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The end of the 23 years of unjust imprisonment Chen man Internet business started a new life

innocent after 23 years’ imprisonment, Chen Man finally vindicated the unjust case. In order to officially start a new life, Chen went to the bookstore to buy Internet related books, 53 years old, he decided to join the Internet venture.

from December 27, 1992 to February 1, 2016 in custody released home, 53 year old Chen Man has 23 Spring Festival did not spend it with my family. The Spring Festival this year is 23 years later, he spent the first spring festival with his family. The fifth day of the new year day, in the western town of Mianzhu, freed Chen Man morning to accompany their parents, afternoon shopping lane to the bookstore to buy books, for their own future in the field of Internet business to prepare; wandering in the red lanterns hung on the streets, feeling not easily won the freedom.

New Year

menu for the dinner on New Year’s Eve Chen full custom

the dinner on New Year’s Eve home, Chen man has missed 23 years. The Spring Festival this year, a total of 15 of the Chen family the dinner on New Year’s Eve dish, "chicken" and "sausage" and "meat", "fish" and "Double cooked pork slices" and "meat rabbit"…… The dishes are specially tailored according to Chen Man’s taste.

in Chen Man’s view, this meal is also a turning point in his life, in addition to the old year, the night after the new year, my parents were watching TV, he sat on the sofa in the living room, to accompany their parents to chat, waiting for the New Year bell sounded, waiting for the arrival of the new year, happy life will open.



Wood products market demand boughs can also become rich raw materials

speaking of branches, even if it’s never lived in the rural areas of the city children can know what is a what kind of things, but never think of people, even branches can also be used as a wealth of material, can help countless people realize their dreams of wealth!

in Shandong Tancheng fan Shanian village, before cutting from a tree branches except what Cha Cha, for other uses, but in recent years, these branches not only bought, and the price is rising year by year, the farmers here have much income a year, look at these branches they can sell how much.

2006 in Shandong Tancheng County, the twelfth lunar month, every family is busy fan Nian Cun buy poplar, but they don’t buy all the trunk, branches and twigs. The villagers Huang Fulan home with these branches, "this is just south of the finished leather, yesterday, the day before yesterday sent, and brought the last night." According to her, as early as three or four years ago, these things no one wants. When the firewood burned, but now these branches are not afraid to buy more, afraid to buy.

secretly, but want a piece of fat Fan Jimei villagers. Fan Jimei kept himself at home for a week. With 3O years of experience in making toys, stunned the Japanese doll done with an air of importance. Orders not only successfully completed, and the old fan also more than one mind. He thought that if these things have a market abroad, that is not


Shen Xiaofu authentic Sichuan noodle taste by the chowhound welcome

How to choose to join

noodle snacks, Xiaobian authentic Sichuan rice vermicelli must pick Shen Xiaofu noodle, authentic Sichuan noodle, want to is the kind of spice. Here is a brief introduction to Shen Xiaofu.

Shen Xiaofu noodle authentic taste comes from ancient brewing, now do eat these two guarantees. Shen Xiaofu is in the field of nanowires with a long history of traditional brands, in addition to innovation and development, has always insisted on the ancient brewing noodle, still keep the traditional production of hundreds of years ago, always uphold the principle is to eat fresh, so diners can enjoy the most original Sichuan noodle mellow. Now, Shen Xiaofu in the fashionable bourgeois new concept to seize the noodle rice noodle market, with the combination of Chinese and Western fashion brand image, forming a huge difference with the ordinary noodle market stores at the same time, but also bring diners amazing feeling.

