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Do small business four tips

small business, as the name suggests, not a lot of money, and therefore can not do big brand business, but also can not be delayed, the rapid return is the key, then how can we do it? Let Xiaobian to slowly analysis!

to be flexible

provides the convenience for the customer

businesses for sale, some price war go puerile way, some to the customer: fanquan, draw some engage in return, some potential by the media advertising, is trying to bend over backwards but these promotions, It is quite common for effects are not so good. Operating range of business owner, came up with "buy range free wedding video" the showmanship trick, a time attracted many couples come to buy, business is much better than their peers.

with these 4 tips will make it easy for you to do the business cost, in order to achieve your business objectives, continue to become bigger and stronger, to create a truly rich tomorrow, enjoy the most comfortable life!


1000 dollars to invest in the most profitable projects

      101000 dollars to invest in the most profitable items? Lack of cost, is each want to start a business? I believe this is a small contemporary entrepreneurs encountered the biggest problem. In response to this situation, we will take the wisdom of the house to join the project as an example to analyze, I hope to provide a reference for the majority of entrepreneurs.



: Heroic pen bachelor shield


Caring for children

army Camry indoor environmental charity activities

— "Children’s Day" gifts for the children of

2012 in May 26th, the army set up a Camry for the Qing Dynasty century group home baby nursery children sent to love, sent to health, and once again to help kindergarten children’s paradise to protect the net. This is the 61 children’s day in the beauty Chuangjia to give children a special gift of health. Let all the children be in a clean environment to grow healthily and happily in the success Americans expect. In our company, "caring for children refuse pollution" activities, the person in charge of TsingDa century group, China’s famous one with three master professor Su Wentong and the parents of our love have expressed gratitude to a good in charity activities do not burst.

in a good soldier with the sense of responsibility and mission, with many years of experience in environmental protection and first-class R & D team to develop targeted function room (car) in the environment of net service products, with consistent credit and will quickly become the industry leader, widely praised by the customers.

services in the US by trained technicians and driven around, because of good quality and excellent technology has won the respect of customers, offices, family support net, car air quality reached the national standard, to be worthy of the name customers cordial call: "room (car) air pollution in the terminator". The army hit the Camry’s agents are also actively respond to and promote the health of China’s 2012 Chinese people’s love project activities. Keep in mind the army to create the best of the Department of training, respect for the days of love, to be honest, humble heart to work, advocating the natural health love life, love the work love the company love the motherland. Return society.

At present in the


100 thousand or so what to open a good shop to open what 100 thousand yuan

      100 thousand or so what to open a good shop to open a shop of about 100 thousand yuan to open around 100 thousand? Do you want to create huge wealth quickly? Hurry to seize the opportunity, hidden secret health museum is deeply favored by consumers, has become one of the most profitable industry, followed by a lot of investors have flocked to. 100 thousand or so open what shop?

Tibetan secret fumigation Health Museum joined:


Aquarium is also an opportunity

is now a lot of families have aquarium pot, one to appreciate, two is to purify the air, but many consumers have never thought it could become an opportunity. Michelle  Inciarrano and KatyMaslow by virtue of their unique vision, by virtue of the aquarium pot sales, to achieve their dream of becoming rich!

Michelle  Inciarrano and KatyMaslow created Twig  in the city of New York Brook forest; Terrariums company, the company sells various kinds of aquarium bonsai works to the customer, and accept customer’s personalized custom, in addition, they also operate aquarium bonsai production tools and provide training for aquarium bonsai lovers.


Inciarrano and Maslow are good friends since childhood, and later lost contact in a period of time. After a chance coincidence, the two people through a common friend between them and get together again. Since then, the two of them will be inseparable, because they are full of interest in handmade products, they together made a lot of greeting cards, bookmarks and other small items. Maslow said: "we made a lot of things together, these things, we like the most is the aquarium bonsai. This is due to the rise of Michelle." Since then, two people on the production of aquatic bonsai has a strong interest, they began to produce a variety of themes of the aquarium bonsai. In 2010, two people finally decided to sell their work.


