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How to style KTV stores to improve the strength of the software

style KTV stores need to do their own work, improve the competitive advantage, can attract more attention to the franchisee. Hardware equipment stronger, to be attractive, at the same time, software services to keep up with, otherwise, it is difficult to form a strong comprehensive strength, in the end need to pay attention to what? Come and see.

discount type KTV stores must first have a VOD system, can be considered as the object, but when the choice should pay attention to some of the elements, the first is to have a system to ensure the operation will not crash; especially the song request is very high, the general back singing is the pursuit of fashion one song update schedule, which is to attract customers capital.

1.KTV is a service industry, good management can reduce costs and increase revenue. If the customer visits, service personnel ignore, live warm enough, may dispel the enthusiasm of customers, or customer mood indirectly, so it cannot attract more customers will lose repeat. So as to human nature as the starting point, let the guests have Guests feel at home. feeling.

2. to reduce the number of services, reduce costs.

3. to improve the efficiency of the manager for centralized management, stratified charge, personnel training, retraining, on-the-job training, elimination system is necessary.

4. cohesion staff: employees in the front line, the best understanding of customer needs, the most direct to meet the customer, to allow employees to the company proud, dedicated to customer service. Can be used to reward and punishment system.

Apart from the above

, there is KTV for the entire marketing planning, there is no market marketing.

(3) bypass supplier: long-term close cooperation with wine suppliers, do more promotions, drive sales, but also the use of supplier’s advertising the store also advertised.

discount type KTV stores management need to spend a lot of thought. Now do a good job is also the focus of service providers need to focus. Otherwise, customer complaints, or dissatisfaction with the evaluation of the shop are recommended


What are the steps

although the industry did not require the real road to embark on what to do in the end of the preparatory work, in the end what steps should be followed. However, in the current complex business environment, if you want to achieve the success of the business, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the entrepreneurial steps. So, what are the steps?

talked about entrepreneurship, almost everyone has a set of business can be talked about, but the real implementation of the case is very few. The reason is that people who are afraid of starting a business are always more willing to bear the pressure of business. In fact, the idea of entrepreneurship is not so terrible. Here we will cut the entrepreneurial process into eight steps, I hope to have reference to the business of readers.

choose your favorite

from the 360 line

before starting a business, entrepreneurs must first do is to choose a project to be engaged in the industry. Before making a decision, it is best to make a small quiz for yourself, to find out where you are more creative and potential; which career is more attractive to their attention, and push forward their own.

continuous self growth and learning

has a complete entrepreneurial ideas, the next step is to try to make themselves more contact with a variety of information and resources, such as professional associations and groups and other organizations.

other effective resources: such as the entrepreneur’s autobiography, entrepreneurial series, business magazines, etc., or a professional business organization, can provide a lot of good material for entrepreneurs to brainstorm.

entrepreneurs can also take the initiative to inform the company of local business organizations, groups and other companies to increase the exposure rate. Even if you are likely to suffer from the envy of regional competitors, you can try to exchange with other colleagues in the business experience, to seek timely advice.

choose your brand or company name

the best brand or company name is able to fully reflect the characteristics of your product or service. In general, the relationship between the brand or company name and the product is proportional to the creative brand or company name not only helps to establish the brand image, but also can drive the customer’s desire to buy.

the choice of brand or company name should be forward-looking and vision, the choice of brand or company name to be able to be flexible to recommend to consumers. Finally, don’t forget to make a survey of the registered company name to make sure that the name you have chosen is not registered or has been protected by the trademark law.

determines the legal organization and legal framework of the company


Merchants trick shop

the era of e-commerce, online shopping has become a trend, open shop has become the choice for entrepreneurs, how to open shop gathering customers, how to promote their own shop, how to do business, I went to see the beauty!