Shen Xiaofu

owns 19 series hot delicacy, in addition to the main 10 most popular noodle products, supplemented by the old time, tea drinks, snacks, taste beef noodle, tomato noodle sirloin are the most common noodle eaters. Shen Xiaofu creative launched the Thai hot and sour rice noodles, beef noodle noodle fish and other characteristics, but let diners can experience more different flavors of fashion noodle. The Thai hot and Sour Rice as an example, this collection of noodle different styles of Chinese and Thai, in sour and spicy taste let diners eat fully and delightfully. A lot of people have tasted Shen Xiaofu rice vermicelli, said Shen Xiaofu’s noodle beyond people’s expectations, no one can eat delicious enemy, it is worthy of trust.

of course, Shen Xiaofu in addition to being welcomed by diners, but also many investors favored. Shen Xiaofu has been able to get diners and investors love, or its own advantages inseparable. Shen Xiaofu in the production of food, always put the needs of diners in the first place, which makes the majority of diners in terms of nutrition and health have been met. In the brand to join, Shen Xiaofu uses the entire shop output mode, a one-stop shop support model, O2O model and other measures to protect the interests of investors, allowing investors to venture capital from scratch, really win in the starting line, great wealth business from Shen Xiaofu noodle stores began.

Shen Xiaofu

Shen Xiaofu delicious no one can be enemies, and its noodle shop to create a wealth of business opportunities, it is no wonder that diners and investors are welcome. Such a popular brand, as investors look at you, can not be tempted to put it into action, the success of Shen Xiaofu from the beginning!


The chain store aspect must not smoke and mirrors

investment shop, the location is very important, for the chain store we have many things to learn to master the key points, do not smoke and mirrors, let Xiaobian to introduce you.

location evaluation function is the most direct what? In one word, one step is three!

the same values, different location, your business may be a lot of difference. This is why some people say to me, we opened a shop in a certain district, then turn off the District, not the result, let him tell me the shop location, can only tell him that your position is wrong, not have no!

how to evaluate the pros and cons of alternative locations, from two aspects: the visibility and convenience of

A, the visibility of

1, Dianzhi property visibility. Select the location can be seen in the flow direction, need to focus on the distance of 50 meters? 100 metres? 150 metres? Please use quantitative data to assess, so that there is a basis for comparison.

2, the rental store visibility, which show how the surface? How big can you make? It has no other obstructions?

two, the convenience of

What is the name of

The convenience of

The convenience of

Evaluation method of

this is the time talking about the merits of the specific location, simple and practical.

? To sum up, do you have some understanding? Select the chain franchise location must pay attention, do not underestimate the enemy at the right time, there is more information to make money waiting for you.

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The choice of business Jiuhuang high efficiency cultivation

Jiuhuang is a kind of delicious vegetables, many people love to eat the vegetables, if engaged in this business will have a very high income? The answer is yes, the specific analysis of the small series will be presented for everyone, if interested, you can then read down.

1. [] cultivation technology of Allium root culture

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Way cattle start listing in the United States so that leisure tourism has once again become the focu

with the improvement of living standards, tourism has become a lot of people relax. Reporters learned in the investigation, will be listed in the United States news shows that leisure is becoming an important part of the online travel market in addition to air tickets and hotel reservations. April 5th, the way cattle to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted a prospectus, plans to raise $120 million nasdaq.

A combination of

tuniu listed on the United States to start, let the leisure tourism has become the focus of attention again. Will the market produce the next listed company?

1, the growth rate is higher than air tickets and hotel reservations

2, accelerated erosion line market share


Summer porridge shop attracted good business


"porridge" Dictionary: Rice porridge. A semi liquid food made of grain or grain and other things. Porridge is a traditional Chinese diet. Thousands of years of history. Is one of the main diet of people. Especially the main food buddhists. Famine in the year of the court and the official Fu’s home to take a "porridge" shed relief shows the "porridge" for the survival of the important. With the change of times, people should not only eat well, but also eat well. Modern research shows that: eating porridge more health, beauty and other therapeutic efficacy. The application is always the best ones for autotrophic, simple method.


Hook your fortune with a vacuum hook

vacuum hook is a kind of commodity is people in the process of life Home Furnishing very frequent use, it does not hurt to wall, characteristic used to win the favor of the consumer market, so that a small vacuum hook of how to bring the wealth for consumers?

Easy to use

and vacuum hook tend to be more remembered is characteristic of its repeated use, in the protection of the wall at the same time, but also saves resources. In the era of people’s attention to the home life, the convenience of vacuum hook, repeatability and no trace will inevitably lead to the pursuit of people. People in their daily lives, in order to hang some objects, usually choose to nail, with a hook or hook.