Maslow explained to us why they are so fond of the aquarium, said: "it can not only bring us pleasure, but also beneficial to physical and mental health. This is a very good cooperation, can make people realize the importance of mutual cooperation. The utility model has the advantages of wide use, and can bring great pleasure to people."

two in the initial start-up time carefully. They had a very detailed consultation with a professor at the Inciarrano college where they were studying to make sure all of their budgets were used properly. In addition, prior to the official launch, they consider the numerous types of trademarks and the company’s name.

from scratch

the beginning, their office in their apartment, after a period of time, two people rented an area of approximately 300 square feet of the garage, and continue to make bonsai in there. After a period of time, once again they transform the office, this time, they rented a 900 sq ft store in Brook, in here, they in addition to selling his work, can also provide training for bonsai enthusiasts service.

< >


Guangdong provincial finance department director on how to support innovation and Entrepreneurship

Volkswagen entrepreneurship is not a personal thing, but a wave of wave of mobilization in the whole society set off waves. The government should play an active role in guiding, from the policy, the financial advantage, open the door for entrepreneurs.

26 in the afternoon, the four session of the Guangdong Provincial People’s Congress, the first session of the press conference held in Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center in twelve. Guangdong provincial finance department director Ceng Zhiquan said that in 2015 to support the public entrepreneurship, people’s innovation, based on this year’s provincial finance will continue to increase efforts in this regard.

in support of employment, in 2016 the provincial budget will allocate 2 billion 200 million yuan, mainly in four aspects: one is the work of about 50 provincial outstanding entrepreneurial projects, each given 50 thousand to 200 thousand yuan subsidy; two to about 10 provincial demonstration incubation base, each one-time reward 500 thousand is three yuan; the payment of social insurance subsidies, job subsidies and other subsidies 2 billion yuan, key support for college graduates and employment difficulties in employment; four is to participate in the promotion of skills training subsidies for workers 220 thousand people.

"although Guangdong province administrative fees from 2011 150 down to 85, annual fees reduced from the original 50 billion yuan to 34 billion 600 million yuan, but the current examination fees and 11, still higher than the surrounding other province. Enterprises in financing, electricity, land costs are also at a relatively high level." He said.


For entrepreneurs to do what can be done to avoid the fate of failure

for a lot of entrepreneurial novice, a comprehensive understanding of the entrepreneurial process should pay attention to things in order to win more quickly. Entrepreneurship is a very long process, slowly start the road, a little careless, will fall into the abyss of failure. So for entrepreneurs, how to do to avoid the fate of failure?


Amy is the fruit of carbon Roasted Duck join stop to enjoy the of delicious

How about

‘s love duck duck? In our life, there has been a very wide range of consumer groups. Small entrepreneurs choose to join the love fruit fruit duck duck project, shop is earned! Do not worry about no source! In the food and beverage market, has always been very wise, very choice!

choice of Amy fruit is also very good Roasted Duck carbon investment choice for small investors, no need to how much you can easily store business, a variety of bamboo, such as duck, stewed fruit Roasted Duck carbon series, cooked brine rich product series and so on to let people choose a variety of natural fruit, carbon, nutrition, health eat in innovation, leisure and entertainment in one, let Roasted Duck no longer ordinary.

love to join the duck to make money?

all love to join the duck, roast duck, on the basis of traditional roast duck, roast duck to improve innovation. We love the fruit duck roast duck shop integration of modern fashion, heritage classic. Different from the traditional Roasted Duck and Amy are all using carbon Roasted Duck fruit fruit baked, no dust, fruity. Can also nourish health, beauty and beauty.

now, is the era of health and health. Small business choice to join the project, no doubt, is very wise, very choice of business opportunities. How about joining us? Worthy of our attention to join us! Easy to learn quickly, headquarters to provide a lot of support!