The first one: the use of

classified ads

in addition, "Apple Ludwig" using the technology platform, rely on classified ads to attract dealers Advisory reply in all parts of the country, and then use the letter of offer marketing dealers, to promote their willingness to negotiate, and finally sign. Franchise fee.

second strokes: effective promotion


How should college students start their own business

now the society appeared a lot of student entrepreneurs, because the whole social employment environment worsening, many college students have at the time of graduation and choose to actively entrepreneurship, at the same time in the college students entrepreneurship early, project selection is a very important thing.

online business, online shopping is not a new thing, the proportion of people open shop is also on the rise, no matter how many shop owners, and business ideas for lack of venture capital of the people, in the online shop is a good choice, this simple and practical business model will continue go on, if you want to succeed as long as you can persevere and innovation.

location should be selected locations in the flow of people is higher, the best is a big shopping mall, commercial street. Because the area does not have to be too large, can be used to save expensive rent, even decoration, paint, materials, labor, including the initial investment of less than 50000 yuan. Because of its low production cost, it has considerable economic benefits. Price, according to the area and the degree of difficulty, from the tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars. If you want to draw a larger area, but also the original features of the original design of the painting, it is often not less than the price of 200-300 yuan; if you want to paint the whole back, you want to achieve more than 500-600 yuan.

design no age, gender, qualification, cultural level, but more suitable for women, only can love the heart, have good aesthetic ideas, not afraid of hardship, can tolerate irregular working mobility. The initial learning process, for each learner, is a long and arduous process. From the hair, nails, hair, Haircut repair…… To the overall mix, during which the effort is to be able to work experience, however, with the interest and dedication to this work, learners can find themselves to play the sky. About a year or so time can have a more comprehensive understanding of design, but only to continue efforts to accumulate experience, you can make the technology more skillful and be sure.

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The man caught MLM forced thousands of miles to rescue his wife

there are many cities MLM trap, these pyramid schemes mostly use violent means, so many people can not be separated from the deep. Recently, a man caught in MLM or even forced to make porn, and finally rescued by his family.

A few days ago,

"said in 69800, can earn 10 million 400 thousand." Wang said. This low input high return thing is really attractive, Wang was wanted to pay, but he had no money in hand, he wanted to cheat his wife to give him money. Wang said that if you do not pay, MLM organization will not let him go, but also threatened him.

is not only the threat of force, the marketing staff also forced Wang took some pornographic pictures sent to Wang, Lee’s wife, she threatened to send money to wang.

"from him, we can also get more clues, we recommend


Hangzhou to build a variety of platforms to support youth entrepreneurship

young people are mostly positive, many young people have the idea of entrepreneurship, government departments are also strongly support entrepreneurship. Sponsored by the Hangzhou economic and Technological Development Zone Group Committee, Youth Federation of youth under the "inspirational theme recently for hot start, nearly two hundred young entrepreneurs, youth committee and all the outstanding young ring Jinsha Lake run up.

show Xiasha innovation and pioneering new name card

root Xiasha venture, such as Liu Fuqin’s youth hit off meet the eye everywhere. The heat scattered lake, did not reduce the enthusiasm of running a customer. On the contrary, from their warm atmosphere of communication, revealing the expectations of the future, revealing the entrepreneurial passion of College students.

"run through this new form of entrepreneurship, let students Xiasha a customer together, a mind and physical sports, also let mentors and entrepreneurs together under active entrepreneurial culture, entrepreneurial innovation showed Xiasha new name card." Jin Linghua, deputy secretary of the Development Zone mission is not only the organizer is also a participant, he said, the District Development Committee will work together to build a platform to boost youth entrepreneurship. At present, the development zone to accelerate the upgrading of quality and efficiency as the core of the phase shift, we need to serve the Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship as the starting point, and strengthen the cooperation of various departments, jointly create "youth Xiasha, youth power" brand, bringing the advantages of matchmaking, boost development zone formed a strong mass innovation and the entrepreneurial enthusiasm.


Shaanxi introduced policies to boost employment and Entrepreneurship

is now the country for college students’ employment support and not just shouting slogans and don’t do any action, in order to allow the local college students employment work and better development, the promulgation of relevant policies around the time. The Shaanxi Province recently issued the relevant opinions, and strive to give greater support to the development of local college students employment and entrepreneurship.