The utility of



Open a good stationery store source to fine

because the entire stationery market is very large, so many investors will choose to open a shop. However, due to the operation of many people, leading to the industry’s competition is more and more intense, if you want to open a good nature also need to pay attention to more skills. Here, Xiao Bian stressed that if you want to open a good stationery store, you need to pay more attention to the supply side.

a stationery shop to survive, goods is the most important, it determines the shop’s death, if the distribution of goods is not suitable for the values of the target consumer demand, shop location is good, the promotion method of fancy, business is not good.

at present, consumer purchase of stationery is still in function oriented stage, students and office workers are the main consumer groups, they are generally very picky, the quality of the goods and styles of purchase, so, under the premise of ensuring style, but also to the quality win. Stationery is easy to consume because of the daily necessities, for consumers, every day to use, if the quality is not pass, will have a great impact on work and study.

as a stationery store owner, Li Xiaoxi in the purchase, in order to ensure the quality of goods. He first went to the market to the manufacturers to collect stationery samples, and then carries on the analysis, comparison and classification of these samples, determined to "some well-known stationery outside the single processing enterprises" purchase channels, the company perennial in single processing, update the products of good quality, strong ability of research and development, product fast.


stationery shop" in retail, students are the main customers, because of the students’ active thinking, strong curiosity and accept new things quickly, and the use of stationery in high frequency, generally follow the latest styles and best quality. Only the combination of the two is the best-selling stationery. So he went to the field every week to purchase, to ensure that the new weekly available. Like a pen with a style of more than 200 kinds.

Li Xiaoxi believes that stationery business, there is often a mistake early entrants, to improve the quality of the goods you have to choose the brand. Brand quality is good, the profit is high, but the price is expensive, not suitable for the general public. The stationery store to the brand and brand-name combination, Hodge has many styles, novel, optional, is the quality can not be fully guaranteed. But with the development of social economy, the quality is not inferior, especially the Yiwu goods, the brand is also evolved from hodge.


brand and brand-name combination, not only selective for customers is relatively large, stationery purchase channels is much wider, you can directly on the wholesale market to buy, that is a little bit tired, but the choice of many. In addition to the wholesale market can go around, it is best to directly contact trading companies or manufacturers, because the wholesale market price may be relatively high, if there is a more direct purchase channels


China plans to start bidding for the World Cup sports industry and then meet the tuyere


for the people, can hold the world cup is an honor, there is an urgent desire Chinese hosting the world cup, and to promote the plan requires planning, especially the domestic sports industry will usher in a new round of challenges.

in February 27th this year, the central comprehensive deepening reform and the tenth meeting of the leading group, to consider the overall scheme of "Chinese football reform".

1) event operations marketing company with core competitiveness: Lehman photoelectric, joint travel, sports industry, Jiangsu sainty;

2) sports media company: LETV, hualubaina;

3) sporting goods company: Pathfinder, guirenniao, SBS shares. At the same time, concerned about the proposal of sports tourism related to the subject: CYTS, Mount Emei A.


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Cotton textile join the need to pay attention to detail and master skills

a lot of people optimistic about the market of cotton textiles, have invested in cotton textile, want to be successful in the need to pay attention to many aspects, and now, cotton textile products sold in the market. Many cotton textile stores in the market continue to emerge. Under normal circumstances, only do a good job in store sales can be based on the industry. Get to know it!

The basic model of

season for cotton textile retail stores of the time factor influence is still significant. Cotton textile stores display their goods in the physical region is divided into regular, window display and yard display, the two basic design area bear different missions in the seasonal period, there are interactive relationship between undertaking.

The main purpose of

window display design is a one-way transfer of seasonal information, and display the yard is mainly for customers to buy planning. Shop display if the tasks assigned to each of two parts and window yard, then the two will have a different function.