Open two supermarket stores to purchase it

now, the market is very strong entrepreneurial competitiveness. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the two supermarket project, is very hot in the project. Open their own two supermarket stores, make money business opportunities. So, how to open two supermarket supermarket stock?

yuan supermarket how to purchase? If it is just a small business, then a one to the manufacturers to purchase, the cost may not stand. Small purchase, manufacturers do not love the reception, it is difficult to get more concessions on the price, it is best to go to the wholesale market to purchase goods. If it is ready for large-scale operations, such as the intention to open a number of chain stores, to the manufacturers to direct purchase than the goods from the market to be more cost-effective. In this issue, you still have to calculate the income and cost.

two yuan supermarket, mainly for the rural market, as well as some small urban residential areas, for large cities, similar to the store business is very general. There are provided some high quality and inexpensive necessities, but also has the absolute price advantage, generally two supermarkets are goods in Taobao, after a batch of goods, do not confirm the payment, the first sale of a few days to see the effect, if the effect on the confirmation of payment, if the effect is not good, on the choice of mass to return, leaving part continue to sell.

two yuan supermarket how to purchase, not much mystery, nothing more than two big problems, first, price concessions; two, timely delivery; three, the return of substandard products and cost sharing. In addition, the rest are small problems. This line is very simple, large quantity discount, small amount of discount is small, or even no concessions; another, all cash purchase, cash on delivery, payment, goods sold out in a lot of ways, settlement, conditions are different, the negotiations starting point is different, according to your best advantage. To talk about, no, then gradually concessions. Concessions can not be too fast too fast, but also cannot die bit his condition is not put. Begin to do, because both sides do not understand, always unavoidably have a break in process, to understand the supplier. When the two sides cooked, many problems will be solved. The process is to continue to talk about the conditions, all the conditions can not start all over. This is the basic common sense, do it quickly familiar.

small business to choose to join two supermarket stores, no worries no source. The market development space, the best choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs. If you are very interested in joining the two supermarket project. So, as soon as possible to leave a message!


Crown princess was offline network drama field or rectification

recently exposed to the network as the popular music TV drama Crown Princess promotion was broadcast offline requirements. Together with the shelves there are six other drama. This may indicate that the relevant departments will be carried out in the field of network drama rectification specification.

1 on the 21 pm news, music as homemade network drama "Princess promotion" yesterday offline by many users attention, LETV today issued a statement saying the play content is optimized, will soon be back online.

At the same time were

The following is the full text of the statement

fans, LETV membershipSince the

the first music as homemade network drama "Princess promotion" launched to obtain the majority of enthusiastic fans and media attention and favorable, playing nearly 2 billion 700 million in the record, 2 billion 680 million micro-blog read the topic of a number of records at the same time, the subversion of the Internet drama production, marketing, traditional broadcast model, achieved unprecedented pay attention to.

"Princess promotion" part is doing optimization, we will be back, will soon be back online and meet you. Welcome to continue to focus on the other just released the music as homemade sleeping on my upper brother.

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A measure of what you are missing

countless people are talking about the determination to start a business, but the real success of the people are very few, only a small part of the real embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, and the success is even less. The reason, of course, is a small part, then to measure a test to see what you are missing!

to start you, what is missing?


to entrepreneurs and suggestions: 1) the mobile Internet era, the most important ability of the products, 2) saw the future trend is more important than ideas; 3) to find business opportunities we must seize the opportunity, every business has a time window, so you will not be the core of the team; 4) is particularly important, recruit people to complement the option to generous; 5) with the full promotion platform, and platform to avoid competition; 6) to make the products available in the shortest time, then iterative improvement based on user data.

the start-up stage, an important task is to learn how to describe the future of CEO, the description is very good, let all heard people want to follow you; business success, a major task is how to allocate the achievements, honor your commitment; after cash, with part of the core team set up a venture fund, to help more people to success.

Three basic qualities:

1, the boss of the company, after the success of the strategic system, the next step is to grasp the details. 2, for the number one, you should find out the most critical details personally. 3, work or down to earth, from small to good. 4, be sure to put your first to find out, this is the difference of marketing law. 5, test market (pilot) fast, the national market (promotion) slow.

So now you


A variety of services to shop business is hot business – Business

almost any store business will encounter a weak season, although the owners want to overcome such difficulties, but can not find a strategy. My shop is located in the District, the flow of people is very small, but the opposite is the wheat fields. The location of this is because the store is at home, a shop in front and back convenience. Although there is no pressure on the rent, but the location is still poor store earnings.

after thinking, I decided to carry out the service in other non-staple food store, to gather popularity. So, I to vacate more than and 100 square meters of the grocery store about more than and 20 square meters, bought a plotter, a banner making machine, a laser engraving machine, a printer, a fax machine, therefore, many business expansion. At the same time, I applied for a mobile point of charge agency business.

summer cold drink hot, I spotted business opportunities in the hospital to build a cold storage, cold drinks wholesale. In the business driven by my grocery store in this town we become one of the most popular stores, the copying documents, fax, inquiry calls, advertising people will come to my shop. Come to the wholesale cold drink is an endless stream. I let the store together with a variety of popular operating mode, Tim wealth, throughout the year no off-season.

such a business strategy will be helpful to your store management? So, if you want to make the store’s business is more popular, we need to let the shop can provide more variety of services, so that it will make business hot up. So, if you run a shop now, will you increase the kind of service?


