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Do small business four tips

small business, as the name suggests, not a lot of money, and therefore can not do big brand business, but also can not be delayed, the rapid return is the key, then how can we do it? Let Xiaobian to slowly analysis!

to be flexible

provides the convenience for the customer

businesses for sale, some price war go puerile way, some to the customer: fanquan, draw some engage in return, some potential by the media advertising, is trying to bend over backwards but these promotions, It is quite common for effects are not so good. Operating range of business owner, came up with "buy range free wedding video" the showmanship trick, a time attracted many couples come to buy, business is much better than their peers.

with these 4 tips will make it easy for you to do the business cost, in order to achieve your business objectives, continue to become bigger and stronger, to create a truly rich tomorrow, enjoy the most comfortable life!


1000 dollars to invest in the most profitable projects

      101000 dollars to invest in the most profitable items? Lack of cost, is each want to start a business? I believe this is a small contemporary entrepreneurs encountered the biggest problem. In response to this situation, we will take the wisdom of the house to join the project as an example to analyze, I hope to provide a reference for the majority of entrepreneurs.



: Heroic pen bachelor shield


Caring for children

army Camry indoor environmental charity activities

— "Children’s Day" gifts for the children of

2012 in May 26th, the army set up a Camry for the Qing Dynasty century group home baby nursery children sent to love, sent to health, and once again to help kindergarten children’s paradise to protect the net. This is the 61 children’s day in the beauty Chuangjia to give children a special gift of health. Let all the children be in a clean environment to grow healthily and happily in the success Americans expect. In our company, "caring for children refuse pollution" activities, the person in charge of TsingDa century group, China’s famous one with three master professor Su Wentong and the parents of our love have expressed gratitude to a good in charity activities do not burst.

in a good soldier with the sense of responsibility and mission, with many years of experience in environmental protection and first-class R & D team to develop targeted function room (car) in the environment of net service products, with consistent credit and will quickly become the industry leader, widely praised by the customers.

services in the US by trained technicians and driven around, because of good quality and excellent technology has won the respect of customers, offices, family support net, car air quality reached the national standard, to be worthy of the name customers cordial call: "room (car) air pollution in the terminator". The army hit the Camry’s agents are also actively respond to and promote the health of China’s 2012 Chinese people’s love project activities. Keep in mind the army to create the best of the Department of training, respect for the days of love, to be honest, humble heart to work, advocating the natural health love life, love the work love the company love the motherland. Return society.

At present in the


100 thousand or so what to open a good shop to open what 100 thousand yuan

      100 thousand or so what to open a good shop to open a shop of about 100 thousand yuan to open around 100 thousand? Do you want to create huge wealth quickly? Hurry to seize the opportunity, hidden secret health museum is deeply favored by consumers, has become one of the most profitable industry, followed by a lot of investors have flocked to. 100 thousand or so open what shop?

Tibetan secret fumigation Health Museum joined:


Aquarium is also an opportunity

is now a lot of families have aquarium pot, one to appreciate, two is to purify the air, but many consumers have never thought it could become an opportunity. Michelle  Inciarrano and KatyMaslow by virtue of their unique vision, by virtue of the aquarium pot sales, to achieve their dream of becoming rich!

Michelle  Inciarrano and KatyMaslow created Twig  in the city of New York Brook forest; Terrariums company, the company sells various kinds of aquarium bonsai works to the customer, and accept customer’s personalized custom, in addition, they also operate aquarium bonsai production tools and provide training for aquarium bonsai lovers.


Inciarrano and Maslow are good friends since childhood, and later lost contact in a period of time. After a chance coincidence, the two people through a common friend between them and get together again. Since then, the two of them will be inseparable, because they are full of interest in handmade products, they together made a lot of greeting cards, bookmarks and other small items. Maslow said: "we made a lot of things together, these things, we like the most is the aquarium bonsai. This is due to the rise of Michelle." Since then, two people on the production of aquatic bonsai has a strong interest, they began to produce a variety of themes of the aquarium bonsai. In 2010, two people finally decided to sell their work.


Maslow explained to us why they are so fond of the aquarium, said: "it can not only bring us pleasure, but also beneficial to physical and mental health. This is a very good cooperation, can make people realize the importance of mutual cooperation. The utility model has the advantages of wide use, and can bring great pleasure to people."

two in the initial start-up time carefully. They had a very detailed consultation with a professor at the Inciarrano college where they were studying to make sure all of their budgets were used properly. In addition, prior to the official launch, they consider the numerous types of trademarks and the company’s name.

from scratch

the beginning, their office in their apartment, after a period of time, two people rented an area of approximately 300 square feet of the garage, and continue to make bonsai in there. After a period of time, once again they transform the office, this time, they rented a 900 sq ft store in Brook, in here, they in addition to selling his work, can also provide training for bonsai enthusiasts service.