Unpopular small investment projects which

most of the people looking for projects in the investment are looking for those who are more popular projects to become rich, therefore, often let the market in the event of the existence of a large number of unpopular business opportunities!

waste plastic recycling

: just unfolding processed waste plastic particles, still has good comprehensive material properties, which can meet the blown film, drawing, drawing, injection molding, extrusion and other technical requirements, widely used in the production of plastic products. The establishment of recycled plastic granules factory, the size of the investment can be both from a production line to start, but also at the same time the purchase of multiple sets of equipment scale production. 1) to a production line for example, plant 30 square meters, for water and electricity, yard 30 square meters; 2) a production line only 2-4 workers; 3) construction period is only 5-7 days; 4) a production flow of funds should not be less than 5000 yuan, the scale of appropriate to increase the production flow of funds.


elderly care


Venture to join the road hard, careful trap easy to ignore

in the business on the road, it is inevitable to have some bumps, rather than stumbling, rather than a small "lure and trap"? But what kind of trap is easily overlooked?

1, the "measures" of the franchisor franchising qualifications to do a more clearly defined. Is "2 + 1" provisions: two outlets, more than a year of business performance. They have no outlets outlets or holding, only a few model shop, that is a child care, if you want to see other stores, the answer: sorry, no business! In fact, in the management of the store is not a bad franchise. Companies registered less than a year, not to mention the performance and management experience, in other words, they do not have franchise qualifications.

3, hype, not hesitate to use deception means to collect the deposit, and then pay "brand maintenance fee" to purchase a certain number of return, purchase quantity not naturally can not return! Finally, the rental deposit, said the rent is more than 40 thousand yuan to the headquarters of the goods, in fact, the purchase of 60 percent off, in other words.

4, the contract terms are ambiguous, with no trap: qualification who signed the contract after a problem that the person signing the contract will disappear, no action to join the chamber of commerce. This is the most cruel trick!

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Huangshan City up – merchants Park project started

now the entire business activities has become a new theme of the times, and more and more people are actively carrying out business activities, to · Huizhou Park "project recently also in like a raging fire.

8 28 in the morning, Huangshan City modern service industry park project "the first public record development (Mount Huangshan) forum to · Huizhou Park" launching ceremony held in Tunxi, municipal committee, vice mayor Liu Xiaohua and the responsible officials of relevant departments attended the ceremony.

"to · Huizhou Park" project can be said is a very accurate positioning of entrepreneurial projects, at the same time in the future will also attract more entrepreneurs to participate, will have more and more people join in.


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And AIDS dating you never thought of business opportunities

now Xi president came to power, a lot of style feel a little change, but there is no doubt that the community for more attention to AIDS, especially the mother of Peng Liyuan, but also personally shooting public service ads. But have you ever thought about it? And AIDS patients to date, can also become a chance to become rich!

1) and AIDS patients dating: with an AIDS source dating, the idea how? If you are not AIDS patients, may not want to think. But if you’re an AIDS patient, it might sound like a different idea. The target market can be really accurate, enough to make.

2) fitness cards: a set of cards, each card printed on a fitness method, and then sold on the Internet, a card 18.95 dollars. Who will buy it? I don’t buy it. But a fitness trainer on the Internet last year to sell 4 million 700 thousand dollars this card.

3) diapers diapers: many mothers have to take a few diapers out on the road to give the child a good time. But the general use of the backpack, such as handbags are not necessarily suitable for diapers to take out is not convenient. Some people built a website to sell diapers backpack, also divided into 22 categories. Opened in 2005, sold $180 thousand.

4 (game) joystick: designed to create a more comfortable to use, can absorb sweat, hands are not tired of the game joystick to sell on the internet. This product is not only very popular, but also into the supermarket.

5) wishing bone: Westerners have a tradition, Thanksgiving time to take a turkey bones two people pull, who dragged to a relatively long period, who wishes can be achieved. How many pieces of Turkey can you get in a year? Some people sell fake plastic on the internet. Who bought it? But people now produce 30 thousand a day.