Investment Zhou sad what the whole

in China to form a complete ritual system in the Zhou period, that time is the implementation of the feudal hierarchy, shaped Zhou made us begin to pay attention to the state of civilization. Why small to say this, because today recommended this food item is the brand name of Zhou sad.

jelly is one of the classic delicacy is very popular, in the process of continuous development of the bean and more tricks, Zhou sad not only to retain the traditional delicacy of taste, it is integrated into the Sichuan, let Zhou sad spicy, it can stimulate people’s taste buds, small series do not know big home for Zhou sad to join the brand is familiar with? If you are not familiar with, now Xiaobian to Zhou sad different characteristics to join


Zhou sad to join a lot of delicious

as a snack goods into Zhou sad Sichuan unique hemp, spicy, fragrant, crisp characteristics, making it more spicy and delicious, is the famous "sad". In the foundation of keeping the traditional flavor of yellow bean, mainly developed the unique seasoning formula, known as the "sad". Zhou sad ingredients for peas, refined by hand.

Zhou sad a lot of delicious, not only become the Zhou and nearby people’s favorite table delicacies, but also become the local people go Pro Series friends for tasty snacks, to create a comprehensive service platform for small catering business headquarters for the majority of entrepreneurs, many entrepreneurs have led the life of entrepreneurship success. So you can say that, Zhou sad is not the wrong entrepreneurial projects, the project’s fastest-growing market, the most profitable venture. Choose Zhou sad to join the project, is to choose a limitless demand in the industry.

Zhou sad has been recognized by consumers, at the same time as a good investment projects, through the introduction, you must also pay attention to Zhou sad to join the project a lot of profit. Now join Zhou sad entrepreneurs more and more interested investors come to join.


How delicious roast classic Korean crystal

healthy and healthy food choices are always very attractive. How about the Korean grill? High quality food, to join the Korean crystal grilled items, open a South Korea’s own crystal baked franchise, no doubt, is also very choice of business is not it?

South Korea crystal roast classic delicious, protect the supreme quality of the product, convenient logistics centralized procurement and distribution, greatly reducing the operating costs of the Korean crystal grill partners. South Korea can not only simply grilled crystal venture, and less investment, low risk, unlimited market potential.

Korea crystal grill provides a range of marketing support headquarters, South Korea crystal baking 5S management system (professional and creative experience of marketing, marketing, creative Magic Festival theme marketing, community marketing, emotional marketing magic magic) is the one and only South Korea crystal roasted creative combination of marketing system.

Korea roast Zhengzhou crystal cube Enterprise Management Consulting Company Limited is a set of management and promotion of entrepreneurial franchise project for the integrated structure, South Korea crystal roast to chain restaurant management, shopping mall chain, chain management as the main business section.

South Korea baked crystal join fly it? Of course, the strength of the brand to join the project choice, worthy of our attention, it is worth joining us. South Korea to join the crystal grilled items, you are still hesitant what? South Korea joined the crystal grill, classic delicious, it is worth joining!


Chenguang stationery shop – the whole to join worry

in fact, in our lives, the children’s market opportunities are very good. Today, the cause of education is very busy, small business choose to join the stationery market, is also very worthy of joining it? Chenguang stationery? High quality entrepreneurial projects, successful entrepreneurs to choose to join the dawn stationery bar!

Shanghai Chenguang stationery Limited by Share Ltd located in Shanghai city Fengxian District green town bright economic zone, the company covers an area of 260 acres, is an integrated creative value and manufacturing advantages, comprehensive stationery Group specializes in stationery industry. Dawn is committed to providing a comfortable, interesting, environmentally friendly, cost-effective stationery, products cover all kinds of writing tools, tools, books, desktop supplies, etc.. Here we take a look at the specific color of the wholesale price of stationery!

