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The growth path of an unpopular industry website

in November 2002, the Peking University apartment dormitory, there were no classes this afternoon, some students were reading, some in the play be absorbed in; be in full swing CS and Warcraft; and I was bored in bed roll, fall into a reverie.


does not love to play the game and do not want to read, it should find something to do, because from the tea, the first thought is to sell tea, tea bar, time limit, not too realistic. Suddenly think of, to Beijing under the train went straight to the street – MA Lian Road, the capital of tea street, crowded, not lively, there is a relative opened a tea shop, business booming. Because of busy, relatives to come to help explain every Saturday, the way to help me improve food, have to eat to live and play, Why not??

three or four months are punctual, although holding a fun attitude, but also the initiation of circulation of a fuzzy understanding of modern tea, and before in his hometown witnessed artificial family workshops and the original extensive trading was the original sale so tea can be quite different, and then realize the faint Maliandao provide circulation, leisure, culture and experience will be accepted by the majority of the tea lovers as one of the business model in the future, is a kind of trend, but also a trend, as the carrier of the "Maliandao tea" will be accompanied by popular and famous, or that Maliandao will be integrated into the whole industry go and play the function of the wind vane and barometer.

as a student majoring in computer, now if you can apply, so in the future will have to have a little, from the thread contour, using Maliandao visibility on the Internet selling tea, this is the first time the idea, said, picked up the keyboard, open the frontpage, one called "Ma Lian tea net" pure static pages a week later appeared on the Internet at the same time, one is Beijing natural green Co. Ltd. "bag of enterprises" are also established.

April 2004, the establishment of Maliandao tea to this period of time within 04 years from 02 years, the first is busy with school, second is also not profitable original ideas, in addition to practice is to love, update rarely, technically there is no timely follow-up, basically stagnant stage. But at the same time I am 100 search is not the tea website with an air of importance uniform, half a bucket of water in pure HTML, all kinds of layout and organization, many people want to do, but there is no clear strategy and prospect. A miracle in a chance let me make a tens of thousands of business in the Alibaba, a relatively keen insight I suddenly realized what, quickly grabbed the keyboard, start to copy and copy the original Alibaba, can think of the profit function is advertising and membership. At the same time, Ma Tao tea network also began the second revision and more formal operation.

arrived in 2006, the university graduates quickly, because the tea industry is too small, from the network concerns the number of traditional industries is also less, believe that the Internet can change the sales model or promoting and stimulating.


Success of Internet business (ten) case analysis of successful websites (1)

The success of the

website has its own reference for new Internet business novice, how fast through the station to earn a pot of gold, to understand and learn from the successful website profit model is very necessary.

one, you can also be a successful webmaster

two, play shares of the city network

More than

content details can be to the article "Internet business success" (ten): you can also be a successful webmaster, read

three, Automotive China to do the most practical vehicle site

website: Automotive China Network (

type: automotive integrated website

COO: Tan Luanbiao,

, according to the person in charge of the automobile China network, the current website has millions of PV, for a set up a year of the industry site, has been regarded as a good result. From the name and domain name of the website, the goal of China automotive network is to become a national automotive vertical portal, providing professional automotive information and integrated marketing services for the automotive industry and end users.

currently has a number of more mature domestic automotive industry website, this all – out 80 after the start-up small team, how will lead the car China Network breakout


1. site positioning

car Chinese network located in the integrated car portal, and has been groping forward in this way, the direction and the goal is clear: focus on the domestic car city, the international automobile market, automobile market, walk in the forefront of the automotive consumer market, the integration platform to provide information and services.


diagram 8

2. website features

, in order to distinguish itself from a large number of automotive specialized websites, the automobile China network has done a lot of work in terms of practicality, automotive aftermarket and information integration. The utility of car, car, in contrast, decision of one-stop shopping service; for the huge potential of the automotive market, car rental, second-hand car, driving, car insurance, maintenance, beauty and other information query and online booking service for more vehicles to a high degree of integration of resources; is reflected in the update frequency soon, which is currently the domestic automobile website information update vehicle information integration platform is the fastest, most concentrated, fit the needs of.

another thing worth mentioning is the selection of vehicles offered by the website. Provides the vehicle brand, vehicle, style and price and other parameters query service, for users who need to buy vehicles, it is a good function.