8 month 6 days, province issued "opinions on Industrial and Commercial Bureau play a functional role to further improve the work of college graduates employment and entrepreneurship" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), and actively boost the province the majority of college graduates employment and entrepreneurship.

from the "opinions" to attract college graduates employment capacity, optimize employment entrepreneurial environment, providing comprehensive services for the employment of university graduates, six in the province at all levels of business and market supervision departments to further improve the work of university employment guidance and norms.

according to the "opinions", the Council will comprehensively promote the industrial and commercial registration facilitation, support and encourage the public record space, creating workshops, the Secretary of commerce company and "Internet plus" and other new industries, new format development; to attract college graduates in many enterprises, Chi, famous trademarks, "Shou contract re credit" enterprise publicity and other aspects to be the focus of tilt; carry out business activities on campus, to help students develop business plan".

of college graduates invested enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households, due to funding constraints, due to rising production costs as a result of 12 consecutive months did not carry out business activities, according to the application, not the business licence shall be revoked; the establishment of college graduates’ employment support system, the professional training + industry + real (see) Xi + employment (government support) "the whole chain of" helping.


is now a large number of students, either employment or business are facing great pressure, but I believe that under the local government support, the country’s college students will find a really suitable for their career, so as to have a better future, more to make a contribution to the local economic development.

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What do you need to set up a snack food store

Although the

shop business has become the choice of many people, however, because the choice of many people, leading to fierce competition of the industry, if you do not do the preparatory work, it will be difficult to succeed. So, what do you need to do a snack food store? Let Xiaobian to introduce you.

first, open snack food stores need to join the chain brand. This small series and its partners are convinced that the brand is very important for the importance of leisure food stores, can be said to choose to join the brand, leisure food investment on the success of half. Since joining the brand, investors have a direct impact on the effectiveness of brand influence, brand awareness, etc.. Therefore, the small series suggest that you choose to join the chain brand business.

second, need to find the face of consumers shop open leisure food store. The mainstream consumer leisure food or young people and teenagers, so leisure food store shop must choose to confront these people Dianzhi, editorial recommendation in the school surrounding, commercial street, entertainment centers and other places of shop management, these places are the mainstream leisure food gathering places, easy business sales, profits are also as can be imagined very impressive.

different industries, different business models, we need to choose the preparatory work will be different. So, what do you need to do a snack food store? In fact, the investment of leisure food store does not need to do too much preparation, Xiao Bian think as long as you have a hard struggle, hard heart, follow the brand’s footsteps, ready to spend investment, leisure food stores will be able to lead you to a better life.


Belgian chocolate love to support what

China’s consumer market has two major festivals, that is, Valentine’s day and single dog Festival (Shopping Festival Double eleven), no matter what holiday, chocolate is one of the essential consumer goods. Because this is the representative of love, whether it is already falling in love, or are looking for love, chocolate is a favorite consumer goods. Open a chocolate store market outlook is undoubtedly broad. Sony Ericsson Belgian chocolate so that everyone can enjoy the authentic taste of Europe, delicious and make money. What are the support of Sony Ericsson Belgium chocolate?

Sony Ericsson provides 360° for franchisees; operational support system

investment analysis: to assist you in the development of accurate investment analysis, submitted to your overall investment budget and feasibility analysis report;

promotion plan: develop and submit in your local marketing plans and advertising planning scheme, allowing you to fight;

brand support: follow up business market, we will provide all agents and investors distribution brand publicity discs, product manuals and other guidance text or electronic data do not regularly hold regional marketing guidance, regular exchange of experience held summit between regions, promote information communication between investors, mutual reference sales experience;

advertising support: according to the needs of the regional market, with the well-known media publicity, and in the country’s well-known television, newspapers, Internet and other media for continuous, large-scale advertising;

regional protection: the strict implementation of regional trade protection, investors enjoy the priority of the new market development, contract priority;

distribution support: the company has established a special ordering system, in accordance with the dealer for the implementation of unified logistics network is established, all aspects of management, production and sales of computer terminal to realize the internal resource sharing and network management;

activities support: the company in a timely manner to sum up the agents at all levels and investors in the business process of telecommunications sales experience, to provide you with a detailed case of promotional activities, and to provide guidance;

promotional material support: the company will provide material support for all levels of agents and investors to provide marketing activities.

follow-up product development support

1, for the franchisee to provide long-term competitive advantage, the headquarters of the research and development of new products and technology upgrading technology support, in order to adapt to the change of the market to meet the needs of different consumers, so as to guide the market trend, safeguard the core competitiveness of the brand.