Chenguang Stationery Co., Ltd. is an integrated creative value and manufacturing advantages, focusing on the cause of stationery stationery group. The morning light offers a comfortable, fun writing tool that allows people to enjoy writing and inspiring creativity as a business mission. At the same time, Chenguang stationery will assume the responsibility of enterprises as the world’s citizens, and strive to use environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing methods for the earth’s environmental protection and the establishment of a recycling economy to contribute to the community.

"dawn always has a new idea" is M& the core value of G Chenguang, but also to maintain the edge of the sun, a key factor in the world class brand. Chenguang stationery joined the global creative studio has a strong international vision and world-class multinational team of designers, design, from the consumer value products of industrial design, mold development to product brand image design, the establishment of the industry of the one and only " design system", makes the morning can quickly bring ideas into products.

every child to learn is to use stationery, small business choice to join the morning stationery project, opened a stationery store belonging to their own dawn, shop is earned! Business is good, business worries, worthy of trust!


A pot of cold Dingwang Chuanchuan Xiang how delicious and healthy choice

string of fragrant business has been very hot, small business choose to join the string incense project, open a belong to their own string of sweet shop, is very wise, very choice of business is not it? A tripod Wang cold pot string incense? Brand food to join the project, the best choice for successful business!

now many people love to eat but Chuanchuan Xiang, compared to the traditional single string string sweet in taste, and some eat also easy to get angry, one Dingwang cold pot Chuanchuan Xiang what? A Dingwang cold pot Chuanchuan Xiang has always insisted on the characteristics and innovation, for the exclusive research and development a variety of food tastes. Not only is the essence of Sichuan, is also relatively healthy, all people will love love sichuan.

a tripod Wang cold pot string incense?

cold pot Chuanchuan Xiang is a unique string of incense business form, taste good, but also has the characteristic, how one Dingwang cold pot string incense? One Dingwang has been set up for ten years, but also owns a very professional R & D team, regardless of is the product of the formula after repeated study or seasoning, absolutely meet the needs of the masses.

small business choose to join a Ding Wang cold pot string incense project, the market is very good business opportunities. The cause of food, often the choice of the sun, is always a choice of business opportunities. Small business choose to join a Ding Wang cold pot string incense project, is the right choice!


Shop management needs to be based on long-term

to do business if only in front of the interests of the interests of such a business, I am afraid there will be no long-term development, want to do better is extremely difficult. So, do business to do a good job at present, based on long-term". This sentence may seem to understand each retail customers, but there are a lot of people are accustomed to quick to do something in the actual operation, only the immediate petty profits, and give up the operating principle of long. Shrewd businessmen should be broad vision, based on the long term, to establish their own righteousness, integrity of the image, so as to impress customers, establish a good business image.

one day, in a hotel to a guest, he a person a table of dishes, and a bottle of wine, after paying the money, drink alone there, perhaps is the heart of something or what, after the man put the bottle of wine to drink, but drunk in, no longer stand up. At that time, the shop owner did not think, a waiter take this look young, wearing a general "drunkard" stand out, throw in the side of the road.

he did not know that this man is a famous local private entrepreneurs, two days ago was a pit of a return, the loss of hundreds of thousands, a man went to the place to drink. After shortly after, the boss to stage a comeback, he often put it as a negative example to tell their employees and friends. The final result of the hotel is also conceivable.

city of Edmonton Road Xinxin yuan famous smoke shop owner Hu Jungang opened soon encountered a problem. Because of the tight supply of cigarettes, the supply of cigarettes per volume is not large, coupled with their opening time is not long, low level, the source is stretched. At this time, there is some kind of peer to remind him kindly, now are so nervous, your level is low, the tobacco inspectors seized up, the most was sent a little money, also can’t lower level, why not some counterfeit cigarettes in genuine doped sell inside make him a pen by this opportunity?