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Guangdong provincial finance department director on how to support innovation and Entrepreneurship

Volkswagen entrepreneurship is not a personal thing, but a wave of wave of mobilization in the whole society set off waves. The government should play an active role in guiding, from the policy, the financial advantage, open the door for entrepreneurs.

26 in the afternoon, the four session of the Guangdong Provincial People’s Congress, the first session of the press conference held in Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center in twelve. Guangdong provincial finance department director Ceng Zhiquan said that in 2015 to support the public entrepreneurship, people’s innovation, based on this year’s provincial finance will continue to increase efforts in this regard.

in support of employment, in 2016 the provincial budget will allocate 2 billion 200 million yuan, mainly in four aspects: one is the work of about 50 provincial outstanding entrepreneurial projects, each given 50 thousand to 200 thousand yuan subsidy; two to about 10 provincial demonstration incubation base, each one-time reward 500 thousand is three yuan; the payment of social insurance subsidies, job subsidies and other subsidies 2 billion yuan, key support for college graduates and employment difficulties in employment; four is to participate in the promotion of skills training subsidies for workers 220 thousand people.

"although Guangdong province administrative fees from 2011 150 down to 85, annual fees reduced from the original 50 billion yuan to 34 billion 600 million yuan, but the current examination fees and 11, still higher than the surrounding other province. Enterprises in financing, electricity, land costs are also at a relatively high level." He said.


For entrepreneurs to do what can be done to avoid the fate of failure

for a lot of entrepreneurial novice, a comprehensive understanding of the entrepreneurial process should pay attention to things in order to win more quickly. Entrepreneurship is a very long process, slowly start the road, a little careless, will fall into the abyss of failure. So for entrepreneurs, how to do to avoid the fate of failure?


Amy is the fruit of carbon Roasted Duck join stop to enjoy the of delicious

How about

‘s love duck duck? In our life, there has been a very wide range of consumer groups. Small entrepreneurs choose to join the love fruit fruit duck duck project, shop is earned! Do not worry about no source! In the food and beverage market, has always been very wise, very choice!

choice of Amy fruit is also very good Roasted Duck carbon investment choice for small investors, no need to how much you can easily store business, a variety of bamboo, such as duck, stewed fruit Roasted Duck carbon series, cooked brine rich product series and so on to let people choose a variety of natural fruit, carbon, nutrition, health eat in innovation, leisure and entertainment in one, let Roasted Duck no longer ordinary.

love to join the duck to make money?

all love to join the duck, roast duck, on the basis of traditional roast duck, roast duck to improve innovation. We love the fruit duck roast duck shop integration of modern fashion, heritage classic. Different from the traditional Roasted Duck and Amy are all using carbon Roasted Duck fruit fruit baked, no dust, fruity. Can also nourish health, beauty and beauty.

now, is the era of health and health. Small business choice to join the project, no doubt, is very wise, very choice of business opportunities. How about joining us? Worthy of our attention to join us! Easy to learn quickly, headquarters to provide a lot of support!


Open two supermarket stores to purchase it

now, the market is very strong entrepreneurial competitiveness. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the two supermarket project, is very hot in the project. Open their own two supermarket stores, make money business opportunities. So, how to open two supermarket supermarket stock?

yuan supermarket how to purchase? If it is just a small business, then a one to the manufacturers to purchase, the cost may not stand. Small purchase, manufacturers do not love the reception, it is difficult to get more concessions on the price, it is best to go to the wholesale market to purchase goods. If it is ready for large-scale operations, such as the intention to open a number of chain stores, to the manufacturers to direct purchase than the goods from the market to be more cost-effective. In this issue, you still have to calculate the income and cost.

two yuan supermarket, mainly for the rural market, as well as some small urban residential areas, for large cities, similar to the store business is very general. There are provided some high quality and inexpensive necessities, but also has the absolute price advantage, generally two supermarkets are goods in Taobao, after a batch of goods, do not confirm the payment, the first sale of a few days to see the effect, if the effect on the confirmation of payment, if the effect is not good, on the choice of mass to return, leaving part continue to sell.

two yuan supermarket how to purchase, not much mystery, nothing more than two big problems, first, price concessions; two, timely delivery; three, the return of substandard products and cost sharing. In addition, the rest are small problems. This line is very simple, large quantity discount, small amount of discount is small, or even no concessions; another, all cash purchase, cash on delivery, payment, goods sold out in a lot of ways, settlement, conditions are different, the negotiations starting point is different, according to your best advantage. To talk about, no, then gradually concessions. Concessions can not be too fast too fast, but also cannot die bit his condition is not put. Begin to do, because both sides do not understand, always unavoidably have a break in process, to understand the supplier. When the two sides cooked, many problems will be solved. The process is to continue to talk about the conditions, all the conditions can not start all over. This is the basic common sense, do it quickly familiar.

small business to choose to join two supermarket stores, no worries no source. The market development space, the best choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs. If you are very interested in joining the two supermarket project. So, as soon as possible to leave a message!