What are the operating methods of auto beauty franchise stores

car beauty franchise business advantage, creating good prospects, the profit space is very attractive. If you want to invest in the industry, then you need to pay attention to the choice of the project is really a lot of. We have come to invest in the industry, the competitive pressures instantly increase, if you want to stand out, you need to master some business skills.

operating a car beauty shop, the difference is not to operate in a superior attitude, but from their own operations and regional management of two angles, the formation of high and low with.

to know the competitor sales: This is particularly critical, most of the brands in the region are assumed in a slow-moving state, then your business brand how to drive the local district sales in one fell swoop? If most brands are operating well, then you should decisively squeeze, along with everyone with a little light. But if you are in a state of decline in sales, with you there is no higher means, but also can not increase the flow of a large number of people. So, for each opponent’s sales must have a thorough thoroughly, prevent a loser "".

operators need to understand their actual situation. This is not an easy thing. And an operator knows his own strength is not so easy. To do business days after the win, we have to start to know from their own brand positioning, brand personality and product gradually, the advantages and disadvantages of financial strength, etc..

is the first to dare to dissect oneself, to find you around the business strengths and weaknesses, and lays the foundation for the analysis of local values and dislocation business days after the. If you join the car beauty shop is near the location, the opponents are engaged in auto beauty brand, then you should consider some business in the high-end brands, to form different positioning, so as to seize the initiative.

car beauty stores of wealth actually have a lot of skills, if you want to succeed gains good profit, you need to make an investment management business. The above management skills will help you do a good job, if you learn modestly, I believe there will be a lot of harvest, come to contact us, do not miss.

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Do pregnant infant industry as the preferred investment business

whether it is to provide physical services for consumers, such as infants and pregnant or Yuesao, the industry business, such as professional’s service brand, with attention to infants and pregnant, this market is more and more big. However, this Chinese started after all relatively late, the market can really be consumer satisfaction with the brand is not much, so do business investment, become the preferred pregnant infant industry!

in the fruit lake area of Wuchang, few people do not know ‘Yuesao service center, service center is the leader of the Wang Ling. Her hand under more than one hundred Yuesao, most of which each month schedule is full to the brim, no booking customers had failed". Today’s Wang Ling, already well versed in pregnant and infant industry business. However, few people know, just to get involved in the Yuesao line was, she is just a medical graduate female students, also unmarried.

opened a few days, the store did not receive business. One day, a shy young man pushed open the door, politely asked Wang Ling, "here is not dating?" Wang Ling one Leng, "we do not Yuesao, marriage." The young man was puzzled: "gold" is not a matchmaker mean?"

pregnant baby industry has great potential

"poison milk powder" incident, Jiangcheng prolactin division industry suddenly fire up, Wang Ling senior Yuesao institutions can also learn the relevant technology >


Eight thousand guests joined the way what are the fast-food restaurant

for eight thousands of fast food restaurants to join a lot of problems investors are not very clear, rather than join the way? How much is it? What projects can be given to investors to support? The following small bin for everyone to make a detailed introduction.

eight thousands of fast food restaurants to join the way and cost:

eight thousands of customers to join the franchise and investment alliance to join the two

franchise form —-

investment in the United States, from the store (more than 300 square meters in line with the use of food and beverage stores)

municipalities, municipalities in the Special Administrative Region of a single franchise franchise fee is 300 thousand; the provincial capital city of a single franchise franchise fee is $250 thousand;

prefecture level city area single chain franchise fee is 200 thousand; county (city) level / town level single chain franchise fee is 150 thousand;

investment pool form —-

approved by the headquarters of the excellent business circle, the eight thousand customers will be outside the prospectus, the company in the form of joint stock, the company’s management to expand outlets.

associates do not charge a fee, eight thousands of customers to the brand, intangible assets, technology licensing fees, accounting for about 20% of the total investment.

natural persons, legal persons can apply for ownership of eight thousand passengers. According to the prospectus eight thousand passengers may be appropriate to increase the shares of the company. Financial and managerial personnel appointed by eight thousand customers.

performance bond —-


single deposit is 100 thousand yuan; after the expiration of the contract, no breach of contract and the demolition of eight thousand VI off all markers after deposit without interest refund.

brand maintenance fee —

headquarters each year to collect fixed brand maintenance fee 10 thousand yuan

eight thousand fast food service and support

first, welcome to join the eight thousand passenger whirlwind camp, you need to have:

is keen to food service; have a certain understanding of the franchise; identity eight thousand guest headquarters of the business philosophy, recognition and acceptance requirements to join headquarters and follow-up management; have a certain financial strength;

strong sense of competition and business sense