How to open tea shop location

tea shop is generally how to carry out site selection work? Many businesses to invest in the next look carefully at the tea shop on the market location, found some skills. Today Xiaobian finishing a few points, I hope to help you, to learn it quickly.

so as to investors how to open a tea shop? Open tea shop and what precautions? First of all, is to a reasonable location. Business the most attention is the " " " " gas; popularity; and this is not superstition, " " gas; mainly at the place where there is no commercial atmosphere, the commercial atmosphere of our merchandise are not appropriate, the popularity of " " mainly refers to the place where there is no customer of our business flow whether there is psychological motivation of these customers to buy our goods. Tea as a kind of special commodity, in addition to drinking health care function. It also reflects its cultural and artistic value, it can make the person heart, yaking and natural tea shops should be selected according to the characteristics of tea, summed up the general has the following sections:

1, the bustling commercial center of the area: commercial atmosphere thick, traffic, shopping complex, high purchase frequency, most consumers have strong quality, good and beauty, but the price or the cost of rent is relatively high, competition is particularly fierce, so enter the before after careful consideration, analysis of their own human, financial and material resources have, if there are conditions, enter the " business center; " of course, what is right, to seize the high ground of " "! But do not have the strength, do not act rashly, these places require high grade tea, should pay attention to the brand, to enrich the varieties of tea, and tea to complete the tea, tea books, such as purple, porcelain, tea glass etc..


2, hotel group: hotel business is the place of residence, most of them do not take tea, purchase at any time, and, in order to zouqingfangyou, take a little tea, is elegant and impressive, the hotel will have tea, " tea; Ke " is Chinese traditional etiquette. The hotel group opened near the shops, is more worth it, the rent should not be too high, but also can rent a hotel business hall, can improve the style and art combine 3, road traffic: the local population flows, mainly to attract customers to pay attention to these local shops outside attractive varieties to be innovative, price concessions, for some number of older, larger customers into intangible assets, just getting started merchants should not blindly open shops.

4, residential area: tea is a necessity for the consumer, the general risk of smaller residential areas, but at the same time according to different levels of residents are not the same style of tea shops. A, old liberated areas: these residential areas with simple Chinese characteristics, there are hard-working, simple virtue, tea can not be too high, in favor of low, the pursuit of low profits, sales staff to recommend


How to do wholesale goods

do wholesale people know, want to do wholesale, want to be successful in the wholesale industry, take the goods is very important, take the goods is critical. So, how to do wholesale goods? The following, Xiaobian for you to take a few suggestions, I hope to help you!

1, do not check your products in the wholesale store.

2, do not expect to reduce the risk of exchange through wholesalers.

3, the wholesale market price adjustment is very small.

mentioned, piece goods wholesaler profits is very low, commodity prices lower than the retailer, the general adjustment in 2%~3%, to drop a 5% are very good. If you die with a wholesaler and ask for another 20 percent off on the wholesale price, you will let the wholesaler know that you rarely get mixed up in the wholesale market. On the other hand, in the wholesale market, general cargo transport is by bus or railway (because the transportation cost is much lower than the express), and buyers are responsible for their own, with a good distributor if he were willing to help you to check, but moved to the cost of the freight yard and freight are the buyer is paid out of my own.

4. source is not the first to consider the issue of location is the primary problem, according to the location set consumer group, the consumer groups began to find sources. For a long time, pay some tuition to the wholesale market, good goods can always be found.

5, online wholesaler



What can you do in summer vacation

college entrance examination after the summer vacation, and now many of the summer leisure time workers are how to make money? What are some of the more popular venture?

summer to a vacation at home if you want to know what to do to make money at home? What can you do to make money at home is actually in the home business, so how to do poineering work in the home. Many people will think of the first time, open shop. In addition to the shop outside, at home to make money what are the items


Whether or



The old man selling newspaper marketing philosophy absolutely shocked you

12 bus ride to work every day, next to the station there is a newspaper selling uncle. Uncle dressed in neat, looks eagle-eyed, healthy and vigorous spirit, every business is good.

"see you all day long bustling about, good harvest!"

, uncle each day to several management personnel sent to the newspaper, the beginning of people not familiar with him, not his newspaper. He said this is the extra selling newspapers in the neighborhood, the station manager is not what important, in the course of contacts is ripe. Uncle then began to grumble, saying that now laid off, in the vicinity of selling newspaper sales is not good, not to sell several a day, and soon her daughter will take the college entrance examination, it is unable to afford the high tuition fees, her grades are so good, if she doesn’t read really sorry she the…… Reach out to the public and get sympathy.


