot of administrative services and public resources transactions can be carried out in the same building. Including government procurement, land and mineral property transactions, as well as government investment in a variety of construction projects and people concerned about human resources, social security, employment guidance and other services.

The formation of

provincial administrative services and public resources trading center can not only the approval of the project enterprise and the service and public service issues are all incorporated into the government affairs hall, but also on the transaction of public resources for centralized management and supervision, increase public resources trading transparency, reduce corruption problems in the process of transaction of public resources. At the same time, but also conducive to the protection of cadres.

Yang Zhiqiang said that with the development of economy and society, the province’s administrative services and public resources trading volume will continue to increase, it is necessary to establish an orderly and standardized public resources trading market.

In addition to the

, the government will also intend to build a provincial, state, city, county and county-level network platform to achieve data sharing. In this way, who handled a business in a place, through the network platform, in another place can also know. In addition, the construction of online government service hall is also planned for the future. (author: Cai Yawen)



Xining municipal Party school, School of administration, the Institute of socialism fall semester

The morning of September 8th, the Xining municipal Party school, School of administration, Xining city of Xining city socialist college in the fall semester, deputy secretary of municipal Party committee, municipal Party school principal Su Rong, municipal committee, organization department minister Bi Xiaoning to attend the opening ceremony.


Cooperatives and farmers set total profit

"The last time I adopted Angelica chicken from the cooperative income is good, this time I’m going to adopt some to expand the scale of farming." Villager Liu Zhanshou said. The morning of April 4th, although the snow, but Datong Xun rang Xiang Ma Shi Zang Cun Braun special farming cooperatives in the village, but it is very busy, hundreds of households in the village holding the size of carton queuing for free chicks. It is reported that there are 3000 chicken breeds distributed free to the villagers will be on the same day, seek the new way for the villagers to get rich.


Lake tournament opening ceremony will be held in the Sea Lake District

  in July 5th 10, thirteenth Lake Race opening ceremony will be held at the Grand Lake District Stadium, when the CCTV sports channel and Qinghai TV will broadcast the opening ceremony, friends can not arrive at the scene through the television to watch the opening ceremony.

with close to thirteenth Lake Race game time, Xining people began to look forward to, look forward to the opening of the lake race, to hold Xining criterium. Walking in the streets of Xining, people are talking about the most is around the lake, and can be seen everywhere on the current round of the lake’s slogan is also about to start the game to add a thick atmosphere. "This is our annual event in Qinghai, I would like to see the opening ceremony of the scene." Mention Lake Race, the public are very excited, we all say that the Lake Race year after year, the opening ceremony of the atmosphere year after year.

in July 6th 11, Xining criterium will go to war in Xining, when the public can choose the nearest road criterium to watch the game.



Bao Yizhi in Minhe County research and development of cultural tourism integration seriously stresse

recently, progress of the work of the provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Bao Yizhi in Haidong people and Hui and Tu Autonomous County, hometown location research Yu Lajia National Archaeological Park and Lajia folk village construction, and puts forward suggestions to speed up promoting the related work.

Bao Yizhi and his entourage inspected the official town Lajia village, township village, the hometown of Da Yu Nakagawa Xiakou location, RV campsite location, Fort Wine Jialong Zhuang and other places, listen to the relevant departments introduction.

Bao Yizhi pointed out, Minhe county is located in Gansu five Sanchuan Green County at the junction of the two provinces, is the Xining tourism circle and Lanzhou tourism circle, Gansu best connection point, its position, and rich historical and cultural heritage, rich in tourism resources, is the "hometown of Da Yu" beautiful legend, known as the Oriental "Pompeii" Lajia site, known as the world’s longest Carnival Tu "Nadun Festival" and the colorful folk culture, is an important area and storage area of the tourism resources in Qinghai.

Bao Yizhi stressed that the infrastructure in Sanchuanhe region and Minhe County continue to improve, continue to promote the construction of ecological civilization, a strong impetus to the development of social undertakings. I hope the relevant government departments to seriously study, do the preliminary planning, and actively strive for the national, provincial and municipal support, "La National Archaeological Park, the hometown of Da Yu, the Turkish customs, scenery of the Yellow River" four in one overall build, make Sanchuan become our province a new unique tourist destination and leisure vacation livable industry should travel landscape garden town.



Chong City public health hundred days to start a tough action

in order to further promote the Xining city to create a civilized city, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau, before starting a city public health hundred days crucial action, take effective measures to carry out special rectification, public health, public health and improve the environmental quality of Xining city.

in the "three small" industries, namely small beauty salon, small hotels and small bathroom, through comprehensive renovation, effectively change the "three small" industries operating without license and basic health facilities are not in place, its health management, environmental health and poor situation, improve the management level of public health in Xining City, for the protection of the health of the people, to further improve people’s living environment and health quality, for the smooth passage of the "good foundation of a city state inspection lay.

in food security "three small" industries, including food production and processing of small workshops, small restaurants, small vendors remediation, mainly food and Drug Administration jointly organized by the city and the city to carry out food safety Industrial and Commercial Bureau, "three small" industries focus on special rectification, efforts to solve outstanding problems of small workshops, small vendors, small restaurants the further purification of the city’s food safety environment, enhance people’s sense of the masses of food consumption safety and consumer confidence.

