The growth path of an unpopular industry website

in November 2002, the Peking University apartment dormitory, there were no classes this afternoon, some students were reading, some in the play be absorbed in; be in full swing CS and Warcraft; and I was bored in bed roll, fall into a reverie.


does not love to play the game and do not want to read, it should find something to do, because from the tea, the first thought is to sell tea, tea bar, time limit, not too realistic. Suddenly think of, to Beijing under the train went straight to the street – MA Lian Road, the capital of tea street, crowded, not lively, there is a relative opened a tea shop, business booming. Because of busy, relatives to come to help explain every Saturday, the way to help me improve food, have to eat to live and play, Why not?? read more

Success of nternet business ten case analysis of successful websites 1

The success of the

website has its own reference for new Internet business novice, how fast through the station to earn a pot of gold, to understand and learn from the successful website profit model is very necessary.

one, you can also be a successful webmaster

two, play shares of the city network

More than

content details can be to the article "Internet business success" (ten): you can also be a successful webmaster, read

three, Automotive China to do the most practical vehicle site read more

Why did the originator Foursquare mess up

original title: who messed up the LBS check-in originator Foursquare?

recently, media reports said, Foursquare open advertising platform to 1 million 500 thousand businesses, seeking transformation, and its CEO Crowley entrepreneurial process has been more than ten years. How he in a juebu Zhenzhong led the team to find a way out? Take a look at the Fastcompany website of Denis · Crowley reports, look at the story behind CEO, compiled by the titanium media:

, Denis, ·, Crowley (Dennis Crowley) recently became the focus of the media, not on the hot debate on the Twitter, is a public view of the news figures. read more

Talking about the development direction and outlet of website station

when the Internet craze comes, it seems that many people have seen the fat on the Internet, and they always dream of getting one or more of them. So webmaster like the bamboo shoots after the rain, overnight everywhere. The Internet bubble that has come, go, garbage station, station, station, every corner of the Internet throughout the overnight. In this way, all the webmaster confused again, do stand really promising, and the real way out there again.

the size of the site, various kinds, really can be said to be a superb collection of beautiful things, really admire those who emerge in an endless stream! Have the webmaster. Or they had lost or hesitated, but they have determined their choice, forge ahead. Say website, can not help saying navigation station. Navigation station, is the summary of the website, wholeheartedly build the user’s wishful Internet home. When hao123 is successful, many webmaster have tried to do navigation station, and many have done, and back, and back again. On the Internet about the navigation station and the prospect of future development is anecdotal, not a rational and appropriate statement. Make a lot of navigation station webmaster are in the bottom of the heart. To tell you the truth, it’s really difficult to do a navigation station. I believe all the webmaster who have been doing the navigation station have a deep understanding of it. read more

Webmaster to grasp their own insist is victory

this is life, it is human nature to play fast and loose, why write this change unpredictably! At the beginning of sentence, people is very fickle, including me, including my website career, including my life planning, including the doings of my


came to Shanghai for a while, have written this article on the blog, but finally write here, I hope to see more friends, from a writer’s dream, the text is so bad, but now twenty, and still did not realize the dream life so failed. After all to summarize, today is here summarize it, as the saying goes, no one is perfect; there is no flaw or not, I am also a one in numerous living beings, I am also ordinary cannot ordinary, a hobby network. I just can’t grassroots grassroots. read more

This website is the originator of all the chips since its inception the output value of 5 billion 3

Phoenix Technology News Beijing on July 29th news, according to technology website Mashable reports, if you are familiar with the industry to raise the public, it must have heard the name Kickstarter, which was founded in April 2009, the company is to raise the public industry originator. And now the world famous Oculus company, in front of Zuckerberg’s income capsule, but also from the Kickstarter platform started.

After landing Kickstarter

, Oculus founder Palmer · Rudge received a $2 million 400 thousand investment, the investment is also let Rudge developed early Rift, and finally by Zuckerberg’s favor (the purchase price of $2 billion). At present, Oculus has become a big company with more than 400 employees, the first high-end VR headset Oculus Rift has been on sale for a long time. read more

A5 version forty first written up Li Hu on e commerce experience

A5 version is a very good learning platform, today we participate in our 0598 talent network network vice Mr. Li Hu as guests of the baby activities, learning exchanges of e-commerce topics and experience, feel benefit. In the evening, take some time to sort out the books so as to share them. It is also a reward for Li’s eagerness to answer.

view 1: e-commerce is more than just network marketing.