Hu boss is very serious to these good people, said that we do business is to make money, to consider the long-term, rather than immediate interests, like you do, not deliberately hit their own signs. In the case of tight supply, Hu boss actively organize sources, looking for alternative brands of tight cigarettes. Due to the good faith management Hu boss, around come down a good reputation, and actively cooperate with the tobacco companies to cultivate new products, increase the supply of cigarette retail customers, now Hu Jun, this street has become the highest level of retail customer delivery.

early hard work, and not to get a little bit of interest in the beginning of the withdrawal, yes, the shop to engage in business, the picture is a long-term business, rather than the immediate interests of the moment. From the above examples can be seen, the owner of the hotel because of snobbish offending customers and make your own business is on the road to ruin, and a retail customers, to give up because of.


Cost analysis – join fruit time

how much time to join the cost of fresh fruit? See the following details:

fruit time to join the cost how much? Store the cost of joining the venture stores, shops and stores three standard platinum.

venture shop: Join fee 20800 yuan (5~20 square meters)

standard store: Join fee 29800 yuan 20~40 square metre)

flagship store: Join fee 38800 yuan (more than 40 square meters)

shop costs in addition to the cost of joining the team and the brand, but also the cost of equipment + decoration + rent.

to standard stores, for example, equipment costs 5000~6000 yuan, renovation costs about 300~500/ square meters.

regional agents: Hefei, for example, the regional agency costs 80 thousand yuan, brand management fees of $5000 / year. A total of more than and 300 stores nationwide, mainly in the northern region, the southern region of a total of more than and 80.

fresh fruit store profit analysis

milk tea shop location: near the school

milk tea shop rent: 50 thousand / year

tea shop electricity costs: 800 yuan / month

tea shop staff wages: 2500/ months (boss +1 employees)

milk tea shop sales cup number: 150 cup

milk tea shop product price: 6 yuan

milk tea shop daily sales: 400 yuan

above this situation, is the most common form of a milk tea shop, of course, can also be opened 1 milk tea shop, you can also open the door to 5 people, the business is large and small, take this typical example to analyze. From the above data, let us count, profit = revenue – expenditure, as follows:

net income = (drinks cup number / day × unit price + snack sales) × profit margin – rent – hydro – personnel wages

net income = (150 cup / day × $6 +400) × 65%-137 yuan / day rent -27 yuan / day water -83 yuan / day wage


Korean restaurant location techniques – Business

catering industry, regardless of how the shop is very particular about the location of the problem, take now more popular Korean food brands. In recent years, with the prevalence of Korean culture, Korean restaurant has gradually become the choice of many investors. So, you know that Korean restaurant location techniques? Shops must choose should focus on the quality and quantity of the regional economy, income levels, purchasing power and their quality shops, rather than blindly emphasizes cheap. Here, I’ll give you a specific analysis of some of the South Korean restaurant location techniques.

Korean restaurant location selection techniques:

, open up more channels for shops

shop market has a 2:8 rule, that is, the public rental information shops accounted for only 20% of the total, while the private transfer of covert transactions accounted for only about $80%. This is because the shop is operating, afraid of the transfer of information before the transfer of the transfer of information, affecting consumer confidence, thereby affecting business. So, looking for shops to open channels, multi pronged approach, whether or not transfer or express shutting down the pavement, must all be asked.

two, passenger flow is money flow

shops location must pay attention to the flow of people around (and the traffic is stopped to buy things, rather than passing), with the matching buy atmosphere (such as class, the same or related products), traffic conditions and the surrounding residents and units of the situation. To operate the business of the shop, the "passenger" is "money flow", do not be afraid of competition, fear of high rent shops and selected in remote areas. In fact, the business district shops are concentrated, but help to accumulate popularity, increase sales.

three, the site should be forward-looking

not all of the "golden city" must make money, sometimes encountered in municipal planning changes, busy location and could become the deserted land. Therefore, entrepreneurs in the site should be far sighted, more understanding of the future development of the region. In addition to municipal planning, but also to understand the situation in the future competition in the region. Special attention to the demolition of the transfer of the trap will be paved, so as not to be deceived.

four, pay attention to the rental price

different geographical conditions, traffic conditions, the store structure of the building, there will be a lot of rent, sometimes even more than ten times. For entrepreneurs, not only look at the price of the surface, but should consider the cost of rent. For example, the monthly sales in 20 thousand yuan shop, the monthly rent in 2000 yuan -3000 yuan more appropriate, can guarantee a certain margin.