China’s top ten brands of infant formula


Chinese baby milk constantly burst quality issues, although the import infant formula brand is now filled with baby non market, however, for the domestic infant formula, there are still many consumers believe that the market sales are also very good. Next, let Xiaobian for everyone to analyze the ten major brands of domestic infant formula, which can be a reference for consumers.

domestic infant formula ten brand NO.1, Beingmate:

"Beingmate" brand infant formula under the Hangzhou Beingmate Group Co. Ltd., is a professional group dedicated to the baby industry, 2010 1-10 month "Beingmate" infant formula milk powder market share reached 10.8%, ranking rose to third, ranked first in the domestic brands. Honor: "ten milk powder brand", "Zhejiang famous brand", "the top ten brands of infant milk powder".

domestic infant milk powder ten brands list NO.2, Erie:

"Yili" infant formula brands under the Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Limited by Share Ltd, Yili Group is currently the largest and most China product line and improve the dairy industry leader, is also the only one at the same time with the Olympic Games and the World Expo has standard, for the Olympic Games and World Expo for dairy enterprises Chinese. Honor: "ten infant milk powder brand", "China famous trademark", "Chinese famous brand", "dairy industry leading enterprises", "the industry’s top ten influential brands".

domestic infant formula ten brand list:

NO.3, American

"American" infant formula brands under the Heilongjiang Feihe Dairy Co. Ltd., is a company founded in 1962, has been nearly 50 years of professional dairy manufacturing company, the first wholly-owned enterprises of China. Specializing in the research and development of dairy products and production and sales. Honor: "ten milk powder brand", "Chinese famous brand", "China well known trademark", "national agricultural industrialization leading enterprise", "the top ten infant milk powder brand", "industry famous brand".

domestic infant formula ten brands list NO.4, Ashley:

Ashley baby milk powder brand under the Guangdong Yashili group Limited by Share Ltd, group company production of "Ashley" brand infant milk powder series products, has won the domestic and international 30 Awards: "Guangdong famous trademark", "Guangdong province food industry famous brand", the first batch of "national exemption food", "Guangdong famous brand products", "A Well-Known Trademark in China", "Chinese dairy ten brand", "Chinese brand products" and "China 500 most valuable brands" title.



Suitable for those in the cell door open

district is the flow of people, in the vicinity of doing business generally have a good popularity. But it is not suitable for each kind of shops are open in the cell door, then suitable for the opening of the cell door which shops? People who have entrepreneurial ideas may wish to follow up with a small inventory.

recovery computer:

: breakfast shop

with the city to the development of modern, high-rise, nervous rhythm of life, give people cause a dull feeling, sense of oppression. As a result, people living in the city are increasingly attached importance to the beautification of the living room and office, seeking to hate the natural green decoration. Family small garden, not only beautify the room, but also to the city people in the experience of planting fun at the same time, eat their own novice planting vegetables. Open a small vegetable garden sales point, there should be a market.


Small set of cold drinks bottles open where better

no matter what the project, the shop will have to consider the location of the problem, cold drinks stores also need to consider the location problem. When entrepreneurs choose to join the project, the first problem to be faced is how to choose the most suitable business address, then, where is the cold drink shop open better? Let’s take a look.

1, cold drinks store by external factors: the store’s entrance is best close to the road, when the peak flow of 100 people / hour, traffic is the best for the 200 / hour. Store the best choice from the beauty shop, clothing stores, jewelry stores, supermarkets are not more than 500 meters, because the main crowd is the main consumer of ice cream, ice cream shop in the vicinity to attract the target customers.

2, a cold drink shop according to the store in front of the store to divide: the best direction is toward the South and East, one day, the south of bright light, and light for the longest time, easy to attract customer attention; two is the majority of consumers when shopping habits towards the right (east side view).

3, a cold drink shop according to location: Commercial Street, shopping malls for the opening price between 25 yuan -50 yuan, the ice cream shop; the supermarket near the school, train station, subway station, suitable for the opening price between 3 yuan -25 yuan ice cream Shop gas station; bar, office building, the airport opened for the price 50 yuan and above the ice cream shop.