in addition, the provincial capital will also vigorously carry out tobacco control action, mainly through cooperation with relevant departments to strengthen the linkage, public supervision and education of smoking, and promote people’s healthy life style to develop and improve the quality of national health, to further improve the quality of public health, optimize the civilized image of the city. (author: Li Yuejuan)


Be careful! Online shopping tickets to two-way verification

Online train tickets need to be verified. Reporters learned from the railway sector, in order to facilitate the public to log in to prevent cattle hoard tickets, 12306 sites to open the phone two-way verification measures. People need to log on to the site before 24 December 2nd to verify the 12306. No two-way verification of the public, starting in December 3rd, the purchase of tickets will be affected.


11 without renewal, the liability insurance of travel agency business license revoked

The reporter learned from the Provincial Tourism Bureau, the day before, the Provincial Tourism Bureau decided on my 11 without renewal, insured travel agency liability insurance travel agency administrative punishment revoke business license of the travel agency, and through the city, the state tourism administration departments on the penalty decision, since November 11th this year, ending its journey agency business.


Embroidery artists into the province to learn

recently, Chinese intangible cultural heritage — Qinghai Hehuang embroidery training held at Guangzhou University, Xunhua, Longhua Province, Huzhu and Minhe County 50, 5 Menyuan embroidery artists into the Guangzhou University, received training and learning.

Hehuang embroidery is one of the traditional arts and crafts in our province representative, with distinct regional characteristics and ethnic characteristics, many artists, 2009 was included in the third batch of provincial intangible cultural heritage. In recent years, the emergence of a number of ethnic embroidery production enterprises, but from the development and utilization of Hehuang embroidery situation, product variety, design and development lag, innovation ability, into modern life problems more prominent. The traditional training according to the characteristics and development status of Hehuang embroidery, through classroom teaching, practical operation, inspection, exhibition training mode, by teachers and experts at the Guangzhou University of Academy of Fine Arts teaching team, focus on the intangible cultural heritage protection policy, arts and basic knowledge, innovation and design content of Hehuang embroidery embroidery artists guide to our province and explain. I also went to Foshan province embroidery artists non writing base, Shenzhen cultural base, Bo Guangzhou cultural base to visit and study, understand the advanced technology and product research and development as well as the. Our province embroidery artists in the training of learning, deepen the understanding of traditional culture, broaden their horizons, and then in the base of learning embroidery art on the promotion of Hehuang embroidery design, research and development level, drive more embroidery artists to get rich, enhance the vitality of Hehuang embroidery inheritance.



2600 landless farmers will receive training

to help farmers improve the employment competition ability, this year the city plans to train 2600 people landless peasants, landless peasants have more grasp ", to achieve full employment stable proficiency in a particular line.".

at present, landless farmers about 156 thousand people in Xining City, the rural labor force of about 88 thousand people, accounting for 13.3% of the total rural labor resources, farmers accounted for 56% of the total, of which a considerable part of the landless peasants cultural level is low, the lack of employment skills, employment is difficult. In July 31st, our city is relatively concentrated in Huangzhong County of land lost farmers in the resettlement area of Sichuan Kang Metro held the recruitment activities of landless farmers and business skills training, organized nearly 10 designated training institutions with their respective advantages, according to different types of "sharing a bit of publicity site registration, there are more than and 150 people enrolled in the car driving, excavator and the cab of loaders, filigree craft and folk dances and more than 10 types of training. At the same time, in accordance with the post to the door, send service into the community, the service requirements, organized 16 enterprises to carry out on-site recruitment of landless farmers, providing jobs 489, on-site job registration of more than and 100 passengers. (author: Rong Lijun)


Institute of precision medicine, Tsinghua University, Qinghai University, Center for hydatid disease

in order to further improve the level of clinical diagnosis and treatment of hydatid disease in our province, improve surgical treatment, recently, Affiliated Hospital of Qinghai University of Tsinghua University medical aid platform, Tsinghua University precision medical research institute Qinghai University branch of hydatid disease research center was formally established.

province is one of the most serious provinces in china. According to estimates, the province’s total of 30 thousand patients with hydatid disease. Hydatid disease is a major cause of our province agricultural and pastoral areas of mass poverty caused by illness, has become an important public health problem which restricts the economic and social development in our province. Branch of Tsinghua University Medicine Research Institute was established hydatid disease research center at the Qinghai University, from the team and personnel training, to carry out surgery, adaptive technology to carry out innovative clinical research, improve the level of basic research in China and other fields of hydatid disease in Affiliated Hospital of Qinghai University to give specific guidance and help.

it is reported that Tsinghua University precision medical research institute will jointly establish a branch of green hospital Guoluo Prefecture of Qinghai Province in the people’s Hospital of echinococcosis surgical base in Guoluo Tibetan Autonomous prefecture. The establishment of the base can not only provide scientific and standardized treatment for the patients with hydatid disease, but also provide an important reference for the clinical treatment of the disease.