3. user experience

(1) page and channel

car China network overall tone is relatively fresh, simple, is the design style of the entire page. There are very few Flash effects on the page, and very few use color contrast images


Why did the originator Foursquare mess up


original title: who messed up the LBS check-in originator Foursquare?

recently, media reports said, Foursquare open advertising platform to 1 million 500 thousand businesses, seeking transformation, and its CEO Crowley entrepreneurial process has been more than ten years. How he in a juebu Zhenzhong led the team to find a way out? Take a look at the Fastcompany website of Denis · Crowley reports, look at the story behind CEO, compiled by the titanium media:

, Denis, ·, Crowley (Dennis Crowley) recently became the focus of the media, not on the hot debate on the Twitter, is a public view of the news figures.


‘s SXSW Music Festival this year, he spent most of his time dodging gossip. Because Jianghu legend Foursquare consumed a lot of cash, is trying to find new financing. Yelp director Keith · labouisse (Keith Rabois) has become the most public slander Foursquare people. He broke the news, the company’s potential is a "myth", only one last time the acquisition of only a slim chance of survival.

Crowley spent more than 10 years in pursuit of his dream to build a global social GPS. Foursquare is his second startup to chase his dream. He had his first entrepreneurial attempt of Dodgeball (a city navigation application, the project has been closed in 2009 by Google) to Google, however, the search engine giant, but let the Crowley pour products suffer a big dream.

in the mobile terminal, the social class sign application activity is far less than the Yelp, Twitter, Facebook and other social networking applications, micro sign applications, it is due to the overwhelming momentum of comment, social networking applications? Or because of defects of sign pattern? Foursquare team of restructuring, refinancing are tantamount to "kunshouyoudou". Take a look at the CEO ten years of confusion:


is now being questioned, Crowley lifelong pursuit of the ideal whether Foursquare is really fatal weakness, perhaps his innate creative "disability"? Love is not possible users to share their location with share photos or personal status updates way.

but Crowley has never been so confident about his mission, nor has he responded so aggressively to his critics. "

," he said

we’ve done a lot of things over the past few years, so we’re not going to give Facebo> the effort to keep the company alive


Talking about the development direction and outlet of website station

when the Internet craze comes, it seems that many people have seen the fat on the Internet, and they always dream of getting one or more of them. So webmaster like the bamboo shoots after the rain, overnight everywhere. The Internet bubble that has come, go, garbage station, station, station, every corner of the Internet throughout the overnight. In this way, all the webmaster confused again, do stand really promising, and the real way out there again.

the size of the site, various kinds, really can be said to be a superb collection of beautiful things, really admire those who emerge in an endless stream! Have the webmaster. Or they had lost or hesitated, but they have determined their choice, forge ahead. Say website, can not help saying navigation station. Navigation station, is the summary of the website, wholeheartedly build the user’s wishful Internet home. When hao123 is successful, many webmaster have tried to do navigation station, and many have done, and back, and back again. On the Internet about the navigation station and the prospect of future development is anecdotal, not a rational and appropriate statement. Make a lot of navigation station webmaster are in the bottom of the heart. To tell you the truth, it’s really difficult to do a navigation station. I believe all the webmaster who have been doing the navigation station have a deep understanding of it.

navigation station why can develop, because users are not to remember too dominant locks and difficult to remember the URL, they can easily find the navigation they want. And want to find something, do not need to use a search engine to search all the trouble. At some time in the Internet to see a few articles without search engines, we have what kind of soft, here I want to say, no search engine, we have site navigation, here I can find a lot of things we want to know. Navigation station is in the absence of search engines under the premise of the development, I think in the future, our navigation station can still play this role. China’s Internet users are really too many, and Chinese Internet users can remember all of them on the Internet will be on the web site of the people, I would like to say: almost No. Here, many of the navigation stations have really taken on a leading role.

said this, I just want to say Chinese we need what kind of navigation? Is not really a lot of work, very complete web site navigation, I think not, why behind the developed navigation website are more than a hao123, it is not really strong, many functions. Very complete, I think not! On these, behind the development of navigation website is better, that is why it is the industry leader, it is because Chinese habits, habits become natural. It also takes advantage of this weakness of the chinese. Hao123 many of the sites are to buy money, but there must be some content, but not the best.

navigation station is not the way to play navigation to create how fancy, but identify the people’s psychology, identify their habits, and then from their habit in the.