popular terms, the whole process of e-commerce is to sell things online, you can imagine this process into a chain, product, procurement, logistics, distribution, personnel management, network technology is one of the links. What we usually call "network marketing" is the technology of selling things on the Internet. E-marketing is a part of e-commerce, but it is the most important part. From the big point of view, e-commerce can be divided into integrated e-commerce platform and vertical portal e-commerce platform, there are essential differences between them. Throughout the development of China’s e-commerce, many integrated e-commerce platform has fallen, and their sacrifice has made great contributions to the development of China’s e-commerce. Promotion of integrated e-commerce platform, especially the early hardships, only experienced will know, difficult, very difficult! Is bittersweet in this not a, I reviewed. It is recommended that you do not choose this path if you do not have sufficient resources and special business models. As a personal webmaster, combined with electronic commerce has in many ways, directly or indirectly, sell things online is one of the most direct way, the key is to combine must have unique resources, regional or characteristics or. Like some webmaster mentioned, want to do "Ganoderma lucidum", "furniture" friends, in fact, is a good example. read more

20 ways to increase blog stickiness

what is a "cohesive force" site,


has an adhesive web site that lets users linger when they visit for the first time. Not because of the website or blog Windows a series of pop-up dialog box to force visitors to leave, but the content of the website and motivate them to do further exploration, it is more important to let them decide (and take some measures so that they can visit).

the following 20 ways to make your blog or website more adhesive. This is my blog 5 years wise remark of an experienced person. Since these are my personal experiences, I’ll add some examples of my own (which I think will apply to my blog). I also hope you can comment on your experience in the comments and give readers more useful information. read more

nsight into the SEO industry to achieve self positioning

is currently engaged in the SEO industry in China, tens of thousands, countless. We can clearly see that someone is doing well, such as seowhy, moonseo and so on, it was successful; but there are a lot of people, all day to do ranking and ranking, do brains, pay a lot, but should not be returned. So, what’s the main purpose of your SEO? Obviously, everybody is making money. We this group of SEO webmaster how to position yourself, and in this industry to achieve their own profits,


first of all, we must understand what the SEO profit model in the end, in general, do SEO can be generally divided into the following two kinds, one is to serve themselves, and the other is to serve customers. read more

Forgotten interests where is the operational value of small programs

Why does

develop applets? How to evaluate user value?

in the open class of 12.28, Zhang Xiaolong shared key form and many rules of a small program, a few points such as the entrance, for example, the function of the scene to support the case that, let the small program have a more concrete description is made of small program specification guidelines.

explains a lot about the blank areas of demand when it comes to the birth of small programs. Zhang Xiaolong. Public view of the proposed rules, the small program position is WeChat ecology and user needs, WeChat does not want this, the user demand is this, this is not WeChat’s expected user relations, and so on. read more

Keywords ranking down how to do

I have 3 years of experience in operating the site, the following to tell you about keyword ranking down, how to do, do not like, do not spray oh.

1, the site itself,

we need to first observe the overall site, find the cause, not just to change anything to do with Baidu algorithm often halt the troops and wait, change, ranking is sometimes relatively large fluctuations, and will not because of the internal data of Baidu, which is caused by the change of the site keywords ranking is relatively large, so when the key words of our website the loss, we should be calm, careful analysis of our operations, if can be sure of your site without any illegal operation, and all the other is very normal, so we should choose to wait, still as in the past the normal daily updates, the chain also should adhere to, perhaps waiting for a short time can be recovered the fact proves, website keywords many friends off, about a week to recover To the original position, so we should calm down, do not just modify your website. read more

Eight Tips to speed up your website profitability

one, do not publish duplicate information: do not think that the release of more information, others see the probability will increase. When a customer enters your website and sees a lot of duplicated information, it can only bring the reverse effect, which will cause a distrust of customers and feel that you are sending information at random.

two, the title should be simple and clear: in a word, you can understand your products and business opportunities, do not write too long, because customers will click carefully to see, detailed description. Too trivial or too simple title will result in search in the bad effect. read more

Can GG ads and first video ads hang on one page

always wanted to do the webmaster income more, want to put up some advertising alliance earn some money, hang GG advertising, can be linked to the first video advertising? How to hang? Will there be any conflict? Please listen carefully to the station.