Air pollution control is the responsibility of the place

November 7th to 8, Municipal Committee and Secretary Ma Haiying led the Municipal Supervision Bureau, Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and other departments responsible person, went to the East District, Chengzhong District, North District, West District, Nanchuan Industrial Park, the Lake District Supervision and inspection of air pollution comprehensive management. Ma Haiying stressed that the air pollution is not about objective reasons, the key is responsibility, the core is put in place, in the pollution control work, to firmly establish the fight a protracted war of ideas, not slack work, must continue to force, to seize the core key, highlight the current can do, urgent need to do, to maintain a high pressure situation at present pollution remediation work, ensure the quality of the environment continues to improve.

, according to the East District of the Nanshan Road Shuangcheng coal enclosure set and sprinkler dust is not in place; Shang Dong international Cao Zhai resettlement area not Weidang, road hardening, not without vehicle washing equipment is not set, dust sprinkler; spring cleaning commercial concrete transport muck car sewage discharged directly into the Sha Tang river. The city district wool mill village ditch, color brick factory factory, Caigang foam board factory use of coal-fired boilers, waste and sewage directly discharged into the drainage channel; Lu village ten lime processing plant is not set, the road is not hardened enclosure pile material not covered, did not set the car washing equipment, dust sprinkler; in the area of agricultural demonstration park construction site roads not hardened, large area of bare surface. North District twenty village shop Choi steel, wood factory and other small enterprises did not apply for environmental protection procedures, the use of coal-fired boilers, waste incineration; the airport expressway (along) environmental remediation project of Si Tai Zi Cun demolition site dust sprinkler is not in place, building garbage is not timely. West District Fire ditch landfill road not completely hardened, sprinkler dust in place and other issues, Ma Haiying requirements, the construction site should strictly implement the "air pollution control of Xining city 5 100" mandatory, small business coal yard, steel plant, color brick factory, foam board factory, lime processing factory be careful planning and reasonable layout according to the requirements of environmental protection and the needs of the market, adhere to the promotion, mainly through integration, relocation, "down", combining guidance way to standardize the operation, to ensure the realization of the city’s air and water pollution comprehensive management target. (reporter correspondent Jia Quanjun)



Xining environmental comprehensive utilization of the world bank loan project started

March 19th, the Xining Municipal People’s government held a comprehensive environmental management and utilization of Xining World Bank loan project identification group to start the meeting, the Beijing Representative Office of the world bank to identify the project. From 2013 to 2015, Xining will be through the implementation of city drainage engineering, city reclaimed water reuse project, city environment and the surrounding River torrents Ditch Sediment dam system and capacity building project, realize the Huangshui River (Xining section) "the overall goal of clear water, smooth, shore green, camellia, new pattern the ecological environment to form hydrophilic, near the green, pleasant.

2009, the implementation of Xining city flood control and watershed management in Xining by the world bank loan project, the implementation of the project, the construction of Xining city flood control system is basically formed, the original main city sewage interception dry pipe laying is completed basically. But there are still some river water quality is not up to standard, water quality presents a serious pollution, sediment content and other issues. Therefore, Xining city sewage interception dry pipe, reclaimed water, sludge resource utilization, flood ditch Dam Engineering Department of baling, submitted to the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance for the use of bank loans, the bank for support, and comprehensively promote the Huangshui River (Xining section) comprehensive management. At all levels of development and Reform Commission, the strong support of the financial sector, in July 3, 2012, the project was included in the 2013 to fiscal year 2015 World Bank project planning.

Comprehensive management of the Xining environment

using the world bank loan project involves the city sewage collection pipe network engineering, regenerative engineering, environment engineering, river torrents ditch comprehensive control project of the water back, including 114.7 kilometers of new sewage collection pipeline, construction of 3 renewable water remediation, comprehensive treatment of Beichuan river environment, Xining City, Chaoyang electric Shenjiagou Liu Jia Gou ditch, Xining and other neighboring channel and other sub projects. Among them, the reclaimed water reuse project includes the construction of Xining fourth sewage treatment plant reclaimed water reuse project, Xining city sewage treatment plant reclaimed water reuse project, Xining city third sewage treatment plant reclaimed water reuse project (phase two). These 3 recycled water reuse project completed and put into operation, can produce 75 thousand tons of recycled water. Recycled water will be mainly used for recycling cooling water enterprises, Nanshan green and urban green water, water poured into the road and river landscape water supply, etc.. Recycled water reuse project to save 27 million 375 thousand tons of water per year in Xining, Xining recycled water reuse rate can reach more than 30%, to provide a basis for the establishment of a national model city in Xining. At the same time, the urban sewage interception pipeline project will achieve the city’s sewage "full measurement and control, full collection, full treatment", effectively alleviate the pollution of urban sewage to the river water, thereby eliminating pollution and poor quality. Flood ditch dam engineering construction can make the "Xining Sanchuan water" and the surrounding mountain torrents ditch form a complete sediment system. Through the implementation of the world bank loan project in Xining, we can create a clear urban landscape water system, improve the image of the city, improve the grade of the city, and promote the sustainable and harmonious development of Xining. (author: Wu Yachun)

since March 9th, Xining has experienced continuous days of dust weather,;