Webmaster to grasp their own, insist is victory

this is life, it is human nature to play fast and loose, why write this change unpredictably! At the beginning of sentence, people is very fickle, including me, including my website career, including my life planning, including the doings of my


came to Shanghai for a while, have written this article on the blog, but finally write here, I hope to see more friends, from a writer’s dream, the text is so bad, but now twenty, and still did not realize the dream life so failed. After all to summarize, today is here summarize it, as the saying goes, no one is perfect; there is no flaw or not, I am also a one in numerous living beings, I am also ordinary cannot ordinary, a hobby network. I just can’t grassroots grassroots.

write something heavy not repeat several times, but also want to give up, others say that the past is gone, but I will mention the non hero, you also don’t laugh at me, what is Yikusitian? I want a partial memory before thinking, that is to say before thinking later Oh, I, this summed up as well, clap


1998 contact understanding of the Internet, a junior high school when I remember the second, see here you must assume that you should mix the old bird is quite good, but can’t you, now I mix nothing, or continue wandering in the big internet tide, it is also a grassroots the grassroots, like former colleagues say that, we are white-collar workers, really very creative. At that time did not understand what is the Internet is to follow the students go to Internet cafes, remember 5 bucks an hour of the Internet, the students have no money we only half an hour or more than ten minutes, till now we often go to Internet cafes open now, estimated boss money.


study did not learn, 2000 when I have the honor to enter normal, which is a form of secondary school, graduated from primary school is to teach teens, went to the field of study, but the book did not read a good game but good school is abandoned, was normal or a good school, go to school grant, or what other state cadres, no way we did not hold on for a year, not on. On the regular Internet cafes to play games, 2001 contact with CS, never understand and several Division brothers practice together, people are very cattle, and we still go up to die, you say this is not sad?.

more than 1 years to 03 years and went to another learning to read, but I don’t read every day at that time, mixed Internet cafes legendary live we play is play, I remember very clearly is a murky sky over a dark earth, one week I slept less than ten hours, the time to eat when the mouth taste a little bitter, no, now often see dead people on the Internet do not feel strange, now think I’m lucky, why didn’t toss dead. Formal contact with the Internet, that is, in 2003, often play >


This website is the originator of all the chips since its inception, the output value of 5 billion 3

Phoenix Technology News Beijing on July 29th news, according to technology website Mashable reports, if you are familiar with the industry to raise the public, it must have heard the name Kickstarter, which was founded in April 2009, the company is to raise the public industry originator. And now the world famous Oculus company, in front of Zuckerberg’s income capsule, but also from the Kickstarter platform started.

After landing Kickstarter

, Oculus founder Palmer · Rudge received a $2 million 400 thousand investment, the investment is also let Rudge developed early Rift, and finally by Zuckerberg’s favor (the purchase price of $2 billion). At present, Oculus has become a big company with more than 400 employees, the first high-end VR headset Oculus Rift has been on sale for a long time.

The success of

Oculus is just one of the classic examples of Kickstarter, though not all companies are attracted to the super giants, but good ideas always shine.

this month at the beginning of the month, assistant professor Molik Walton business school published the history of the first comprehensive research report for Kickstarter. For every $1 raised, entrepreneurs could produce $2.46, according to the report. Since its inception, Kickstarter has created an output value of $5 billion 300 million.

in addition, the data show that since its inception, Kickstarter has created 283 thousand part-time jobs and 29 thousand and 600 full-time jobs, the company started on its platform reached 8800.

said: "Kickstarter has made remarkable achievements in recent years, and it is an important platform for people to pursue their dreams."."

in order to complete the report, Molik to 65326 Kickstarter entrepreneurs to send the online questionnaire (raising more than $1000), in addition, he also investigated those entrepreneurs who raise money under $1000 and many of the regular participation of the congregation raised gold master.

through the survey, Molik found that 37% of entrepreneurs believe that Kickstarter helps their career development, while 19% of respondents believe that Kickstarter help them find a new job.

in addition, the survey shows that of every one thousand successful Kickstarter companies, 190 founders have more than 82 full-time employees.