now the first video advertising alliance, the alliance to bring the gospel benefits not only to the webmaster, blogger to bring surprises. As long as the flow is waiting for the money, do not have to click through rate and busy, all do your blog or website, increase the flow rate, you can easily make money. According to the current domestic display billing advertising is not much, but allow the blog is less and less to join. At present, many owners have hung up the first video ads, I also do secretarial chowder network, also received money, this alliance is reputable. The problem is that in May this year, I apply to GG advertising, I like other webmaster, also caught in a dilemma. Use Baidu Search, but it is difficult to know. The study concluded and with GG advertising agreement, after all GG is large, but the first video of my income and hard, what to do? ", decided to get a chance, I put each page into the first video advertising GG code, I use 460 multiplied by 80 and mixed text, and skyscrapers a 160 multiplied by 60. The first video I was on the left side of the top of each article, because the GG advertisement’s sake, I put the first video on the page, the main is to avoid conflict, and this is a GG advertising, GG protocol. . put up more than a month, there has been no conflict, I this station first video revenue a day about ten dollars, GG advertising a day about ten dollars, therefore, have doubts about the webmaster can safely do with the first video alliance, earn some money, GG is not ashamed we won’t, and a small first video and what not to place. Of course, the first video is good, there is a disadvantage, that is a little drag speed, but this is not a small problem what, after all, money is the last word. read more

How to improve the return rate of enterprise website and personal blog

personal blog not what limitations, can retain a part of the user with a message and comment, no matter is to retain the advertising or explore the sincere exchanges, in general are able to retain a portion of the user; but the enterprise website to seize the user back a bit more difficult, after all the limitations of enterprise website too strong, consumers basically divided into two types: one is to solve the problem of the product, the other is a demand for the product, either, can decide after transaction or in the query, it is difficult to come back to the second, so we usually to the two types of website how to retain user? Here on this blog nnoitora network users return to discuss problems. read more

mprove website ranking practical 13 trick

webmaster friends are most concerned about is website rankings, indeed, ranking is too important for the site. These years summed up the experience, is a sound does not mean anything, that is, the site ranking, there is no immediate skills, deliberate SEO optimization, the effect is often not very good. Although we can not stand the bar to see, but some must pay attention to the things that must be done, the following to say a few points, the ranking is absolutely valid, during the Spring Festival, the site re planning, proved effective. Summed up the need to pay attention to a few points written out, I hope the webmaster friend less detours. read more

CMS those days have kept me awake all night

first met CMS (content management system) was in 2002, when I was by some HTML, frame, labels and other things got confused and dizzy, and eventually play out their desired effect. Look at other people’s, that is really called standing, and their own out of the things, just a few static pages combination, I began to deny all of their technology.

then the line had a friend recommended a ZhengZhan download to me, that is ASP, with the source code, can not only make my site effect, and the function is more perfect, more convenient to use, not every article with FTP upload. read more

Content determines value value determines revenue and my website values

in the twinkling of an eye, the last published soft text have been more than a month, and today’s weekend, spare time, talk about my understanding of the value of the site. In fact, we all understand that the real profit lies in the web site has its own value, but few people adhere to in order to enhance the value of the pursuit of the goal, but the thought, through good SEO means or with some rogue software can get rich income, and never one day, in order to find some speculative means for the export of Tianjin, appeared in various forums or group, has to master itself, but in fact as long will self destruct the poison, it is a great pity to. One more statement, I hope to give my colleagues some help. read more

Buy a server to do opera website you say ‘m stupid

has changed many IDC in these 1 years, the space is not this problem, that is the problem. Therefore, my opera website – Chinese opera network ( of course also often out of question, in addition to the slow access, FTP slow, more is brought about physical and mental fatigue.

webmaster finally in this cold winter, I want to choose a high consumption, although it is now the financial crisis, we pocket is very tight, but I think this fight, want to buy a server for my opera website. But after all, my opera website is not a profit site, although hung GG advertising, there is no income, the site is also unpopular, traffic is not much, advertising costs will not be more natural. read more

Grassroots webmaster encounter CC attack should be how to deal with

yesterday wrote an article on the website after the attack was discovered the problem: "the fun" a perfect world is a webmaster CC found after it was added in the headlines. Can you share experience, and see your reply, I feel very happy.

today want to say, ordinary webmaster or grassroots webmaster encounter CC attack, what should I do,.


is just some general method. Please correct.

for the deficiency

first: the purpose of attackers.

1. asking for web apps / Software…. read more

f you want a website to do well you must follow the six rules

twenty-first Century is the era of science and technology, with the rapid development of Internet, the network basically has become an indispensable part of people’s life, it is because people rely on the network, causing the site construction companies such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like a rise. So, how to make your site first, in many websites it is depends on the talent shows itself? Website operation to a large extent, in the website operation we should follow some rules, the specific rules from the small to what. read more