How to open a snack bar

snacks to join the shop is the most popular food and beverage industry investment projects, the prospects are very impressive, there is always a steady stream of business; this is why there are so many entrepreneurs choose to join the cause of snacks. Today business mentor for you to analyze the whole process of joining the shop.

said the current market hot and hot food and beverage industry, snacks joined the shop became the preferred investment direction of many small and medium investors. An endless stream of market demand brought about by the broad market space for development, coupled with the advantages of small investment, low risk, fast return, is why there are so many entrepreneurs choose to join the cause of snacks. Today let’s look at how to open a special snack bar.

first, investment shop limitations. With 5 million investment projects are limited, with a snack shop, snack franchisee can afford the rent is 80 square metre rent 3000 yuan. The best place to rely on the city near the farmers market. The rent is best to pay a month or three months to pay!

two, snacks to join the decoration and facilities. The store wall white, the ceiling, installed lights installed exhaust, 80 square at least 5000 yuan 3000 yuan; ground ceramic decoration. Kitchen decoration and facilities 4000 yuan, a total of 15 sets of chairs and tables of $6000, air conditioning two units of 6000 yuan, tableware purchase of $2000. Although the investment is not too much, but the opening of the snack bar to reflect the elegant, people’s appetite and the environment often have some relevance.

three, operating characteristics. The biggest feature of snacks, is to do some people do not do well, but the profits are quite high food. If it is not a snack bar, the investment of 50 thousand, at least to do the boss is a food expert, can make a variety of food for local habits, and then standardize the production process.

four, the use of snack shop employees. Two classes of staff, one collection, one table and three dishes in the kitchen window. When the payee is a boss or a person when it comes to the issue of discount management.

five, snack shop marketing strategy. 1, in order to save costs, you can print a small business card advertising distribution in the vicinity of the district or store or market. 2, a month before the opening of the distribution of 20 percent off coupons. 3, draw discount.

six, snacks join shop. This snack franchise, basically as early as late and late supper can camp, the target turnover of 3000-5000 yuan. Gross profit of 1800 yuan, excluding staff wages plus fees 14*60

snack bar open market space is a good choice for entrepreneurship, how to open a profitable snack franchise, I believe that through the above introduction, but also have a certain understanding of the. Specialty snacks


Recommend a Kuangzhuan small investment project

let’s take a look at this Kuangzhuan small investment projects, to, is to open a fashion socks shop, you want to be successful shop still need to correct policy guidance, see how to operate this stylish sock shop.

the shop’s target customers are those of the so-called "consistent" and "symmetry" fashion rules a person. Therefore, the sale of socks, do not need any matching guide book, how to match how to match, how many people wear, there are many possible.

To find a good location to open shop

the early opening, the possibility of profit is not open, the market will take some time. It is suggested that the membership system should be adopted in the first year, which will lay the foundation for future development. After the increase in repeat customers, operating profit will rise sharply.

recommended to buy more and more concessions to the principle of the 1, 3, 5 socks, 7 odd packaging. In addition, the owner and the sales personnel necessary to defy the law, they wear the mix of socks, wearing them to see clients like a living sign block.

recommended: Rongsheng wash King production and processing of lucrative easy money

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South China food easy to get rich you

Southern food? The best choice for healthy and delicious. Join the Southland food project, the first step to successful entrepreneurship. If you join the Southern food project, is also a very exciting. So why hesitate? Come and leave a message!

South China food is hot, Southern food will be the characteristics of Hainan high quality coffee, coconut, durian, pepper and other natural green raw materials, through special processing, preserving its flavor, more green and healthy food made. Southern food merchants, we look forward to your arrival.

Hainan Southern Food Industry Co., Ltd. is a production and operation of Hainan characteristics of food oriented direction of the local enterprises in Hainan. The company was founded in 1992, relying on the Hainan geographical and resource advantages richly endowed by nature, conform to the current trend of life advocating natural, green, healthy, R & D and production of leisure food of four series of more than and 60 varieties of more than and 200 specifications of products. Southern food merchants, concessions, such as waiting for you to come.

Southern food merchants to natural health quality, good taste, exquisite packaging and first-class service to win the praise of consumers and the community alike. And won the "brand-name products in Hainan province", "Hainan famous trademark", "Boao international tourism forum only designated tourism food" and "A Well-Known Trademark in China" and other honors, Hainan province is the only "Shanghai World Expo licensed manufacturers, franchise retailers".

to join healthy food, is a very choice of business opportunities. High quality entrepreneurial projects, the best choice for successful entrepreneurship. If you join the Southern food project, is also very interested in fact, open a home belonging to their own Southern food stores, is also a very good choice is not it?