, of course, not everyone has become famous on Kickstarter, and many successful projects are now experiencing growth bottlenecks. Pebble, the smart watch maker, took off from Kickstarter, but now they are >


A5 version forty-first written up Li Hu on e-commerce experience

A5 version is a very good learning platform, today we participate in our 0598 talent network network vice Mr. Li Hu as guests of the baby activities, learning exchanges of e-commerce topics and experience, feel benefit. In the evening, take some time to sort out the books so as to share them. It is also a reward for Li’s eagerness to answer.

view 1: e-commerce is more than just network marketing.

popular terms, the whole process of e-commerce is to sell things online, you can imagine this process into a chain, product, procurement, logistics, distribution, personnel management, network technology is one of the links. What we usually call "network marketing" is the technology of selling things on the Internet. E-marketing is a part of e-commerce, but it is the most important part. From the big point of view, e-commerce can be divided into integrated e-commerce platform and vertical portal e-commerce platform, there are essential differences between them. Throughout the development of China’s e-commerce, many integrated e-commerce platform has fallen, and their sacrifice has made great contributions to the development of China’s e-commerce. Promotion of integrated e-commerce platform, especially the early hardships, only experienced will know, difficult, very difficult! Is bittersweet in this not a, I reviewed. It is recommended that you do not choose this path if you do not have sufficient resources and special business models. As a personal webmaster, combined with electronic commerce has in many ways, directly or indirectly, sell things online is one of the most direct way, the key is to combine must have unique resources, regional or characteristics or. Like some webmaster mentioned, want to do "Ganoderma lucidum", "furniture" friends, in fact, is a good example.

talking about the drawbacks of e-commerce, in fact, this problem is big, specific to the industry or target groups, or other?. On the problems of the whole industry, the integrity problem has been a concern, although since July 1st the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued regulations were the norm from the policy, but the same problem will still exist problems of consciousness. Like many entrepreneurs or consumers, their consciousness has not risen.

two point of view: energy-saving, in six years, there are no front front.

was founded in 2005 and has been around for years. From the beginning of our network is in the mode of operation of the company, this is an e-commerce platform at least if conditions, how to let users trust you? The initial stage of the site we encountered many bottlenecks, we do a comprehensive e-commerce portal, is our way to the hardships than others. As for the accumulation of users is a long-term process, the network from one user to one hundred users of the process is very short, but to maintain the one hundred users is very difficult, you must start everything from the user. If a platform develops to a certain scale, the one hundred users in front are still supporting this platform, and this platform is invincible. It’s all over now


20 ways to increase blog stickiness

what is a "cohesive force" site,


has an adhesive web site that lets users linger when they visit for the first time. Not because of the website or blog Windows a series of pop-up dialog box to force visitors to leave, but the content of the website and motivate them to do further exploration, it is more important to let them decide (and take some measures so that they can visit).

the following 20 ways to make your blog or website more adhesive. This is my blog 5 years wise remark of an experienced person. Since these are my personal experiences, I’ll add some examples of my own (which I think will apply to my blog). I also hope you can comment on your experience in the comments and give readers more useful information.

One important thing about

is to call your readers to subscribe to your blog in a prominent position in your blog.

in fact, I would recommend placing more than one subscription invitation icon — one highlighted in the sidebar, the upper right corner, or the navigation bar, and the other at the end of the article. This means that readers can easily subscribe to your blog and read an article. The following figure shows what I did on my blog. Tracking data shows that the number of subscribers attracted by the two locations is quite the same.

by the way, if you do not subscribe to this blog (Mochizuki blog, translator, please click here to subscribe to).

2. helps readers subscribe to


in the blog subscription icon below, there is a "what is RSS" article links?. (Mochizuki blog with "feed help" page given the form of translator’s note). This gives the reader a clear idea of what RSS is and allows readers to keep a constant focus on blogs in this way. Even more interestingly, many blogger now uses page descriptions to help readers subscribe.

at the same time, sometimes I write to invite new readers, sometimes I think we were wrong to assume that all readers are long-term patronage, are very familiar with our blog, but the fact that many new readers do not understand the situation.

I wrote an introductory article last year, and a day later, my RSS subscriptions jumped. You might also notice that at the end of the article I asked the reader how I knew my blog, which was based on two reasons:

first of all, I would like to encourage older readers who pay attention to my blog to take part in it and further mobilize their enthusiasm.

is second to show new readers how other people do it, and the reader’s comments are often more convincing.

3. good blog design

I have always thought that the beautiful appearance is an important factor to decide whether to continue the reader dimension and visit new visitors, often in a few seconds on your blog to make subjective judgments, if they see a mess "


Insight into the SEO industry to achieve self positioning

is currently engaged in the SEO industry in China, tens of thousands, countless. We can clearly see that someone is doing well, such as seowhy, moonseo and so on, it was successful; but there are a lot of people, all day to do ranking and ranking, do brains, pay a lot, but should not be returned. So, what’s the main purpose of your SEO? Obviously, everybody is making money. We this group of SEO webmaster how to position yourself, and in this industry to achieve their own profits,


first of all, we must understand what the SEO profit model in the end, in general, do SEO can be generally divided into the following two kinds, one is to serve themselves, and the other is to serve customers.

He said that the

service, is a kind of project to do their own money, such as SEO training platform, like seowhy, moonseo and so on, these are based on a powerful technical team based on the threshold requirement for us, is very high; of course there are a lot of platforms like SEO, these we rely on their own inspiration to play. In a word, do these platforms, your technical team should be hard enough, or else do not touch, even if you have a good idea, technology can not keep up, really hurt.

is also a service to customers, and this is what I want to focus on a model. First, we should put the customer classification, what customers need SEO to do service? I do some statistics, mainly divided into the following categories: first, small and medium enterprise customers; second, Taobao third, grey shops; industry; with so many years of development, small and medium enterprise customers is a piece of fat meat SEO network company, they took great pains to run my own company, to win the trust of these enterprises, a variety of charging mode, while the annual income, monthly income for a while, for a while is received by the day and so on; because of the instability of SEO, caused by SEO type network company in the enterprise customer’s image is more and more worse, a variety of moves to win their trust, it is increasingly difficult to walk the road. I can give a example of this, if each customer web is like a person, and every website appeared right down, adult analogy sick, so every time Baidu update, you will have many patients, your business with these patients, how do you go to open up new markets, we imagine, should be very clear this road there will be difficult to walk. Behind the two modes can be said to be relatively close to that in a few years ago is also led to the development of a lot of SEOER, they can be said to be a part of the SEO industry leader, specializing in some popular keywords, bring a lot of traffic to the site, and then sell or rent to the business, from the win profit. This model is free and easy, there is not much additional pressure, ranking on the flow of money, no traffic, there is no money, compared with small and medium enterprises compared to customers, it is much better. >


Forgotten interests, where is the operational value of small programs

Why does

develop applets? How to evaluate user value?


in the open class of 12.28, Zhang Xiaolong shared key form and many rules of a small program, a few points such as the entrance, for example, the function of the scene to support the case that, let the small program have a more concrete description is made of small program specification guidelines.

explains a lot about the blank areas of demand when it comes to the birth of small programs. Zhang Xiaolong. Public view of the proposed rules, the small program position is WeChat ecology and user needs, WeChat does not want this, the user demand is this, this is not WeChat’s expected user relations, and so on.


and the role that was not mentioned, developers and companies may not agree. To be sure, the demand and scenario called "blank" is a prerequisite, but more realistically, small programs are more about business value, cost, and competition.

Why does

develop applets?

for now, no one will dare say all betting on the small program, what other products form does not consider, or not do planning, a small program on behalf of the future.

then there are two types of development requirements:

first, on the basis of existing products, through small procedures to develop new operational positions;

second, small programs as the first product trial, relatively low cost of development and trial and error.

specifically tell me about the first case. For example, we do a iOS client, why do the Android client? Because many users use the Android phone, you need to develop a Android client to cover this type of user, and at the same time, the use of iOS client user does not have an impact.


in the same way, consider a small program, must first be suitable for small program does not cover the promotion of the scene in your product, do not have a direct conflict with the existing channels, rather than the existing users diversion, this is the problem of have the order reversed. Unless one day, the small program’s realizable value is more than the client.

then, the analysis of uncovered extension scenarios is one of the key factors in decision making and will be highlighted in the next section’s promotional value.

clearly, not all products can be separated from new promotional scenarios, or even if there is a promotional scene, small programs are not necessarily the best expression. For example, in the waiting room of the window advertising may sell a special purchases for the Spring Festival two-dimensional code, micro shop, also convenient.

How does

evaluate user value

that’s a direct question. We know all of them now